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The Units:

The Carryall is an airborne unit that is used mainly to transport harvestors back to the refinery. It has no weapons but is able to lift vehicles and return them to the repair facility.
The Missle Tank is used mainly as a support vehicle due to its long range. It is not that accurate but fires two missles for greater coverage. It also can move faster then most tanks.
The Sand Worm is the only native unit on Dune other then the Fremen. It is nearly impossible to kill and can only stay on the sand. It is attracted by vibrations in the sand and will attack anything at all. Be especially careful with your harvestors a common victim of the sandworm.
This is a Devastator unit is only for House Harkonnen and has dual 190mm guns. It is very slow but has heavy armor. When it is destroyed the tank will become unstable and its nuclear power will explode causing a large explosion.
This looks to be the smallest tank, a Combat Tank. It has medium armor and limited maneuverbility.
This unit is again a Combat Tank but it is the Atreides version. It has the properties as the tank above.
Most likely a Deviator, this unit is an Ordos only unit and is like a Missle Tank but fires a warhead that does not damage things but may cause units to change sides for a time.
These units look to be Infantry. They are lightly armored and have limited firing range and speed.


This is a Ordos Barracks. They produce Light Infantry units and need to be upgraded to produce more advanced units.
This looks to be a Starport. The Starport allows you to trade with the Merchant's Guild. They provide you a place to buy vehicles and airborne units at premium rates.
These are Wind Traps, which are the power source on Dune. They provide power and water to the structures you build. The large above-ground ducts funnel the wind into turbines which in turn power the generators and humidity extractors.
This is the Palace, you get a Palace near the end of the game when you have proven yourself. The Palace will give you unique powers depending on what house you are playing. Atreides get Fremen, the Harkonnen the Death Hand(nuclear missle), and the Ordos a Saboteur.


This looks to be a land bridge, something that was not found in Dune 2.
This is a cliff, much like in Red Alert.
Another cliff, Dune 2 did not really have to levels of play other than mountains that only infantry units could cross.
Rock is what you must build your base. Sand Worms avoid and cannot cross the rock formations.
Sand is the most common terrain type found on Arrakis(Dune). The units are designed for travel on this terrain. It is also the only location where Sand Worms can freely roam.
This looks to be a connection between rock and sand much like water and land connections in Red Alert. This would be the only way off the sand.
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