[Download]Snake River
Snake River Author » Duke Davis II
Tileset » Draconis IV
Release » 2006-09-21
Players » Eight
Map Size » 256 * 256
File Size » 4777 KB
Downloads » 5321
Additional Info » Welcome commander and thanks for coming to this debriefing on short notice. A few days ago, the enemy landed a force here on Draconis IV. There ultimate goal was to control a starport around the Snake River province. We manage to save the starport; however, the enemy has retreated to the Snake River and is making a last stand their. No commander on Draconis seems to be able to wipe out the enemy stronghold. With your record of victories on Arrakis, we believe that you can destroy the entrenched army. Your mission is simple. Eliminate the invading army! Once the enemy army is destroyed, you can return your Arrakis post. Good hunting commander.
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