Atreides Creations


Sent by: Red Rhetoric
Abilities: Suicide Atreides Bomber-Recently, for more damage and a secure hold on their spice routes, the Atreides war government has started using suicide bombers.The bombers move with extreme caution,and if caught they detonate on the spot.If killed before able to activate bomb,bomb still goes off,and the damage radius is still the same 20 feet.
Appearance: When walking to their suicide destination, the bombers have a special belt that gives them a mirror like surface.When they have reached their detonation,they tear off the belts,are exposed in totla blue,yell, "For the Duke!"And detonate.Also before detonating,if they have enough time,then the bombers cast a hologram of the Atreides Eagle.
Other Info: No Other Information

Advanced Soldier

Sent by: Smurph
Abilities: Has very high hit points due to having a shield on his belt, just like on the movie. He also uses a weirding module like on the movie, it has the effect of a sonic tank blast.
Appearance: Looks like a normal Attreides soldier except in a brown uniform that looks like the soldiers off the movie, But when it comes into contact with an enemy unit it turn on it's shield, giving it a warped and blocky appearance due to the shield
Other Info: Makes strange noises when firing the wierding module.


Sent by: Mr.Zleeto
Abilities: This is an infantry unit that can enter any vehicle and permenantly take control over it. It can also enter a production facility, and the next unit that comes out will be yours, the more pilots you put into the production facility, you'll get more units from that facility, for free.
Appearance: Looks like infantry, but with Atreides soldier hat from the movie.
Other Info: When a harvester is being picked up by a caruall, and the pilot enters the harvester, it takes over the caryall and harvester.

Light Ornithopter

Sent by: ?
House: Atreides
Name: Light Ornithopter
Abilities: The Light Ornithopter can be controlled by the Player. It is armed with a powerful Lasgun and a large ammo load. Travels at 340 kph. It can take out a combat tank in a few shots.
Appearance: It looks like a regular Ornithopter with 1 tiny Lasgun mounted under the cockpit.
Other Info: It can land on the ground if it is possible and it must reload at an airfield. It requires and upgraded Atreides High-Tech factory and a airfield.

Stealth Rider

Sent by: Sonic Blast
House: Atreides
Name: Stealth Rider
Abilities: It would Travel aunder ground like a worm and would pop up and attack and any given time.It would be only be able to seen by towers and infintry troops. It would have low armor and medium weapons on board. The weapons it would use was a medium range plasma cannon.
Appearance: It would be about the size of a worm but only a tad thinner and longer. It would have a sandish looking color and make rippels as it travled.When attacking it's neck would pop out of the sand and fire.
Other Info: Unit cost would be 700. You would build it out of the high tech factory and the factory would have to be near the sand for the worm to get out.

Atriedes Carrier

Sent by: DetectiveDan
House: Atreides
Name: Atriedes Carrier
Abilities: It makes 10 intercepters nonstop for free and wherever the carrier goes the intercepters go and attack the enemy it has automatic turrets on it that attak when in range.
Appearance: It looks like a frigate only bigger.
Other Info: Great against everthing. Weak against missile turrets. Needs palace and space port and high-tech factory.

Atreides Elite Squadron Commando

Sent by: leto2
House: Atreides
Name: Atreides Elite Squadron Commando
Abilities: Can destroy buildings and kill infantry in one hit.
Appearance: Light blue and carrying a black box.
Other Info: As powerful as saurdukaur and only five may appear together at one time. Must have Atreides palace built first.


Sent by: Tom
House: Atreides
Name: Sarmen
Abilities: Fight extremely well, using simple weapons to cause mass destruction. However, default weapon is a lighting bow, a long rod used to send electical shocks to enemies.
Appearance: Dressed in black, wears hooded capes.
Other Info: Is a breed between Sardukar and Fremen troops, making them deadly. Have altered sheilds, so that they do not disturb sandworms, making them hard to kill.

Atreides Light Ornithopter

Sent by: ?
House: Atreides
Name: Atreides Light Ornithopter
Abilities: The Light Ornithopter should be able to attack units with a lasgun. (a kind of Laser gun in the book)It should have limited ammunition and could land at an airfield to reload like the Mig in Red Alert. If no Airfield is present the Light Ornithopter should be able to land on the ground. It should be as fast as the Ornithopter you may call in Airstrikes with.
Appearance: The Light Ornithopter should look like the Ornithopter you can call in for airstrikes in Dune 2000.
Other Info: The Light Ornithopter should have a good ammo load and its attack should be very strong especially against tanks. At an Airfield it should reload quickly. It should have only light armour and can be easily taken down with a few missiles. The Light Ornithoper should be under control of the player like the Mig in Red Alert. It should cost a moderate amount of money. The Light Ornithopter should penetrate the shroud to scout the map. You must build a airfield and Atreides Aircraft factory to build it. Hopefully it will balance the tank rush tactics that are present in the game but not eliminate them.

