by Jenifer Sting

Greetings. My name is Jenifer and I am great Dune, Dune2k fan even when I played Dune2 on PC and Dune on sega. I always want to play for Fremens but westwood did not create fremen mission for any of the Dunes. (In Super Dune fremens are look just like any other side).

I think that Fremes should have their own completely difference from other houses conception.

Well I think march about it and here these thoughts maybe you find it interresting these dune2k expansion sugestion.

  1. Fremens have underground bases (see screenshot)
  2. Fremens have no heavy units the only 2 mechanic units fremen steals trike, sietch constructor. All other fremen units are infantries.
  3. Only sietch cave can be damaged or destroyed by the enemy. If the sietch destroyed- base destroyed to. The sietch health is the amount of the health of all bases structures.
  4. Fremens are not harvest spice. (Except they capture enemy spice refinery). Fremens collect the water for these they construct windtraps. Windtrap gives the some amount of a water until the windtrap destruction. (the windtraps can be damaged and destroyed from the surface)
  5. Fremens have no construction yard and can construct structures unless the base will be completely destroyed.
  6. Fremen infantry units cost some water to train and some water to live (always) until the units death. If there not enough water for a long time 3-7 min unit will get damage from thirst until his death. (with the water suite upgrades these problem will be solved)
  7. Fremen mechanic units also cost some water to construct (water for the technicians) but they do not require some water to survive.
  8. Fremen buildings cost some water to construct (water for engineers) and when building is constructing, productions of all other units, upgrades become slower.
  9. Fremen upgrades are cost some water (water for scientists). And productions of all other units or structures become slower.
  10. Fremens have no palace or palace weapon. But they can capture the worms and have commandos and snipers.
  11. The enemy can not capture Fremens buildings but fremens can capture enemy structures.
  12. All infantry unit should heal themselves to half health (I even create it myself in my dune 2k with help of Dune Edit 98)
  13. Fremens can not use starport even if they capture or build it the C.H.O.A.M. simply will not negotiate or trade units to fremens. But the fremen can trade with smugglers (see Carryer Landing Zone)
  14. Fremen have 2 resources water and spice and have 2 resource counters one for water one for spice. (water is collected by windtrap, spice is harvesting after capturing enemy refinery.
  15. Fremen are not need consecrate slabs to place their structures unless they capture enemy construction yard.


I suppose that the infantry units should have experience (The dune 2k is not Diablo of course but there some not pretty good moments for example when you send 30 troopers on enemy base and think "Are they destroy although one enemy building? or train and sent 50) So here is my unit ranks system. With each rank unit have more health, more sight and fire range.

Level 1. Recruit
Level 2. Private
Level 3. Squad leader
Level 4. Marine
Level 5. Sergeant
Level 6. Corporal
Level 7. Elite
Level 8. Professional

  1. Sietch - Some kind of construction yard. (see screenshoot) main base structure. Any your infantry unit which will come to the sietch will restore his health and if unit did not have some upgrades he will be upgraded. (required some time)
  2. Barracks - Required for infantry training.
  3. Workshop- required to build mechanic units. And for upgrades (see below)
  4. Research center - required for upgrades and for ability to build new structures
  5. Tech center- required for upgrades and for ability to build new structures
  6. Radar- as any radar required to see the map and for upgrades but except the other houses radar have no problems with low power (fremens are not need power except they capture enemy structures) Also radar can be upgraded (see below)
  7. Carrier Landing zone - Fremen can negotiate and trade with the smugglers (you required radar for it), they need the water too as everybody on Arrakis. Only by these way (Or capturing enemy structures) fremens can get tanks and other mechanic units. But these trades has much minuses:
    1. You can buy only one unit per 1 time.
    2. Units from smugglers cost very much.
      You can buy only following units:
      1. Ordos raider trike.
      2. Guard
      3. Atriedes light tank
      4. Ordos and Harkonnen light tank (Tanks cost no only the water but a spice so you need to steal the spice)
      5. Harvester (useless for fremen unless they capture enemy refinery)
    Note: Not all units always available Smugglers have not march units and sell them march seldom than C.H.O.A.M.
    Also Carrier Landing Zone can be damaged by enemy from surface so it requires protection.
  8. Service depot - required to build Fremen sietch constructor unit, for mechanic unit repairs and mechanic unit upgrades. (see upgrades)
  9. Command Center- Required for upgrades, and for ability to build new units.
  10. Windtarp - the main economical structure for fremens the windtrap will always collect some amount of water: from 1-25 per 2 second until the windtrap destruction so the fremens have no harvesting. Except they capture enemy structures.
    Note: The quality of water which windtrap collect per time should change: moisture of air are changeing. So you should make stocks or you will be threatened with a drought.
  11. Water storage - storage for water the windtrap can storage only 500 of water storage can store 1500 of water.
  12. Fremen spice silo- work as any other spice silo except it underground.
  13. Training center - required for infantry upgrades

