Harkonnen Creations

Dune Trucker Star

Sent by: Eddy.B
Abilities: This Unit is basicly a truck.It can fire 7,000 tonn missiles for protection but has no armor.One special abbility is under cover mode.You double click on it and it's guns drop off and a little man walks out and re-paints the truck from red to brown.This can only be done once with every truck.Once the little man is finished you wait a while for the paint to dry.The little man inside the truck will say "The paint is dry so lets get this rig moving!" and then if you drive it it cant shoot but it can steel technology from other houses.
Purpose::: You drive it into an enemy base {when the paint is dry}and park him in front of the building you want to infultrate and 30 seconds later you drive it back to your construction yard and the little man in the truck will say my job is done and will drive over to the sand and self destruct.The good thing is that you can now build what was in the building you infultrated.
Appearance: Like the constuction yard truck on red alert
Other Info: Need:star port and harkonen palace.
Price:7;000 solars
It may be dear but its worth it.
Only harkonen can get it even if an engineer takes over your buildings.
It can also blow up an intire base in 5 shots!

Draco Dezie Vezier ( Land Ship)

Sent by: ICSW}__lurker___ ( Master Cell)
Abilities: heavy shields defend this monstrosity from basically everything, its hit points are off the scale and its.. well... huge.. the triple s.h.o.g. cannon which would be placed on the front will make sure people dont stand in its way. along with the main cannon, it has several defense laser turrets which can destroy most units in 2 hits, the first hit destroying the armour/shields and the second hit being the big hammer. the land ship also has a few bays, allowing it to launch 4 carryalls and 4 MageStars, making it seem the best unit for all. Unfortunately, since the Harkonnen stole the plans from a Esca Kalzre Blue print cruiser which crashed on dune, they went able to reconstruct ALL of the systems, in particular the safety system. if this units blows up, IT BLOWS UP. positioning this unit careful is a must, for if somehow the unit is destroyed it will cuase a chain reaction with the matter around it and send out a blast of plasma shock waves easily capable of destroying a base if the commander is foolish enough to let that happen.
Appearance: Rather large, 100 metres, about 10 laser turrets on the deck. main triple acceleration cannons on the front. hovers about 2 m above the ground, allowing it easy access to areas where other units cannot reach ( cliffs, ect.) launches other units.
Other Info: basically invincible, very expensive. ranging about 10000+. it sounds alot, but the price is easily well worth it.the unit is stark black and is recreated using lesser technology making it quite unstable.

Magestar ( Ultra tank )

Sent by: ICSW}__Lurker__ ( Master Cell)
Abilities: Four Long treds,run along a basic system of 2 treds on each side, each tred seperated by a bar of neosteel, this prevents little men from crawling about underneth it. the tank would be almost as large as the factory itself, and wields a heavy plasma acceleration cannon which can deal a very good amount of damage ( can also deform terrain). the unit can also rapidly disperse heavy hell fire rockets, making air units run and hide. should the plasma acceleration fail to do the job, and there is a considerable amount of enemies to be delt with a secondary quad beam cannon would unfold and send out a few fire balls, giving it the name Magestar. the fire balls would literally cuase hell to rise. should there be a cliff in its path, this thing can simply force out several spikes on the treds and simply roll down it. a force of 5 MageStar's would easily be able to take out entire fortifications, and the Devastator would stand no chance against them.
Appearance: Large, 4 treds. ( looks like mammoth tankl) 8 plasma accelerators on a smooth long turret. several rocket racks along the sides and giant blades along to front to tear up those cursed worms. the turret also holds a concealed weapon explained in the abilities.
Other Info: Can send out a dirsuption field and reveal the entire map at the cost of the unit. cost would range about 2500. probably be built at the high tech factory requiring a temple and other higher ability things.


Sent by: Mr.Zleeto
Abilities: As we know, the Harkonnen are notorious for doing horrible things to their own people, if the Baron decides that one of his prisoners could be used in his war effort, he will have him selected to be psychologicaly manipulated to become
a walking bomb if neccesary, They undergo grueling traing, and surgery to be made taller, and more broad shouldered to be able to build more muscle.
It's like the Sardukar, except twice as strong, fast, double the firepower, double the hitpoints. The only that's is bad about this unit is that you can only get it from the palace, and after it kills more than 12 guys in 5seconds, he goes crazy for 30 seconds, and may kill your units, or kill himself by detonating explosives on his back. He can be used in suicide missions to damage surrounding units by detonating himself. Can also enter structure to blow it up, it takse him 5seconds to wire the structure so that it explodes, but he doesn't kill himself. Has 2 heavy machine guns, 1 in each hand, can fire at 2 seperate targets or focus on 1 target, when runover by tank, cause huge damage to tank, and medium damage to surrounding units.
Appearance: Is 50% taller than Sardukar, has huge box on his back witch is the explosive, has 2 heavy machine guns, has red Uniform.
Other Info: When Selected says "Whaddya want me to destroy?"
Since is very agressive, may attack any infantry units in front of him as he is a very fast foot soldier. 28km on foot.