Atreides A.P.C.

Sent by: Sanguinius
House: Atreides
Name: Atreides A.P.C.
Abilities: The apc carries five Atreides infintry into battle it is armed with a lasgun.
Appearance: Looks like an apc from c&c.
Other Info: It costs 500,has heavy armour and is built from the heavy factory you need a high tech factory to build it.


Sent by: Sanguinius
House: Atreides
Name: Naib
Abilities: The Naib stays clocked while he attacks he kills by using the water of life in his gun the bullets are loaded with the water of life.He runs at 21 mph.Against tanks he uses small gauss rounds that can penetrate the strongest armour.
Appearance: He looks like a Fremen but wears all black.
Other Info: He is built from a stiech and is free but you are only allowed 2 of them in your army. When both die you can build another 2. When you select him he says "The Price of Freedom is Death".

Sand Sub

Sent by: Eric Sharp
House: Atreides
Name: Sand Sub
Abilities: Moves under the sand at a very fast speed.Fires torpedos as ameans of defence, but has to surface to fire. Is capable of carrying 15 units in an external bay [including Ornithopter's].
Appearance: Looks like a Los Angels class attack sub but is camouflged to the color's of Dune.
Other Info: Effected by pulse charges [from the Devistator].

Atreides Battle Hawk

Sent by: Shaitan
House: Atreides
Name: Atreides Battle Hawk
Abilities: This little bird flies at speeds of over 400km/h. It can shoot twin lasers or fire missiles that are the same strength of Missile tanks ones but go 20 times faster. Can only be shot down by some new turret someon else is bound to come up with eg laser turret.
Appearance: Really tiny, about the size of the quad. Looks like a bird with a big head. Gold wings that flap really fast. And some talons. When on the ground its wings fold back like a birds.
Other Info: When destroyed the head will glide to the ground and a little air trooper guy will pop out. This guys got a Trike gun. Built by a upgraded h-tech it can also land. You control it. On ground its very weak and if blown up on land the little dude doesn't escape.

Sonic Trooper

Sent by: Shaitan
House: Atreides
Name: Sonic Trooper
Abilities: This guy carries around a large sound launcher on his sholder. He shoots out a thin stream of sonic energy which either wipes out men or paralyses and damages units. He's also anti aircraft capable.
Appearance: He looks like a large trooper with some large shoulder armour. His sonic launcher is a black tube with a clear ball on the end and a pipe leading down to the large backpack.
Other Info: He travels at about 28km/h and can climb up cliffs. He's built by an upgraded barracks and requires an Ix, palace and an outpost.

Den Maker

Sent by: 0000
House: Atreides
Name: Den Maker
Abilities: It can make under ground tunells.Then your units can hide from the enemy, but can still shoot.
Appearance: it looks exacty like the quad.The tunnels look like worms.
Other Info: The enemy can not see them unles they build them to.

Diverter Infantry

Sent by: rex
House: Atreides
Name: Diverter Infantry
Abilities: Has the abilitie to fly with a special rocket pack and swoop down from above to counter attack. best for diversions.
Appearance: Bird-like. Has huge talons.
Other Info: Hard to destroy. Goes bonkers after 10 shots. It will lose its rocket pack and revert to light infantry.

Trooper of Chau Sara

Sent by: Shawn Ahmad
House: Atreides
Name: Trooper of Chau Sara
Abilities: These troopers don't have any special weapons or missiles or machines. These troopers use the power of their mind. They have the power to erect a neural forcefield around themselves. Once ready to attack, they harvest the sun's power, and then concentrate it into one strong energy beam, firing it into the target, absolutely devastating it.
Appearance: Thes troops don't have fancy robotic implants or mechanical suits. They are dressed in a dark red robe tied together with a thin rope, and sandals.
Other Info: These are stronger than an Air Strike, or even the Death Hand, and will destroy even the most armored building in one blast. The only thing that can destroy a Trooper of Chau Sara is a Worm. To get these, you must meet these people and they will trade you five troops for something of yours, i.e. a StarPort.

Storm Trooper

Sent by: Priodos
House: Atreides
Name: Storm Trooper
Abilities: The Fremen warrior carries a Coriolis sphere which can create a Coriolis storm when initiated, it also makes an El-Sayal, the warrior has stealth.
Appearance: Looks like a Fremen warrior holding a long stick with a sphere on the end.
Other Info: Armour- Looses 1/25 every infantry hit. Cost- 550 Solaris, this is a Fremen Atreides alliance weapon. Available with Atreides palace, barracks, radar dome.


