Dune Miniseries

The Dune miniseries is based on Frank Herbert's first Dune novel and was produced by Sci-Fi and New Amsterdam Entertainment. During it's first showing on the US based SciFi channel it broke all previous records nearly doubling the previous record. The miniseries received a 4.4 average rating meaning it reached almost 3 million households and was among the top 10 miniseries of the past 5 years of all cable stations.

If you have questions about the miniseries, John Harrison answers a lot in this chat session he held or try the "Ask John Harrison" section at the official website. Check below for more information including the cast and images from the shooting of the miniseries.



We have a section for reviews of the miniseries, where you can take a look and post your own review.

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The trailers can be found in the Events section of the official website.

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