Before you email one of us please check out these resources, nearly all the questions we receive have already been answered somewhere on the site or forum.

Strategy Questions:

If you are having problems on a certain level or find yourself needing strategies online check the strategy boards in our forum. Or try the very good Dune 2000 FAQ or Emperor FAQ written by Shiroko.

Tech Support Questions:

You can probably find an answer for your problems in our Tech Support section of the forum. They are are number of individuals there who are willing to help you out.

Off-Site Resources:

Lastly, you can search the site below using a Google's site search program, there is a lot of content on the site and this should help you find it.

Also try Google's newsgroup search to look through those discussions groups, specifically,,, and

Contact Us:

If you have tried all the above you can contact us and we will try to respond back to you.

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