  1. Fremen light infantry - standard uncloaked fremen (required barracks)
  2. Fremen trooper - fremen trooper (uncloaked fremen with bazooka)
  3. Fremen stealth infantry - Upgraded fremen infantry
  4. Fremen stealth troopers - Upgraded fremen troopers
  5. Fremen engineer - Standard engineer but can become invisible for some time (just like saboteur)
  6. Fremen grenadier - Look just like Atrides grenadier but have more health and firepower.
  7. Fremen sniper - can kill any infantry with one shoot.
  8. Fremen commando - work just like commando from c&c but have differences.
  9. Fremen spy - work just like spy from red alert but look like black infantry without a rifle you can get the spy out from the building (you will lose all information about that building)
    If you get spy to:
    1. Enemy construction building (Const. yard, barracks e.t.c.) you will know what is currently building in these structure and its tech level.
    2. Enemy spice silo or refinery you will know how many spice have your enemy.
    3. Enemy Radar - reveal all enemy stealth units
    4. Palace - you will know how soon the special weapon charge. And if Harconen palace you will know where death hand strikes (red circle on the map)
    5. Enemy windtrap you will know how many power enemy have.
  10. Fremen miner infantry - can set 4 mines perfect for base defense. Mines can be upgraded. To restore arsenal you need bring miner to sietch cave. Look like visible infantry with big black bag.
  11. Fremen thief - Can steal 5000 spice (required spice silo to build) from enemy refinery or spice silo when you get thief to the spice silo/refinery you need bring it back to the sietch cave. If the enemy kill thief before you bring him to sietch you will not get the spice. I think that thief should have every house. Thief look like invisible infantry without rifle. (required Tech center, spice silo, training center)
  12. Fremen stealth trike - Invisible trike. (required Tech center, spice silo, workshop)
  13. Fremen sietch construction unit - Unit to construct new sietch cave (required service deport, workshop)
  14. Fremen Worm rider - Can capture the worm for these you should attach thumper and wait until the worm come and eat the thumper you should come to the worm and capture it.
    Than you can bring other units to the worm it can ride 5 units 1 worm rider and 4 any other units. When the worm is under your command you can view its health and the worm come to the sands surface. Worm have huge health can eat mechanic units, squish infantry and wery hard to kill but if all fremen on the worm are killed you will lost control ower the worm. Also the worm will tired after some time and begin get damage and if you will not release him the worm can even die. And there not so many worms on the map so you should release the worm for some time give him a rest and then capture again. I suppose you should be able to see worms health status.
  15. Thumper infantry - the thumper should be modified I think that is stupid that worms are not eat thumpers. The thumper should left his thumper on the sand and get out and the worm eat the thumper. In any way Fremens are skilled enough to run away from the worm :-)
  16. Medic infantry - field medic can completely heal any wounded solider (except the enemies) The medic infantry should have all houses. I simply can not understand why westwood did not created medic in Dune 2k.
  17. Mechanic infantry - can repair any damaged mechanic unit to half health.
  18. The Ecologist infantry. These infantries can grow up plants on sand (they cost much water to plant). At first in these areas spice does not grow (the plants destroy it) they grow more and more. At last these trees do not allow mech units to pass through. The plants can be destroyed on earlier stages of growing but when its a huge forest, no. These makes ecologist infantry perfect against other house no spice, no Dune. But the fremen do not want their homeworld filled whith water. Note: None of the fremen units need water when they in the Forest.

