[Download]Minotaur DeathZone
Minotaur DeathZone Author » GUNWOUNDS
Tileset » Arrakis
Release » 2003-06-01
Players » Four
Map Size » n/a
File Size » 3760 KB
Downloads » 3114
Additional Info » On this map all players start in same point. You must decide allies and which side you want before game starts. Move MVCs to bases and have at it. I changed how units interact with canyons and pits. In this maps your units WILL fall into the pits and canyons and must climb their way out while the enemy units can fire at the units trying to climb out. Changes the game quite a bit so be warned when your playing, And the mountains can be scaled by both infantry and vehicles. Thought I would mention these additions for anyone looking for something new.
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