Frigate Bombing

Sent by: Scythe229
House: Harkonnen
Name: Frigate Bombing
Abilities: Much like in the movie. The frigates we saw commanded by Harkonnens in the beginning of the game and in the movie. Basically a massive Ornithopter strike, with huge bombs. Problem is, they're slow and can't take too much abuse.
Appearance: Like the frigates in the beginning. Sort of a rounded of blue tube with lines of windows lining the front. Two large prongs off the sides.
Other Info: I suppose it could be available through the Space port, like a purchase. Five min for delivery. Costs 1500 for strike, making it hard to time and awesome for attacks.


Sent by: BUN
House: Harkonnen
Name: Surface to Surface Mobile Missle Launcher(SSMML)
Abilities: It is a large armed with the harkonnen deadliest weapon, the death hand missle.To arm the missle you would have to pay a small sum of 500 spice quata. Sounds good isn't it but the SSMML has slow speed and has a 15 pixel firing range. The good thing about it is that it has stealth abilities when un armed.
Appearance: It looks almost like the typical C&C MCV only that it has two large catapilar tracks protruding from its side. In the launching process the SSMML opens up and a great missle is shown. During the count down, the SSMML is unable to move and decloarkeds making it venurable.
Other Info: The SSMML will cost you 2000 spice quota and fo course this excludes the price of the production of the missle within the vehicle itself. In order to build this vehecle you are required to have a IX, heavy factory and of course the Harkonnen palace.

The Absorber

Sent by: Baron Vuk
House: Harkonnen
Name: The Absorber
Abilities: The Absorber is an attachement for the Devestator tank. It temporarily reconverts the tank into an energy absorbing machine. If attacked the tank collects energy from the opponents weapon and creates a distortion field around the tank that is tough to penetrate. The more the opponent attacks the stronger it becomes... however, while the tank is absorbing it becomes immobile. It's best used to guard against attacks on structires or vehicles. Used for defense only...
Appearance: The Absorber is an attachment (upgrade) that looks like a flourescent tube. The more "tubes" you attach the greater amount of damage your vehicle can absorb. Only Devestators can use this defensive weapon. Cost is 200 sol. per tube, (max is 4 Absorber tubes per tank). Note: if the tank is engaged in battle the tubes can get damaged.
Other Info: The tubes need constant maintenance and/or replacement, depending on the amount of use.

Lasgun Devastator

Sent by: ?
House: Harkonnen
Name: Lasgun Devastator
Abilities: The Lasgun Devastator is an upgraded model of the Devastator. It is made of forbidden Atomic technology and it's powerful enough to destroy anything within sight. Even if it blasts a shield, it will not be destroyed.
Appearance: It looks like a Devastator with only one gun.
Other Info: The Lasgun Devastator costs only one thousand Solaris in spice.

Anti-Matter Tank

Sent by: Priodos
House: Harkonnen
Name: Anti-Matter Tank
Abilities: The A/M tank destroys all mater with it's Anti-Matter cannon, it also has a machine gun and a 20mm rocket launcher. It's firing rate {for the Anti-Matter weapon} is 6-12 seconds, depending on unit damage. If the A/M tank is detonated it will destroy all mater within 20 meters around it, friend or foe. The vechile also floats 2.3 meters above the ground and travels at about 97 km/h.
Appearance: The A/M tank has the shape of a shoe and has an engine at the back with "HARKONNEN" imprinted on the side along with the warning signs. It has a machine gun sticking out the front and on top of it there is another part, which looks very much the same as the main body but it has a curving down bit at the end and has three ring circling it at the front, this top part is the Ant-Matter weapon. It has a 20mm rocket launcher hanging under it.
Other Info: Armour- Heavy, resistant to most troops {except for the Sardukar and Fremen} and is resistant to most bombs missiles etc. Cost- A huge price of 2500 solaris must be paid for this item, yet it would be the most powerful and strong units in the game, it is orderable from the starport. It can be given a stealth mode with the palace. If this unit is deviated by a deviator it will self destruct it self as a precaution.

Spider Missiles

Sent by: Shawn Ahmad
House: Harkonnen
Name: Spider Missiles
Abilities: The Spider Missiles explode, sending small bombs and shrapnel over a 1/2 mile radius, damaging everything in is path at least a little.
Appearance: Thicker than the Death Hand, with a warhead that contains bombs.
Other Info: In order to recieve this, you must have the Air Strike ability from the Atreites, and the Death Hand ability as well.

Beast Rabban

Sent by: Aaron
House: Harkonnen
Name: Beast Rabban
Abilities: He is vulnerable to bullets, flame, and explosives. Can plant bombs on enemy buildings. Is slow for an infantry, but is well armoured.
Appearance: Looks like Rabban from the book, the Baron's other nephew; like a fat infantry in black suit with orange hair and a big gun and grenade belt.
Other Info: If he dies, then he explodes, damaging units in a 5x5 radius.


