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Sent by: Sarduakar
Abilities: -Death/poison/Curse
Appearance: Identical to spice but...When a vehicle is on it,it continually takes damage until it gets off of it. Once a non-mechanical unit steps on it,it slowly dies even when not on the spice.It also takes continual damage when touching Menik.
Other Info: It is also only On arrakis.(As far as anyone knows....)

Dune Men

Sent by: sleighr
Abilities: The non-affiliated workers hired to operate spice harvesters and refineries, some Dune Men have turned to the dangerous life of mercenary work to pursue higher incomes.
The primary use of Dune Men is for the harvesting of spice, therefore they have intimate knowledge of the workings of harvesters. A single Dune Man can be used to permanently capture an enemy harvester for its hosting House, if it doesn't squash him first.
The intimate knowledge of the workings of harvesters also makes it easy for Dune Men to destroy them, a single Dune Man can enter and set a harvester for self-destruction as a second resort, without injury to him but at a loss of spice and equipment to the enemy.
Appearance: Infantry unit, brown legs with top in House colour.
Other Info: Unarmed.
Smugglers can produce Dune Men in Barracks, other Houses can only buy them through the Spaceport.
Captured Smugglers Barracks can produce Dune Men.

Tleilaxu Flesh Vat

Sent by: sleighr
Abilities: Halves cost of infantry units, plus replaces 1 of every 5 destroyed infantry/trooper/Sardaukar units free (due to regeneration -"Ghola" soldiers)
Appearance: Black, flat-topped pyramid; similar to Imperial Palace but without the frigate on top.
Other Info: Requires Ix Research Center, House Palace and Starport.


Sent by: -Faxe-
House: Other(Environmental Attack)
Name: El-Sayal
Abilities: Halves all structures.
Appearance: Something like a big cloud that covers the whole screen for a few seconds. It should come from one side and gradually move across the map.
Other Info: The El-Sayal or Rain Of Sand should appear randomly. Say once every hour. It sweeps across the entire map thus affecting all players except Fremen who can hide from the storm.

Mobile Fortress

Sent by: Caolan Quinn
House: Mercenary
Name: Mobile Fortress
Abilities: The Mobile Fortress is a large unit able to create siege tanks. It also has it's own weapons like misiles and high explosives.
Appearance: The Mobile Fortress is quite large and looks like a base on wheels.
Other Info: The Mobile Fortress is the most powerful unit available to mercenaries and can withstand the blast of a Death Hand Missile. It costs one hundred thousand Solaris in spice but is worth the cost.

Worm Pit

Sent by: Lycan
House: Shai Halud
Abilities: Structure that just appears out from nowhere, created by the sand worms by them burrowing. It can serve as a ouse like structure or a trap.
Appearance: It's just a big hole in the sand.
Other Info: It would pop up at random and be just as much as a pain as the sand worms themselves.

Sandworm Hybrid

Sent by: Warren Seymour
House: Sandworms
Name: Sandworm Hybrid
Abilities: Attacks anything that generates lots of heat e.g. Devastator Tank. Uses its powerfull jaws and sharp teeth to rip straight through armour and tear it to pieces.
Appearance: A small two-legged creature that appears along with a worm sign. It looks like the thing in Tremors Two.
Other Info: Attacks in groups of three to five.

Kwisatz Haderach

Sent by: Matt Bock
House: Bene Gesserit Sisterhood
Name: Kwisatz Haderach
Abilities: Super Soldier (fast, powerful, high defense).
Appearance: N/A
Other Info: Palace Weapon

Drum Sand

Sent by: MrX
House: Environmental Effect
Name: Drum Sand
Abilities: Drum Sand appears as normal sand. However, when a unit moves over a patch of Drum Sand, due to impaction of such sand, a distinct drum sound is produced. The nearest sandworm, will immediately go after the unit which produced with sound, even ignoring thumpers, until either the unit is eaten, or the unit is able to reach rock, then the sandworm goes on its merry way. Once a unit goes over the spot where the drum Sand was, all units can go over that spot, with no ill-versed effects.
Appearance: Drum Sand looks like normal sand.
Other Info: Fremen do not trigger of Drum Sands, as they are the only units which know what it looks like, and therefore can avoid it.

Coriolis Storm

Sent by: MrX
House: 3rd party
Name: Coriolis Storm
Abilities: Similar to the vortex in Red Alert. The coriolis storm destroys any unit, except the sandworm, in its path.
Appearance: Like a twister. Or like the vortex in Red Alert except being brown/yellow in colour.
Other Info: Random feature. Optional for multiplayer games.

The Killer

Sent by: Tony
House: Mercenary
Name: The Killer
Abilities: Plasma Disrupter-Instant death to target if it succeds(chance of succes-80%).
Appearance: Black soldier covered in blood.
Other Info: If you seen him and he's on the other side, get out of the way.


Sent by: Kevin
House: Mercenary
Name: Aviator
Abilities: It could take troops aboard and launch a sneak attack by dropping them off. It would also launch heavy warheads that could wipe out 16x16 square radius.
Appearance: Sort a like a CHOAM frigate.
Other Info: It has Very thick armor and goes as fast as a carryall. It also has VERY slow refire rate and can be shot down easily by missle tanks that are spread apart.


Sent by: Jonny Brown
House: Mercenary
Name: Jonny-Helli
Abilities: It has the power to fly. It is a helicopter. Its speed will be 320 km per hour. It will be used by the Mercenaries. The player will pay at the Starport. It cannot be hit by turrets. Only infantryman can hit it. Its armor will be very light. Once hit, it will be destroyed. His firepower will not be very strong.
Appearance: Triangular stealth ship.
Other Info: It will be very cheap, but only one can fly at the time on the map.
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