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Fan Suggestions:

Read the ideas of other fans on what would make the next Dune game better.

1. Could use some air vehicles, robotics, and some mechs.
2. Those carry alls look sort of like the 1st planes invented.
3. Different sources of energy than just wind traps. They are a waste of time and space.
4. Need 1 large silo cause it gets annoying having to spend all that time putting tiny silos all over the place.
5. All buildings started off like the buildings in Dune 2000. But it would be cool if there was an upgrade to make all the buildings futuristic, like that high-tech factory in Dune 2. For example:
  a. instead of having smoke stacks, have light panels or something.
  b. cleaner source of fuel for vehicles. And so vehicles can shoot lasers.
  c. structures that arent rusted.
  d. structures that are more robotic, and can possibly lift off the ground.
  e. white looks more high-tech than the camoflauged buildings and vehicles.
  f. some laser turrets (with the upgrade), etc
  g. The planet Dune is behind in technology. The new technology can come through the starport cause that is their link to outer space.
6. More planets than "Dune". I'm interested in seeing what those other planets are like. No spice; but I'm sure there are resources there.
7. Ability for those thumpers to ride.
8. force fields. (upgrade required, see idea 5)
9. Ordos was in the updated version of Dune. They were in that cave where Paul was hiding.
10. Land mines.
11. Ability to repair infantry
12. Make that other house usable (emperor)
13. More vehicles in stock when ordering from the star port.
14. Need some fog machines so the enemies can't see the base.
15. The eyes that the people get (bright blue) in the movie "Dune". Lets you see the entire map, unexplored areas are blue.
16. Different types of worms.
17. No limits on buildings or vehicles.
18. Ability to command the air vehicles.
19. Some navigators. (Give hints on how to win the mission) [James DeBeck]
There should be some special type of infantry that's actually useful because in Dune 2000 all of the infantry seemed pretty useless because they were so week and had a really short range so there should be an infantry with a special gun that could destroy stuff from a distance or something like that. So somehow make some kind of useful infantry. Make the explosions bigger and more realistic about killing infantry. Add a bigger variety of tanks. It says the insideous Ordos, what is so insideous about them because all they have is pretty useless daviator (other than taking over harvesters and blowing them up when they turn back to there original army) and a saboteur that has a cloaking capability for only like 5 seconds. Even the evil Harkonnen, all they don't really have anything evil. You should make something for the Harkonnen that actually tells them that they're evil like a special thing that can be placed anywhere that makes a big hand come up and grab it down to hell or something. The noble Atreidis, hhhmmmmm, the only thing that is partly noble is the fremen. You should make something like a king or a god that can have some special ability that actually shows that they're noble. The main point is that all the armies have the same thing other than the palaces and the Ix research centres that let you have that army's so called "special abilities". And also make more missions please because I beat all three armies missions easily. Keep all the special tanks except upgrade all of them because all of them had a least one problem, for example: Devaster: Make it have a longer range, make the turning faster and make its speed go just a little bit faster because the only slower thing than it is, of course the MCV. Sonic Tank: Make it not be able to hurt your own units or make it at least find a clear firing path. Also, make the turning faster like the devastator. Daviator: Make it stronger, make the "gas " work for longer, make it beable to at least do a little bit more damage on buildings and last, make it beable to kill infantry because just the missile without the explosion or gas, just the metal missile like a cannon ball would kill any human soldier. And you should make more armies for example: The Unknown/lifeforms that evolved form the spice melange that live on the sand so you build all your stuff out on the sand so you could buy worms and other creatures sort of like the Zerg in Starcraft. You should also be able to be able to play as the Emperor so you could buy Saduakeur and other tanks, aircraft and infantry. You should also be able to play as the Smugglers, the Bene Gesserit and the Mercenaries especially because in Dune 2000 the eighth mission for Harkonnen there's a Mercenary Heavy Factory that looked pretty cool. Also if you take over an enemy Construction Yard you should be able to get anything they have. In Dune 2000 if you take over their Construction Yard you couldn't get their heavy factory or their palace you had to take over the actual structure because if that was true how did they get anything that their army had. Another thing, your harvester should be ALOT! smarter or have a weapon or warp device like in Red Alert 2 because if it's shot a million times all it does is slowly move around collecting the spice. Also an add-on to the harvester thing the carry-all should come and get it and drop it off at the repair pad if it's damaged badly unless you tell it to keep collecting spice. The carry-all should also be able to scoop down and pick up the unit (most likely to be a harvester) so that it wouldn't have to find its position, and move downward as slowly as possible and hopefully pick it up in time. What is it waiting for? Is it getting dressed or doing its nails or something. But most of all add more units. [Garth Laidlaw]
I think that the fremen should not ally with Atreides just through a Palace, i think you should have to find them and make a type of treaty so you could keep the game going longer. Also, there should be a new troop, the Diplomat. It should be able to be sent to a neutral structure and try to get them to join the player's side. And, you should be able to pick an ally at the beginning of the game and that would give a special attribute, like for example: alliying with smugglers would get you new technology, and allying with Fremen should get you a special training that you could research. Another thing, you should be able to research things like in Age of Empires. You should also have doors so you could wall of your entire base and still get in and out easily. There should also be a new house or new race. You could add the Ixians or the Dune mercs as houses. And you should be able to pay tribute to an enemy for a little bit of safety for a while. Those are just some of my ideas and i think they should play the consumer! [No1seeker]
I think the units could be upgradeable. For example, say, a harvester that could be upgraded to hold more spice, armor increased, or speed enhanced. [jgr]
Make it different to Red Alert cause at the moment both of them are absolutely the same!!!! Whats with that???
But I like Dune better than Red Alert. [=NebuchadnezzaR=]
1. Use a better graphics engine, Dune2000 looks exactly like red alert.
2. Make more units, Make the siege tank like it was in D2, Te Deaths Hand should be much stronger (like the nuke in Total Annhilation), Make the carryalls and harvesters more intelligent, The harvesters should process spice quicker. Ornithopters should have guns, not stoopid para-bombs and it should be possible to select them individually. I dont like the way that you can only send 3 at a time on a suicide mission.
3. Get rid of the Ordos, you hear no mention of them in the book.
4. In real life a shot from a tank will rip troops to pieces, the game should be the same.
5. There should be more buildings and upgrades available than in D2000.
6. Finally stick to the book, if Frank Herbert saw what D2000 looks and plays like, he'd turn over in his grave. [Simon]
The next game in the series should avoid being to much like comand and conquer, it should intergrate the whole book of dune, *including the new prequel "House Atreides". You should be able to play the fremen, and smugelers.
you should also be able to make political decsions, like forming aliances with the landsraad, Bene tliexains, Ixians, Bene Gesserit, The guild, House Corrino and many others. You should be able to terraform dune to aquire fremen, and everthing else has already been metioned in this message board, in retrospect, the game should be more like the book, going into the subjects politics, ecology, and technology but still give you the chance of blowing stuff up. [Xanatos]
Dont get me wrong i love westwood, and im eagerly awaiting Red Alert 2, but i have a grievance with the dune games... They arent Dune. Sure, tanks were used in the book along with old fashioned "slug throwers" but the main form of combat was with bladed weapons. And to anyone who thinks this would detract from the game i would love to point out that Blizzard didnt have any problems with it... Come on westwood devote some time to capturing the essence of Dune [Colin Berry]
I think that the next dune should have more airpower in it. Plus all the units look overly cartoonish. Also make the infantry come in units of 6 or 10 and make them always act together like in Close Combat. Science Fiction gets boring when it's too unreal. I know Dune is supposed to expand the mind set or whatever but why would we go from Planes that could flatten new york to Ornithoptors ? What a joke. I'm sure if I read the book i'd understand it all a little more but even the move made me snooze... [koolguy]
I agree with all the people here who said they wanted it more like the book, I haven't played Dune 2000, but I was a bit dissapointed that Dune and Dune 2 weren't much like the book. It would be good to play as the Fremen or Sardaukar, and without things like tanks which weren't even mentioned in the book. That's all I can think of for now :) [The Cheez]
CarryAlls: Should be set to 3 different types of mode:
1. Aid Harvesters - Do what they do in the other games, fly around pick up harvesters
2. Aid Warriors - Pick up injured tanks, take them back, them bring them into battle again
3. Direct control - So they work like in Starcraft, the can be told to pick spicific things up, and drop them off, for tactical assualts.
More varience in land scapes, most games have 1,2 or 3 differents hights, put like 5,6 or 7 in. Then you have great giant mountains and depressions in the sand, etc. A giant mountain makes a good shield wall...
More strategy with the worms, the worms should be making the spice in the game, and should be more prone to eating tanks all the time, (unless there on stone or in carryalls, or the worm is distracted by a thumper..), and then infantry (a lot, unless there experienced or fremen.)
There should be more variences in the worm sizes to, from little babies to giant ones that can eat a whole army, or like 12 tanks in a single gulp.
Also worms should be able to be captured by fremen, at the cost that they no longer help keep the spice from running out, worms that are dead do not aid spice either, unless you drown them (maybe with a carryall)...
Worms should be able to be led around with thumpers, so in theory you could caintain the enemy with worms, as to make it harder for his troops to move.
Supply should be dictated by the wind collecters, buildings by power generators.
Choam is good.
Heros (or more units like Bene Gerriset, Paul, or maybe a Baron) should be in there, Bene Gerri-however you spell it, should be like spies, they can do a bunch of neifty stuff, like infiltrate structures, kinda like taking buildings over, except its temporary, and only works for a little while.
Add sand storms, more references to the story, through in temporary structures that CAN be built on sand (cept they are prone to getting eaten) like medical tent sort of things, used to have a close by place for injured)
And lastly, make giant maps, so theres more room for tactical stuff, radar becomes more important, and worms generate less of the cramped feeling cramped in. [Warren Wilkinson]
Ok, umm, first get rid of the Ordos all together or name them the smugglers. Ordos were never in the real book. Heres some things to consider.
* Put the original book scenario in the game, the Harkonnens had to leave and the Atriedes took over. Play as the Harkonnens to retake the planet with effective "Saduakar" not purple minigunners. Or play as the Atriedes having to gain the help of the Fremen and using wierding modules.
* The characters should be accurate, I.E. Hayt was actually the ghola of Duncan Idaho, the dead Duncan Idaho.
* Be able to send for troops from the homeworlds! Atriedes from Caladan, Harkonnen from Geidi Prime.
* Be able to utilize homeworlds for a source of income. Caladan had most income from pundi rice.
* Tanks should make a mess of infantry, bazookas should make a mess of tanks.
* Heroins should have actual part in the game, Gurney Halleck, Duncan Idaho, Stilgar, Paul, Feyd, Rabban, etc.
* Be able to raid other planets and houses, A raid on the Harkonnen homeworld for example.
Thats about it for now. [Joshua]
Well, I started to read through all these suggestions, and there are far too many to read them. So, if I repeat anyone, let it be.
I am an avid Dune fan. I've read a good portion of the books. I think it would be great to base to game off the books, but even basing them off the movie would be fine. The games haven't really followed anything Dune oriented, except for the fact that it's on a desert planet. I mean, in the books, and movie, I never even heard about House Ordos. Replace House Ordos with Ixians, or maybe the Padisah Emporer.
Weapons more like in the movie and books would be dandy keen.
Sandworms should definately be more interactive. Fremen should be the only units that can move across sand with out alerting a worm... except to ride one, of course.