Sent by: Aaron
House: Harkonnen
Name: Feyd-Rautha
Abilities: He is a cloaked unit which is very fast. Weapons are a dagger and a sword and a personnel sheild.
Appearance: Looks like the Baron's nephew from the book, from the gladiator scene. Orange haired infantry in a grey suit with a white glove and a black glove.
Other Info: Shield can be cut on and off. Since he is cloaked and only has a dagger and a sword, he can kill any infantry with one hit by sneaking up on them and cutting their throaght. Once he attacks though, he must decloak. Can take over any vehicle and control it.

Stealth Transport\Landing Platform

Sent by: Blastech844
House: Harkonnen
Name: Stealth Transport\Landing Platform
Abilities: Is stealth, just like the fremen, and can carry 9 infantry and two tanks. It carries the tanks hooked to the bottom of the vehicle(like the carryall) and the units inside. The Landing platform, is where it lands.
Appearance: Looks like a giant carryall.
Other Info: Transport requires the landing platform, and sits on the landing platform until you make it do something. To make guys\tanks board the vehicle, u select the unit and click on the transport. You can only have the amount of transports that you have landing platforms. Landing platforms look like a black-grey repair pad.

Dr. Yueh

Sent by: Chris
House: Harkonnen
Name: Dr. Yueh
Abilities: A spy for the harkonnren and it cound have some silenced lazgun or some thing.
Appearance: It would look like and atriedes unit except it harkonnen kind of like the spy on red alert.
Other Info: Since in the book and movie dr.Yueh betrayed the Duke to get close to the barron it would be kind of cool if he was in the game because the game is kind of off topic and doesnt fallow the book or even the movie that much it would be cool to at least have a unit related to the story.

Morphing Sardaukar

Sent by: Some Guy
House: Harkonnen
Name: Morphing Sardaukar
Abilities: The Morphing Sardaukar can make itself appear to be anything in the game; from a sonic tank, wind trap, light infantry, to the form of a sandworm moving through the sand. This unit is useful when playing against a computer opponent or any opponent with a large army. You can attack the enemy and while they are occupied you can slip a Morphing Sardaukar into their base in the guise of one of their units. The Sardaukar will remain this way until he is either killed or told to attack. The Sardaukar will only attack what you tell him to attack so as not to reveal his postion. Placing a Morphing Sardaukar next to the enemy's outpost will give you vital information about your opponent, just like infiltrating all the enemy's buildings in C&C Red Alert.
Appearance: The Morphing Sardaukar when not morphed will appear just like a regular Sardaukar, except to the player who owns him, he will have an M on his Chest large enough to read in the players colors. When morphed he will appear like an enemy unit in their colors.
Other Info: Once morphed, the Morphing Sardaukar will remain looking the way he does until he attacks something with his standard Sardaukar weapons. The Morphing Sardaukar also has 200 less hit points than a regular one, and assumes the speed of the unit he imposters.

Teleporter Infantry

Sent by: Oliver
House: Harkonnen
Name: Teleporter Infantry
Abilities: A Teleporter may be deployed to vanish and reappear at a different part of the screen. He can enter a windtrap and slowly increase the power supply.
Appearance: The Teleporter is grim faced and dressed in a faded black suit with a black belt going diagnolly from one of his shoulders to the bottom of his waist this has three grenades on it which do not come in use.
Other Info: Once in a wind trap he may be taken out (the power will go down) or left in. The Teleporter is armed with rockets slightly more effective than normal rockets. He requires an Ix research centre and a High Tech Factory.

Devestator Turret

Sent by: Zach
House: Harkonnen
Name: Devestator Turret
Abilities: Powered much the same as the "Devestator" Tank . Using much power this turret fires twin balls of plasma into the nearest enemy at a radius of 6 squares.
Appearance: A tower about the size of a rocket tower but instead of rocket launches twin barrels. Balls are of purple plasma like Devestator Tank.
Other Info: Weaknesses: Vulnerable to Rocket tanks because of range and from Air attacks.


Sent by: Stephen
House: Harkonnen
Name: V-Missile
Abilities: 5 Missile forming a V shape and hit the target with a circle expanding outward. Can be another option in the palace but making slower than the Death Hand. they expand to a certain degree faster and can damaged own units.
Appearance: 5 Missile like the death hand.
Other Info: Come out from the Palace at five shot a time. Come back forming a shape V(for victory) and hit the designated target. After strie, it form a circle, expanding out and destror any units including own and damage structures. In other word, an explosion like the Halocast.this is effective for enemy gathering troops in the sand or base.

Upgraded Refinery

Sent by: Colin Walker
House: Harkonnen
Name: Upgraded Refinery
Abilities: Ability to have 2 harverster in dropping off spice at once.
Appearance: Normal looking but has 2 un-loading bays.
Other Info: It collect twice the amount by being able to have 2 harverster in at once.