Sent by: Shawn Ahmad
House: Atreides
Name: RCU
Abilities: The RCU, or Radio Control Unit, is shot out of a Seige Tank or Trooper Cannon at a worm. If the unit hits, a controller appears in the build window. It contains a D-pad, and a speed lever controlled by up and down keys. To move the worm, click and hold, and drag in the direction you want it to go. To move across the terrain, use the right number pad.
Appearance: A small controlling device with a small, but long needle that pierces the skin and enters the brain, to control it.
Other Info: This device controls the worm for ten minutes and then deactivates, leaving the worm stunned for a minute or two, allowing you to add another RCU. The worm will die after three RCU's. Costs $100 per shot.


Sent by: Shawn Ahmad
House: Atreides
Name: LRSH
Abilities: The LRSH, or Long Range Spice Harvester, is one of the finer machines. It sucks spice out of the ground througt a tube in the ground leading straight to the spice.
Appearance: It is not visible, because it is bureid in the ground. It is a long, thick tube consisting of titanium and a strong cloth.
Other Info: The LRSH can extract spice out of the ground, yet contaminates it with sand and worm remains. It is costly at $1000 per square of pipe. It can be destroyed by worms and Death Hands.

Drone Launch Rack

Sent by: MazaNaza
House: Atreides
Name: Drone Launch Rack
Abilities: Functions like a turret. Has roughly 1.5 times the range of a Missle Turret. When an enemy units comes in range, two small drone craft launch and attack it. They will follow the unit until they are destroyed, it is destroyed, or the reach about 4 times the launcher's actual range, at which point they return. Drone Launchers replenish lost drones every minute or so. The drones can also attack air units.
Appearance: Lauch rack looks like a Missle Turret but has two drones where the missle pods would be. The drones are roughly diamond shaped and are desert camoflaged.
Other Info: Launchers vulnerable to missles and HE. Resistant to all other weapons. The drones are very fast: 300 km/h. They fire quad-machine guns.

Ground Pulsator Tank

Sent by: Doggie37
House: Atreides
Name: Ground Pulsator Tank
Abilities: This tank sends a wave of sonic energy through the ground to any unit within its range. They are a suicide type vehical because after they have started sending the waves through the ground they dont stop and are gone at the first sign of a sand worm. They are as fast as a seige tank and have heavy armor. It will damage evrey unit by it friend or foe. They can be transported by Carryalls in to enemy bases. They are really only good if they a large number of them are sent in to an enemy base and spread out. They have the range of a rocket tank. The wave that goes through the ground goes all around the tank in a circle.
Appearance: The Ground Pulsator Tank looks like a tank with no gun on it but a large pole in the center of it that makes the tank pulsate.
Other Info: These tanks are very useful if you are planning a large attack. Buildings crumble to the ground, infantry are thrown up in the air then they fall to their death, and tanks simply explode when they meet this tank. This tank is only used by the Artredies because they are the only house with the technology to create it.

Energy Absorber

Sent by: Atreides Fan
House: Atreides
Name: Energy Absorber
Abilities: This mechanical unit is equipted with an ion cannon which, when fired, drains the power from any other mechanical unit leaving it frozen on the battlefield. Then the Absorber may release the power at any unit and inflict great damage. This units strength is similar to that of a combat tank. If however the energy gets released at a frozen(power drained) mechanichal unit it will restore it's energy and able it to move again.
Appearance: It looks just like a small devestator only is has one barrel.
Other Info: 28kph.

Sandworm Tower/Shai-Hulud Minaret

Sent by: A Person
House: Atreides and Fremen
Name: Sandworm Tower/Shai-Hulud Minaret
Abilities: The Sandworm Tower/Shai-Hulud Minaret does nothing with respect to actually worms, but it works on the same attack principle. It sends a huge 3/4 worm sized but twice as long as a worm tentacle through the ground, the tentacle resembles a sandworm, and it comes up through the ground and can devour a tank whole and damage any other units next to it. It can also devour 5 infantry units whole as long as they are side by side.
Appearance: The Sandworm Tower/Shai-Hulud Minaret looks like a Gun Turret without the gun on top. Since the tentacle it uses is totally subterranean, the part above ground does little except spot the target and aim the tentacle. The tentacle looks like a smaller metal version of a sandworm with rotating drills and blades inside the "mouth".
Other Info: The Atreides need to have the Fremen as their allies before they can research this weapon.
Prerequisets: Atreides Barracks, Ix Research Center, Atreides Palace. This Structure is extremely slow to fire (12 secs between "worm" going back underground and next attack.) and so should therefore never be used as you sole means of defense. It should have missile or gun turret back up, and it is particularly vulnerable to sonic tanks as the vibrations disallign the tentacles mechanisms and can cause them to malfunction and tear the tower apart.

