Ordos Creations

Combat Scout

Sent by: Mitch
Abilities: Has a close range Katana(Ninja Sword)that will instantly kill any infantry. It remains cloaked until it attacks a unit. It is ineffective against vehicles and buildings,and moves fast as a raider.
Appearance: It is solid black with a colored helmit.
Other Info: When he is deployed he slowly gains energy. When his energy bar is full and he attacks a building he will self-distruct
destroying the building.


Sent by: Sarduakar_X07
Abilities: Range:Hand-Hand
Strength:High(Against units)Medium(against vehicles)
Low(against structures)
Equipped with a sword,this unit is extremely deadly.
Possibly the only better than Sarduakar and Fremen. Because of its range,however,it is not entirely superior.
Appearance: Picture,maybe...a light infantry.Except instead of a gun it holds in front of him a sword the size of him self.
Other Info: For other houses to gain a "Heth":
Capture an:
Ordos Barracks(Upgraded)
Ordos Palace(Upgraded)


Sent by: MR.ZLEETO
Abilities: This unit probably goes along with the sabateur. The Electricians purpose, is to steal electricity from the enemy's base. What the Electrician does is it hooks a cord to a windtrap, and when it reaches an enemy windtrap, it attaches the cord, and their power, is now your power.
Appearance: it looks like the engineer, except without the big backpack, and it holds a box in his hands.
Other Info: This unit is only available to the Ordos, it requires an upgraded barracks, and a Windtrap to build.

ordos titan predators

Abilities: can use stealth-go invisible-.
armed with plasma cannons which fire like the devastators off dune 2000 but using rapid fire.
Appearance: huge walking mechanical spider.
Other Info: can fire electrical charges at buildings to prevent the enemy from using them.

Parachute Saboteur

Sent by: Ordos Mentat
House: Ordos
Name: Parachute Saboteur
Abilities: A saboteur that is dropped by carryall in the place that the player wants. It has a non-rechargeble stealth mode.
Appearance: Just like a normal saboteur.
Other Info: It can be obtained from the palace, but it takes a long time to charge up. It can be dropped directly into a base. When it's dropped, the stealth mode activates automatically.

Sand Shark

Sent by: Edric O
House: Ordos
Name: Sand Shark
Abilities: A special under-sand tank that fires special base-deviating missiles. It can stay under the sand or come out. It can only be destroyed by sandworms. The base-deviating missiles temporarely deviate buildings.
Appearance: Like a harvester with a missile-launching backpack.
Other Info: It comes for free from an upgraded Ordos palace, but you can have only one per level. It has no health as it can only be destroyed by sandworms. It is as fast as a harvester.

LasGun Infantry

Sent by: Chris
House: Ordos
Name: LasGun Infantry
Abilities: Using a LasGun which can decimate large ammouts of infantry and reduce mosy armord units to slag in a matter of seconds. The LasGun Infantry requires an Ordos Palace and replaces the saboteur. The Lasgun Infantry takes longer to train and can still destroy buildings but will still be lost if sent into a building.
Appearance: Looks like Rocket Infantry but has the voice of the saboteur.
Other Info: Has limited cloaking ability and will be lost of sent into a building. If attacking any shielded units however the LasGun Infantry and the shielded target will both be destroyed along with any nearby units.

Ordos Aurora Tank

Sent by: Ordosman
House: Ordos
Name: Ordos Aurora Tank
Abilities: This thing can freeze any unit solid with just one shot!When unit is frozen, if brainwashed, it will stay brainwashed permanently! A great way to get harvesters! It also has nerve gas missiles to brainwash what it freezes.
Appearance: It looks like a siege tank outta dune 2, mixed with a rocket launcher out of dune 2.
Other Info: It costs 1200 bucks,and has hevy armour,and is as fast as a raider trike!

Ordos Sandworm

Sent by: Ordosman
House: Ordos
Name: Ordos Sandworm
Abilities: Basically a controllable sandworm.Has sonic dish as a weapon.I can go above ground. Note it can only use the sonic dish above ground.
Appearance: Looks like a green sand worm.
Other Info: It costs nothing.You need to get a Brainwashed Fremen eaten by a sand worm to control it.

SQ-8 Illusion

Sent by: X
House: Ordos
Name: SQ-8 Illusion
Abilities: The SQ-8 is able to fire high powered missiles further than any other weapon. When deployed, it can double itself making three of the same thing, all of which inflict the same damage.
Appearance: Looks just like a tank exept it has 2 missile launchers on the side and nothing but armour at the front.
Other Info: When hit in the front, the SQ-8 suffers minimum damage therefore suffers more when hit at the back.