Sent by: Brant Ward
House: Harkonnen
Name: Frigate
Abilities: Flies from the Harkonnen based to a designated target just like the ornithopters. Once there it will bomb the target. It makes only one pass over the target (unlike the 'thopters) but its single attack does as much damage as all three 'thopter bombings.
Appearance: Appears as a frigate from the movie.
Other Info: Requires an upgraded high-tech factory. This unit is vulnerable to missiles and can only be hit be missile-firing units. There would be a wait time to use this unit, just like the 'thopters. Basically the Harkonnen equivalent to the ornithopter.

The Tower of Reign

Sent by: The Creator
House: Harkonnen
Name: The Tower of Reign
Abilities: This structure will be able to send out "sonic waves", not like the Sonic Tank, but like a round boomerang and a kinda blue-ish look. It does not hit the unit in question it attacks, but the ground, then it calls on a Sandworm, but watch out! It may also attack your own units (The Sandworm). It's pretty expensice at 3500 credits, and it absorbs a lot of power, but it's cool!
Appearance: A large square and in all eight corners a monolith, in the middle the "bull face" from the Harkonnen. When it fires, all the monoliths fire a blue beam into the "bull face". Then the "bull face" emits the waves
Other Info: It kicks!

Controlled Sand Worm

Sent by: Fire-Duck
House: Harkonnen
Name: Controlled Sand Worm
Abilities: Acts like a normal sandworm.
Appearance: Looks like sandworm, has a blue device on the tops of its mouth.
Other Info: A device built to have the ability to control the sandworm. This device causes sandworm to feel that violent vibrations are coming from the direction of the opponents' house requires IX research center and outpost drawbacks: device might lose control over sandworm, and the controlled sandworm will become an ordinary sandworm. can be affected by deviator.


Sent by: Alexi
House: Harkonnen
Abilities: Can travel underground, swallows units and turns them under your control.
Appearance: Looks like a metalic sandworm.
Other Info: Well armoured, slow, can only be obtained when Atreides makes the allience with the Freman, travels faster underground.


Sent by: Gol Stoan
House: Fremen, Harkonnen, and The Emperor
Name: Lasguns
Abilities: Mountable on any unit (including 'thopters), turret or carried by troopers. Can cut through any kind of armor. Reacts violently with energy shields.
Appearance: Any armed unit, and turrets.
Other Info: This is taken directly from the book DUNE. In DUNE Lasguns are the primary weapons of the Harkonnens, Sarduakar, and the Fremen. On inherent danger to energy shields is that they cause Worms to go into a blind rage. For this reason Fremen use Lasguns instead of sheilds. A lasgun when it hits a sheild causes a nuclear explosion that destroys the operator of the shield and the Lasgun at the same time, and anything else in the ficinity. In the book one of House Atreides' main commanders, Duncan Idaho laid a trap for an unsuspecting Harkonnen Ornithopter that was spraying the desert with it's Lasgun. He planted a shield and covered it with sand, when the 'thopter shot the shield, it was destroyed in a nuclear explosion.


Sent by: Greg Larmour
House: Harkonnen
Name: Revenger
Abilities: Has ability to cloak any units in proximity to itself. Can also detect spice pockets on map.
Appearance: Spherical, like sputnik but has wings instead of antennae arrays.
Other Info: Has weak armor, cannot cloak or be cloaked by other revengers

Excalibur Artillery Gun

Sent by: MrX
House: Harkonnen
Name: Excalibur Artillery Gun
Abilities: Type: Siege Support Artillery
Requiries: Update Heavy Factory and IX Research Center
Weapon: One "Excalibur" 200 mm cannon
Weapon Range: Extreme
Speed: 20 km/hr
Armour: Medium (but lighter than a missile tank). Excalibur Artillery Guns are vulnerable to most types of weapons.
Purpose: Long range siege weapon. The Excalibur Artillery Gun is carried to the battlefield on a long, tracked truck. Due to the immense firepower of the Excalibur Artillery, the gun has to be deployed onto the ground, before it can fire. The Excalibur Artillery can be deployed on sand, but will still be vulnerable to any sandworm in the region. Once deployed the Excalibur Artillery Gun fires a long range, (but somewhat inaccurate) very powerful shell. The Excalibur Artillery Gun can be reployed back into truck form, but the gun is very vulnerable to enemy fire in both deploying and reploying modes. Due to the inaccurate nature of the gun, the Excalibur Artillery Gun is best suited for destroying enemy structures, from behind the front line. WARNING: the Excalibur Artillery gun can not defend itself a close range. Therefore it must be defended by other units..
Appearance: In truck mode, the Excalibur Artillery Gun looks like a long, track truck carrying a long gun barrel.
In artillery mode, the Exalibur Artillery Gun looks like a large, immobile artillery gun.
Other Info: Gameplay features of the Excalibur Artillery Gun:
# The Excalibur Artillery Gun basically performs like the guns on the cruiser in Red Alert, but with only one shot per "round".
# The minium range of the Excalibur Artillery Gun is about the maximum combat tank's gun range. Closer than that range, the Excalibur Artillery Gun can not hit the target.
# In artillery mode, the Excalibur Artillery Gun can not be repaired like other structures (by using the "wrench" icon, but it can be repaired by using an Engineer unit. In truck mode, it can be repair by the Repair Pad.
# Changing to truck and artillery mode (by the same method as with the Mobile Construction Vehicle) takes about 15 seconds. While in this intermediate stage, the Excalibur Artillery Gun's "armour" (vulnerability to enemy weapons) is reduced.
# The Excalibur Artillery Gun is very expensive.
# The Excalibur Artillery Gun is tracked (in truck mode), and therefore can crush infantry type units..