Personnel sheilds for all the units would be nice, but there would have to be a whole new depth to gameplay because of the sheild. For one, the Holtzman Generators in sheilds madden worms, nothing can stop a worm driven crazy by a Holtzman Generator, until the generator is off. Another thing would be, if lasguns were also put into the game, upon shooting a sheild with a lasgun, an atomic explosion occurs. Also sheilds could could be used as a form of Sabotage.
Something really nifty to throw in the game would be sand trout. The "larvae" form of sand worms.
Well, the point is, if they're going to make another game, they should do a little more reading up. [LordWislon]
If you read the book Weirding Modules never appeared in there. It was the "Weirding Way" a style of fighting. Also i think you should be able to ride sandworms. There should not be a set strory line it should be flexable. Also you should have way more missions. [Brett]
I think that if you have more the one of a building type such as light factory then you sould be able to make more then 1 of that type of unit.
Also you might make it so that the gamer has more options other then just playing the missions. [Rodney Meadows]
The next Dune game should be more like Dune 1. That was my favourite Dune game. Dune 2 was entertaining but not brilliant and I haven't played Dune 2000 yet. If Dune 1 had a bit of a makeover graphic wise, we'd have the perfect game. [Joel]
I think that Dune 3 would be much better if there was a 'Harvester Emergency button', which you can press at the first sign of Shai-Hulud danger and all available carryalls take the harvesters to the refineries where they can stay till the danger is gone. Also, a graphics editor to customise the graphics of both the terrain and the units and buildings would be really good. [Kane]
Well maybe a dumb idea but how about the ability to place "sonic inducers" in the sand to distract/attract Sandworms?? (ie. those devices used by the Fremen/Paul in Dune to summon the worms)..
Another suggestion would be to jump the gun (as it were) on the multiple House aspect. Nowadays RTS games have 2-3 races to play as. Screw that, and go straight to like 6! Have every House in the Landsraat in the game! They're bound to have spies within House Atreides and House Harkonnen to hear what's going on and would relay that to their respective Houses, eager for a piece of the action!
Or maybe rather than redoing the plotline of dune2/2k, what about trying something else where the game takes place AFTER Paul Atreides and the Fremen overthrow the Emperor and his Saudukar...then you'd perhaps see a shift in the Landsraat with Houses rushing to fill the void left by Harkonnen and Atreides (to some extent) [wazoo]
I think the game should stay the same but with 8 added features :-
[1]Give the player a build option allowing them to produce special carryalls to transport upto 20 Troopers/Infantry/Engineer, 5 Quads/Trikes/Raiders,2 Tanks/Seige Tanks, but with a limit of 10 of these special carryalls being produced per player.
[2]Increase the amount and vary the terrain of XL Maps and Medium Maps.
[3]Allow a clan link feature on Clanspeoples Nicknames like in TS and Firestorm, when online.
[4]Make the AI Player more aware and program them to play more like humans (try gaining Rank 1 strats in return for prizes or something).
[5]Allow players to produce a vehicle for carrying Troopers/Infantry/Engineers across the deserts.
[6]Add a Engineers/Turrets on/off feature to stop cheating during Tournament games and allow/disallow feature to stop Harvester Hunting when agreed in games.
[7]Put a limit on Ranks so that if a player is in the WW Tournament Top 50, Top 100 and so on, they can only play players within a 1 - 50, 1 - 100 Rank bracket, this should curb what we refer to as "NEWBIE KILLERS".
[8]Don't allow the Westwood servers to "Lag" so much, coz this isn't an incentive to play, grrr !!!!
Oh and please improve ya technical support pages and email system. [PKDKHAL1F]
Make more advanced weapons, More advanced buildings, and steath planes. [jack]
I think the ground based units (foot soldiers) should have specially fitted still suits making them more powerful and agressive in Dune 3. [Paul Muadeab]
Both Dune 2 and Dune 2000k were excellant games, but like the movie, they've wandered from the books quite a way. If there is a Dune 3 it'd be nice to see the Fremen a little more powerful, like being able to ride worms, be undetectable when in the desert etc
You should be able to play several more house, perhaps Corrino, the Fremen, CHAOM or the Tlexians More units available like infactry with Lasguns, shields, Face Dancers for the Tlexians.
I'd also like to see more stragey on the main map, instead of just marching across taking a couple of regions at a time. You'd have to take it region and leave behind a defensive force. While u are off fight elsewhere the nonplayer houses could try and attack your regions thus added a whole new level of stragey to the game.
I think there should also be more in the way of neutral characters, like the smugglers, townspeople etc that u could enlist or have enlisted against u depending on your actions thru the game. [Sardaukar]
1. Okay first fremem should be able to ride the worms and be build from an upgraded barax
2. There should be way more weapons like lazers, flamethroers and better guns. people should have timed shields sorta like cloaking. also they should have close range waepons that would be very efective on infantry.
3. Dune 2000 kicked ass but it could have been improved. put more buildings upgrades and guys and a ton more tanks.
4. the last thing i would improve is that i didn't see is that the time of day should efect the attack. sneek attacks should be more evective at night than day. that would be cool. [Jeff3dfx]
as a lot of other people have mentioned WORMS. They shold replace the sonic tank with ridable worms. The fremen should be able to go out capture a worm ride it around and eat things up. Next you need to be able to control your air suport. Make the controle for a carryall the same a s a tank but for the ornithopter's maby a joy stick cockpit view. Also more playable houses like tthe emperor and the smugglers and maby even play as the fremen them selves or even better to be able to sceat your own house and compeat for dune. You should also be able to defect to other houses or be a mole and stuff like that. I would also like to see an included map editor and a lot more units and tech levels. And one last thing I would love to be able to voice chat when I play on-line. [David P]
I think there should be a Dune 3. Just like everyone else, fremen should ride worms. Death hands should be more accurate, ornithopers need to have stronger armor, and vehicles should have stronger armor and have a longer range.(besides the missle tanks) I'd be the 1st to buy Dune 3!! [Jimmy]
I agree with the rest. I've seen the movie and it freaked me out due to it's weirdness. In dune2k i have 3 or so quads shotting at an infantry man and he blows'em all away? how does that happen in real life those quads would have shot once each and laugh at whats left of the corpse. the deathhand missle sucks d**k compared to the old version. fremen need tanks and other units of their own as well. and why not have special units for each factory and barracks, a sonic wave shooting trooper would be nice. solders with plasma rifles instead of 22's would lovely. how about more armor on the sabetuer. more interactive missions could seriously help. C&c had some good objectives. And last but not least CODES and lots of'em. i mean after you've beaten a game so many times it gets old so add those as bonuses. [!!!!!!!!!!!]
Hope to be able to play using Imperial House Corrino. What about the Bene Gesserit,(sorry i am not sure how to spell that) CHOAM and the space Guild? And will have more powerful air units. [twisted]
Have APC's that can carry a 5 man squad of Light infantry. Have the DH Missle have a bigger blast radius and more powerful Explosion, Cause its a nuke, Right? Map Maker, C&C Red Alert has 1 right? Have it come with 2 CDs like RA. Put 50 Cal. M2 Machine guns on the tanks to take out Infantry. Elite Infantry, the name says it all. Fremen should be smarter, and be able to ride worms. Have thumpers tide worms. Have thumpers with Inf. in a group all get on a worm and ride em in and gobble enemy tanks and infantry as the come near them. Stick Weirding moduals on Fremen and Infantry. Make Heavy Infantry with Weirding modules. have Pyro Technitions that set up bombs at enemy bases. Trade, Buy, and Defect to other houses. dats all i can think of now. [dunesquad]
I think Dune 3000 should stick to the original game mechanics more than Dune2000's. Main things I preferred in Dune2 to Dune2K are:
1) One damage type, tank shells should make a mess of infantry like in Dune 2
2) Variable speeds, vechiles should move slowly over rock, infantry slow over mountains etc.
Things which are good about Dune2000 are the terrain (which is really just evolution) and the worms, which have been toned down from Dune2, and the cheap infantry cost. [Blake Walsh]
Add lasguns, sheilds, knives, remove the ancient artillery, and make it more like the book. [Lucas B.]
I've played Dune 1 and 2, and I'm considering playing Dune 2k. But if Dune 3 ever came out, I'd be more than happy to see it.
First: There SHOULD be more units, more variety in the ways you can blast the enemies to bits. Also, missions where you DON'T have to blast them to bits - controlling a bunch of spies on a mission for money, new technologies, research updates etc. is just as fun as going in and destroying whatever.
=> Since carryalls play such an important part in gameplay (saving units from the ever-hungry Shai-Huluds), you should be given better control over them. A keyboard shortcut to selecting a carryall, or a group of carryalls, would be useful - like the unit grouping in the C&C lot of games. Also, being able to tell a carryall exactly what to do would also be good.
=> We can attack at ground level and at aerial levels, so why can't we fight in a subterranean level? Sand-digging machines with missile launchers would be fun - like submarines, they'd show up on the surface, fire their weapons, burrow down, attack again quickly. Detecting these would be easy - a cheap installation based on rock but at sand's edge, like a sonar pulse through sand. Also, as well as detecting burrowing attack vehicles, this could also be used to disclose the positions of any sandworms travelling too far below the surface to shift the sand above.
=> Customizable graphical display. it'd be fun to play with tanks, structures and such that YOU draw yourself - a normal desert would be standard, but you could customize the battlefield to be a huge ocean with sandy islands, a battle set in space where floating ore would be guarded by spaceworms, heck - even a wonderful candyland, where you have to collect sugar mounds in candy-built trucks built out of candy canes, and the sandworms themselves could be a candy cane infested with maggots or something that would hop along to infect your unhealthy wealth with bugs!
=> Multiplayer support would really rock our computers - Blasting Saudukar off the face of the dusty planet would just about be beaten by blasting my brother off the face of the dusty planet.
Well, there's my ramblings. Enjoy! [Andrew Sygli]
*I love the sound the tanks made when they squished people, more of a crunch.*
1:I thought the Fremen and a special infantry for the Atreides should have wierding moduels instead of the sonic tanks.
2:The Ordos are rumored to have technologies that the others houses never dreamed of. Where are they? They have only the deviator which was a dissapointment to me.
3: "Shadows Of The Empire" Was a great book in that it went behind the scenes. I want to see the same done with Dune. I want to be able to play the mission where the Atredies make suicide raids on Geidi Prime. Other missions like it, the dessert gets boring.
4: The worms just pop our and eat vehicles. Its cool but when you think about it infantry dont get eaten. I think any unit in a square should be destroyed. The worm just poping up like a whack-a-mole works for vehicles but i want to see people get eaten, the worm, instead of poping up, can sweep across the sand for a few squares eating any infantry in its path before diving back underneath the sand.[Chris]
Use the book - Dune 2K is great but its too much like C&C. Being able to play the Fremen or the Sardauker would be great as well. [Spider 7]
The strategy world already has enough tanks and troopers and grenadiers and turrets. Why not make a game that separates from that path? Why not follow the Dune legacy and use the books as models for the game.
1)Change the story line for the next game. The past two (Dune2 and Dune2k) have been pretty lame.
2)Fremen should ride sandworms.
3)There need to be way more missions.
4)There needs to be more variety in the missions--something other than "harvest spice" and "kill everything that's not ours."
5)Dispose of engineers. There's no way that would work in any battle. Take over an enemy structure and build your on equipment by it?!? Dune 2 was better in that your infantry had to invade the buildings to capture them.
6)Allow an option for soldiers to activate shields around them.
7)New weapons and vehicles--lasguns, stun pistols, weirding modules, troop transports, atomics...