Fremen Transport

Sent by: Usal
House: Atreides
Name: Fremen Transport
Abilities: Transports 6 fremen/atreides infintry.has 2 weirding moduals and can cloak.(NOTE it decloaks while fireing).
Appearance: Looks like a quad with 6 wheels.
Other Info: Has heavy armour and moves at 40KPH the weirding moduals effect tanks and men to the same degree.the transport is built at the atreides high tech factory for 450 spice.


Sent by: Ryan
House: Atreides
Name: Stilgar
Abilities: Stilgar is the best Fremen fighter, he is the equivelent of five Sardaukar. He commands Fremen, so when Fremen are around him they get added bonuses, they become stronger, faster, stealthyer.
Appearance: Like a normal Fremen except he has the Feydakin blood stains on his shoulders.
Other Info: In order to get Stilgar you have to send one of your Fremen into a seitch and Stilgar will walk out of it with your Fremen.

Reducing Tank

Sent by: Quuixon
House: Atreides
Name: Reducing Tank
Abilities: This tank has the ability to shrink both enemy and friendly units. (Both wheeled and tracked vehicles) When an enemy unit is shrunk, it can be run over in the same fashion as infantry. If a friendly unit is shrunk it then is about the same size as a saboteur, and can cloak as a saboteur can - by charging itself. The reduced size will allow tanks etc to sneak by enemy forces alot easier. The friendly unit that has been shrunk, can be run over by an enemy unit.
Appearance: Looks like a small siege tank.
Other Info: Requires IX to build. Has the same rate of fire and armour of a siege tank. Each direct hit shrinks one unit.

Shield Generator

Sent by: Ryan
House: Atreides
Name: Shield Generator
Abilities: Able to make a protecting shield around the base (base must have wall for shield to out line) Shield can take a large amount to damage.
Appearance: This structuer is just an upgrade for a palace.
Other Info: Shield can be penatrated by cars and tanks (they take some damage thorgh. units get fried going into the shield.

Atreides Bomber Carryall X-743

Sent by: Aaron S.
House: Atreides
Name: Atreides Bomber Carryall X-743
Abilities: Works like a normal Carryall, ferrying Harvesters to and fro, except this time it carries 6 HD-Bombs to drop on unsuspecting Ordos or Harkonnen encampments! While doing this it can steal away THEIR Harvesters... boy, would I love to see THIS in action!
Appearance: Like a normal,innocent carryall,with larger wings to house the HD-Bombs. Rugged and steel-plated to protect against the harsh weathers of Dune.
Other Info: While picking up enemy Harvesters, the Atreides Bomber Carryall can shoot out jets of smoke to provide cover.


Sent by: Mark McGuire
House: Atreides
Name: Targeter
Abilities: A solder, equiped with a small flight pack. Designed to enter a enemy base anmd cause havic, with a mini Gatling Cannon ((a smaller version then the Saduckar's)). The flight pack only alows for small bursts of flight. It is too small to hit with a tank (Missule, Combat, Seige), should be attacked with a quad or trike, or a Ornithoper. It is two quike for a normal turret, unknown effecitivence against a rocket turret.
Appearance: Wears a sand color armor, looks general smaller then a soldier, yet it is slower on the ground then the fremen also carries less armor.
Other Info: Armor: Light
Fire Power: Medium
Range: Long
Speed: 10 km/h (Ground) - 23 Km/h (Air)
Requirements: IX, and Barracks.

Paul Atreides

Sent by: Drew
House: Atreides
Name: Paul Atreides
Abilities: Can blow up a building in two blasts of his weirding module and can be killed in tree shots if sighted by a rocket turret.
Appearance: Looks exactly like paul atreides but with a weirding module in his hand.
Other Info: Can only be built in a palace, he costs 3000 credits, very fast on foot, and once killed you cant ever use him again.

Suspendor Sonic Tank

Sent by: Stephen Rider
House: Atreides
Name: Suspendor Sonic Tank
Abilities: The SST Can move like the Hover MRLS from C&C2 and "fires" a sonic pulse like the Sonic Tank from D2.
Appearance: The SST Looks like the Hover MRLS from C&C2 but with a Sonic "turret" on top.
Other Info: It would have light armor (100 pt) and would requer IXian, High-tech, and a Heavy Factory and ~750-900 Creds.

