Fremen Creations

Fremen Fedaykin

Sent by: StelthH4x0R31337
Abilities: Can Kill any soldier in at most two shots. Fires rapidly with Lasguns. It is invisible when still, and can burrow and ambush any enemy units that approach it's position. At close range it will kill a soldier instanly and also increase in health (drink the soldier's water) Against tanks and heavy armor, the Fedaykin is very efficient. It will attack unshielded targets with a lasgun and shielded targets with a powerful shoulder mounted projectile.
Appearance: A grey robed figure, size of an average unit. It's projectile weapon can be seen strapped across his back. The lasgun is in it's right hand, the Crysknife in it's sheath by the belt.
Other Info: Elite Fremen Units. Can easily defeat sardaukar as well. Requires a Fremen Camp, and a House Palace. Costs: 500 Solaris.

Fremen Trained AM

Sent by: Harkonna
Abilities: the fremen AM means Fremen Attack monkey, its a monkey with a much less more powerfull weirding module than the feydakin has on his fingers, he slaps units and tanks with it doing damage 2 them, they also have camoflage (invisebelty). when a tank trys to run over it, Witch it will auto do, it is made so, i will use his good climbing ability to jump on the tank, and will do it damage for some time, it cant be gotten of when on a tank, for the first 20 seconds it's on 1 (enough time 2 half-damage a buzzsaw). after that, tanks can shoot it off and just lives on, it will climb off the tank after 3 shots, but this shots will ofcours damage the it was on, so the best way 2 get it off, is 2 send and infantery unit 2 the tank, the monkey will auto get off and die than.
Appearance: Any1 plays RA2? the monkey like from RA2, but than inviseble.
Other Info: Very fast, has the speed of a buzzsaw. i can hear u think that's not fast, but remember this unit is infantery, and than think again... also, it's not inviseble when on a tank. cost: 900 solaris, and cannot be ordered via starport. requiered: starport and upgraded fremen camp.


Sent by: Harkonna
Abilities: Normal Fremen tank, but inviseble, cause it has stealth armor, normal armor, normal speed, like Assault tank. armed with weirding module, so it shoots sound blasts.
Appearance: Like assault tank, but only with it's loop in front of it, and the couple is away.
Other Info: Costs about 1000 solaris, and via starport 400.

Fremen Ambusher

Sent by: Papa Nurgle
Abilities: Fremen who excel at hidden guerilla warfare are turned into Ambusher units. These units hide in the sand and knock out entire columns of vehicles. Armed with an anti-tank rifle and auto-rifles they can smack any vehicle. The anti-tank rifle can smash combat tanks in maybe one shot. The auto-rifles are just normal machine guns. ONe the move they are normal fremen. When deployed they deploy the rifle and are ready to kill. When deployed they are cloaked until they fire.
Appearance: Two man squad. One carrying a big gun. One with a rifle. When deployed:has a big gun on a bi-pod. The other guy has binoculars as he is the spotter.
Other Info: There is a 12% chance of a lucky hit. this will desroy any unit even the devastater. This has been included to give it a bit more punch.


Sent by: Gary Lai
House: Fremen
Name: Er'Shai
Abilities: Through many years of being in contact with the sand worms Er'shai (of the fremen armies) has become at one with the sand worms. They do his bidding, most of the time. In return Er'shai sacrafices himself to the wormgod. In other words he dies and you get control of the sand worm for a time.
Appearance: Looks like a nornal Fremen but in a brighter red costume.
Other Info: 17 kmp on foot, resistant to anti-tank weappons but weak against fire and bullet weapons.