These are just a few suggestions of mine. [Fremen59]
You should give a target for the Fremen and the Fremen should be able to get rid of Sandworms. Also the Ornitohopters should get a clear target. You could play wih the Emperor-House and get a special weapon. And it should give special mission. Like: "Destroy all Windtraps..." or "get all house IX under your control..". Hope this will come. [Michael Cserkits]
I thing the gave to add some thing to the worms in the games so you can use the as in the movie Dune. [Ian]
All I think is that the next game should be just like the book, with Fremen riding the worms, the Atredies, Harkonnen, & House Corrino. It should be random battles, not set battles, leaving someone still alive. Sorta like interactive gameplay. [Marcus]
I don't know if Westwood is still planning on making a Dune 3, but I really enjoyed Dune 2 and D2K, so I'll give list of things that would put the next incarnation of Dune head and shoulders above a number of real time strategy games. This may ramble, so bear with me.
First, I was going to make a recommendation for a nonlinear storyline. I don't like the idea of conquering the entire map except for two territories, losing one battle and then losing the entire game. Essentially, if you were following a storyline, it would mean that you show up, and remain completely undefeated for the quick eight or so battles it takes to conquer the most valuable planet in the Dune universe. I think the game would be more interesting if you could suffer setbacks without an immediate defeat. You could lose a battle and not lose the war.
I also think that the strategic view should reflect the production potential of each territory, and have forces deployed for it's defense. This would add a tremendous sense over grand strategy as well as the tactics of the real time battles. The defenses of an area would be reflected in the number of prepared positions. Also, I'd like to defend every now and again. Maybe have a chance to set up my defences like in War of the Worlds.
The logical follow up would be the ability to have a cumulative base of supply. I can't believe that the conquering Harkonnen have blown Ordos off of the planet, and only have the Atreides in two territories, the defense may be strong, but that will be one well funded set of troops invading the territory. Or at least it should be.
The cumulative effect of the previous territories and a strategic play would allow for certain advantages to be used by certain houses. Fremen could be active in enemy territories and would deplete the spice production of an opponent. Sabotuers could have the effect of destroying buildings behind enemy lines. The Harkonnen might be able to increase their production, but the population would be diminished and unhappy.
Also, strategic technologies. If I can make Sardaukar terror troops after I captured an imperial palace, or devestators, or sonic tanks, why do I lose the technology between scenarios? This will make the emphasis on defense against combat engineers and espionage. Selling buildings would be a lot more common, which would make the game a lot more fun.
Definitely other houses and other imperial entites. The Mentats, the guild, and the Bene Gesserit would be a few computer controlled, noncombat entities that would confer bonuses if your relations with them were strong. I like the Ordos as presented in Dune 2000. I really dig them as a front for the Ixians. House Corrino and the Fremen should be playable as seperate groups also. You could introduce a number of different houses, and the game would become much more interesting. One thing a lot of people aren't going to like, but I think would be extremely cool, is to NOT make the houses necessarily balanced. The Fremen were independent players, and didn't really take off until they hooked up with House Atreides techniques, heroes and technologies. Disparity can encourage alliances.
Espionage would be good too. Imagine blackmailing the Ordos about their mentat. Or the secret of Fremen still suits to lengthen the life span of your infantry. Imagine Ordos subverting a hero and stealing a technology with it. Imagine discovering the secret of how to break imperial conditioning. Imagine blackmailing the Harkonnen and the emporer with their complicity. That would be an incredible advantage for Atreides in that they wouldn't have any secrets that could turn the other houses against them.
Diplomacy. Make Kanly mean something. Flesh out the rules for a war of assassins. Generate units that are different types of assassins (Mentats, gholas, Tleilaxu Facedancers, thugs). Have it so that the AI will automatically have Atreides and Harkonnen attack each other first and hardest while Kanly exists between the houses. Have it so that the two can't ally, and that Kanly has to be declared before certain units can be purchased. Diplomacy could allow for transit, shared resources, and technologies, allowing you to get the feel of plots within plots.
Heroes. If the heroes are allowed in, then you should allow for their subversion, and allow for them to add certain tactical and strategic advantages to the house that they fight for. This would also allow for a unit called the Tleilaxu Face Dancer, which would be the eqivelant of a sabotuer for heroes. They would be dangerous, not because they are invisible, but because they would appear like an infantry unit of the house in question.
Also, there should be a development of a common uber technology called the Kwisatz Haderach. This would be obtainable only through close ties with a nonplayer entity running the Bene Gesserit. Once the K. H. is researched and implemented, it would max all of the hero bonuses (obviously VERY valuable, and thus much sought after).
On a tactical basis, allow shields, but have them attract worms like it's going out of style. No lasguns. The book details that it was akin to setting of a hydrogen bomb when a lasgun and shield interacted. Give the Fremen and the Sardaukar tremendous melee ability, and have a shielded unit on the sand instantly draw worms so that shields could only be used on the rock formations. More worm attacks for things crossing the erg. If a person weighing a couple of hundred pounds had to walk a certain way to keep from having a thousand ton worm travel several miles to eat him, imagine what would happen with a tank travelling overland. Definitely control of aircraft (and everyone should have them), definitely more unique units, definitely sandstorms. This would make Fremen powerful as they might not have mechanized units, but they can travel across the erg without drawing the worms, and they have sietches to hide in when the sandstorms come.
Formations. This should also include harvesters. Any harvester that travels without a carryall and spotters deserves to get munched. Have the units deploy in a preset standard of formations. Formation editors could come later.
Multiple rocket types. Phosphorous for antivehicle, fragmentation for antipersonel, things like that. It would make the turrets alot more dangerous, and the missile tanks pretty formidable. The Harkonnen could have either germ warfare or chem warfare.
Defensive structures like bunkers or trenches. It's simple, but effective. [blair]
I have read the book at least 6 times and all the rest of the series at lest 3 times. I have saw the movie starring Sting (It was nothing like the book) and played the game (Dune 2000) and even though I really like the game its just another strategy game. It, like the movie, has little to do with the book exept for the title and the names of two of the houses. Dune is the best selling sci-fi novel of all time and is considered to be the apex of the human imagination. Just think of all the ideas it has spawned. (Sandworms alone appear in hundreds of shows, movies, cartons, comics, and books in one form or another.) I think that for something to carry the name Dune it must be new and original while still being true to the book. (The last part is the most important.) I hope the new miniseires is. [kiswatch]
tanks should kick up sand and they should be able to cross rocks. Infantry should have some sort of upgrade like an automatic weapon instead of an old klobb that flings rocks at you. Plus there should be some serious vehicle and building upgrades:
1: All vehicles can go on the rocks but quads and trikes get torn up and such.
2: They should kick up sand and make treads for a couple seconds.
3: you should be able to put grenaiders or long rang infantry in the turrets so they don't get their ass kicked when the troopers arrive.
4: the Death-Hand should be more accurate but take a little longer to prepare.
5: You should be able to make more than one unit at a time like in Tiberian Sun.
6: There should be a power plant upgrade instead of an old garden pinwheel.
7: Power should be listed in Watts available not in percentage and when you hold your mouse over a builing it shout tell you how much "juice" it needs.
8: Tank munitions should tear people up like in real life.
9: Make it possible to lose a battle in the missions and still continue instead of one chance or die. I mean seriously, does anybody ever win a war and never lose a battle?
10: walls should block Sonic Tank's sound weapon and not get hurt.
11: Harkonan should build slower and Ordos faster and the Atreidese middle. and prices should be different.
12: Last, The nuke should be a real nuke and not a kids fire cracker and really blow things up! [JaguarAWD]
IF you could play as the Mercinarys, Fremen, The Emperior and the smugglers and all the other houses It may take more time to be able to beat the game and add harder Missions Also a lot of missions instead of just having like 12 missions. You can make up a name for a house like House Protoss That have alein Weaponry like the laser beam cannon or the spwan ship or the mutating pool or a Academy and Chemical plant. Also for Units you could make up A goliath or a Firebat wich is a flamethrowing person and a Battlecruiser or a scout or a interceptor and last but not least the best of all Hydralisk A alien that can volly armor piercing spines. If theese ideas are in the game you will having it going on for a long time. [Steven]
Well the #1 thing is the Fremen need to be able to ride the WORMS!!! 2- the carryalls should be responceable for the harvesters if worms come, like you command them to pickem up. 3- the carryalls should be able to carry units to where you want them. And most of all READ THE BOOK and use it for ideas. [DarkRaven]
There are many things you can do to any game as you are well aware. Trying to please everyone will get you know were except the poor house and a lot of disapointed customers. I would like to suggest special development of units, or technology levels which could be used as a control and as these levels are reached new weapons, vehical, tools, etc.. could be used by the player. You have this already to some degree but not in the unit creation side. Exp. Sid Meier's "Alpha Centauri". I really enjoy the Dune Univers and really would like to see it grow! [Darrel E.L.]
Keep everything the same but add more units, structures, and houses. Please have the computer a lot harder beacause they do the sme thing over, and over! [DLAvaso]
You should be able to be the Fremen So you could take over worms like in the move Dune. There should be more units and buildings. You also should start out the same like for instance You sitting down there just starting you base but the other team has every thing they can get. You should have All the buildings to Cunstuct And Units. You should also be able to like wwarp back to your favorite Level. And they should make more creatures that destroy your units. They should Make more levels for Dune 2000. They should make every Unit the same speed. There should be like a first-aid tent to heal your infantry. there could be a power plant of some sort but generates mor power than the wind trap. It should be a nucealer power plant or some thing else. [Steven]
I like the idea of using the carryalls for many purposes like picking up a whole bunch of infantry and dropping them off somewhere same thing with vehicles, making some kind of APC like in C&C to get to places faster. [Matthew]
Damn, Westwood is screwing up on these games. Westwood and the movie are killing Dune! The book is tight but there needs to be other good Dune products. I agree with what yall are saying to improve Dune but it is better that Westwood sells its rights to Dune to a company that can at least make a decent game with a storyline. Suggestions? - Blizzard! Hell yea that company will kick a** if they could make Dune. Long live the fighters for a better Dune!! [Tabr]
Red Alert was played so much and then THIS!! Looks like Red Desert Alert. Westwood looks for money =>simple story, simple gameplay, even same engine like RA.
Every mission its the same: You have to figth the enemys until all have died. It's so boring. Some Ingamevideos to set new orders or take new tecknologies.
=>Try to get a little bit closer to the book: The units looks boring(like RA Rak-Zero).
=>Add some real clothes like in the film or in the books to make some real dune atmospheare. Also the textures of the buildings (3D-Terrain)... Some more background please like filmbased music and some special charackters like Paul, Jessica, Thufir, Duncan, etc. with special powers like the voice of the Bene Gesserit to overcome the enemy minds and so they have to lay down theyr weapons or military knowledge to build up some infantry with higher expirience.
=>Add lasguns, shields and those technology for more tactical.(also for buildings like the palace of arrakeen) The spicefactilities are so stupid!! When wormsign is detected they harvest until they were eaten by the worm.
=>The carryalls have to raise up it before the worm is to close. Control over carryalls and ornithopters is an idea. With some actions like guarding, exploring,and so on.
=>I need some Platoons like in Earth2150 or AoE 2...(looks stronger).
=>Weaponrage is to short especialy rockets. The rocketlauncher must fire faster
=>Add a second weapon for each unit like lasguns for foodunits and heavyguns for tanks or so. Stupid sonic-tank. It fires through own units to an enemy and crush more own units.
=>sonic-tanks look for free firingway.
=>Add waypoints for units for better areacontrol.
=>more FX please, like in Dune2.(sounds good). Dead Hand Missle....haha try to target this missle in the upper left corner and it will ends in the lower right..