Bene Gesserit Witch

Sent by: LETO-II
House: Atreides
Name: Bene Gesserit Witch
Abilities: 1. Can control any units by using the voice
2. Has no weapons, and can only attack soldiers, but is lethal in hand to hand combat with enemy soldiers, they die almost instantly
3. Extremely fast
4. Has the ability to invade enemy buildings and damage them to very low HP.
5. They would have low HP
6. Can far-see so parts of the map can be revealed
7. Has mana points to use on spells
Appearance: Females in navy blue robes, much like Jessica in Dune.
Other Info: This unit could also be used by the Sardukar.

Rocket Pad

Sent by: Noah Minshall
House: Atreides and Ordos
Name: Rocket Pad
Abilities: It is like the Death Hand In Dune2, Except it can be guided and is very accurate. Turrets can knock it out of the sky and the pad itself has light armor to make way for beams to hold the structure upright.
Appearance: It looks like the Death Hand and can only be used at a palace.
Other Info: Very unstable, if the pad it blown up, there will be a massive explosion much like the Devastator, only it will immidatly know out all units in a 15-20 square radius.

Sonic Blast Gun

Sent by: Le Baron
House: Atreides
Name: Sonic Blast Gun
Abilities: The Sonic Blast Gun is an building witch will create an Sonic Zone. The sonic zone will destroy all units and will damage severly building.
Appearance: An tower with an big dish on the top.
Other Info: The Sonic Blast Gun has an energy matter. You can shot even if the matter is no fuel. This can have two effects. 1)The zone will miss or deal almost no damage or 2) There can have a mirror effect that will give power to the zone and will your base.

Fish Speaker

Sent by: Jim Slacker
House: Atreides
Name: Fish Speaker
Abilities: Kills infantry dead. end of story. heavily damages tracked vehicles vulnerable to guns.
Appearance: Female.
Other Info: Takes long time to train.


Sent by: Ian Sutherland
House: Atreides
Name: Doppleganger
Abilities: Abillity to create "doppleganger effect" of a unit. Unit's double has no weapons, but helps draw fire away from origional unit.
Appearance: Single soldier with long arm attachments that create the double.
Other Info: Can create two "dopplegangers" of two different, or the same, [or itself] unit before it dies of exaustion.

Ice Cannon

Sent by: James Maw
House: Atreides
Name: Ice Cannon
Abilities: Will project an ice rocket to freeze only trooper or infantry units. Must have a second upgrade of light factory to produce Ice Cannon units. Once units are frozen they can be unfrozen by another Ice Cannon rocket, or blown up by any other units rocket or bullets.
Appearance: The unit will be a dark blue color about the size of a quad. It will have one main cannon like a siege tank but about the size of a troopers gun. It will be traked, not a wheeled unit and would cost about 450 to produce.
Other Info: Well, i think i covered about everything and i hope you come up with a great Ice Cannon unit.

Carrier Worm

Sent by: Carrier Worm
House: Atreides
Name: Carrier Worm
Abilities: Carries units on it's back. It's basically a sandworm with guys on it. It can carry anyone, but vehicles can't ride it. Units can fire while on it or drop down to become protected. It's pretty much invincible, only a couple death Hands could kill it. It's like in the movie when paul and Stilgar and Gurney are riding the worms. It can dive down to make itself invincible.
Appearance: It looks like a worm that's stretched out on top of the sand.
Other Info: All units riding the worm have it's hit points. While hiding, they are invincible. It makes a new option for a weirding cannon trooper. You know, a Weirding soldier that has a Wierding Module cannon.

Worm Rider

Sent by: Ryan
House: Atreides
Name: Worm Rider
Abilities: When off worm: Like a thumper infantry but when it attracts a worm it uses maker hooks to mount and pilot it (built by the palace since it is a fremen)
When on worm: Strong short range attack, cannot move onto stone, must be moving or worm will retreat into the sand.
Appearance: A Fremen carrying a thumper.
Other Info: This unit would also make a complete Fremen house feasable, units such as Fremen, Worm riders and sonic warriors (sonic tank infantry) could be used on the offense.


Sent by: ZeroBX
House: Atreides
Name: Elite
Abilities: The Elites had a special telepathy ability that enable them to communicate with the Atreides and the Fremen. They have a powerful weapon that will destroy dozens of infantry or vehicles. They are the leaders of the Atreides Infantry.
Appearance: It looks like the Fremen but its colour is dark blue. It had a larger weapon than the Fremen.
Other Info: The Elites will get ferocious when his/her troops is being killed by the enemy. It will not tolerate enemy presence in his/her territory.