House Shai-Hulud

Sent by: Wormy
House: Fremen/Shai-Hulud
Name: House Shai-Hulud
Abilities: This is a new house, created by people addicted to spice. Their house colour is grey and their sign is a sandworm attacking. They have the same units as other houses, except for the special palace option, wich is a special controlable sandworm. They do not have combat tanks. They can only get launchers from the starport and do not have an IX.
Appearance: None(does not apply) House Shai-Hulud is not an official house. They do not have a homeplanet.
Other Info: House Shai-Hulud's palace looks like a metal sandworm. Their barracks look like a sandworm mouth. The Shai-Hulud are slow AND weak, they are the weakest house. The good part is that with them you only play levels 1, 7, 8 and 9. You skip 5 levels! You can play with them, but you never get to play against them. They are not available in multiplayer.

Master of Melange

Sent by: Shaitan
House: Fremen
Name: Master of Melange
Abilities: This little dude can detect and show up invisible spice deposits. He can also create 1 very large Spice Bloom. In offensive manouvers he messes with their minds by sending out a puff of spice from a little bag he carries. The spice makes them a little woozy and they walk away and can hurt themselves. Also after being spiced they mey atract worms to themselves. bye bye enemy.
Appearance: He looks like a Fremen with wider shoulders and a cape flailing behind him. He has a maroon Cape and his cloak is a dark brownish colour. His satchel which he carries is gold and strapped to his waist.
Other Info: Built by a fremen sietch. Needs upgraded Cave Refinery. Runs about 25km/h.

Fremen DeathStill

Sent by: Usul
House: Fremen
Name: Fremen DeathStill
Abilities: Able to take water from dead soldiers, and make power with it.
Appearance: It should be a small building that comes with a machine that picks up soldiers and takes them to the building where the water is recycled.
Other Info: If it recycles the water from 10 men, I think that should be enough power to power 1 barracks.

Fremen Assassin "Chaos"

Sent by: Slannesh
House: Fremen
Name: Fremen Assassin "Chaos"
Abilities: Chaos is armed with a fine blade tipped with his own poison blood. He is always cloked and can only attack in close combat. He cannot be run over by tanks. He kills infintry in one shot.
Appearance: He looks like a fremen in a black stillsuit and he holds a small yellow blade.
Other Info: He is built from a stiech can only build 1 a game.

Destructer Comet

Sent by: Travis Skupien
House: Fremen
Name: Destructer Comet
Abilities: The Destructer Comet falls from the sky and hits the ground where you decided to have it fall and it destroys everything on screen and incinerates infantry units or troopers. It has to be contacted by a Fremen Death Warrior.
Appearance: Its appearence is only available to the Fremen and you see a little video scene of the comet hitting its destination. The comet looks like a huge meteor with fire trailing from th back of the comet.
Other Info: It Requires 5 of the Fremen Death Warriors to call one and it takes 2 minutes to Summon. So you better keep the Fremen Death Warriors heavily Guarded.

Fremen Guerilla

Sent by: Vincent & Kenny
House: Fremen
Name: Fremen Guerilla
Abilities: Two different modes. Standard and infiltration. When in infiltration mode, he looks like an opponent's own trooper unit and the opponent and move him around for a while to look like one of his own units. It's invisible in people's radar. In standard mode he's just like any infantry.
Appearance: Vincent: LOOKS COOL! Kenny: Really, it looks like any other Fremen.
Other Info: Armed with: Rockets, machine guns, explosives, and knives. Uses the proper weapon at the proper time. The knife is only used when trying to kill infantry in infiltration mode. Explosives are used to blow up structures and vehicles when in infiltration mode. Very cool unit. Medium armor. Can't be run over.


Sent by: ZaX
House: Fremen
Name: Hydro-Tank
Abilities: When the fremen built giant windtraps to collect water, they discovered that water had more power than almost any substance on the planet, except of course, for spice... this tank could have some kinda water generator to power its-self... and would cost alot cuz it uses water.
Appearance: a large tank with 2 big clear water tanks that has 2 cannons off the front that shoot energy balls sorta like devastators... but the balls are rainbow fluxuateing or sumthin...
Other Info: the fremen were only ground units, but now they have a tank, one of the most powerfull...