=>more acouracy in targeting [Moe]
I think there should be more houses to choose from. like the emporer and the mercenaries. Second how come when you get reinforcements the carryall it can carry like 5 differrent units?? You should be able to pick which units could go where and how many. That would really help in the attack against foes. [David]
1. Upgrade your units -- 2. Control your Ornithopters and give them to each house. -- 3. Add lasguns. -- 4. Better movies. -- 5. More house-specific units (Siege tanks for everyone? Harkonnen, more like it.) -- 6. For God's sake, HAVE THE SCENERY CHANGE! Fight in cities or something. [Piter de Vries]
Have it be nothing like dune1 blizzard is making warcraft three an rps i found out! and i really dotn want to see that pattern with westwood its a horrible horrible idea i like making tanks(red alert refrence) and blowing stuff up not sending heroes and band's of units in small groups to defeat evil dragons! [kevin schulte]
Make the game more like the books. Be able to play as fremen, House Corrino, get rid of the Ordos (they were never even mentioned as I remember and I HAVE read all the books, played all the games, and watched both the full length and normal versions of the movie). Honored Matres, and the Bene Gesserit could be added. What about Wierding Modules for the Atreides? Harkonnen troops arent very fierce in the game. Sardukar are merely an annoyance. What about worm-riding fremen? Fremen are supposed to be THE ULTIMATE infantry, but they suck in the game. Make it a game that Frank Herbert would truly be proud of. [Bernt]
I think they should have heroes like suggested, and they should take a few out of the book series(gasp! there are Dune books?), such as Duncan Idaho, Gurney Halleck and the Baron Harkonnen. Also they should make the haouse Corrino playable (the Sardaukar) because they are just so cool. [Bob]
um, just one idea at the moment. you should be able to use your carry-all in battle. if you could load up a bunch of units into a carry-all and drop them off at your selected target. [patrick]
I think Westwood could have corrected the mistake they made , when creating a new storyline for dune2, with dune 2000, but they didn't... There could be so many cool missions, as those described in the background of the book... there could have been heroes, figures from the book and many more Infantry and Ornithopter types, that appear in the book... even the House Ordos could be brought to the storyline... they probably would try to profit from the struggle between the Harkonnens and the Atreides... All those things could have been done with Dune2000 but they didn't. Westwood was just looking for money with D2000. Dune 2000 has nothing to do anymore with Dune. [Jimmy]
I think Dune 2K is great, but, I agree with everybody. There are quite a few things that could be done for a new one.
1. Weapons upgrades . I hate my men just walking around carrying nothing but pea-shooters. Give them the opportunity to wield lasguns (lots of spice to make) and stunners. Maybe an option to use grenades, too.
2. Defense options, and I don't mean gun turrets and rocket turrets. Barbed wire, minefields, and tank traps are all realistic military things that I would assume still exist in 10,000 years?
3. Real aircraft . Not just metallic insects that inaccurately drop bombs. Maybe, make Ornithopters move under the players control, but theres a lot of time between when you tell them to stop and they actually do, because maybe they need to take off from the ground or something. Maybe give them anti-aircraft missiles and machine guns for anti-personnel work.
4. Heroes and personnel carriers. No explantion needed. Just make 'em.
5. Add in several new groups, including those from the card game. The Spice Miners, Water Sellers and Smugglers would all be great forces to fight with, and could confer bonuses. The Spice Miners get two Harvesters when you build a refinery, the Water Sellers are automatically equipped with stillsuits (explained next), and the Smugglers soldiers all perform just a little better than everybody else, due to their rough-and-tough nature.
6. Damage from the elements. Maybe implement sand storms, and dehydration of infantry. Say, infantry spend a lot of time in the desert and their health slowly deteriorates, due to lack of water. You must equip still suits to your forces if you plan on going on deep-desert assaults. Sand storms might make you move slower (a lot slower) or rip your vehicles completely apart, or knock aircraft out of the air like mosquitoes.
7. Medics. No explanation.
8. Everybody have at least some kind of weapon. During World War II, everybody carried a Colt .45 automatic handgun. Just give engineers, medics (if they're implemented), thumpers, and saboteurs some kind of little gun. Nothing devastating, just something to at least leech away some of an enemy unit's health.
9. Dueling. It's a big part of the card game, and it seemed kind of important in the movie (I'm a big Dune freak. I'm still reading the book, though), so you could make swordsmasters, and arm them with crysknives, rapiers or whatever.
10. Weirding, The Voice. Make some incredibly expensive Bene Gesserit sisters and tell the enemy units to lay down their weapons. Convenient.
11. Urban fighting. Arakeen. Arsunt. Carthag. Tsimpo. All cities on Arrakis. Some skirmish missions where you have a limited number of troops, or have a permanent base on the outskirts of a city, then deep penetrations into it. Those would be very entertaining (and messy).
12. More of a war-like feel. Not just mission by mission. Instead of having one or two options, you can pick any place on Arakkis to attack. For a better example of this, see SSI's "Final Liberation". [Cypher]
1: What ever happaned to the power of infantry units? I think it's rediculous that fremen warriors and sardaukar can be splattered by tanks. You really think that Fremens would be so stupid to sit on their lazy butt while a tank is attempting to run them over? And why aren't there any fremen wormriders, with wierding modules and such, they kick ass!!!
2: Harvesters which are sucked up by worms while carryalls just fly there and drink their coffe accompanied by donuts SUCK! When the speech figure gives you the "wormsign" warning it should be time for the carryalls to locate the nearest harvesters to the worm and airlift them where nessicary. And like all other ideas, try to follow the book a bit closer. [Robdfa]
I think during if your ordos then harkonnan and atreides should fight each other like in the story. I think that the rocket power should be more realistic against infantry. The infantry die quicker like in real life. This is just a little thing but when you kill a worm they should pop out of the lay there dead for the rest of the game same with the vehicles and infantry but they would'nt pop out of the sand. I think there should be more structures, units, defences, and houses like the mysterious sildonnans, etc. There needs to be better graphics and add a map editer if posable. [psycho]
I think during the game all the houses should attack each other like if you were the ordos and the other two houses were fighting each other instead of just attacking me and when you kill a worm it would look better if it like jumped out of the sand just dies and lays there for the rest of the game. Also you should have units die a lot faster like if you have ten men killing one it takes like one or two shots from each unit to kill just one guy! And have rockets and missles more effective against infantry. have more unit and vehicles and defences and structures. [Starknight]
Why is Dune 2k just a desert edition of Red Alert? It came out much later, and ended up not much better. In some ways, it deproved! (Control over similar units in different houses).
Let me illustrate all the bad points and the "Shortcuts" that were taken...
1)The infantry look like the rifle men of Red Alert.
2)Troopers are no longer firing machine guns, even though these are shown in the starting introductory movie. Instead, they look like bazooka men of Red Alert.
3)The Mentat no longer provides hints, tips and information in the Game Menu. (unlike Dune2)
4)The hierrachy of building structures causes problems with base construction. A repair pad can only be built after the heavy factory is built AND upgraded. And of course, so is the high-tech factory.
5)The only attack planes belong to Atriedes, and these look like dragonflies with delicate wings. They are not under the player's control, either, and the only enter the map from where the High-Tech factory stands. THis can prove disastrous to the player who tries to get his planes to bomb an unguarded area and end up loosing them on the way there (because the plane "intelligiently" flew through zounds of rocket turrets and missile tanks.
6)There are not troop carrying units like the APC or Chinook.
7)The only messages sent come with some kind of beep and are written in red on the top left of your screen. This proves to be boring.
8)There are no "Heroes" in this game.
Hence, the following inprovements can be made...
There should be a ranking system in Dune 3, whereby the more kills the unit has, the better he will perform. This can be seen in Total Annihilation. Also, waypoint setting should be allowed and there should be mini cut-scenes (like in starcraft, where the portrait of the person speaking to you is displayed in a mini window); or, they can shift the screen to focus on the person that is giving you the information.
The ability to build many different units at a time is also indispensible, whereby heavy factories can produce different units at the same time. You should also be able to line up units (for production), meaning that when you hit the picture of the tank four times, you line up for tanks for production. An infinite option should also be available, much like KKND2.
Maybe, there should be more units, and each house should have a different set of units.
In the current Dune 2000, they call them the "NOBLE" Atreides , "INSIDIOUS" Ordos and "EVIL" Harkonnen. However, there are no units to show the following.
Do three ornithopers and a few sonic tanks show the Atreides as "Noble"? A deviator and saboteur are not enough to display the "Insidious" Ordos. And, of course, a devastator does not portray "Evil" in the Harkonnens.
The game should not be restricted to just armor and infantry. There should be air units under your control, and there should be APC's as well. How'd you expect a soldier to survive walking across the whole map?
Carry-alls should have the ability to pick up several units at the same time, which can be very useful in planning your attack by dropping troops.
Heroes should be added (like in starcraft, Fenix, Tassadar, Artanis, Zaratul, Jim Raynor, Kerrigan, etc. so that the storyline can be enhanced. When in the history of the gaming world is there a game which has no "actors" to "act" the game? Dune 2K is only creation of a very simple story, which comprises of only four words...
"Fight, fight and Fight!"
The game concentrates on just getting the player to fight it out with the computer AI, and this can be easily achieved by playing "Skirmish" or creating a custom game. More things should be happening, for example, fremen should be assisting the Atreides (instead of the Atreides Palace producing them).
I hope that Dune 3 will be a global hit. [Justin]
it would be nice if we could set way points for ground units for targets. it would also be nice if we could use the carry alls to transport men and vehicals to any point on the map. it would also be nice if we could build a hospital structure and send damaged men to be repaired. like real armies [andre]
Have the Mercenarys and smugglers. Once in a while select them to use for a while. Build more units than 1 at a time. Have the player make his/her own dune 2000 site. [Stick]
You should be able to build different things in different construction yards and factories etc, like in Dune 2. It's more realistic that way. [Nyarg]
Dune 2000 is quite an improvement over Dune 2. I like a lot of the command and control features like pointing the "Spanner" to a damaged unit to return it to the repair pad. The keyboard commands help, too, although I like to group units into functions, as well as task forces (i.e., a trike unit, a trooper unit, etc...), so I would like to see the range of possible group numbers increase, beyond the 0 - 9 range. I would like it if selected groups would adjust their speed so they don't get strung out across the map (a real drag when your attack depends on massive force, or a slower unit is supposed to cover a faster unit...).
Don't do anything with the "more power" crowd. To do so defeats the purpose of calling this a "strategy" game, when all you need to do is build such-and-such a structure, which produces a Doomsday Device and ends the game right there.
Unique units may be nice, like introducing characters from the book with unique abilities, but once they're destroyed, they're gone for good (some Civ2 scenarios have these).
I don't like the idea of introducing the Bene Gesserit as a military party. The B.G., and the Spacing Guild tend to do their battles behind the scenes, manipulating the Houses (and hence motivating you, the character).
Leave shields and lasguns out of the game. Again, what's the point of devising strategies when the game may pivot on one lucky shot by one lasgun-armed trooper attacking a shielded base?
Medics and/or hospitals may be a good idea to repair infantry, but would they be cost-effective? I have enough trouble getting damaged tanks away from the front to a repair pad, imagine the logistical nightmare of selecting each infantry/trooper/engineer/ whatever and sending them back for "repairs".
Otherwise, I think the balance between the Houses is good, especially among the palaces: True, Atreides ornithopters don't do as much damage as we like, but they're accurate. The Fremen, though they appear to be just another infantry unit, I think are useful, especially in "back-door" attacks while your heavy units are doing a "full-frontal". The Harkonnen Death Hand is nifty in that respect, but just try to get it to hit the target you selected. Ordos Sabateurs are a problem, though. Unlike the ornis and the DH, they have a lot to go through to hit their target. Still, if it gets through the defenses without encountering infantry, guaranteed structure kill.