The Atreides Warhawk

Sent by: Tuba-Boy
House: Atreides
Name: The Atreides Warhawk
Abilities: The Atreides Warhawk is a personnel fighter craft. It is powered by a jet engine, and is capable of carrying up to two people. The Warhawk is best used against infantry and ground vehicles, though it can also be useful as an escort for Ornithopter craft.
Appearance: The Warhawk has large, swept wings which taper at the ends. The jets are located just below the wings. The vehicle is capable of entering a hover mode, for landing and patrolling, by rotating the jets upward.
Other Info: An IX Research Facility, as well as the Atreides Palace, are required to construct the Warhawk. Unlike the Ornithopter, the Warhawk can be maneuvered and basically flown by the player. This allows for better targeting.


Sent by: Kenneth
House: Atreides
Name: Imperiator
Abilities: Fires a shockwave that takes out all vechicles and drains power for a minute. Infantry in the area suffer magnetic radiation and will die unless they move out of the radiation zone.
Appearance: Something like a real life scud launcher or in the game, like the siege tank.
Other Info: Vunerable to all types of fire. Shockwave also disrupts sand worm.

Sonic Devastator

Sent by: Cyril The Jock
House: Atreides
Name: Sonic Devastator
Abilities: This tank is able to fire a powerful sonic beam as powerful as a devastator's destruct sequence. Also equipped with a bio-chemical missle (For Long Range) that can kill only infantry. (But it damages other units badly)
Armor: Medium armor
Speed: 90 kmh
Disadvantages: Sonic Blast and missle will not only kill enemy units, but also yours. It takes 7 seconds to reload and is not too accurate.
Advantages: It's powerful, fast, not bad armor, can fire far and short distances. When firing it's protected by a force field for only 3 seconds.
Weaknesses: It's only resistant to gun fire, but explosions, missles, bombs, and sandworms can damage it severely or eat it.
Appearance: It looks like a Sonic Tank, except it has the Atreides insigna (Which is blue) on the front of the tank, the body is colored gold.
Other Info: It's top notch!

Weirding Modules

Sent by: Charles Morton
House: Atreides
Name: Weirding Modules
Abilities: Sonic Blast that uses a charge that is somewhat powerful, but needs to be recharged after about 25 shots. (like the one from the books)
Appearance: Freman with a weirding module that sends a shockwave and needs to be recharged at the barracks or something of that nature
Other Info: ~15 kmh and vunerable to machine gun fire

Suk Doctor

Sent by: MrX
House: Atreides
Name: Suk Doctor
Abilities: Type: Battlefield medic
Requires: Upgrade Barracks & Starport
Weapon: N/A
Speed: 10 km/hr (on foot)
Armour: Suk doctors are resistant to anti-tank weaponry, but very vulnerable to high explosives, fire and bullet weapons.
Purpose: Any friendly infantry near a Suk Doctor will automatically be healed to full health.
Suk Doctors, however, can not heal themselves.
Appearance: Looks like an infantry unit with a bag
Other Info: Suk Doctors are the elite physicians from the Suk School of Medicine (est. on Kaitain). The Suk Doctors available to the Atreides, specialised in working under battlefield conditions.

Atreides Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC)

Sent by: MrX
House: Atreides
Name: Atreides Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC)
Abilities: Type: Military transport vehicle
Requires: Upgraded Heavy Factory & Barracks
Weapon: Machine Gun
Weapon Range: Short
Speed: 45 km/hr
Armour: Medium (but less than a combat tank). APCs are very resistant to bullets, but are vulnerable to missiles and high caliber guns.
Purpose: The Atreides APC is able to carry up to 5 infantry units, for transportation to the front. The Atreides APC is a tracked vehicle, and can crush enemy infantry units.
Appearance: Like the APC in Red Alert, but with a 'Dune' feel.
Other Info: The Atreides APC performs the same as the APC in C&C and Red Alert. The Ordos have a different type of APC (see Ordos APC for details).

'Minotauros' EM missile

Sent by: MrX
House: Atreides
Name: 'Minotauros' EM missile
Abilities: Type: Battlefield support missile.
Requires: The Atreides Palace
Weapon: Electro-magnetic burst warhead.
Weapon Range: N/A
Speed: 700 km/hr
Armour: N/A
Purpose: The 'Minotaurous' EM missile (named after Duke Leto's deceased father, Minotauros), when launched, explodes just above the enemy base. A powerful electro-magnetic burst is released, damaging all electronics in its range. Although, this causes little damage to each building in the range of the burst, it has the effect of rendering all windtraps in the area inoperable for a minute or so. The EM burst also affects the light, heavy, and factories, slowing down production for the same duration. The EM burst however does not affect units.
Appearance: Basically the same as the Death Hand missile.
Other Info: # Alternative palace weapon to the Fremen.
# With the EM burst, hopefully the rocket turrets will come off-line, making the enemy base vulnerable to ornithopter attacks.

