Corrino Creations

Sarduvet (Sar'doovet)

Sent by: Sarduakar
Abilities: Same as Sarduakar except:
-Can go suicide and either instantly kill one enemy or hold a bomb until it explodes,damaging everything around it
-Can sacrfice it's self so that the units player can permanently control one selected unit(till its dead of course)
Appearance: Slightly bigger than Sarduakar's because of armor.
Other Info: none.


Sent by: Harkonna
Abilities: Has 2 plasma guns at each side, and a little anti-air turret on it's top. it can also selfdestruct, with the effect of an infiltrator, and when it selfdestruckts, it leaves the poisen u also see when a inkvine catapult fires the ground on the place where it last stood.
Appearance: I think u can only find it out if u know RA1, the mammoth tank from RA1, with the loops on the left and right side, and a little rocket-turret on top.
Other Info: Emperor's elite unit, like harkonnen devastator, and ordos deviator etc. extremely strong, but expensive, speed like of a mongoose, and it must cost 3000 Spice. but, when u order it from the starport (wich u need to build it) i will cost 2500 spice.


Sent by: BB
Abilities: Emperor deployable tank, witch can fire in the air when deployed, and on the ground when undeployed.
Appearance: Normal tank, but with a giant rocket turret on top and no loops, when deployed it's base (from witch he drives with) underground, and only his shooting couple stays above the sand, it do can move that way. when undeployed it a normal tank with the rocket turret.
Other Info: Emperor Anti-tank/anti-air tank, costs about 1500 solaris, and when ordered by the starport it's cost is 1000 solaris.

Shadow sword

Sent by: Papa Nurgle
Abilities: A large tank (size of a barracks or something similar). Has a very large gun mounted on top. The gun is a Laser Destroyer. Very long ranged and very powerful. It can knock out a devastater in one hit and anything i one hit. It has to deploy to keep its gun from flying off. Mounts one combat cannon (combat tank) on the hull.
Appearance: Long tank chassis (barracks size) with a long gun. One gun on hull.
Other Info: Very powerful and very treasured. If ganged up on by even light units its dead. It long reload time mean its easily shot up.

Bane Blade

Sent by: papa nurgle
Abilities: A tank the size of a refinery (dune 2k). has three cannons from the combat tank. One cannon from the Seige tank.Eight machine guns. Has an AA only rocket launcher.(YES i got the idea from Warhammer 40k). Built for assaulting entire bases. This tank is revered by all as they are ancient. Many are hundreds of years old. Each one is an entire community in an essance.
Appearance: A (very )large tank chassis with one small turret housing a single cannon. One large one turret with two more cannons. One cannon is hull mounted. Many machine guns are scattered about. VERY HEAVILY ARMOURED!
Other Info: Not buyable. Given to you or pitted against you in some single player mission. God, can you imagine? You're swarms of devastaters being ripped to shreds. You're infantry screaming as their blood soaks into the sand.

Stealth Striker

Sent by: BUN
House: Emperor
Name: Stealth Striker
Abilities: The Stealth Striker is armed with a engine mounted Anti-tank missle launcher which is able to destroy a combat tank with just five shots at long range due to its deadly accuracy, a powerful ion cannon which is able to eliminate any unit on the battle field with just a single shot but has a very slow reloading speed at an 20 pixel range and twin neutron accelerator attached on its arms. The neutron acclerator has a short range and high firepower and reloads fast. Last but not least this vehicle and cloaking abilities and works best at destroying military threats from long range with its ion cannons and missles rather than with its powerful neutron acceleratator due to its light armour and low hit points lastly this machine could travel at a speed of 25km\h.
Appearance: It looks like a Mechwarrior MECH painted in black.
Other Info: To build this unit, you would require to have a Starport and a palace. It cost 500 spice quota(kinda cheap) and is only avaliable to the Emperor from the Starport.

Corrino Royal Infantry

Sent by: Piter De Vries
House: Emperor
Name: Corrino Royal Infantry
Abilities: Armed with a high-powered machine gun; coolant packs in the gun prevent overheating, so there are no pauses between shots, just one long, continuous streams of fire. If you double-click on them, they put away their guns and instead throw grenades that function like shorter-ranged missiles. Slightly better armor.
Appearance: A little like light infantry, but a lot fancier, something like a marching band uniform or something but without any words, a lot like a dress uniform.
Other Info: Totally replaces light infantry for the the Emperor. Costs $60 each.