It's in the way that you use it... [Arkham Aurelius]
I wish that there were more air units and a lot more houses and other types of units like an unit that can bury in the sand and move in it and a map editor would be nice so that you can edit some maps instead of sitting there and get bored after playing all the games given there. [Dragoon]
dune 2k kicked ass!!! but could it get any better, I think so. First of all do something about those damn rockets its so unrealistic having ten fired just to kill one man!!! and build a hospital for injured men. But most of all PLEASE PLEASE, PLEASE keep alliences like the mercenarys!!!!!!! Maby the allies could get to powerfull and try to stop you!! Also put more houses in. Last put much more different kinds of weapons,men,etc and improve the endings. [brian]
If I remember correctly, in the genesis version of Dune, you were able to build more than one tank or troop at a time, depending on the number of buildings you have. For example if you had two vehicle factories you could build two tanks at the same time, I think this should be added to the new version of Dune. If you think about it, it really makes sense. [Sean McLean]
Add the regular gun turret to the rocket turret so it can still fire at close range even if the base has low power. [Sean Mclean]
I think with 128 bit graphics coming out Dune 3 could be full of possibilities. Closer "book to game" story line, and maybe they could upgrade units! It's been 6 years and the Ordos STILL have the Deviator. Come on. All Dune 2000 is is Dune 2 for windows. It's still a great game though. P.S. Fremen Should wreak havok on any house, in the book/movie they were THE fighters. House Atredies was extinct if not for Paul and Jessica (Read the Books!) [BMXTiger]
I think dune should have a more 3d envorment just like urban assult but the have diffrent veiws like top,side-angle,and Unit perspectives i think that spice-vans are a little old too why don't they come up with a spice flyer or infintary. about the units more units to ugrade and upgrade those unites till you have a moblie building sized tanks and launchers. 10 things; 1 you can make allies with other houses, 2 make the emporor a playable house, 3 make other houses that ar cilivan types to produce more troops, 4 go through ages of tech rather upgrading it, 5 enginers that take over units, 6 make alien type evroment like more diffrent worms like good [crule and types and large snakes and birds with teeth (AND KILLER BUNNIES) make it the ], 7 don't use the same ideas twice (KEEP SOME)but make more, 8 dune is and shall forever be the game ever(to westwwood), 9 hope floats never give up hope, 10 tanks, ground infintry aircraft and make a thrown room for yourself [Rage]
It has been a few years since I've read any of the 6 Dune books, yes I read them all, or played Dune, but their is one thing I do remember wanting when I played, lasguns and shields. The lasguns could really improve the effectiveness of troops, a new unit or two perhaps. Also, when a lasgun hits a shield, you get an atomic explosion, which could add entirely new strageties into the game! If sheilds are added, they should be optional for each building and unit, and if a player does choose to have them, provide more defense for the shielded unit or structure. Thats my two cents! [Blackout]
I think that in Dune2 the Fremin should be able to ride the sand worms and at the end levels the enemy base shouldn`t be connected or next to eachother. [Crusher]
Give the Ordos as much power as the Harkonon and the atreties so they don't suck so bad. [army_ant14983]
I want more houses, more like the books , some missions inside buildings , better music and please add some more diplomacy functions! [Anders]
Dune 3 should have great special effects, graffics, new units, buildings and maybe a new house. Players should be able to build more strctures and units at a time. [Jon V]
I'm not really an avid gamer, but I do take an interest in the Dune-games because of my intense fascination with the books. What I'd like you to consider for any future releases is an emphasis on the original material - most of the games' ideas are totally new inventions, making it harder to keep in touch with the unique atmosphere of the written works. [Morten Bak]
I think creating a DUNE III would kick ass.....WW is starting to sux because the are being to have so many damn cheaters!! If there us a map editor with the game and has real aircrafts and a little better graphics the game would be awesome. I think 3 houses are enough, but new units and new buildings and stuff like that would be great. If this were to come out i would definetly buy it!! [Milz0451]
Why can't the fremen ride worms like in the movies? Why can't you control or make aircraft? There has to be more structures and vehicles. How come water is not a factor in the game? I think that should be a resource to get in order to have units. How about the last levels of each house being at their home planet. Of course, you wouldn't have spice though, you'd have to use the troops you already have. [Boba Fett]
Be able to get the weapons and tanks from the other houses in your factory or palace. [Brandon]
I agree with Delatour on following the books more closely. If you did that you might have more units to add, an example could be from the last book in the series, (Chapterhouse: Dune) if you added something equal to the Scattering, you would be able to add Honored Matres, the new, undetectable Face Dancer, maybe some of the key Reverend Mothers in the story, and other weapons, like the non-exploding bomb that the Honored Matres have or No-Globes, or even Futars (to be used against the Honored Matres), or any other weapon that could have been developed in the unsurveyed Scattering (this means that you can get real creative!!!!) Adding other houses to fight against woulkd also be cool, ex: you could add House Corrino (even though this is the Emperor's house you could add his decendent, Farad'n) If you go through the other books, I'm sure you could find more stuff to add. [Teg]
This is kinda un-real, but I'm right in the middle of the Star Wars craze, so here it is- SW and Dune,side by side. Don't ask how, but it would open up two new houses- Rebels and Imperials. [Lord Vader]
Well, we should have 'Mechs, and more vehicles, like autocannon tanks, flame tanks, plasma tanks, ATVs... [MechWarriorIII]
More of the units from the film, for example laser gun warriors, shield armed warriors and weirding module armed warriors. Also provide more teams to play, for example the Fremen and the Emperor (ie the sadauker). Also provide different units for each house, like in C&C, RedAlert and Tiberian sun, not all sides would have access to the same weaponry. [Crudge]
What happend to: * the Siege tank from Dune2; * the Quad with machine guns from Dune2; * the Ornithopters of house Ordos from Dune2; * the Rocket-Turret from Dune2; * the trees from Dune1; * the water and rivers from Dune1; NEW STUFF: * motorcycles and motorcycles with side-car; * dragoonflies as bombers for house Artreides ( and Ornithopthers as fighters, but you can control them as the yaks and the migs out Red Alert ); * containers ( to transport tanks and troops by Carry-all and drop it anywhere ); * a new name for the Siege tanks from Dune2000: Siege Artillery; * Different vehicles, troops, buildings and aircrafts ( new Sadugar army ); * cities on Dune; * civiliens of Dune; * sandstorms; * hovercrafts; * a new story; * helicopters; * construction of vehicels and soldiers by great numbers ( example : if you click on the ornithopter 4 times it will be constructed 4 times ); * A new house: house Shai-hulud ( the Sandwormgod ). Home planet : Arrakis ( Dune ). The teams that form this house are: 1: The Fremen, 2: the smuglers ( Dune 2000 ), 3: deserters from house Harkonnen. Special: they can ride on sandworms and can build heavy troops and light vehicels ( example: a machine gun tank and also armed with a flame-thrower ). [JPH vd B, Robert R, Harm-Jan R]
You should be able to play as the fremen, and they should be able to build a weaker race of worms. Also you should be able to build more than 1 unit at a time. The storyline should be you as the fremen destroying the emporer and harkonens. [Dark Dragon]
While Dune remains to be one of the best games on the market for its genre, westwood has somewhat tossed it too the side to advance their ever so popular C&C 2. While some of the best new game engines have been built for C&C why not give these engines to Dune and give it a new storyline. Although there isn't much room for expansion in the Dune Universe.. Theres always alternate story lines!!! You can even add new Houses! And defintly NEW UNITS. Those are my 2 cents. [TrapperOne]
There should be more units,like more kinds of tank units and infantry, and beable to have hospitals for the infantry, maybe even have carryalls that can ship units around like the AI does.(more allies that will fight on your side) [Chris J]
I mean that Dune 3 must come complete with a map-editor on the CD! What really bites `bout Dune2000, is that you`re bound to ground forces. Off course you got the Atreides bombers, but who cares, they suck! Come on, give us some real aircrafts here. No shitty aircrafts like them no more. PLEASE. [arne2]
During the game you will be giving short video cuts from anywhere on the map. Like a fremen-leader informates you on the attack, or a scout (trike, missile tank, soldier, anything) reports finding about spice,another house in the area or what-ever. That would make it awsome! To much for ask? [Skywalker]
I think Dune 3 could be awsome if we adjust it. rank for friendly, new units etc. [BRAD]
I like all the ideas, but I think that Dune 2000 should have character units, where they are part of the objectives like Paul Atreidies, The Baron. and the missions should follow the books more closely [Delatour]
More of the units from the film, for example laser gun warriors, shield armed warriors and weirding module armed warriors. Also provide more teams to play, for example the Fremen and the Emperor (ie the sadauker). Also provide different units for each house, like in C&C, RedAlert and Tiberian sun, not all sides would have access to the same weaponry. [Crudge]
A kind of turret that will work like the TESLA CIOL from red alert or like the OBELISK from c&c - highly effective turret against infantry units and lighly armoured vehicles. [Vulcan]
Adding water as a resource would be nice, for each unit built, a water trap could collect water for it. Tleilaxu? Face dancers that look like your units, until they strike. Sorta like Fremen but visible. Or even face dancers that sneak up on and transform into your infantry unit. More variation in the different houses... Bene Gesserit fighters, but who would they work for? Have to be mercenaries, or going to the house that has the most spice (but the company would barn out and just make it the player who gets them) . They could be healers, hand-hand fighters, etc. Ornithopters you can control? Variation in day/night so the sabotuer can get a decent chance. Heroes and myth making. Pretty big part of the book was the separate characters who created this whole big mess. Propaganda to spread to the other armies, causing communication disablement, ( a character that shuts off your control of the unit temporarily, but not the units self-control... hmmm...) Religious Fervor, to get your troops beserker-carazy. Control of specific characters. Baron Harkonnen, Miles Teg, Paul Muad'Dib, Sheeana, Duke Leto II, etc. What a difference that would make. Training grounds to upgrade your fighters. [ramsay5]
This is the most wanted ideas from myselfe and my friends !! Make another movie of Dune and on the games there should be the atreides who will ally with fremen and the fremen can ride the worm !!! There should be faster carryalls and a very useful idea is that the sardukar can be on the atreides side !!!!! Thank you! [Fabian]
I like the whole game but it would be nice to have more different units. Dune 2000 has all the units from Dune2 but not much more! Sure, a engineer is nice but something like flametanks or aircraft from red Alert and C&C I miss. [koen]
a way to make ANY unit invisible for a limited time (the devastors can be unnstopabble) [Invisible man]
More Different Terrains, ability to make sandworms allies [TLP]
Moving the map with the keyboard cursor [Jonakr]
I think that there should a big tank-like transport so that your forces don't get cluttered when you move from place to place [Jonakr]
The Lasgun-Shield idea SOUNDS nice but how would it really work? What would be the point of building UNshielded units when they always die against a shot from a Lasgun? Maybe you could have the option of turning the shield on and off but then players would constantly have to turn their attention to that one detail. On multiplay, you'd also get pyro-maniacs who would zap a shield at the first chance they get just to see the pretty fireworks, regardless of the consequences. Where's the strategy in that?