Sandworm Tower/Shai-Hulud Minaret

Sent by: A Person
House: Atreides and Fremen
Name: Sandworm Tower/Shai-Hulud Minaret
Abilities: The Sandworm Tower/Shai-Hulud Minaret does nothing with respect to actually worms, but it works on the same attack principle. It sends a huge 3/4 worm sized but twice as long as a worm tentacle through the ground, the tentacle resembles a sandworm, and it comes up through the ground and can devour a tank whole and damage any other units next to it. It can also devour 5 infantry units whole as long as they are side by side.
Appearance: The Sandworm Tower/Shai-Hulud Minaret looks like a Gun Turret without the gun on top. Since the tentacle it uses is totally subterranean, the part above ground does little except spot the target and aim the tentacle. The tentacle looks like a smaller metal version of a sandworm with rotating drills and blades inside the "mouth".
Other Info: The Atreides need to have the Fremen as their allies before they can research this weapon.
Prerequisets: Atreides Barracks, Ix Research Center, Atreides Palace
This Structure is extremely slow to fire (12 secs between "worm" going back underground and next attack) and so should therefore never be used as you sole means of defense. It should have missile or gun turret back up, and it is particularly vulnerable to sonic tanks as the vibrations disallign the tentacles mechanisms and can cause them to malfunction and tear the tower apart.

Fremen Death Commander

Sent by: Slannesh
House: Fremen
Name: Fremen Death Commander
Abilities: He is perminately cloacked and uses a weirding modual kills men in one shot and weakens tanks. He has a stilsuit which enabels him to walk onto a spice field and heal himself. In close combat he uses a crysknif.
Appearance: Looks like a Fremen in a black stilsuit holding a small knife.
Other Info: He can only be seen by missle turrets. He has heavy armour and his weiriding modual is rapid fire.

Mua'Dib Elite Unit

Sent by: Mua'Dib
House: Fremen
Name: Mua'Dib Elite Unit
Abilities: These elite units carry with them the hanheld sonic cannons in which they can level stuctures and vehicles with ease. However they are quite ineffective against other infantry and are quite expensive to build and need a small maintenance fee.
Appearance: The Mua'Dib elite look like regular fremen but instead of firing normal fremen shots, they fire off large sonic blasts. Perhaps they might even be able to ride atop worms.
Other Info: A lot to "summon" the unit and worm for it to ride on.

Sonic Infantry

Sent by: Dennis
House: Fremen
Name: Sonic Infantry
Abilities: Light infantry, eqipt with a kind of sonic guns, which are very effective against any infantry units, but not very useful against any kind of armoured vehicle. (not scouts).
Appearance: Normal light Infantry with a handheld pitched down sonic weapons, which could be easyly made of a lightly modified Fremen trooper with a shorter gun barrel.
Other Info: Beause of the high advantage, a player gets, when playing with this units, the points costs should be at least 200-300. Of course these troopers should not hurt any of their own kind with their weapons. (this would make them too uneffective).


Sent by: James
House: Fremen
Name: Morpher
Abilities: The morpher can morph into any unit in the game or a building of the enemy's colour. and when not morphed is has a rocket launcher.
Appearance: it looks like a trooper basically with a little skull on his back. Or a sandworm or anything you morph it to.
Other Info: Whatever it morphs into it has its abilities as well as its own of being able to climb down/up cliffs and in/out of craters.


Sent by: Ryan Watson
House: Fremen
Name: Bike
Abilities: light armor, small caliber weapons, fast.
Appearance: basically a dune-buggy(no pun intended) type motorcycle.
Other Info: just something for the fremen so they can get around faster.


Sent by: Gol Stoan
House: Fremen, Harkonnen, and The Emperor
Name: Lasguns
Abilities: Mountable on any unit (including 'thopters), turret or carried by troopers. Can cut through any kind of armor. Reacts violently with energy shields.
Appearance: Any armed unit, and turrets.
Other Info: This is taken directly from the book DUNE. In DUNE Lasguns are the primary weapons of the Harkonnens, Sarduakar, and the Fremen. On inherent danger to energy shields is that they cause Worms to go into a blind rage. For this reason Fremen use Lasguns instead of sheilds. A lasgun when it hits a sheild causes a nuclear explosion that destroys the operator of the shield and the Lasgun at the same time, and anything else in the ficinity. In the book one of House Atreides' main commanders, Duncan Idaho laid a trap for an unsuspecting Harkonnen Ornithopter that was spraying the desert with it's Lasgun. He planted a shield and covered it with sand, when the 'thopter shot the shield, it was destroyed in a nuclear explosion.