Shock Troopers

Sent by: ?
House: Emperor
Name: Shock Troopers
Abilities: The Shock Trooper is armed with a machine gun (same as trooper from Dune 2) plus hand grenades and a grenade launcher. If a unit is close enough it'll throw a grenade (this demolishes infantry) and if farther away it'll fire its machinegun if even farther it'll fire it's launcher. Has very tough armour for infantry.
Appearance: Like a squad of three larger, white and black troopers from Dune 2.
Other Info: Should lead all assaults against a dug in enemy.

Corrino Battle Suiter

Sent by: Shaitan
House: Emperor
Name: Corrino Battle Suiter
Abilities: This guy has a light cannon on the left and a rocket launcher on the right. He can travel about 27km/h and has the ability to use jets to go up cliffs. When he dies the explosion is pretty big.
Appearance: He looks a bit like Buzz from toy story but he is gold and has a rose coloured clear helmet on top. his weapons are black and he has a black and pink pack on his back. He's about twice the size of an infantry guy.
Other Info: You can't build them and if you see a pink carryall flying over you are in pretty big trouble because they come in groups of 5 and can't be squished. The Emperor uses them as reinforcements and if you capture his IX & upgrade it it will give you an option to call in these guys for free. They have medium armour and are vulnerable to sound and shells. These guys can also be deviated.

Guild Reinforcements

Sent by: Charles Knight
House: The Emperor
Name: Guild Reinforcements
Abilities: For an exorberant price the spacing guild will agree to transport loads of reinforcements from the armies of the various Landsraad houses.
Appearance: A gigantic tube-like object (alot larger than a worm) will land and drop twenty squads of Troops and fifteen Seige tanks on the surface.
Other Info: The guild frigate (the tube thing) cannot be shot down and will destroy anything in a two-square radius of it when it lands, even the emperors own units and structures.

Bene Gesserit Truthsayer

Sent by: Kalia
House: The Emperor
Name: Bene Gesserit Truthsayer
Abilities: She would be able to predict which direction the enemy's next attack would come from, and predict where there base was as well as there main harvesting operation.
Appearance: She wouldn't appear on the map, but would be contacted through the House of IX.
Other Info: Each fortune would give one of the above pieces of information, though it would not neccasarily be 100% accurate. Every fortune would cost around 200 credits.

Terror Infantry

Sent by: Predator120
House: The Emperor
Name: Terror Infantry
Abilities: Has ability to use advanced High Caliber Guns (Trike Machine Gun) and is slower than Light Infantry.
Appearance: Same as Light Infantry, but bigger gun.
Other Info: Cost=110.


Sent by: Gol Stoan
House: Fremen, Harkonnen, and The Emperor
Name: Lasguns
Abilities: Mountable on any unit (including 'thopters), turret or carried by troopers. Can cut through any kind of armor. Reacts violently with energy shields.
Appearance: Any armed unit, and turrets.
Other Info: This is taken directly from the book DUNE. In DUNE Lasguns are the primary weapons of the Harkonnens, Sarduakar, and the Fremen. On inherent danger to energy shields is that they cause Worms to go into a blind rage. For this reason Fremen use Lasguns instead of sheilds. A lasgun when it hits a sheild causes a nuclear explosion that destroys the operator of the shield and the Lasgun at the same time, and anything else in the ficinity. In the book one of House Atreides' main commanders, Duncan Idaho laid a trap for an unsuspecting Harkonnen Ornithopter that was spraying the desert with it's Lasgun. He planted a shield and covered it with sand, when the 'thopter shot the shield, it was destroyed in a nuclear explosion.

Lasgun Tank/Lasgun Turret

Sent by: Matt Bock
House: Harkonnen and The Emperor
Name: Lasgun Tank/Lasgun Turret
Abilities: Both can shoot powerful lasers
Appearance: N/A
Other Info: Must have hi-tech to build both. If a laser hits a shield it causes a large explosion engulfing the target, shooter, and the lasbeam

Emperor's Lion Heavy Tank

Sent by: MrX
House: The Emperor
Name: Emperor's Lion Heavy Tank
Abilities: Type: Battlefield Support Vehicle
Requires: Upgraded Heavy Factory & IX Research Center.
Weapon: Twin 105mm high caliber cannon, plus two grenade launchers
Weapon Range: Medium for both weapons (the cannon ranger is longer than the grenade launcher).
Speed: 32 km/hr.
Armour: Heavy (but not as much as the Devastator). Lion Tanks are very resistant to bullet and high explosives, but vulnerable to missiles and high caliber guns.
Purpose: The Lion Heavy Tank, is the Emperor's newest tank, bought to Arrakis to strengthen his defences. The Lion Heavy Tank is the most powerful "conventional" tank, with its twin 105mm cannons. The Lion Tank also is equipped with two side grenade launchers, which fire incendiary grenades at infantry units.
Appearance: Looks like the siege tank in Dune 2 (the picture of the siege tank, not the game play picture), but with two grenade launchers on the side.
Other Info: The Lion Heavy Tank basically performs like the siege tank in Dune 2 (since it looks like the siege tank in Dune 2000 will perform more like mobile artillery), but with grenade launchers for attacking infantry units.

