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The Units:

The Carryall used to return your Harvester and damaged vehicles back to your base.
These look to be Combat Tanks protecting the entrance.


This is the Construction Yard. It is used to build the various structures on Dune.
A Barracks with the symbol of House Harkonnen built into the building.
This ise the IX Research Center. It is required in order to build the more advanced buildings and units on Dune.
This looks to be a Palace, which provides House Harkonnen with a Death Hand Missile.
Provides power to your base.
This is a Radar Outpost providing you with a detailed map of the playing field.
This is a refinery used to change spice into credits.
A Rocket Turret able to hit both ground and air forces with a destructive missile.
Silos that hold refined spice.
This is a Light Factory which builds Quads and Trikes.
The Heavy Factory used to build vehicles that are tracked and can build the Devastator.


This looks to be ice something found only at the poles of Dune, not seen in Dune 2.
Perhaps a way on the ice from the sand.
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