[Download]Worm Ranch
Worm Ranch Author » Duke Davis II
Tileset » Arrakis
Release » 2004-09-30
Players » Eight
Map Size » 256 * 256
File Size » 5771 KB
Downloads » 4780
Additional Info » This morning, we received a desperate distress call from Dr. Behl at his worm ranch on the west side of the Harg Pass. Dr. Behl is the Imperial Ecologist and expert on the lifecycle of the worms of Arrakis. He operates a giant ranch that doubles as a base of operation for his research and a holding pen to study captured worms. The information the doctor has collected is invaluable. Now, that research is in jeopardy. The enemy has wiped out the local garrison assigned to protect the doctor. Your mission is to regain control of the worm ranch and save Dr. Behl.
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