[Download]Rabban's Hunting Preserve
Rabban's Hunting Preserve Author » Duke Davis II
Tileset » Arrakis
Release » 2003-09-10
Players » Eight
Map Size » 256 * 256
File Size » 5546 KB
Downloads » 3625
Additional Info » Good evening commander. Our scouts have found evidence of an underground facility at Glossu Rabban's abandoned northern hunting preserve. The former governor had two of these hunting preserve on Arrakis and this is the first. He built the preserve within the northern worm line, so their will no spice mining on this mission. The northern preserve was never completed, but we believe the underground facility was completed for an unknown purpose. Your mission is to secure this area before the enemy takes control. Destroy any building within one of the eight slave camp to make room for you base. Once the preserve is in our hands, we can explore the underground base. Good luck commander.
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