[Download]Southern Regions
Southern Regions Author » Jimatri
Tileset » Arrakis
Release » 2001-12-14
Players » Four
Map Size » n/a
File Size » 4344 KB
Downloads » 3575
Additional Info » On the fringes of the "known" regions of Arakis, where only the fremen are native, is an area known only as "The Southern Region". The Harkonen have never been able to maintain an outpost there for very long. And due to its fridgid temperatures Shai'halud only skirts the edges. Hence no Major houses have a true interest here because of lower spice concentrations. Fremen legends speak of the "fountain of melange" found only in the southern regions. Perhaps there is such a place, and if you can find it. And hold it would prove useful to the capture of such an un-charted and vast region. Happy Hunting!
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