Below you will find articles written by other Dune fans. If you have your own story, essay, etc email Gobalopper and I will look at adding it.

Current Additions:

» Dune Politics and Religion — Focuses on politics and religion in Dune Messiah, CoD, and GEoD. By Andrew Sherry.
» Dune Essay's — A collection of short essays dealing with Dune related topics. By James T Mandahl.
» Dune Warfare — A indepth look at warfare in the Duniverse. By Daniel P. Duffy.
» Melange: Conquest of the Desert Planet — Very detailed design document for a possible game based on Dune. By Stuart Walpole, Andrew Schuurman.
» Star Wars and Dune — Is One Just a Copy of the Other?. By Mahdi.
» Sardaukar — An article dealing with the Sardaukar. By Garth Patterson.
» Dune Game Mistakes — Deals with mistakes in the Dune games. By Nathan Goldin.
» Fremen — Deals with the Fremen in Dune games. By Jenifer Sting.
» Dune 3000 - Vengence of the Desert — Ideas for a new Dune game. By Edric O.
» Legends of Arrakis — Proposal for a Dune 2000 expansion pack. By Edric O.
» Dune III Interface — An interface mockup for future Dune games. By Perry Foster.
» Dune III — An outline for the next Dune game after Dune 2000. By Perry Foster.
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