Cloaked Scout

Sent by: Jobe1369
House: Ordos
Name: Cloaked Scout
Abilities: Able to cloak himself and move into enemy territory undetected to reveal enemy base area on map. Has same speed as Ordos Saboteur, no weapons, unlimited cloaking ability, Medium armor Could also possibly set down beacon as a marker for units to go to. Only in multi- or practice-play.
Appearance: Looks like a mix between a Fremen and Engineer.
Other Info: Looks like cross between Fremen/Engineer, No weapons, Unlimited Cloak, Med Armor, speed 20-25 KMH.

Ixian Regenerator

Sent by: Priodos
House: Ordos
Name: Ixian Regenerator
Abilities: Grabs hold of the vechile with it's "tentacles" and sends an electric surge into the vechile, disrupting it's electricity. This unit also regenerates it self after being destroyed.
Appearance: Looks like a flying squid with a UFO shaped head and a floating ring around the middle of it, the tentacles look like a claw and are fairly short.
Other Info: Armour- looses 2/50 units of energy from most enemy units and regenerates unless the little pod {Ixian Regenerator} is destroyed. Cost- This unit is only orderable through the C.H.O.A.M. and costs between 750 and 1000 solaris per unit. Available with- Starport, Figh tech factory, IX research center, repair pad. Flys 5 meters off ground.

Ordos Espionage Unit

Sent by: Mark Gottselig
House: Ordos
Name: Ordos Espionage Unit
Abilities: It can infiltrate an enemy build and tel you stats about your enemy. ie. a refinery will tell you how much money the have, a costruction facility will tell you what being built, etc.
Appearance: Looks like a infantry, but the enemies color.
Other Info: Look like enemy unit, so as too not be shot at, no weapons.

The Radar Missle

Sent by: Radar Missle
House: Ordos
Name: The Radar Missle
Abilities: Upon firing, this missle will then pick up the signals of enemy radar outposts.It then homes in on the nearest outpost, exploding above it and destroying it.Can be shot down by Missle tanks or turrets but travels at about 1 1/2 times the speed of an ornithopter so only one or two shots could be taken.
Appearance: Will be slightly longer that the length of a combet tank and is black with several green pannels.
Other Info: Requires upgraded outpost ond house of Ix.

Assault Trike

Sent by: Raynor
House: Ordos
Name: Assault Trike
Abilities: The weapon is like the Trike's but 2 time more faster and powerful.
Appearance: Looks like a Raider.
Other Info: 4 wheels on the back and 2 on the front...2 front and top mounted machine guns.

Ordos Commando-Tank

Sent by: Laughton
House: Ordos
Name: Ordos Commando-Tank
Abilities: A heavily armoured tank that has a fast fire-rate and has the ability to carry up to 10 units of infantry. It can repair itself like a harvester can and it has the firepower of a Ordos combat tank. This unit is fast and has a vibration dampener that lasts for 3 seconds but it needs recharging which takes 30 seconds.
Appearance: It is larger than the Harkonnen Devastator, it has tracks and its weapons are situated on top like a turret. It looks like a large version of the Sonic tank without the dish and with beefier tracks.
Other Info: It costs 1000 solaris.

Cyborg Personell Unit/C.P.U.

Sent by: DanielSe[ulveda
House: Ordos
Name: Cyborg Personell Unit/C.P.U.
Abilities: High armor, long range, napalm throwers, jet pak, cloaking detectors (except fremen)
Appearance: Same as an infantry, but with a metallic body, and a big gun.
Other Info: In response to the fremen of atriedes and the saudakar of the empiror, the Ordos respond with the cpu's, there greatest infantry to date. With few, but sometimes crippeling drawbacks, the cpu is an awesome fighter. With there jetpak's, they have a great advantage, yet they cannot attack from up there, and they lose 5-10% more damage while up there, due to the extra use of energy. there napalm shots deliver swift punishment to all infantry, and there acidic gas they use to power the flame wears down tanks at least 25% percent of there health. they are crushable, yet swift, ranging 16 kph on treadmill tires, until on rock, where they can run on there feet at rates of 20 kph. There only threats are the fremen and the emperors fighters, and when they meet, it is not a wise thing to stick around and watch.

