Screenshot Info #4


The Units:

The Quad is one of the fastest units in the game. It is available to all Houses and is a valuable unit early on.
The Trike, in this case likely a Raider Trike are the fastest land units on Dune. They are useful for scouting and surveying.


A Repair Bay, used to repair units that are damaged during battle.


Flag option, probably has something to do with radar map resize options.
The Plus option could be the zoom option.
The Sell option which lets you sell buildings and maybe units on the Repair Bay.
Repair option which repairs your buildings.
The Ordos Snake, symbol for the House. Also location of the radar map.
The Sidebar, contains an upgrade section for building what looks to be a Construction Yard, Wind Trap, Refinery, and Turret. Also a Starport option where you can buy an MCV, Tank, Quad, and Orni. Perhaps this is rotatable from Starport to Factory to Barracks. Also at the bottom is a scroll option that will take you through the various options.
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