Mobile Rocket Turet "MRT"

Sent by: Dragon
House: Harkonnen
Name: Mobile Rocket Turet "MRT"
Abilities: The "MRT" would be a self powered mobile turret that can be set down anywhere on the screen not just next to your base.
Appearance: Like a rocket turret with tracks and a small power generater on it's side.
Other Info: Due to the adjustments made to a rocket turret by the Harkonnen this turret could be sent to a spice field to protect the spice from enemies or to a enemy base to attack it there. It can be set down and deployed on rock, concrete, or sand. It has heavy armour and can not be detected on radar or by sandworms. if set down on concrete it will drain power from that base if it is an enemy one. This unit is used only by the Hakonnen and cannot be deviated. This unit/structure will cost only 150 more credits more than a rocket turret.

Asteroid Shooter

Sent by: Le Baron
House: Harkonnen
Name: Asteroid Shooter
Abilities: The Asteroid Shooter use an powerful magnetthat will catch an asteroid in his magnetic field and will modify his course to send him crash on the enemy base. The asteroid will create an crater of 20 squares by 20 squares.
Appearance: An big cannon with an magnet on the top.
Other Info: There 50% odds that the magnetic field broke and send the asteroid on a random position on the map or completly out of the map. Also, the crash of an asteroid will create an earthquake witch will make cracks in the rock and probably in your base.


Sent by: Drew
House: Harkonnen
Name: Spy
Abilities: Walk past any unit or stucture unless a turret or a rocket turret. The spy can even take over vehichles such as trikes, raider trikes, quads, Combat tanks, and also buildings such as barracks and vehichle factories.
Appearance: On foot, all black clothes, has 2 hand guns (very powerful), blond hair, and wears a mask.
Other Info: Only house harkonnen can have them and only one may be built at a time.

Harvester Of Death

Sent by: Boldguy
House: Harkonnen
Name: Harvester Of Death
Abilities: Harvester power by 2 nuclear reactors. It can NOT be ordered to self destruct. But, if it's destroyed, it demolishes the spice feaild around it, and any units.
Appearance: A harvester with 2 big pipes on the end.
Other Info: More expensive than regular harvester, but can hold twice as much spice.

Lasgun Tank/Lasgun Turret

Sent by: Matt Bock
House: Harkonnen and The Emperor
Name: Lasgun Tank/Lasgun Turret
Abilities: Both can shoot powerful lasers
Other Info: Must have hi-tech to build both. If a laser hits a shield it causes a large explosion engulfing the target, shooter, and the lasbeam

Ultimate Devastator

Sent by: Chris
House: Harkonnen
Name: Ultimate Devastator
Abilities: This unit will be twice as powerful as a normal devastator will have a longer range and when self destructed any unit or structure within 10 squares of it will be incinerated. Also it would be much faster than the original.
Appearance: Like a normal devastator only with two more cannons.
Other Info: This unit would be best used in a small armada of 5 ultimate devastators 3 missle launchers and 2 sige tanks as back-up on a frontal assault on the enemy base. Also this unit will cost 50% more than a normal devastator.

Ultimate Deviator

Sent by: Chris
House: Harkonnen
Name: Ultimate Deviator
Abilities: To deviate anything non-Harkonnen except sandworms. Structures and units will remain Harkonnen all the duration of the level and all special units deviated like Sonic Tanks can be built the rest of the game.
Appearance: Like a Missile Launcher that shoots one huge missile instead of two small ones.
Other Info: This unit was stolen from the ordos and improved upon. This unit is very costly but worth the cost. The armor is light and it causes no damage what so-ever to the deviated vehicle. It is very accurate at any distance but should be guarded well.