The Assasin

Sent by: Niels Makel
House: Ordos
Name: The Assasin
Abilities: Unit can enter bases unditected and assasinate important units.
Appearance: Vary's on mission and on what type of terain but is same color of under ground and same appearance as normal infantry.
Other Info: Instead of holding a big gun it holds a thin sniper rifle. This unit is expensive and has light armor and reveals itself when fires so it can be detected at that time. Also it cant do cross fire and combat.

Rocket Pad

Sent by: Noah Minshall
House: Atreides and Ordos
Name: Rocket Pad
Abilities: It is like the Death Hand In Dune2, Except it can be guided and is very accurate. Turrets can knock it out of the sky and the pad itself has light armor to make way for beams to hold the structure upright.
Appearance: It looks like the Death Hand and can only be used at a palace.
Other Info: Very unstable, if the pad it blown up, there will be a massive explosion much like the Devastator, only it will immedaitly know out all units in a 15-20 square radius.

Sand Snakes

Sent by: Le Baron
House: Ordos
Name: Sand Snakes
Abilities: Directly from the planet of the Ordos, what was know has Snow Snaked has become Sand Snakes after genetic manipulations. Snakes goes under the sand and eat units, vehicules or people. The snakes can get out of sand and go on rock to eat other units. The snake is as twice fast in sand then on rock.
Appearance: Under sand - A small worm
On the sand - a green snake with a big head
On the rock - a green snake with a big head
Other Info: The sand snakes can only be created by commanding them from the Ordos starport.

Super Agent

Sent by: Ashmaal
House: Ordos
Name: Super Agent
Abilities: This super fast one man unit can move into any vehicles square and take over that vehicle. If he can get the vehicle back to his base then it permanently becomes under that teams control. It is invisible on screen and only takes 1/10 damage from all attacks. If he infiltrates an enemy building he can either blow it up or sell it.
Appearance: Just an invisible unit to the enemy, to the team that controls him he is just like the sabotuer.
Other Info: Must have a Palace to buy, but is built in the WOR trooper facility.


Sent by: MrX
House: Ordos
Name: Crusher
Abilities: Type: Battlefield support space vessel
Requires: Starport & the Ordos palace
Weapon: Smaller, free-falling vessels.
Weapon Range: N/A
Speed: 700 km/hr
Armour: N/A
Purpose: Military space vessels composed of many smaller vessels locked together and designed to fall on an enemy position, crushing it.
Appearance: Sort of like the Frigate.
Other Info: Other features of the Crusher:
# Alternative palace weapon to the Saboteur.
# Able to destroy more buildings than the Death Hand missile out-right, but has a smaller area damage effect.
# Has the added bonus of leaving rubble behind, so that the enemy has to blow the rubble up, to clear space for its new buildings.

Ordos Ranger

Sent by: MrX
House: Ordos
Name: Ordos Ranger
Abilities: Type: Rapid deployment, airborne infantry unit
Requires: Barracks, High Tech Factory & IX Research Center
Weapon: Modified standard mini-gun, with grenade launcher
Weapon Range: Mini-gun - short, Grenade launcher - medium
Speed: 15 km/hr (on foot)
Armour: Light. Rangers are resistant to anti-tank weapons but very vulnerable to high explosives, fire and bullet weapons.
Purpose: Response to the increasing guerilla attacks by the Fremen, and the increasing presence of the Sarduakar, the Ordos Cartel assembled an elite, airborne infantry unit. Due to the more intense training the Rangers receive, the Rangers are only available at certain time intervals. When the Ordos commander calls on the Rangers, a modified Carryall carries five Rangers to the desired location, for rapid deployment. The Ranger is highly trained with its modified weapon, and knows which weapon is best suited its attended target.
Appearance: The Ordos Ranger looks like a normal Ordos infantry unit, but with a larger gun.
The modified Carryall looks like a normal Carryall, but it carries a box compartment, which carries the Rangers.
Other Info: # The availability of the Rangers is the same as availability of the paratroopers in Red Alert.
# The grenade from the launcher behave like the grenades in Red Alert, but with the range of the trooper's missiles.
# The modified Carryall is as vulnerable to anti-air weapons as the normal Carryall.
# The Rangers can be sent to an unexplored part of the map.

