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Scene Page
Close-up of the front of the Atreides Palace 3
Paul Atreides, looking in the mirror 4
Stilgar, in front of a pool of water 5
Sand dune 6
Baron Harkonnen 7
Gurney Halleck, in the stillsuit room 8
Keynes, in front of a palace 9
Progress screen, with globe and stylized portraits of the houses 10
Sand worm, emerging from the sand 11
Jessica, close-up 12
Harvester, in front of a Harkonnen fort 13
Chani, close-up, in the desert 14
Feyd, with soldiers behind him 15
Atredies Palace, from farther away 16
Duke Atreides, in the throne room 17
Stilgar, far shot, in a seitch 17
Control panel 18
Duncan Idaho, close-up in main banquet room 18
Overhead view of a map, centered on Palace 19
Close-up of seitch and ornithopter 19
Control panel, with exit maps highlighted 20
Cover page manual 20
Harrah, far shot, in room with stillsuits 21
View of Dune globe with control panel 22
Duke Atreides, close-up 22
Paul and Chani, close-up 23
Desert with trees in it 24
Close-up of palace with ornithopter 25
View of Duncan, Leto, Thurfir, Gurney, and Jessica on balcony 25
Trader, with ornithopter and row of towers 26
Stilgar, with seitch and ornithopter 27
Overhead map with palace and Fremen leaders 28
Trader with ornithopter and palace 29
Harrah, close-up in seitch 30
Emperor, in throne room 31
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