Dune II

Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty is the "grand-daddy" of RTS. Dune 2 was the first true RTS game, released in 1992 its still being played today. Dune 2 is based upon the Dune novels by Frank Herbert, it allows you to play as the Evil Harkonnen, Insidious Ordos, or the Noble Atreides. The game is no longer available in most stores, and since it is based in DOS you may have troubles running it, one of the reasons Westwood decided to create Dune 2000. This page is mainly to help those who have lost the manual or are looking for information on the game. Check some of the links below, there are some great pages that have Dune 2 based utilities that can let you edit the game, even play as the Fremen, Sarduakar, and Mercenaries.

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[ The Emperor | House Atreides | House Ordos | House Harkonnen ]


Dune II demo that shows basic gameplay and is non-playable.

Super Dune II is Dune II but now you can play as three different teams: The Mercenary's, Fremen, and Sarduakar. It is actually really good but very tough as well.

This is the 1.07 patch for Dune II. Place it in your Dune II directory and run it. The upgrade fixes the Starport delivery errors and saved games from the old version will not work with this version.

The sound fix will allow you to play Dune II music and sound effects on more than one audio sound device at one time and is an optional download. If you only use one sound device, you do not need this patch.

Dune II Edit is a map editor for Dune 2, Windows based.

A good scenario/save game editor that works with all versions of Dune 2.

  • Download [298 KB | Scenario/Savegame Editor]

9 Dune II midi files from the game.

A Dune II theme for your desktop.


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