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How to Install Maps:

Not sure how to add the maps to Dune 2000 once you have downloaded them? Try the procedure below:

  1. Head to the maps page to download the map(s) of your choice.
  2. Get a program that can extract zip files and place the map files into your Dune2000\Data\maps\ directory.
  3. Use your map editor's activation program to add the map to the game.
  4. Feel free to choose any name for the map but try to keep it relatively the same so you know you have it when someone asks, do you have such and such map?
  5. Load up Dune 2000 and choose either Internet or Practice mode and test out your favourite map.

Some things to keep in mind when playing others:

  • Each computer has to have the map activated on their computer
  • The map file names must be exactly the same ie yourmap.map on each computer
  • If you run into a error message "no map selected" the other player either doesn't have that map activated or his filename is different then yours
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