The Fremen worm riding idea is one with some practical merit. While on the worm, Fremen should be able to fire. When hit, the Fremen should take worm-damage for their weaknesses(explosives, bullets) while the worm should take its normal damage. There should however, be a limit to how many Fremen can be placed on one worm. This tactic would be powerful, but not overdominating. Fremen could make strikes at buildings on the edge of rock while having the toughness of a worm to protect them, however, the worms are not invincible. The worms are also hopelessly slow when it comes to chasing vehicles and really could only catch a decent lunch if it fed out of pity.
The "stealth" ability of the Fremen could use some adjusting. It seems Fremen do an excellent job of exploring the map but when it comes to actual fighting, they seem to fall short of their "long live the fighters" motto. Fremen should remain invisible while attacking. They should be other times, though, when they CAN be seen. Firstly, the infantry sees cloaked units rule should stay. On sand, ALL units should be able to see Fremen FROM A DISTANCE (This means at approximatly the range where those nasty siege tanks can get them). On rock, ALL units should be able to see Fremen UP CLOSE (Trike range). On dunes and climbable mountains, only infantry should be able to see Fremen.
Other advantages, of course, would have to be given to the other houses in order to keep things fair. [Freeloader]
There should be more aircraft to use also upgrades for tanks and rocket lauchers and people. The Fremen should be able to use ride worms across the desert. You should be able to put certain structers one the sand. Also more houses. The game should have more missions and diferent missions [Ordos4life]
I think that there should be more houses,units,air units,special tanks,and more levels on different planets. I think that the gameplay would be enhanced if you could be the Mercenaries, Smugglers, and the Emperor(House Corrino) Codes, Map Editor,and a Unit Editor would be nice. And easier missions!!!! Chart of new units: Medic-rejuvinates infantry, Advanced Missile Tank-missile tank that shoots two missiles at a time, Mammoth Siege Tank-siege tank with two turrets, Air Scouter-fast air unit similar to a trike, Flamethrower-flamethrowing infantry [Subac Al Kuhar]
build a games that consist element from starcraft + dune [yuval]
I`m pretty much a geek on dune.So where are LASGUNS, SHIELDS, FREMEN SANDRIDERS, REBELS, NO-SHips, Bene Gesseret YES BENE G!!!!!!!URGH! If i saw a Bene G coming towards me i`d run a mile no way i`d get a gom jabbar, they`re semi-physic, Who are the Ordos, do they appear in the book NO? Are they meant to be Corrino? They`re a merchant house! Enough of the rant now the improvements! 1.Please the Ai sucks i didn`t even die once! NO JKoke! 2.More units in the book all were different. 2. Carryalls that carry units that you want them to nah nobody would like that.YES THEY BLEEBING WELL WOULD. 3. TRY READING i know it`s hard after looking at a computer screen but there are lots of goood ideas that could be utilized. 4.NO NUKES! Illegal!!! OR didn`t you read the book. 5.change the command system to the Dune2 one much easier non of this click the spanner to repair CRAP! 6.NO MORE i know lets just change the graphics and units on C&C it`s toss and we`ve done it all before. 7.Seige tanks in Dune2 fired like tanks not artillery. 8.PLEASE don`t add water keep it true to the book. 9.More references to the BOOK. etc. The Baron Harkonnen, Paul atreides, Mentats. 10. Need i go on ? 11.Take a look at the book anyone it`s good and will prove my points. 12. I HATE CENSORSHIP oops how did that get in there? I reall y can`t be bothered typing for the next 20 years so READ THE BOOK! [Gryffinder]
There should be more houses and a lot more units and structutrs [anthony]
I was kinda shocked dune 2000 didn't have a formation key to keep your troops in line. I'd hope theyd add it into dune 3 that way your units arnt always a moving mob [Chris]
no mentatbot! more houses! more guys! u should be able to build lots of guys at once! you should be able to name your game! you should be able to make channels! and there should be ranks for friendly game! thats what should be in dune 3!! [aforce3 here]
I think that if you could make the mouse a bit like starcraft & warcraft 2 so that if you click on a unit you just have to right click to move and atack [Pieter Steyn]
I think you should be able to change wepons like instead of a calibar gun a mine dropper. [Greg]
I think it would be call just to be able to contol the Emperor's Army intead of sitting on your ass watching them with their Big ass troops thumping you around [DaMonk]
Make the game more strategy oriented... Break off from the typical, use this building to build this building to make this unit. Have troops/vehicles sent in from the House's planet. The game could start you off with like a main city, with so many troops/harvesters/vehicles already there. From there you increase your borders, start to harvest spice, and guard your territory. Have a world map of Arakis, with sectors, then allow the player to place defensive structures in sectors they control. When an unfriendly sends a unit into a sector you control, you can either let the AI fight the battle for you, or you can go into a typical RTS view and fight the battle out for yourself. Allow air transports to send unfriendly units into your territory if your borders aren't well defended. Have weather effects like sandstorms, but on your global map you can see how big they are and which direction they are traveling. Allow for espionage type units to collect info on the enemy, sabotauge things, create false info. Obviou! sly how well defended your borders are, and how well you have you have your troops set to find spies (takes more money, because obviously the people would require more training, amoung other things), would make change the chances of successfulness. [Skie]
Create new units, such as snipers and more flying units. Also you should be able to build Fremen in a normal way. I think the BG should be included in the game as one of the houses. [Peter]
We need a LITTLE bit of AI; the computer can't rely on just CHEATING all the time to even compete! [ViceAdmiralAcker]
An option where you can be the Emperor's side! [ViceAdmiralAcker]
Dune 2000 is cool! Dune 3 should be good if there should be new houses and lots of new units and structures. And, infantry should apporach quicker, beacuse in real war there is maybe 100 men hu fights, and maybe 100 men will win. [someone]
I think you should add a couple off houses in the fight for Arrakis. And after Arrakis is conquered you should be able to choose a different houses home planet to fight on. [Link]
The Fremen NEED to be able to ride the worms, and the Sardukar idea is pretty damn good too. Also, there should be special sections of the game with shields involved(knife fight!!!) [antisocial]
Well well let's see first, The Ai's should be alot harder and they shouldn't attack with just men at the beginning. Another House or two more, then more kick butt units, better maps, lighten up the mentat that's online. Less sysops, and fast online system for us. [Harkion]
Man.. what do you hafta do to get some more and different units!!! Dune3 has to have a lot more and different units and special capabilites and more houses!! I like the idea about the Auto-build Way better stroyline! It was so boring!!! Please make the stoyline more interesing in dune3 More commands..I'd like more commands for better control over ur units and strategy uhhh.. [Apache]
You should be abel to make and disine your owen units. [remdul]
Make dune 3 have more houses, transport capabilities(the onithopter carying the infantry, troopers-ect) make siches that conceal fremen troops so that when you find the seich you get re-enforced. [Slacker]
Dune 2000 is great to play, but let's face it it's just Dune 2 with a facelift. Other than the multiplayer features there is literally nothing new. It appears that Westwood knew the game would sell due to the number of Dune followers and didn't bother to expand on the original. Anyway here are my ideas; Firstly there must be more units(a lot more)and more varied units. Elements from the first game would be nice, but possibly hard to incorporate, like your presence at battles benefiting your troops. Larger maps and definately the inclusion of sietches. ecology and irrigation to tactically remove spice fields. Better storyline, with varied missions(more of these as well). Random map generator. More about the rest of the universe. But the game must have some new, original, features, not just more of everything [Rob]
Atreides should have soldiers with hand-held sonic-weapons (see the film/books), the Palace should also be far more important - not just another production facility that can be re-built time again or more than one at a time! But most importantly, more house-like houses. The Harkonnen are nice and agressive in the game, but the NOBLE Atreides have gone mad and the INCIDIOUS Ordos are suddenly put in a rage from the word go ! The Atredies should use well organized and ballanced attacks - the Ordos should have sneeky,pesky sneek-round-the-back tactics and the Harkonnen should keep their brute force. (IN OTHER WORDS DIFFERENT UNITS IS NOT ENOUGH TO DIFFER THE HOUSES !). [Dargon]
allow you to play as the emperor or the fremen during multiplayer. [Harleus]
The weirding modules. Sonic tanks look kinda like they have them but there should be fremen with them. Also in the movie, bullets didn't even kill Sardukar, they should be much more stronger. And i would love to see more of a variety of units. May the hand of god be with you. [Noal]
Maybe there should be upgrades for units. Like have a Sonic Tank with 2 sonic cannon dishes, or maybe upgrade worm riders so the worms have rocket launchers and machine guns. It would also be cool to have shield generaters that could only be broken by Ordos sabatuers and Harkonnen Death Hand missiles. [Paul Atreides]
You should be able to get air units like in Red Alert. And you should be able toget more different types of tanks [Andreas]
Fremen definately riding the worms, ecology to destroy the spice, more of a varied storyline, in the fist (adventure) game you really felt like Muad'Dib, though Dune2000 is great this is lost. Some small outposts built in the dunes, but at more risk. Much more varied missions between the houses. Sand storms that can actually affect the landscape, Mines that can be laid [Rob]
I'd love a remake of the first game with better graphics (the old ones were good for the time)and far more complicated. This game was great, you really felt that you were on Dune, you could go exactly where you wanted and even ride a worm with your troops into battle(I wish there was this much freedom in Dune 2000). With the graphic and sound capabilities of today Arrakis could be recreated really well as an adventure/strategy game. I'd love to see a game like this made along side Dune 3(actually Dune 4) which would still be a real time strategy game, but with lots of improvements, I'm not sure the two games would be compatable [Rob]
I would like duneIII to be much more detailed more different units for each house but also much more realistic like a barracks should train just soldiers maybe different classes (soldier, marine commando and so on) could be different 4 each of the houses but there should be a hand weapons factory which builds lets say "krys knives" "laser guns" "weirding modules" and so on the light vehicle factory should train a few light vehicles which u can equip separatly with diffent weapons example: base vehicle quad (weapon 1: laser - weapon 2: Rocket). this one should be moderatly effective against infantry and moderatly to vehicles if U would give 2 rockets u would have an anti-vehicle kind of weapon the same should apply to heavy-fac and hi-tech should be able to make much more different air units and again u should be able to apply weaponry to it the way u want also ofcourse the weaponry should have different prices and require upgrades. I also wish they made the fremen a seperate house with much stealth and troops whith hidden underground bases but less heavy tanks or air-force. The most important thing i'm saying is that it would be something completly new to produce the weapons and equipment in seperate facilities and then apply them to the base units so u can virtually create ure own units in the game also there should be engineers working in those factorys and scientists working to upgrade stuff there should be seperate facilities to train those as well I hope this brings up some good ideas -)) [Muad'dib]
I think that there shoould be more houses,more air units,and some type of TANYA(Like in C&C Red Alert) [Douman]
why build only one unit at a time? I think you should be able to instruct your Heavy Factory to build 15 Siege Tanks, that way you don't have to click 15 times!! Also, stick more to the story-lines from the book, that would make it much better. And for god's sake some more (and DIFFERENT) units. By the way, why are Fremen such a pussies??? They are better in the books and the flim then they are in the games. c-ya [Bendrix]
Faster Caryalls, be able to use caryalls to transport units, a repair facility for infantry, more houses, and be able to form alliances, that's what I want to see in Dune 3!!! [David]
Ability to build Fremen during the game not just wait for the palace to generate them and the fremen should have the capabilities to ride sandworms, like in the book DUNE [Tim]