Fedaykin Death Commandos

Sent by: Haarg2
House: Fremen
Name: Fedaykin Death Commandos
Abilities: Bigger, Badder, and... Smellier... Fremen who also increases the morale of those around him. Oh yeah, and he can suck people's brains out with a straw. Ya know, water reclamation and whatnot. And he should be a unit of great flatulence as well... like the deviator sort of.
Appearance: Zip. Nada. Abosolutely nothing. He's a stealthy little geezer so he might look like, say for instance, a tree.
Other Info: He can reclaim energy by going to a dead body and collecting all the water for his stillsuit.

Ancient Ruins

Sent by: Billy Bob Joe
House: Fremen
Name: Ancient Ruins
Abilities: Fires ion bursts at units within 10 km. Does no damage to infantry and all other non-mechanical units. To mechanical units it randomly shorts out the unit and destroys it (because of the electricity overload). Fires small missles at non-mechanical unit which are badly aimed and cause minimal damage.
Appearance: Crumbling, unstable.
Other Info: If any unit enters ruins, they gain Ion Strike Towers and Ion Tanks (Submitted in other designs). If other Houses enters same ruins, nothing happens.


Sent by: Milo van Loon
House: Fremen
Name: Fedaykin
Abilities: Stronger than Sardaukar. Armed and Armored with a lasgun and a protective shield
Appearance: Stilsuit: Suit that re-uses the body fluids. Therefore able to walk over spicefields and climb the rocks
Other Info: Very strong. Only possible to be killed by vehicles bigger then a trike.

Sonic Troopers

Sent by: ?
House: Fremen
Name: Sonic Troopers
Abilities: Fires sonic waves (similar to the sonic tank but not as strong), stealth ability can be seen only if it shoots or encounters anyother infantry.
Appearance: Same as regular Fremen except with a more bigger gun.
Other Info: Given to the Atredies only on emergency situations. Traded technology of stealth for the Sonic technology.

Fremen Sandwalker

Sent by: MrX
House: Fremen
Name: Fremen Sandwalker
Abilities: Type: Recon/Special Forces Unit.
Requires: The Atreides Palace.
Weapon: Same as the normal Fremen unit, plus a Baradye Pistol.
Weapon Range: Medium
Speed: 20 km/hr (on foot)
Armour: Medium (but less than normal Fremen units, due to less armour). Fremen Sandwalker Units are resistant to anti-tank weapons, but very vulnerable to high explosives, fire and bullet weapons.
Purpose: Fremen Sandwalkers are best of the Fremen able to survive the open desert, as such, they are the fastest foot unit. Fremen Sandwalkers are used for scouting and recon work. Fremen Sandwalkers are stealth units like normal Fremen Units, but due to their specialised training, when they are not firing or moving, they are much harder to spot, than normal Fremen units. Fremen Sandwalkers also have a Baradye Pistol (a static-charged dye gun), which when fired upon sand, gives the appearance of Melange, which can be used to lure enemy harvesters into a trap.
Appearance: Like a normal Fremen unit, but a lighter shade of brown.
Other Info: # If the Fremen Sandwalker unit is not firing or moving, the enemy infantry unit has to be more closer to the Fremen Sandwalker unit, to spot it, than it would to spot a normal Fremen unit.
# To fire the Baradye Pistol, force fire on some sand. You would have to fire the pistol a few times around to get a large enough, "realistic looking patch of fake spice.
# When a harvester tries to harvest dyed sand, it will warn you, and the remaining dyed sand will disappear.
# The dye will eventually disappear after about 10-15 mins, without reappplyng.
# Also, the Fremen Sandwalker's firepower is slightly less powerful than a normal Fremen Unit.