  1. Fremen water suites Upgrade - as I told all fremen infantry always required some quality water to live with these upgrades These quality will reduce. For example fremen infantry required 5 water every 30 second. And can stay whiteout water 3 min. So 1 infantry require 100 water per 10 min. With the upgrade these number reduce to 3 water per 30 seconds so with these upgrade 1 fremen infantry will require 60 water per 10 minutes. So it wery useful upgrade in other cases your water will be spent by your army. Without upgrade 10 infantries will cost you 1000 water per 10 min.
  2. Fremen water suits filters upgrade - these is second fremen water suits upgrade with these upgrade the any infantry unit will cost you only 1 water per 30 seconds so 10 infantries will cost you 200 water per 10 min.
  3. Fremen infantry stealth suits-with these upgrade you can build stealth fremen infantry if you already build standard (uncloaked) fremen infantry you can still upgrade them for half price by getting them to the sietch cave (Required training center, research center, Tech center, workshop Barracks)
  4. Fremen troopers stealth suits upgrade - same as Fremen water suites Upgrade but for troopers. (Required Research center, workshop, training center, Tech center Barracks.)
  5. Fremen Troopers bazooka upgrade - Increase Troopers rockets firepower and range. (Required Research center, Tech center, Barracks, Training center)
  6. Fremen radar Upgrade - after these upgrade you will get whole map on your radar. (reveal only radar map). (Required command center research center, tech center, workshop) (required for Carrier Landing Zone)
  7. Attach stealth fields on mechanic unit - These upgrade appears when mechanic unit is in the Service deport these upgrade make it invisible. (required tech center, research center, Service deport.)
  8. Upgrade snipers to commando (required command center, training center, research center, barracks, tech center)
  9. Upgrade mines - upgrade firepower of fremen mines. So they explode just like spice boom
  10. Attach Sietch disguise - Sietch, all fremen buildings and all units near sietch invisible to the enemy untill he come wery near.


Badly Injured Infantry 1. Sand Storms - These sand storms are often on Dune they come throw the map destroying everything on its way (except Fremen) because they have their stilsuits and great experience of surviving on Dune. The other Houses will suffer from the Sand storm. It will kill any infantry unit or trike, guard and all other units such as tanks harvesters will be damaged.
The only way to defend the base from the sand storm is walls.
Note: Any Ornithopter which get into Sand storm will be destroyed instantly.

2. Thump Sand - If your unit will get to these sand all worms on map will hear it and will come to eat unit. The fremens can see these sands. The other houses also can see these sand but only when it is too late. It is too late, when their unit is on this sand.


I think that fremen story should be just like in the film. But without Poll Moaddib. The first fremen missions should be base constructing, negotiating with the Atrides small Ordos smugglers, insendents, than arriving Harconens with legions of emperors Sardukares fall of Atrides and Ordos, Harkonnen Rule the Arrakis there will be missions of rescuing Atriedes forces, retreating, than long way of recoquring your home world when remain last Harconen fortress the Emperor will arrive and there will be last huge battle for ruling of Arrakis Fremens and Atriedes vs. Harkonnen and Emperor.


I think that there should be more Video splash screens and more 3d animations and about the final video splash screen in all final for all houses they kill the emperor as you know from film fremens did not kill the emperor and let him go but they open their water storages and change the face of Arrakis.


Well I think that is all for fremens now. I have many thoughts about Sardukares and smugglers.

So thanks for listening please answer me what do you think about these text.

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