I think there should be other more advensed ways of geting power and water. [Remdul]
I think they should have made the story line a bit more interesting.And they also should have made it a little like dune 1 with the going into the sieches and flying around in an ornithopter and the worm.the ending of the atreides was also not to good it didn't reflect the win of the atreides.maby dune 3 will be alot better. [frikie]
A big giant sea slug that has a talking pice of pie for a friend. [richardmartens]
Here goes the funny part : Ahh.. There is aumor that the Attreides with the help of the Fremen will be able to use sandworms for their own purposes. [Killos]
A New game engine perhaps? I got dune2000 3 days ago, and to my best judgement, its RED ALERT with new graphics and sound. The AI is just as bad. the competetors games have much advanced gamplay options. the thing that made me happy, was the deddication to the orriginal dune story, and of course dune2. [sphell]
The sage of Dune is a GREAT GAME!!! This site is super... ...i'm an italian player... ... I believe that Dune3 shall be the best strategy in the future of game... ... I believe that the military units and the house for the battle should be many more than this 3... ...great.... [STEALTH]
Aparently many people who are commenting on new ideas have never read the Dune books, I mean all of them, maybe Dune 3 can start at Dune Messiah or maybe Children of Dune, or my favorite, God Emperor if Dune and actually follow the story! anyway, for an addon to Dune 2k I think some cool ideas from the book would be, Shield Walls (but they attract the Shai-Hulud) guns (chemical propelled, like the freman had), the ability to call the Sardukar from Sulsa Secondus, or personal shields would also be cool, as for units, there should be more 'thopters! anyway I think other worlds to play on would be cool too, although that wouldn't follow the story (Not only would the people die from Spice Withdrawl, the main part of the book is trying to get Arrakis as the center of the universe) so maps on Caladan, Geidi Prime, Sulsa Secondus, Ix and the rest. And I also think there should be like side missions, to get extra solaris, like getting a crys knife off of Arrakis (The Harkonnans would pay for that) well, thats my ideas [cmdrtebok]
I also like the "auto build" proposition (especially for troopers). Sorry for the redundancy, but the squeakiest wheel is the one that gets oiled! [loot]
I think that the ordos have a sniper [Mauro]
a relaystation for harvesters, on the sand? bigger silo's, a hospital for militia, advanced windtraps, mine's [joost amsing]
smarter ai,and put some efort into it for crist sake (it,s pathetic now ) [goodnsic]
I think DUNE2000 is a kick a** game, but a map editor would be nice. Also, you need more houses. Teams even. fact, you should be able to go to the other teams home world, conquer it maybe. Say, you could go to caladan and use a coupl battleships, subs, big hulky transports, destroyers, spice tankers, etc. [Blastech844]
If there was one single thing which made Dune 2000 not half as enjoyable as it could have been is no animations before and after each level. The only one you ever get is when you complete the game which is not great. For Dune 3 they should have cool aniamtions like C&C and Red Alert. [le foiunard]
what about letting players give commands while the game is paused. [Wild Bill]
Get Dune 2 Full version on to your web page so people can download it to play [David]
More intelligent AI players would help and some new units different for each house would be appreciated as well. [PowerEnd]
Ok, Here's the REAL idea...I don't think this idea should be for Dune 3 but they should call it "Dune:The First Person Adventure" or something...The player is the fighter. But this is in a 3D world kind of like Mechwarrior. You would be able to select your units and control them in a first person view inside the vehicle or as the soldier. Can you imagine a seeing a Devastator coming your way and your only an infantry? If you are a vehicle, for example a Devastator, you are able to see the controls of the vehicle i.e. the self destruct button instead of accidentally double clicking on the unit and it blows up in a whole crowd of your troops. Ok, if your an infantry, you would be able to use a joystick or keypad to move him around like Lara Croft in TombRaider. You would also be on the sand and be ground level with all other terrain like mountains, cliffs, rocks, spice. And speaking of spice...Do we actually know how it looks like? Or do we just harvest it knowing it's the orangy looking thing on the sand? This game should have extreme details. Also, infantry and other units should be able to drop thier weapons and pick them back up again. I mean if you were carrying a gun and someone shoots a rocket up your a$$, would you still be holding your gun? I mean it has to be as real as life. They should also be able to pick up other weapons such as an opponent's weapon and newer weapons such as grenades or something. I have many more ideas but I don't it can all fit. [AznKoOoLy]
Dunes cool, why change it? I think we should be able to use carry-alls to transport men. More mercinarys and smugglers! Better vehicles, and different ones that look different for each House. Drop the stupid Ordos!(my friend loves them. kidding, don't drop them). Maybe you could control one of your vehicles!(drive it, shoot,you know). Atriedies are cool. THE SLEEPER HAS AWAKEN! [Scott Frost]
Why not let the freman catch and ride the sandworms like they did in the movie. [Gonz]
Make all the fightinging hand-to-hand. Also infantry should be able to scale walls, have multiple weapons, and be useful against tanks. it sucks when you have 20 fremen run over by a single tank. oh yeah, what happened to AIR UNITS! [tony]
Okay, I may be relatively new to the Dune 2K world, but I think it's time to get serious about this. I think a game called Dune 2000: Beyond Arrakis would be cool. I mean, the story doesn't have to end with the emperor's death. Have the houses move off of Arrakis. Like was said many times before, you could throw the Ixians, Bene Gesserite, etc. into the mix. Perhaps you could say that the emperor's son/daughter comes back to reclaim lost territory. The war could go to Caladan. I think that, rather than simply throwing new units out, we should come up with a good plot line first (although I think that there should be a fog of war, one that goes away when radar is active, making it even more valuable). [MazaNaza]
I think that the ordos have a sniper [Mauro]
a relaystation for harvesters, on the sand? bigger silo's, a hospital for militia, advanced windtraps mine's [joost amsing]
smarter ai, and put some efort into it for crist sake (it's pathetic now ) [goodnsic]
Well, Dune2000 is cool.. Dune 3 has to be exceptional and more like the book, you don't have to imagine anything all the cool stuff is in the book. [fix]
duncan idaho and all the rest of the cool people as single characters that you are given at the start of the mission i for one would love to see a Bene G charge lead by the famous Bashar Miles teg more houses i want to be the stinking Bene T or the Honered matres and if fremen are so hard like in the books why then do we have them being slaughted by tanks. like in the film ..on arrakis it is desert power.. no tanks..only ornithocopters, carryalls and infanrty... you could have differnt infantry types..like in warhammer..loads of different men..with differnt characteristics and heros wiht are of infulance [HARD HARKONNEN]
New Kind of units for the game [Pav72]
haring in Multiplayer games (energy, spice, units and buildings (REPAIR PAD) with allied players!! [Cancerman]
Dune 2000 in itself is a great game, but with the game being set in space and all, there should be aircraft! And when I say aircraft, I mean at least three DIFFERENT aircraft per side that you can control. For instance, bombers, fighters, or hovercraft. From my past experience, and I know that this would make Dune 2000 even more of a C&C ripoff, Dune 2000 should also have a navy. I could go on, but more ideas would change the game TOO much. [Sphere007]
Stick to the story-line. The books are full of palace intruige and desert hand to hand combat. More house specific units/buildings, and what on earth happened to the Bene Gesserit? [Idahoe]
When someone sends a message to you (eg mercenaries) you should get a little secuance in a corner of the screen with an actor talking to you like the mentats. Also off-planet locations, like Wallach, Ix, the bene Tlielax, Salusa Secundis, Kaitain, Caladan etc that you attack to secure power for your house. Involve the Guild, the Bene Tlielax, the Bene Gessarat, Ix etc-these are supposed to be so powerful so why do they only get a brief mention? You should be able to play House Corrino and the Fremen. The houses should be different and fight different-in Dune 2 and 2000 they were pretty much the same. Also different weapons-shields and lasguns should be there (except for Arrakis) and cause a random explosion if they touch-from small to bigger than Death Hand-also something should be said about the Ordos having a computer-mentat and the Harkonnens having atomics, wern't you supposed to be in BIG trouble if you used atomics? [S. Baldrick]
Why did Westwood let out many of the controls used in Red Alert like the formation move? And why can't I put infantry together on one square with the ALT+ click combination without removing all soldiers from the square and then send them there again? This was standard in C&C and would help much in organizing the base defences! [Nyles Retrog]
Like the game, but it is simular to Dune2. You could at least added some new maps. All the maps in dune 2000 almost look the same! Another tip is: The motion of the troopers realy suck! for example: look at the motion of the human in Age of Empires these are realy realistic! And the graphics of these human are much better! But anyway I like the game keep up the good work! [travis]
1. Barracks should have an option of building multiple units at once 2. Landscpae should have certain areas, where it is changeable. For instance: You could send few troops and shoot thru the mountain to make an access route so that it is possible to make sneak attacks; could have special units for it, yet that would ruin the secrete. [hxzone]
Maybe take a *real* close look at Blizzard... StarCraft, Brood War... they haven't gotten game of the year awards for practically *every* game they make for no reason... Dune's a good game, but put it next to StarCraft, and it's a kid's walk in the park man... [Ast]
Dune 2000 is defenetly one of my favorite games but it would be cooler if you could upgrade it so their would br a few new units but still have the devestator be the bet unless you have a devestator two wich would be a little faster a little more powerful(look a little diferent) and about the same range as a combat tank when ever Im defending my base with these things they always get out ranged(I know about the gaurding butt I don't like it because they never al shoot at the same time some go diferent directions and then when I atack and am inthe midle of theire base and hit gaurding MY TANKS GO AFTER THE GOD DAM HARVESTER AND LET THE ENEMY TANKS KILL THEM. [dune ruler]
this game is cool. thou you can't use that one unit the empire has... and all buildings ARE the same! I mean, that is the most suckiest thing on it!. and the planet could use more creatures. and have SOME water! how could they survive without water?! End [Kenny]
FOG OF WAR!!!!! [Hanuman]
you should be able to press a button and build the last thing you builded [joost amsing]
An "auto build" option would be nice. So you could tell it to build say 20 troopers without having to keep clicking on it. It would also be nice for them to release a map editor for it. [Adam Charnock]
how about a FAR larger battle space, when C&C came out, the space they gave you was about max for the computers back then, but with optomized computers these days, you could have maps 10 times bigger... i think the new dune should be just a master game, where its ALOT longer and epic [ZaX]
Can Heal to infantry Unit and can control air unit And update speed to game dune2000. [HUT]
Can download new unit every week and Newmap in Multiplayer and misson editor. [HUT]
LASGUN!LASGUN!And their interaction with sheilds. And sheilds. No projectiles remember?!?! Fremen should be able to ride worms. And infantry transport. Carryall and Ornithopter controll. Houses should differ more drasticly and have more units. More aircraft. More terrain. [Mr. Me]
I think there should be a Dune game were you can be a unit. Even if it has to be inside a base. You can be any House including, Emperor, Mercinary, Ixian, Smugeler, and Fremen. [William]
make that easy and add better options. Introduce Commando or a Hero of the game. Thanks. [Mohsin Ali]
Everything changed except the ideas. Graphics, Storyline, Game Play. Dune 2000 was one of the worst games of 1998 even Gamespot says so. Dune 3 needs to be worked on a lot more. [Bobo Man]
Maybe another side????How about play as Emperor!I think each side must have different kinds of soldiers. Maybe electric fences. [Kosh_Kzer]
No more betas and too much software etc. to include! [Saint Liar]
Think about a better AI engine, those tanks that are under attack and just look around doin' nothing. Release a kind of expansion featuring new units. Try to create a diferrence between the house eith their units (all of them got almost the same unit!!!) Create heros with specifics missions. [Bobspirit]