Super Heavily Armoured Fire Truck (SHAFT)

Sent by: Skie, X & Drak
House: Harkonnen and Ordos
Name: Super Heavily Armoured Fire Truck (SHAFT)
Abilities: Type: Anti-sandworm vehicle
House: Ordos and Harkonnen (Atreides will not buy the SHAFT due to respect for the Fremen)
Requires: Starport - only can be bought via the Starport (ie can't be built)
Weapon: Dual Richese Industries' "Kick @$$ 1000" ultra-high pressure water cannons
Weapon Range: Medium
Speed: 28 km/hr
Amour: Heavy. SHAFTs are resistant to bullets, and to some degree, high explosives. SHAFT's are vulnerable to missiles and high caliber guns.
Purpose: Design as an anti-sandworm weapon. Although, the SHAFT will not actually kill a sandworm, it will cause significant damage to a sandworm, to the extend that the sandworm will bury its underground to sulk, thereby stopping the sandworm threat for the time being. The SHAFT is deadly against infantry units, splattering the infantry due to the high velocity of the water spray. Also the SHAFT will cause damage and push back light vehicles, such as quads & trikes, and damage light buildings such as windtraps.
Appearance: One formidable looking fire truck
Other Info: The major disadvantages of the SHAFT is it is very expensive and is very slow (devastator speed).

Ordos Armoured Personnel Carrier

Sent by: MrX
House: Ordos
Name: Ordos Armoured Personnel Carrier
Abilities: Type: Military transport vehicle
Requires: Upgraded Heavy Factory & Barracks
Weapon: Machine Gun
Weapon Range: Short
Speed: 52 km/hr
Armour: Medium (but less than an Atreides APC). Ordos APCs are very resistant to bullets, but are vulnerable to missiles and high caliber guns.
Purpose: The Ordos APC is able to carry up to 5 infantry units, for transportation to the front. The Ordos version differs from the Atreides version, by having six wheels, instead of tracks. This makes the Ordos APC much more faster than the Atreides APC. However, the Ordos APC has less armour and can not crush enemy infantry units.
Appearance: Same as the Atreides APC, but green and has wheels instead of tracks.
Other Info: None

Ordos Anti-Aircraft Tank

Sent by: MrX
House: Ordos
Name: Ordos Anti-Aircraft Tank
Abilities: Type: Battlefield Support Vehicle
Requires: Upgraded Heavy Factory.
Weapon: Twin 35 mm cannon, AA capable weapon.
Weapon Range: Medium
Speed: 43 km/hr
Armour: Medium (less than a combat tank, but more than a missile tank). Anti-aircraft tanks are resistant to bullets, but are vulnerable to missiles and high caliber guns.
Purpose: The Ordos Anti-aircraft Tank is an AA platform weapon, using its twin cannons to fire upon aircraft units. Although, its cannons does not have the range of the missile tank, the cannons are lighter, allowing the anti-aircraft tank to have more armour, and greater speed than the missile tank. The Anti-aircraft Tank can also attack ground vehicles as well, but its cannons are weaker, compared to the combat tank.
Appearance: Like the missile tank, but with two swivel cannons, instead of the missle rack.
Other Info: # The Ordos Anti-aircraft Tank would perform like AA guns in Red Alert, but they can move and attack ground vehicles as well.
# The cannons on the Anti-aircraft Tank are high caliber guns, so they are not effective against infantry.

Stealth Tank

Sent by: Matt Bock
House: Ordos
Name: Stealth Tank
Abilities: Ability to become invisible to enemy but not to Worms. Weapons and armor are the same as a basic tank.
Appearance: One barrel, triangular turret, hover unit on bottom to ensure no marks on sand or rock(isn't considered a flying unit).
Other Info: Must have hi-tech to build. Must become visible to fire. Can be hit by stray weapon fire. Loses stealth ability when it takes 50% damage.


Sent by: BladeRunner
House: Ordos
Name: Bumper
Abilities: Armed with just a gun, has abbility to call sand-worms, or attract them from some other side that can be safe for some convoy then.
Appearance: Trained soldier, wearing stil-suit or some cloak, and bumper around him, like soldiers that carries bazookas.
Other Info: Usually best to have an escort, a few well trained soldiers or something. Unit also has ability to dig in sand for some while.

