Dune was the first Dune game for the PC. It combines both strategy and adventure elements. The game is made by Cryo Interactive and distributed by Virgin. You may be able to find the game in Virgin Megastore for around £4.99. Shai-Hulud Shai-Hulud has the game for download, about (1.7MB) in size, if you can't find it elsewhere.


  • Dune: Spice Opera - Many people consider the music from Dune I to be amazing, you can find all the tracks in .mp3 format at this site.
  • Manual - This is the PDF version of the Dune I manual, thanks to Davo.
  • Unlock Game - If you are having problems with the unlock codes at the beginning of the game, try this.
  • Walkthrough - If you are having problems getting past certain spots take a look at this, will lead you through the entire game.
  • Never-Ending Game - This file, from Brian Davis, will tell you how to keep playing after efeating the Harkonnens.


Paul Atreides You play Paul Atreides son of Leto Atreides, leader of House Atreides. You arrive on the planet to harvest spice for the Emperor Shaddam IV.
Chani Chani is a Fremen whom Paul meets during his travels. She eventually falls in love with him. Her father is Liet Kynes.
Jessica Atreides Jessica Atreides is Paul's mother and a Bene Gesserit. She helps Paul with his problems and to find hidden rooms in the game. She is concubine to Duke Leto Atreides.
Leto Atreides Leto Atreides is ruler of House Atreides and will help Paul in the beginning but goes off and attacks the Harkonnens.
Stilgar Stilgar is a well known Fremen leader. With Stilgar's help Paul will be able to rally more of the Fremen on Dune.
Duncan Idaho Duncan is your advisor for the Spice Operations on Dune. He will inform you when the Emperor demands his next shipment of spice. Duncan will also pay for your other purchases on Dune.
Baron Harkonnen Baron Harkonnen is ruler over House Harkonnen. He is the major competition on Dune and has powerful forces at the beginning of the game. Beware as his attacks are ruthless. He also has a powerful ally in the Emperor.
Gurney Halleck Gurney is your military advisor on Dune. He helps to train the Fremen soldiers so they can gain experience and take over the Harkonnen fortresses. Bring Gurney to a sietch and he will help train the Fremen.
Feyd Rautha Feyd Rautha is a Harkonnen who plays a somewhat important role in the game. He manages to make some sneaky maneuvers later in the game so watch out.
Harah Harah is a Fremen you meet early in the game. She helps you out and helps you meet other important Fremen warriors.
Liet Kynes Liet Kynes came to Dune in hope of turning the desert into trees and creating water on Dune. You help him to achieve his goal and this helps the Fremen to become motivated.
Shaddam IV Shaddam IV is ruler over Dune and is constantly asking for more Spice. Check with Duncan to see what his current demand is.
Thufur Hawat Thufur Hawat controls the communication room which and will also help you with basic military matters and hints.


Final attack on Harkonnen Palace
The Communication Room
Keep in contact with your troops
Pick the destination for your Ornithopter
Plant trees on Dune
A view from the Atreides Palace
Call a Worm to travel
Riding a Worm to another sietch
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