Harkonnen Medic

Sent by: MrX
House: Harkonnen
Name: Harkonnen Medic
Abilities: Type: Battle-field Medic.
Requires: Upgraded Barracks.
Weapon: N/A
Speed: 10 km/hr (on foot)
Armour: Light. Harkonnen Medics are resistant to anti-tank weaponry, but very vulnerable to high explosives, fire and bullet weapons.
Purpose: The Harkonnen Medic behaves much like the Atredies Suk Doctor. However, instead of healing an infantry unit, the Harkonnen Medic injects a powerful derivate of the Elacca drug (from the Elacca Wood or 'Equisetales mesmeris' tree from the planet Ecaz). Once the infantry unit is injected with this drug, the units bodily functions increase rapidly, and the units will for self-preservation is removed. The drugged unit is then able to move faster, and takes less damage from any weapon. Eventually, if the drugged unit is not already killed, the unit will go into cardiac arrested, and die.
Appearance: # The Harkonnen Medic looks like an infantry unit, but with a bag.
# A drugged unit, looks like a normal unit of the same type, but with an orange glow.
Other Info: # In game terms, the drugged unit moves about 50% faster, and takes about 35% less damage than a normal unit of the same type.
# The drugged unit will die (if not already killed) in about 2 minutes, after being injected.
# The Harkonnen Medic can not drug Engineer, Thumper or other Medic units.
# The other players can see the orange glow as well.

Super Heavily Armoured Fire Truck (SHAFT)

Sent by: Skie, X & Drak
House: Harkonnen and Ordos
Name: Super Heavily Armoured Fire Truck (SHAFT)
Abilities: Type: Anti-sandworm vehicle
House: Ordos and Harkonnen (Atreides will not buy the SHAFT due to respect for the Fremen)
Requires: Starport - only can be bought via the Starport (ie can't be built)
Weapon: Dual Richese Industries' "Kick @$$ 1000" ultra-high pressure water cannons
Weapon Range: Medium
Speed: 28 km/hr
Amour: Heavy. SHAFTs are resistant to bullets, and to some degree, high explosives. SHAFT's are vulnerable to missiles and high caliber guns.
Purpose: Design as an anti-sandworm weapon. Although, the SHAFT will not actually kill a sandworm, it will cause significant damage to a sandworm, to the extend that the sandworm will bury its underground to sulk, thereby stopping the sandworm threat for the time being. The SHAFT is deadly against infantry units, splattering the infantry due to the high velocity of the water spray. Also the SHAFT will cause damage and push back light vehicles, such as quads & trikes, and damage light buildings such as windtraps.
Appearance: One formidable looking fire truck.
Other Info: The major disadvantages of the SHAFT is it is very expensive and is very slow (devastator speed).

Baron's Blood Guard

Sent by: MrX
House: Harkonnen
Name: Baron's Blood Guard
Abilities: Type: Elite ground base military unit
Requires: Barracks & IX research center
Weapon: Portable plasma gun
Weapon Range: Medium
Speed: 5 km/hr (on foot)
Armour: Medium. Blood Guards are resistant to anti-tank weapons but very vulnerable to high explosives, fire and bullet weapons.
Purpose: Due to increasing amount of attacks by the Atreides led Fremen, the Baron issued an elite military unit, equipped with a portable plasma weapon (similar to the devastator's weapon, but a lot less powerful). The plasma gun is the most powerful infantry based weapon, equally effective on infantry and armoured vehicles. However, the plasma gun has a slower firing rate compared to other infantry weapons. It has also been noted that the gun can become unstable after constant use.
Appearance: As a Harkonnen infantry, but with a larger gun, connected to a black backpack.
Other Info: # The Blood Guard can not be squashed like other infantry units by tracked vehicles.
# When a Blood Guard is destroyed, the plasma power source becomes unstable, resulting in an localised explosion, damaging nearby units.
# Disadvantages of Blood Guards are that they are the most expensive infantry unit, slow, and can have a 'chain-reaction effect' when one Blood Guard dies.

Sonic Wall

Sent by: Ashmaal
House: Harkonnen
Name: Sonic Wall
Abilities: This is your basic Wall defense mechanism, but with a little twist for those pesky Sonic Tanks with great range and Damage. This wall absorbs the sonic wave from the tanks, and turns it into energy by regenerating the closet structure by the same amount of damage the sonic wave would have caused. Otherwise it is a normal wall with 1/2 the strength of a normal concrete wall. It can be placed behind a concrete wall and still work.
Appearance: A shiny metal wall with a curved front for channeling Sonic Energy.
Other Info: Prerequisites: House of IX and each section has a power need of 1.

Zapper Of Mishra

Sent by: Tony
House: Harkonnen
Name: Zapper Of Mishra
Abilities: Creates an energy vortex aprox.25 mi. wide. Devours infantry and shorts out vehicles of any kind instantly. Leaves only building in its path. Also shorts out the Radar Outpost (It harbors electronics) and the Windtrap Power Center(Too much wind). Disapates after 3 sec.
Appearance: Black cage with a purple florecent light hovering in the center. The cage is surrounded, 3 mi. on each side, with a bluish center with lightining bolts flying out in every direction. The bluish center is surrounded, aprox.9.5 mi. on each side, by a whirlpool of lightning, a bluish color in the center then fading to an Ox Black at the edges.
Other Info: Windtrap Power Centers must be putting out an additional 500 power or The Big A$$ Mother ####ing Bug (Ordos or Atreides) Zapper Of Mishra can not function properly (it screws you over, not them).