Defensive Tank

Sent by: Tyson
House: Ordos
Name: Defensive Tank
Abilities: The Defensive Tank is very similar to the Combat Tank, though, it is a bit slower and carries less firepower. The advantage of this tank is it's excellent armor, superior to all but a Devastator's. The Tank can be used for base defense as if it were a mobile cannon turret however the most effective purpose for this unit would be to use them to defend certain areas on the map like bottlenecks and spice fields. Although they may be unable to destroy a force that tries to attack them they will be able to survive long enough for reinforcements to arrive, thus, preventing the enemy to pass. Also, when used in the vanguard of a siege army it can keep base defenders busy as units with longer range and firepower take out key structures. The Defensive Tank is in itself fairly inexpensive; however, should be used in numbers and be repaired after each major skirmish to keep it's effectiveness.
Appearance: It looks a little like a Bradley Fighting Vehicle.
Other Info: I noticed that in many RTS games, unit firepower or speed seems to usually take a precedence over armor. The Defensive Tank (for lack of a better term) would round this out and provide the game with new tactics. It may even, if used properly, cancel out the effects of the dreaded tank rush.


Sent by: Tom Souter
House: Ordos
Name: Nukeman
Abilities: When seriously damaged will self destruct in a nuclear explosion. Has nuclear laser as weapon.
Appearance: Like the sardaukar but with nuke sign on head and wears cape with nuke sign.
Other Info: Extremely weak

Chemical Warheads

Sent by: Elliott
House: Ordos
Name: Chemical Warheads
Abilities: It's chemical agent makes your muscles freeze, you can't breathe you spasm so hard you break your own back and spit your guts out. But that's after your skin melts off.
Appearance: Looks like a smaller version of the Death Hand missle but with the same radius.
Other Info: Guided rockets armed with chemical agents either Seren or VX poison gas.

Ear Plug Men

Sent by: Martin Lambert
House: Ordos
Name: Ear Plug Men
Abilities: Has ear plugs in ears, and can withstand the damage of sonic tanks. Has a hidden laser gun and krys knife, and can hijack sonic tanks.
Appearance: Looks like ordinary Ordos infantry, but has ear plugs in ears.
Other Info: Medium speed, armour and weaponary. Can also kill men at very close range using krys knife. Can't hear orders very well.

Ordos SpiceWorm

Sent by: Josh
House: Ordos
Name: Ordos SpiceWorms
Abilities: If Eaten by a worm it mind controls it, which gives you unlimited supply of spice, hidden lasgun rifle
Appearance: Like the infantry with a cloak.

Ordos Diplomat

Sent by: Josh The Ordos
House: Ordos
Name: Ordos Diplomat
Abilities: Can infiltrate a enemy base turning that enemy to a ally for the rest of the mission, carries hidden Lasgun rifle.
Steal Spice:yes
Appearance: Look like infantry with a cloak.
Other Info: Will, KILL, DESTROY, and WREAK HAVOC MUHAHAHA, sorry, I do that sometimes.

Ground Shaker

Sent by: Sean Butner
House: Ordos
Name: Ground Shaker
Abilities: Can make the ground shake and half kills sand worms.
Appearance: A piller in a tube that will go into the ground and is on a mcv like body.
Other Info: Has heavy armor fairly slow high power.


Sent by: Matthew Smith
House: Ordos
Name: Spy
Abilities: Spy has the ability to change the loyalty of enemy units (only soldiers) to your owm. Can also sway the loyalty of a building for a set period of time by entring it. The set period might be something like after 1 or 2 units have been made.
Appearance: Looks like one small black human.

Ordos Theif

Sent by: Ammon
House: Ordos
Name: Ordos Theif
Abilities: It is armed with a rocket launcher similar to the Trooper and it also can go into a Silo or Spice Refinery and steal all the spice in there. Look out, this thing is LETHAL! He can wipe out your money!
Appearance: He looks like a Trooper without the bazooka on his back.
Other Info: It is as easy to kill as a Trooper, is as fast as a Raider Trike too.


Sent by: Birger Tagmark
House: Ordos
Name: Thiefodron
Abilities: A small unarmed tank that is very fast and has rather though armor. It can be ordered to "attack" a enemy harvester when it attacks it uses big claws to hang on the harvester and starts to steal the spice the harvester harvest, during the time the Thiefodron is "active" (stealing) its invisible until its full or until someone fires at the harvester it is stealing from.
When its full it loses the grip and heads for the spice refinery where you get credits for the spice it has stolen!
Appearance: A small tank with two big claws. When stuck to a harvester it is invisible.
Other Info: The same price as an harvester, it can take 2/3 the load of spice compared to a harvester.

Ordos Spy

Sent by: Joey
House: Ordos
Name: Spy
Abilities: Get info about opponent.
Appearance: A bit darker colour than the sand in Red Alert, so hard to see.
Other Info: Same thing as a spy in Red Alert, only it can reveal more information.
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