[Download]Ampoliros Ridge
Ampoliros Ridge Author » Duke Davis II
Tileset » Arrakis
Release » 2006-07-26
Players » Eight
Map Size » 256 * 256
File Size » 5198 KB
Downloads » 4159
Additional Info » Intelligence reports indicate that they might have found the prototype "No Ship" built by the Richesian researcher Cholyn. This stealth ship was lost by the Harkonnens while on a mission over the mother school complex on Wallach IX. It was thought that the Bene Gesserit destroyed the ship, but roomers persist that the remnants of the craft might have been moved to a more secure location on Arrakis. The wreckage is located near the Southern Worm Line and that is where your next mission will be. Distroy the enemy garrison guarding the area, then we will begin to look for the stealth ship. Good luck and good hunting commander.
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