Kharn, The Betrayer

Sent by: Tony
House: Harkonnen
Name: Kharn, The Betrayer
Abilities: Gorechyld-Gorechyld is Kharn's huge and ancient chain-axe, an artifact from The Grest Crusade when the Space Marines reaved across the galaxy. Gorechyld's jagged whirling teeth were tornfrom the jaws of mica-dragons on Luther Mcintyre, its haft is forged from adamantium and its head is a full 3 spans across. It is a deadly weapon capable of splitting an armoured Trooper from head to crotch with a single blow and is doubly dangerous in the hands of Kharn. Kharn also has a huge laser gun, capable of going through a Devestator then slamming into the next destroying both. Kharn is a bestial engine of destruction in combat-not even the most savage of wounds will stop or so much as slow him down as he storms forward slashing bellowing his battle cry "BLOOD FOR THE BLOODGOD!". He stays determined to make blood pour for the bloodgod. Nothing short of death could keep him from killing...
Appearance: Kharn is a blood-soaked ravager, favoured by Khorne the lord of battles as one of his most insane and deadly Berzerkers. Kharn proudly bears the Mark of Khorne, the Blood God. At his waist, he wears a belt with a cow skull on the front. Hanging from the cow skull 4 chains, each link barbed.At the end of each chain hangs a human skull.
Other Info: If your close enough to see him YOUR ####ED!!!!

Flame Thrower Ornithopter

Sent by: ?
House: Harkonnen and Atreides
Name: Ion Cannon/Flame Thrower Ornithopter
Abilities: An ornithopter that, when charged (15-30 minute charge time) Fires an Ion Cannon, inflicting massive damage, about the same as 1/2 death hand missile. If not charged, its will fire a flame thrower. The flame thrower will make infantry crispy in one blast, and can burn tanks in about 10 hits.
Appearance: Looks like an ornithopter with a big stick in the front.
Other Info: Expensive. Ordos don't use it beacuse the only one they used exploded, leveling their entire base. A special tower can jam the ion cannon just as it's firing, making the ornithopter explode. This will have a limited amount of gas for the flame thrower, and must land and reload.
REQUIRES: IX, Ornithopter pad, and High-Tech factory.

Rocket Siege Tank

Sent by: Dune Maniac
House: Harkonnen
Name: Rocket Siege Tank
Abilities: It carries the same armor with the siege tank but it has two rocket launchers near the cannon.It fires these rockets (same as the rocket tank) to distant vehicles or structures and fires cannon to nearby vehicles.
Appearance: Same as the siege tank but additional rocket launchers on each side.
Other Info: Can fire at ornithopters but its low speed makes it vulnurable.

A.A Missile Launcher

Sent by: Le Baron
House: Harkonnen
Name: A.A Missile Launcher
Abilities: Can destroy any missile from deviator, launcher or even, if you lucky, death hand.
Appearance: An missile launcher with a radar on the rear.
Other Info: Need an IX.

Lasgun Trooper

Sent by: Orc or elf
House: Harkonnen
Name: Lasgun Trooper
Abilities: Lasgun troopers are effective against any unit except for air units and inflict maximum damage.
Appearance: Lasgun troops look slightly like the average troops but are equiped with a large shield belt and heavier armor.
Other Info: If a Lasgun troop is shot by another Lasgun troop they explode and destroy all units within a small radius.

Areal Nuke/Atom

Sent by: Cameron
House: Harkonnen
Name: Areal Nuke/Atom
Abilities: A flying unit that will drop nuclear or atom bomb, also fires it and carries missiles that will automaticly fire at all attacking units.
Appearance: A airplane but with helicopter blades for a fast vertical take off.
Other Info: This unit at top speed may go at 50 kilometers per hour.

Twisted Infantry

Sent by: Matt Estes
House: Harkonnen
Name: Twisted Infantry
Abilities: When shot at they will go crazy and destroy 3/4 of the enemy base.
Appearance: It looks just like infantry, but is brown.

Baron Vladimir Harkonnen

Sent by: Le Baron
House: Harkonnen
Name: Baron Vladimir Harkonnen
Abilities: Can fly like an ornithopther and can plant bombs.
Appearance: A big fat man floating around.

