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Moderator: OK everbody, start paging the MODERATORS with your questions
Moderator: We'll start queueing them up and get started!
Lewis-WW: cool
Moderator: This Chat area is in Conference Mode. Page MODERATOR1, MODERATOR2, MODERATOR3, or MODERATOR4 with your questions. Please be patient, there are a lot of people paging at the same time.
Moderator: Sit tight all, we're queueing up some questions... we'll kick this off in a few minutes
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Moderator: abe01: When is it coming out?
Moderator: what a shocking question! =)
Lewis-WW: Ha! How did we know that would be the first one.... :)
Lewis-WW: Everything looks good for sometime in June...
Lewis-WW: We're getting really close! No snags yet...
Moderator: VioDragon :In the fixing up Dune 2 are you making it deal a bit more with Dune the book or movie?
Lewis-WW: Actually, both - but probably a little closer to the movie. The feel of the cutscenes
Lewis-WW: costume design, acting is all in the spirit of the film.
Moderator: Hairball2:What kind of graphics will we expect and are you using a new engine.
Lewis-WW: We're using high-color 16bit graphics which allows us to do real-time lighting effects,
Lewis-WW: translucency, and a few other special effects.
Lewis-WW: We're using an all-new engine for the game.
Moderator: VioDragon :will there be any groups other than the 3 houses? like the guild or bene gersireit?
Lewis-WW: The playable sides are the three great houses. However, the mercenaries, Saudaukar, and other factions make appearances throughout the storyline.
Moderator: Stenz: WIll there be different size worms? and how will the thumper work?
Lewis-WW: The worms only come in one size - GIANT!
Lewis-WW: The thumpers draw the worms, and helps you divert worms away from your troops - or draw them toward enemy troops.
Lewis-WW: So, if there was a pass that I wanted my enemy to stay out of, I might put one down to keep him (my enemy) out.
Moderator: mECH_sLA... : Will Dune 2000 feature characters such as Paul, Duncan, and Bashar Teg?
Lewis-WW: Dune 2000 features a number of NEW characters. It happens at a time before Attreides came to rule DUNE.
Moderator: VioDragon :Will the game have a spawned version so I can play over a LAN with only one copy?
Lewis-WW: No promises, but I think so! As long as it continues to work (we're in beta!) it will be in the game.
Moderator: stenz : How versatile will carryalls be and will you be able to take over others harvesters?
Lewis-WW: No, you can't pick up enemy units.
Lewis-WW: And your carryall works automatically so that you can worry at the task at hand.
Lewis-WW: But, you can issue orders to your carryall to pick up damaged units, harvesters, etc.
Moderator: WeapnOmega : Will Dune2000 support 3d accelerator cards
Lewis-WW: A 3D accelerator card isn't necessary to enjoy the game. We wanted to make the game as accessible as possible.
Moderator: abe01: will be there a demo?
Lewis-WW: Stay tuned and watch the website. We are planning to release some info (music/movie clips/etc). Right now, we're trying to stay on track for getting the game finished and out the door.
Lewis-WW: So, the chances of seeing a demo before the game ships aren't very high.
Lewis-WW: (done)
Moderator: Parapet: Will it have units that weren't in the original?
Lewis-WW: Dune 2000 will include all the units from the original, with some improvements/enhancements.
Lewis-WW: And, in addition to this, we have added two new units to give more gameplay strategically - the thumper and the engineer.
Lewis-WW: Some of the improvements include cloaking ability for the fremen, ornithopter strikes are controllable, and the sabateur can also be cloaked.
Lewis-WW: (done)
Moderator: What is the multiplayer map size and how many maps do you plan to release and will there be a map editor?
Lewis-WW: The map size is 128 X 128, - HUGE.
Lewis-WW: The final number of multiplayer maps is still being determined. Something comperable to our other real-time strategy games.
Lewis-WW: As for a map editor, none was planned but we are considering releasing one after the game has launched. We'll have to see what our fans want.
Lewis-WW: (done)
Moderator: mech_slave: What will be the max amount of troops one can build or have at the same time?
Lewis-WW: You'll probably never hit the limit!
Lewis-WW: It's around a couple hundred for each side...
Lewis-WW: (done)
Moderator: suwannee :Will Dune 2000 support tcp/ip and other protocols?
Lewis-WW: Well, our Internet mode uses TCP/IP and our network play uses IPX.
Moderator: stenz :will there be sand storms or any natural effects to affect game play? If so, will they be random?