Sonic Turret

Sent by: Paul Jury
House: Atreides
Name:Sonic Turret\Shockwave Turret
Abilities: Capable of releasing high powered sonic bursts againsts enemy units.
Appearance: Tall fragile turret with shock wave disk fixed on top.
Other Info: Powerful and accurate yet vulnerable to attacks. Uses high amounts of energy to function, similar to obelisk of light on C&C

Air Scout

Sent by: Thomas Keirl
House: Atreides
Name: Air Scout
Abilities: It flies and uncovers areas you have not yet traveled to
Appearance: It looks like that thing off Dune the movie but you could start it up a bit cause it looked a bit dumb on the film, its the 1 where Duke Leito, Paul and Gurney Halleck went to go have a look at the harvester which then got eaten by a Worm.
Other Info: It could be used for like ROYAL visits and to apply for grants from the Emperor or something

Hunter Seeker

Sent by: Thomas Keirl
House: Atreides
Name: Hunter Seeker
Abilities: Special troops can go upto a building and plant some hunter seekers in it, the structure can still be operated but if it moves or produces something than the hunter seeker can slow down production by killing the staff of the building, can only be stopped by other special troops which have to disarm them. When it does happen you can see a worker running out at a random angle and then being stabbed by it.
Appearance: They look like poisen tipped darts but you hardly ever see them because they are immediatly planted inside a building, it is the thing on the film which tried to assassinate paul.
Other Info: Unit is faily cheap and moves at the speed of any normal soldier, has normal armour, can throw them into buildings but only from say 2 - 3 gridspaces away

Flame Thrower Ornithopter

Sent by: ?
House: Harkonnen and Atreides
Name: Ion Cannon/Flame Thrower Ornithopter
Abilities: An ornithopter that, when charged (15-30 minute charge time) Fires an Ion Cannon, inflicting massive damage, about the same as 1/2 death hand missile. If not charged, its will fire a flame thrower. The flame thrower will make infantry crispy in one blast, and can burn tanks in about 10 hits.
Appearance: Looks like an ornithopter with a big stick in the front.
Other Info: Expensive. Ordos don't use it beacuse the only one they used exploded, leveling their entire base. A special tower can jam the ion cannon just as it's firing, making the ornithopter explode. This will have a limited amount of gas for the flame thrower, and must land and reload.
REQUIRES: IX, Ornithopter pad, and High-Tech factory.

Witches Voice

Sent by: Menahem
House: Atreides
Name: Witches Voice
Abilities: An ability to use 'the voice' (like paul and his mother.) No weapons, weak armour, works on any unit - except Fremen, the affected unit will preform one order and will be immune for a while before it`s affected again by this attack.
Appearance: Some kind of druid-like figure.

The Advanced Trooper

Sent by: Kane
House: Atreides
Name: The Advanced Trooper
Abilities: Soldiers with sound weapons in there hands, like in the movie DUNE. And when they shoot, the will scream in there headset. AAAHHHH.......BOOM! The will have similar effect like 3 troppers.
Appearance: As an ordinary trooper. No big body armor and stuff like that. Only a black desert suit.
Other Info: Dies quick like a bug, but deadly firepower against enemy troops.

Unit-Tank of Darkness

Sent by: David Ricketts
House: Atreides
Name: Unit-Tank of Darkness
Abilities: Can shoot 1 high powered plasma shot, has a short range machine gun for infantry, and can harvest spice.
Appearance: Looks like a devastator, but it has only one cannon and a little gun on top.
Other Info: Use in groups, like a group of combat tanks or siege tanks, can not destroy a base full of turrets, costs as much as a devastator. Slower than a combat tank, but faster than a quad.

The Weirding Soldier

Sent by: Tom
House: Atreides
Name: The Weirding Soldier
Abilities: Instead of a regular soldier firing a crummy little laser pistol, have a type of soldier that is equipped with one of those sound-weapons. Should be expensive for play balancing though.
Appearance: Just like a normal, low grade, foot soldier.