Water of Life

Sent by: FREMEN
House: Fremen
Name: Water of Life
Abilities: When found in a sietch the Fremen that goes in is immune for physical weapons for a short while.
Appearance: You can't see it because it's in the cave. You only see the cave. When the Fremen comes out he's got a force over him that is visible.
Other Info: You can only use it one time. It isn't in every cave. Only for Fremen infantery units

Fremen Sandrider

Sent by: Craig Froehlich
House: Fremen
Name: Fremen Sandrider
Abilities: Fremen and Thumper infantry required to lure a worm to you. Fremen would hook the worm and ride it to attack the enemy base. Just how Paul Atreides did in the movie.
Appearance: Sand worm with Fremen on its back.
Other Info: Hard to hook a worm.

Freman Suicide Trooper

Sent by: Arrakis19
House: Fremen
Name: Freman Suicide Trooper
Abilities: Can blow apart enemy infantry, tanks, and can damage buildings severly.
Appearance: 1 normal Fremen soldier, but with a bomb strapped to his chest.
Other Info: Works like Goblin Sapper in War Craft 2, but can also ride Sandworms.


Sent by: HellCab
House: Fremen
Name: Sietch
Abilities: Has lots of fremen around it and spice blooms if you reach it. Should rejuvinate the power of your men because of the water of life. (Water Bulbs)
Appearance: A sietch like in the movie dune.
Other Info: Sandworms will attack more fiercly and Fremen will guard it unless you are an Atreides.

Fremen Commando

Sent by: Brian
House: Fremen
Name: Feydakin Commando
Abilities: The Feydakin commando would be similar to a spy in C&C, only armed with crysknifes. He could sneak past enemy tanks and base defenses undetected, but could only be spotted by enemy troops. He throws crysknives at them for a one-shot kill, like the sniper in C&C. Any building he enters blows up, and him along with it.
Appearance: Fremen commando wears a stillsuit with red chest and shoulders.
Other Info: I don't know what capacity the Fremen will serve in the new game, but they should be used as commandos like in C&C, in a limited capacity. The Feydakin death commando (fremen/atreides) could be used to infiltrate enemy bases and blow up one strategic building in a suicide mission.

Fremen Naib

Sent by: Thufir Hawat
House: Fremen
Name: Fremen Naib
Abilities: When in a group with Fremen they gain more fire power more protection etc...
Appearance: Like a fremen with a flag

Underground Fremen Bases

Sent by: Nathan
House: Fremen
Name: Underground Fremen Bases
Abilities: Lets you build units and buildings under terriory. You can suprise them by making the exits look like caves, so when you attack you will have some in reserve.
Appearance: Like a normal base just under ground.
GOOD: Sandworms can't get you.
BAD: Slow to build,but worth it.
Only 1 per level.
Other Info: Costs a lot to dig in some places.


Sent by: Mikey
House: Fremen
Name: Shai-Hulud-Akka
Abilities: Equal to the Shai-Hulud in all ways, except for the ability to grow self-defence systems (spikes, and ejecting venom), plus quickly producing spice in a peroid of time.
Appearance: Alike to the Shai-Hulud.
Other Info: Roam the south spice fields of dune, producing spice and breeding, They multiply quickly, and pose a threat to all forms of machinery and life..Be weary of the spikes and spores of venom that are corrosive to all materials except sand and spice.

Sand Worm

Sent by: Robert
House: Fremen
Name: Ridable Sandworm
Abilities: Fremen could ride the Sandworm, until it got full, or until they let it go.
Appearance: Would be a Sandworm above the sand, that could be controlled.
Other Info: Good: Sandworm can hardly be damaged, and will not go after any unit except the ones you tell it to.
Bad: Capturing would be difficult, you could only have one per stage, and it cannot go on rock.
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