Dreadnought Land Battle Platform

Sent by: Strykez
House: Harkonnen
Name: Dreadnought Land Battle Platform
Abilities: Nuclear-powered tank, four medium-rate-of-fire chain-linked plasma wave cannons each capable of destroying a tank, two long-range guided missile launchers, temporary hover ability, capable of carrying one Death Hand atomic missile at the expense of sacrificing its weapons temporarily, can carry five infantry units
Vulnerabilities: Vulnerable to missiles and tanks, air attacks, helluva slow!, weak rear armor, exposed ammo cartridges and missile boxes, unstable when damaged, may leak radiation that is lethal to any and all infantry within the leak radius, including Harkonnen and Sardaukar infantry, too much constant firing of main cannons may result in inadvertent self-destruction.
Appearance: Four long barrels, two box-shaped missile launchers, eight small hover thrusters along sides, partially exposed ammo boxes and self-destruct explosives in the back, sometimes a glowing green radiation leak in the back where the core is, otherwise identical to Devastator.
Other Info: Cannot be picked up by Carryall (too damn big), cannot be repaired by repair bay and cannot be eaten by Sandworms (same reason), unaffected by Sonic Tank, virtually unaffected by light infantry fire, except in the back, unaffected by Deviators.

Anti-Tank Trooper

Sent by: adam
House: Harkonnen
Name: Anti-Tank Trooper
Abilities: Carries large rocket launcher capable of firing only one rocket, which is armour piercing and capable of destroying most tanks. Has to be taken to the repair bay to reload. This weapon cannot be used while the trooper is moving. To use this weapon the trooper has to set it up on a kind of tripod.
Appearance: Like a heavy trooper but with a large rocket launcher on its back.
Other Info: Cheap way of destroying tanks. Ideal for use against enemy harvesters working in far away spice fields. One big drawback would be its slow speed.

Baron's Assault Team

Sent by: Baron Harkonnen
House: The Emperor and Harkonnen
Name: Baron's Assault Team
Abilities: Can move in a tank of any class (even enamy tanks) is very fast and is heavily armored when not in tank they will hover can distroy almst anything in two or more shots! Carrys 50 deathhand missiles.
Appearance: Looks like the troopers only when hovering they are white in tank it looks like a squad on a tank.
Other Info: Cheap, deadly, fast, and well protected almost imposible to kill. Avoid when they are not under your control and they are immune to all palace weapons and sonic tanks, deviators, and devastaters.


Sent by: Manuel Alvin
House: Harkonnen
Name: (unit)HoverUmeno-Sandman
Abilities: Stealth, Hovercraft with wings traveling by air land or water achieving the speed of 300 kilometers per hour, Equiped with Anti-peronnel, Anti-tank missiles & Anti-aircraft missiles with one autocannon, Rail Gun & gatling laser. Swift, agile, Improved manueverabilty, Equiped with advanced landing gear, engine, internal-external armor(ferro-fibrous and endo steel inernals), have auto-eject, carries 1 deathhand, and 4 accurate deviator missiles I repeat"accurate", the pilot of this plane is a sadeutor equipped with advanced explosives and a parachute. This vehicle when destroyed in any place will create a massive destruction equal to the explosion of a half atomic bomb that can destroy 9 structures if aimed at the middle. This aircraft can not reload if there are no weapons left it is programed to attack the nearest base Any base even your base. All of these for 3 dollars and 99 cents if cheat is applied.
Appearance: 25 feet high 20 meters wingspan. Body color-fuschia, Wing color-maroon. Hovering at intensity 7/10 reaching the speed of 300 kph on land and 952 km per minute in air. max load 300,000 tons.
Other Info: The Most Avanced Vehicle in the Universe If Ever Made.

Storm Trooper

Sent by: David
House: Harkonnen
Name: Storm Trooper
Abilities: Having two ion rifles, it can destroy a tank in greater ease and can capture buildings immediately.
Appearance: Looks like an ordinary trooper but is slow. Looks a little bigger than troopers.
Other Info: It can crouch to evade fire and bury itself under the sand for a surprise.

Twisted Mentant

Sent by: Siggy
House: Harkonnen
Name: Twisted Mentat
Abilities: The Twisted mentat is the only unit able to infiltrate a Fremen Siecth. No guns, but can badly damege a Sietch (50%)
Appearance: Like RA Einstein with black cloak...
Other Info: Expensive.

Customizing Station

Sent by: Jon McBride
House: Harkonnen
Name: Customizing station
Abilities: Enables you to customize vehicles. Mostly armor.
Appearance: Like the repair facility on Sega.

Sarduakar Trooper

Sent by: Brian
House: Harkonnen
Name: Sarduakar Trooper
Abilities: The Sardukar would be more of a brute force unit. A heavily armored mech trooper who can use his rocket launcher to breach walls and get inside. Impervious to troops and difficult for base defenses to target, only tanks could hunt him with any accuracy. Like the feydakin, he blows up with any building he enters. They could be one-shot per scenario units, or be on a re-charge timer like the nukes, chronosphere, iron curtain, etc. from C&C.
Appearance: Sardukar commando wears a mech armor suit with rocket launcher mount.
Other Info: I don't know what capacity the Sardukar will serve in the new game, but they should be used as commandos like in C&C, in a limited capacity. The Sardukar trooper (Harkonnen)could be used to infiltrate enemy bases and blow up one strategic building in a suicide mission.
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