Atreides Deviator

Sent by: Paul Atreides
House: Atreides
Name: Atreides Deviator
Abilities: Can shoot a wave of sonic impulses and mezmerize the enemy troops.
Armor: Medium
Range: 10
Appearance: Looks like a sonic tank only with the colors blue and brown in an army camoflauge style
Other Info: Will not work on Freman or Sandworms. Can turn a building to your side. (ex. Saurdaukar Palace : Atreides Palace with Death hand)

Standard Bearer

Sent by: Tyson
House: Atreides
Name: Standard Bearer
Abilities: The Atreides Standard Bearer leads infantry charges. He carries no weapons and has below average hit points however encourages the soldiers within a certain radius around him to fight relentlessly for their Duke giving them bonuses to their firepower, speed, and rate of fire.
Appearance: He wears the dark blue uniform of an Atreides officer and carries a large flag. When told to attack he cries out "Charge" or "For the Duke" or some other rallying cry like that.
Other Info: In every real time strategy game I've played I've always disliked how the weaker units used early on in the game were neglected towards the end. I thought the Standard Bearer would be a good way to keep infantry useful throughout the game.

Sonic Turret

Sent by: Sonic Turret
House: Atreides
Name: Sonic Turret
Abilities: Same abilities as the sonic tank only it's im-mobile and is very costly and can be placed like a rocket turret. Will not hurt sonic tanks but anything withing the line of fire can get killed including your own men.
Appearance: Like a rocket turret only it has a radar type dish on thefront.
Other Info: This turret will automatically attack the sandworm.

Shai-Hulud Albatross

Sent by: Shai Hulud
House: Atreides
Name: Shai-Hulud Albatross
Abilities: It is INCREDIBLY fast and is almost IMPOSSIBLE TO KILL. Like the Sandworm, except it has a cannon on its back that has the power and range of a Death Hand, and is highly accurate. It can also eat a vehicle or infantry unit.
Appearance: Like the Sandworm in Dune 2.

Shai-Hulud Albatross Tamer

Sent by: Shai Hulud
House: Atreides
Name: Shai-Hulud Albatross Tamer
Abilities: It trains/tames the Shai-Hulud Albatrosses so you can command them. When they come out they have a Fremen on their back.
Appearance: It looks like a Sietch, but has a pair of Fremen standing on top looking around.

Molecular Pad

Sent by: Atreides
House: Atreides
Name: Molecular Pad
Abilities: Vehicles on it will be covered by an ionizing dome that repairs the vehicle and installs a shield on it. Unfortunately, it cannot distinguish friend or foe shields disintegrate as the unit gets shot.
Appearance: Looks like a simple drawing on the ground with an 'X' in the middle of the circle. The Hi-tech things are underneath.
Other Info: People walking over it will only have it's armour repaired, not its strength. If it explodes things on square around it will disintergrate slowly because of its ion storage and heavy proton batteries

Paul Atriedes

Sent by: Bill Hansell
House: Atreides
Name: Paul Atreides
Abilities: Can greatly damage units or kill infantry. Sort of like Tanya from Red Alert. Accept uses a weirding module as a weapon.
Appearance: Similar to normal infantry but designed to look like Paul.
Other Info: Possibly is stronger depending on what level he is used on ie. weaker early on and stronger in later levels Use the mouse to command him to "attack" a sandworm and it will rise out of the sand and he will ride it. While on the worm commands to move will move the worm. Commands to attack will cause the worm to eat the target. Worm re-submerges and leaves completely after being killed or after a period of time.

The Undoer

Sent by: Ruben Tan
House: Atreides
Name: (unit) Undoer (Artillery Tank)
Abilities: 1) Moves VERY SLOWLY (the slowest tank)
3) Has an extended line-of-sight
4) Very expensive
This tank fires shells that can travell half of the map and land into the enemy's units. Each shell cleans up a building, but this tank is terribly inaccurate in close-distances, and the fire rate is incredible slow.
Appearance: A golden body with spikes protruding from it side. A huge barrel connected to the body via a turntable-like device. This unit should be double the size of a normal tank.
Other Info: This unit is able to self-destruct, which triggers a chain explosion of its depleted-uranium shells that will clear off anything within view.

Atreides Infantry

Sent by: David
House: Atreides
Name: High Class Infantry with force field and sound guns
Abilities: Infantry with force field and sonic gun
Because of force field (like in the movie) *force field can be actived or disabled*
1. They can NOT be driven over (by harvester,tanks...)
2. Completeley involernable(Can not be hit) by all enemy
3. Units accept infantry in VERY CLOSE range
1. When Force field is activated they move more slovely
2. Can not climb rocks with field activated
Because of Sonic Gun:
1. Effective with tanks(medium) and buildings(huge)
1. Hard to target, distortion when fired(forced back...)
2. Slow rear-arm('filling the gun')
Appearance: They would appearr in just ONE SPECIAL (or more) mission as an probe weapon under developement! (Too powerfull to use in last missions).
Other Info: Would be nice to see shields like in the movie... graphics and all...
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