[Download]Saratov Slave Pits
Saratov Slave Pits Author » Duke Davis II
Tileset » Giedi Prime
Release » 2007-04-16
Players » Eight
Map Size » 256 * 256
File Size » 5446 KB
Downloads » 4493
Additional Info » An opportunity has arisen on the dark toxic wastelands of Giedi Prime. Rebels have contacted our agents with the hopes of forming an alliance with us. For many years, the rebels have been growing more popular with each successful raid and have managed to destabilize the current oppressive government. They have promised a percentage in the rich industrial profits if we help them take Giedi Prime. We have accepted their offer. You have been assigned to secure the Saratov Slave Pit mines between Harko City and Mount Ebony. Once this region is in our hands, we will establish a landing field and begin pouring in men and material to the rebels. This is a critical mission commander which is why we have entrusted this assignment to you. Good Luck.
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