Lewis-WW: The only force of nature in the game is the sandworms. In multiplay, people will be able to turn these on or off, and possibly the frequency of their appearance.
Moderator: SuperKind: Will it support unit queuing?
Lewis-WW: Via the Starport - Yes! You'll be able to order multiple units. You can also build multiple units through the various factories that you have.
Lewis-WW: So, you can build more than one at a time, if you have more than one factory.
Moderator: cheapbook: what will make Dune 2K stand apart from the hundreds of other games on the market?
Lewis-WW: Well, the DUNE universe has a rich history, and this creates an awesome setting for a real-time strategy game (which we feel is a lot more interesting than what you will find in most games)
Lewis-WW: Also, it's based on a game-play mechanic that has worked very well for us in the past, and continues to be popular.
Lewis-WW: We created DUNE2000 out of popular demand for a multiplayer DUNE 2, and the ability to revisit this classic story and game.
Lewis-WW: And, the production values of the art, sound effects, music, and rendered movies are what you would expect out of Westwood. Extremely high quality and definitely a lot of fun!
Moderator: VioDragon :Will there be any shields protecting structures as in the book and movie?
Lewis-WW: We loved that element of the books and movie as well, but it wasn't a part of the original DUNE2 experience, so not in DUNE2000.
Moderator: Parapet :Will Dune2000 be featured at E3?
Lewis-WW: We're not sure yet. E3 is usually a place to highlight games that are not so close to shipping as DUNE2000 will be. I expect that it will make an appearance though.
Moderator: Parapet: Will the spice blooms be like crates where you can get units or will you just have crates?
Lewis-WW: Spice blooms and crates both make an appearance in DUNE2000. Spice blooms replenish spice on the maps - but they are dangerous. Crates provide all the prizes and dangers you could expect.
Lewis-WW: (in the game).
Moderator: Cage1 :Is there going to be another Dune movie??? Can WW influence the movie studios to make another??
Lewis-WW: We have heard rumors of a new DUNE miniseries - so we can only hope.
Lewis-WW: All of us here at Westwood are DUNE fanatics, but we haven't any control over the movie-making process...
Moderator: hsu_r_moc :Command & Conquer was great, but Red Alert was only better in minor ways. And Lands Of Lore was not up to the quality of the other Westwood products. Will Dune2000
Moderator: and Tiberium Sun do much better, and how will you go beyond Command And Conquer?
Lewis-WW: Well, DUNE 2000 is not a sequel - it's a remake of the original. Sort of like the re-release of Star Wars...
Lewis-WW: It's going beyond the original with the addition of new graphics, multiplayer, and new strategies that the player can use.
Moderator: Spiff: How many players max in multiplayer and what will the ally options be?
Lewis-WW: For Internet play we're shooting for four players. And, for network play we're going to have 8.
Lewis-WW: And alliances will work in the same way that they did in Red Alert.
Moderator: Sockum: Will the units have specific personalties similar to those in C&C and Red Alert?
Lewis-WW: Absolutely! Each side has it's own look and feel in a variety of ways. The units of each house are different graphically, they sound different, and there is generally a different "feel" to each side
Moderator: Beefysmack :Will there be additional missions or will the missions be a 'remake of the original'?
Lewis-WW: While the missions follow the same "flow" of DUNE 2, the objectives have been diversified and updated to include a wider variety of gameplay and tactics.
Moderator: cheapbook: will there be a Dune 2K soundtrack?
Lewis-WW: We're including an all-new soundtrack and revisiting some of the favorites from the original that have been rescored digitally.
Lewis-WW: Frank Klepacki has done a great job of remastering his own work!
Moderator: I think that will wrap this up everybody!
Moderator: Thanks very much Lewis for coming by!
Lewis-WW: Thanks for having me! We'll be updating the web site soon to
Moderator: Thanks Lewis :)
Moderator: Thanks, Lewis!!
Lewis-WW: include more screenshots, a theme pack for Windows 95, and a few other goodies.
Lewis-WW: So, be sure to visit us next week.
Moderator: thats at http://www.westwood.com
Moderator: Remember -- we'll post the transcripts of this CHAT on http://www.ten.net/news next week some time!
Moderator: Thanks very much for coming by all!
Lewis-WW: thanks again!
Moderator: And for those of you that won t-shirts, don't fret it'll take a few weeks to show up! =)
Lewis-WW: see ya!
Moderator: Bye Lewis, thanks again!
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