God Finger

Sent by: Ashmaal
House: The Emperor
Name: God Finger
Abilities: This is a super Rocket tank. It has Ultra Heavy Armor made from a unique irredescent Purple ore. It fires solar beams of white fire that sear any enemy. It's movement is equal to a Heavy attack quad due to the lightness of the ore. It's damage is the same as a Sonic tank at close range and it will damage units and structures in a straight line beyond that. It's range is the same as a Sonic Tank.
Appearance: It looks like a Sonic Tank except it has a capped top, and twin bulbs where the energy gathers and tubes where it's fire is directed from. The whole tank has a light purple glow to it, while the metal is stark white.
Other Info: Let's remember that the Emporer is the Ruler of the Galaxy or Universe or something, and a nice new powerful tank would be appropriate. The ordering of it would be very slow, and each would cost around 1200 credits. A Palace, a heavy vehicle factory, and a house of IX would be needed before it would be available.

Emperor's Tent

Sent by: MrX
House: The Emperor
Name: Emperor's Tent
Abilities: Type: Emperor's temporary Palace on Arrakis.
Requires: Only available to the computer, can't be built.
Armour: Heavy. The most strongest structure in the game (stronger than any House's Palace)
Weapons: Four dual plasma cannons (same type as the devastator tank). Plus a plasma anti-air defence. Plus the death hand atomic missile.
Purpose: The Emperor's tent serves as a command center and residence for the Emperor. It also serves as the Emperor's last line of defence.
Appearance: As in the movie.
Other Info: Only appears in the last mission.

Obliterator Turret

Sent by: Paul Jury
House: The Emperor
Name:Obliterator Turret
Abilities: Emperors specialized base defencive turret, heavily armoured with twin long range cannons
Appearance: Similar to the turrets on dune 2, but wider and shorter with broad cannons
Other Info: Inaccurate at extreme range but largely accurate when target is close by. Range is longer than ordinary cannon equiped units.

Super Raider Trike

Sent by: Il Hwan
House: The Emperor
Name: Super Raider Trike
Abilities: The Super Raider Trike is faster and stronger as a normal Trike or a Raider Trike, He shoots with a High-powered machine gun and he shoots seeker missiles.
Appearance: Dune 1
Other Info: Speed: 15O km/h

Emperor Frederick

Sent by: Le Baron
House: The Emperor
Name: Emperor Frederick
Abilities: The emperor can't be hurted by the Harkonnen. The emperor has the same fire power has an siege tank.
Appearance: A siege tank with an purple flag.
Other Info: The emperor can be produced only one time by the palace.

Imperial H-wolfs

Sent by: H-wolfs
House: The Emperor
Name: Imperial H-wolfs
Abilities: The H-wolf are wolfs trained to be man-eater creatures. They can destroy every foot unit with a simple bit.
Appearance: Just like the attack dogs in C&C.
Other Info: The H-wolf can be created by a wolf breed factory.

Sarduakar Commando

Sent by: Martin Lambert
House: The Emperor
Name: Sarduakar Commando
Abilities: Can plant C4 explosives in structures causing building to explode, can run fast.
Appearance: Basic infantry with rocket launcher strapped to back.
Other Info: When eaten by sandworm, he pulls out pins from his grenades and detonates inside, causing worm to explode.
When at very close range to infantry/troopers, slits their throat with krys knife.

Desert Mongoose

Sent by: ?
House: The Emperor
Name: Desert Mongoose
Abilities: Used as a decoy and distraction in battles to defend the Emporer. Can use it's shape-shifting abilities to disquise itself as any unit available to The Emporer. Has no offensive weapons and no defensive weapons. Basically, it's a dummy for confusion in battle.
Appearance: Disguises itself to resemble any Emporer unit.
Other Info: To be selected as a Desert Mongoose you must have no prior schooling. All education in shape-shifting abilities is taught by the Emporer's lowly assistants. You will have no contact with the Emporer, and are considered inferior to all other beings. This position is not on a voluntary basis, it is done by selection only.
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