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Support FED2k:

Hosting for 2005—2007


Hosting for 2007—2009


As of February 2005 FED2k is now paying for hosting. In order to support us you can help offset our costs in a number of different ways. We currently pay $15.95 USD/month for hosting, with our pre-paid 2 year hosting plan it comes to $490.14 CAD.

(1) - Donations can be sent using PayPal. All money will go directly to Gobalopper and will be used for hosting fees, contests, or Dune-related product reviews. Priority is always given to paying the hosting bill.
PayPal will deduct a small fee if you pay using your credit card. The amount will depend on where you are and what currency you use. For more details see their Transaction Fees for the US & Canada or those outside the US & Canada.

(2) - You can donate money that will go directly towards our hosting bill. This is done through our hosting provider, DreamHost, and uses PayPal. Please note that there is a processing fee of 5% plus $0.30 deducted from donations.
Donate towards our hosting bill

(3) - If you are looking for a host and are interested in using DreamHost we get $97 for each referral that signs up (plus $5 for the people they refer).
Signup for hosting at

(4) - If none of these options work for you or you would just like more information before donating please contact Gobalopper directly.

Thank you for the support!

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