Their are to little of enemies in dune 2000 and i need a transport men and special weapons because when i attack my that have fast vechiles are dead by the time my heavy artillery and infantry. I say make a hover craft witch can carry men a 1 tank for ordos. Atredies should have a flying trnsport that carrys one tank or 5 soldiers. The harkonnen should have a metal worm witch can attack other worms as well as carry 5 troops and 1 tank. Each of these vechiles should be equipped with one light mach. gun or a missle launcher. [Jared Lauer]
When i play the game is like a C&C total conversion. This game is Dune, not C&C! Map editor would make the game much better.(not that i dont like the game) You call that weapons machine guns?its like a beretta with a soldier that can shoot very fast. Nuke strike can be good. :) Practcally there are not any planes to fly! I wanted to buy a good strategy game cause it would have MODERN AIR-FIGHTERS.Also 5 or 6 kinds of them on EACH side. This would make the game better! [Throumbas]
I think that pretty much everyone is mad at westwood for making dune2 the shit and then selling out andusing a frekin c&c game engine you might as well just make the units look different in c&c.i love westwood but there going to far and ruining games they better come up with something cool fast like Dune III "The battling Dynasties" and integrate alot of there older and mor subject based material [Zeb]
I think there should be an ad on where you can attack the home planets of Harkonnen, Atreides, Ordos and the Empire. There should be spacecraft {WEaponry, transport etc.} that you can use to land armies on other planets or move to a different part on Arrakis {Dune}. If you could do that then you could build armies on your planet and you'd have more challenge {The other houses could attack your planet and steal your spice or destoy you} You should also be able to be the Fremen and Empire. I think that an add on with all of that and more units and more houses should be designed and made! [Tiger]
When does the REAL sequel to DUNE2:The building of a Dynasty come?... I'm still Waiting../By the way "Dune"2000 sucks (They should have released it as C&C2000). Some improvements from Dune2 to the new game; Better graphics, and more diplomacy.(and this time; keep the mentat help system) GOOD LUCK!!!(refering to D2000 you'll surely need it) [Robert]
hey any body play dune for sega the death hane was so powerful that one good hit and youve pretty much had it. less powerful is good but it could be more accurate. finally you need controllable carryalls,and new units for each house not the same except for a few speacial. [jaybird]
there should be different structures and units [nick]
These are interstellar civilizations. They should have space ships. There should also be more houses involved. In the Dune MUSH there are over 50 major houses. There should be the Mioritani, The Whelhizer, Iasi and many others. Also the game should be more like the real dune not C&C. [Moe]
that the houses could become ally and crash the ather enemy [aviad]
okay, i think this has been said for a 1000 times already, yet, i really want WW to release another patch (as you probably know, they have already released a patch but it was kinda useless, 3 crappy new units where you need a high tech fact for to build......)that adds MORE UNITS! 'cause all the houses are the same! It doesnt even have to be free. Just an add on in the store, but then with some new missions too, new music (cuz i like the dune music), and especially NEW UNITS. And i mean many, and also "house specific" units (ie: atreides gets and apc, harkonnen get's aircraft, ordos gets a commando sorta thing) and as i said, MANY NEW UNITS, or dune2000 wont be more than a cheap Command and conquer rip off. Cuz thats what it is now.... I really hope Westwood will release such a patch [MickeyV]
Trooptransport by air | More intelligent defence (every units joins fights, tanks driving over infantry, ) | Build queues | Standard actions: track attacked harvesters, defend attacked harvesters, retreat attacked harvesters, track units) | smart positioning on mass-attacks (or else you shoot yourself) | units should stay away from turrets, etc. when only driving by [Jhonny W Turner]
i want the siege tank to be more like the original from dune2, not the cheesey artilery from c&c and ra (i mean artilery is a great unit, but the siege tank was so cool) [Nysos C. Dedes]
bigger worms, more worms, more new units as well as houses [Yoni Vega]
Well, it says Dune 3... And there ARE more than 2 Dune books... Get my point? :) [Padishah]
have more units, and better turrets,and different types of walls ( like in c&c red alert's sand bag, concrete wall,barbed - wire. [Fighter03]
well,i think that the infantry should die from one hit of a tanke blast and that the bodies should decay like in c&c RA. [ooga]
Upgrading the Ordos Saboteur that you can use him as a sniper [Ordos]
new tank and new building..!! [D@vid]
that the devidator fire on the unit and building!!.. [R@Mdo]
It's a fantastick game but more different unit's and a Worm rider. I woud like to play on Calada or Giedi Prime, or think if you coud blast the Harkonen Baron`s head of ( i`m allways playing Atreides (the only right) [Mua-dib]
Fremen should have house should be able to build mentats need map editor where you can build units and have triggers like starcraft need FEDAYKIN. [sanguine]
Ok, I loved the game, but the flaws I did see were in the units. Add more diversity, instead of having a bunch of tanks common to all the houses. And add some units that make you use the right side of your brain (stealth tanks, chronospheres, gap generators, etc.) or maybe even a Tanya/Commando type character [the masked wombat]
and add some non-base missions. these actually required some strategy. Have raids on silo yards, or to steal the harkonnen nukes, and stuff like that. a handful of non-base missions would really spice up the game [the masked wombat]
Every thing about the Dune games are great. So are these new ideas. My idea is about some units, like how can an infantry fighter not die when getting shot by 5 tanks. A small detail that should be changed. [Josh Stuenkel]
1) Support 3dfx 2) New Unit like Boat , ... 3) new Technology 4) New Tank 5) No turret for kill infantry 6) More mission 7) Faster game engine!! 8) more house , new building.. [Smith]
First I want to say that Dune2000 rules. But it would even be better when adding more detais from the movie: fremen riding worms e.g. What I dont like is that the ordos are weaker than the Atreides and Harkonnen. And I don't thing the devastator is really conform his name. He's pretty easily to kill. [Leonard]
3D terrain/dunes, sandstorms/climate, night and day fighting, weirding modules, definately better graphics, stronger atomics for the Harkonnen and what happened to the Siege Tank from Dune2 ???? [Del'Rahem]
More houses, more politics: House Corrino, Ixians on their own (with tons of tech: tanks, airpower), the Bene Theilax (with gholas), Fremen on their own (which they can ally with House Atreides later), Mercenaries (who will forge a relationship with House Ordos) and the Emperor's own Sardaukar (possibly they could work out something with the Harkonnen?). Individual structure designs (now the structures for each house only differ in color and slight details. The only different buildings are the barracks, hi-tech factory and palaces): Fremen should have structures that look very similar to seitches, camouflaged and are able to be constructed on sand and Ixian structures to look really futuristic and have in-built turrets. A lot of detail has been put into unit details (e.g. seige tanks works best against infantry, quads are vulnerable against rockets), so more work should be put into building details: Atreides should be able to produce airforce (carryalls, ornithopthers, new units?) faster than other houses (and cheaper, too), Ordos and Mercenaries get cheaper prices and shorter wait time when ordering through the Starport, Fremen sietch barracks produce infantry faster (does not require upgrades for troopers, engineers, thumpers and maybe fedaykin?) and mine spice faster and Harkonnen tanks are produced faster. More details...ornithopters should be controllable, not just an airstrikes force. Multiple building/training, like in Dune2 : more factories, more tanks!(think:multiple ornithopters at one go, or Death Hands aimed at each enemy base!). More new units! Each House have almost the same units...how about Ixian lasgun tanks or trike shield generators(send those Sandworms in a frenzy! Not to forget a powerful explosion when lasgun lasers and shields meet). Fremen should be able to control Sandworms. Sandworms should be bigger, and instead of just swallowing tanks, they should also be able to appear out of the sand, scraping and damaging units!! Ability to create waypoints so that built/trained units automatically head for a specific area. Units should be able to guard other units (especially harvesters!) rather than just areas, following the guarded unit wherever it goes. Better game objectives : Atreides and Fremen to turn Arrakis into a green planet with trees and water, Harkonnen to monopoly the Spice and crush the Atreides, Corrino to destroy the planet...more FMV!!! Dune2000's FMVs are good and the actors play their part well, but maybe bring back the Mentat help option(in FMV???). [AC]
I, for one, would like to see less emphasis on projectile weapons. People forget that this is based on a book. The Fremen used mostly han-to-hand tactics and small handguns, not multiple, huge machine guns like some people seem to want. Also, emphasis on shields. In the book, shields repelled projectile weapons so people fuoght han-to-hand. I'd like to see a group of fremen with crysknives like whirling demons. Also, troopers w/ lasguns and their interaction w/ shields. [Mandingo]
Intelligent troops that don't stand there if they're being shot at. We should be able to choose the path the troops take (like in the intro to MechCommander) do it like "paintbrush" from windows. Force crush works a little too well. Orinthopters and carryalls like Orcas and transports from C+C. Machine gun turrets. Any civilization with interstellar travel would have sattelites, reveal the whole map. Harvestors and mcvs that don't just sit there like targets (I had a mcv attack a few tanks once *@&$ at least in C+C they were good crushers). Options beside westwood online that dosent' work, or a multiplayer cd for friends (XvT). My Dune2000 has a practice mode in the multiplayer menu, why dosen't yours? [General Bob]
more units air units more houses better graphics larger maps different planets (no more deserts please) [El Zorro]
Give aircrarts units to buy and some battle ships to buy to [Haqim]
Why don't you actually READ THE BOOK ?, or if reading makes your lips ache , watch the movie [Harley]
1)BIGGER BADDER WORMS not those stupid pussies you can kill so easily 2)carryalls must bring back units the same spot after repair 3)sonic tanks should be immune to thier own weapons 4)house corrnio should be added 3)and the atredies mentat was thufir hawat. 4)oh yes the harkonnan and atredies are "sworen enemies" the donot fight alongside each other. [Paul Atredies]
Since David Linch is very intrested in the world of computer games, and he directed the movie, I think it would be a good idea io involve him in the proyect. [jrp]
Make the gameplay for every house compleatelly different (eaven more drasitc than starcraft). Every house with completelly diffrent units. Add a new house; the "house" of freemen (actually not a house, but you know what I mean), where the strategy wouldn,t be on building units, but on controlling using worms and infantry. [jrp]
3D Terrain (infinite zoom, pan ability), Random Map Genorator, Map Editor, Multiplayer cooperative play with shared units, Bene geserite spy/sabotoge units, cheat codes (some people like em :), smugglers to steal enemy units (permanantly), sand worm control, pricentient vision (see random enemy units), no-ships (see dune books), multi-planet takeovers (dune: control the universe game!), unit equip (like Dune 1), sattelite attack units (no reference anywhere, just nice to have :), All houses with Nuclear, Bene Geserite, Fremen (troops/slaves) units. [Beholder]
make a invincible unit... ala cheat code... wwkfa? [catboy]
screw dune3k... dune is dead. [catboy]
Ability to make and command your own "worms" [Jag]
Make the freman a real independency movement (no alliance with any house) and transform them into an extra and often occurring threat to every house, like the worms are. [Andre Vos]
Dune 2-fashioned repair site. The carryalls were able to transport units to the repair site and BACK! The ability to control carryalls. [KuRT]
Lasgun infantry and reverend mother infantry would be nice. More missions, Guild support for special wepons [Nova]
New units but just for a certain house that have something new and not the same as old Dune 2 and it must have some style !! [Stephan]
i no i already had a big fit but, is west wood actually going to see this i hope so! we don't need more Dune2 sorry C&C with dierent pics. WE THE PEOPLE WANT A NEW GAME NEW ENGINE MORE LIKE BOOK. knifeman not mini gunner - no projectiles REMEBER? [skeeter]
Another Dune would be a great advancement if new and more respected actors/actresses were to move into the plot. Perhaps include House Corrino as a new attack following upon the the emperors fall. Russel Crowe could act as a Harkonnen Mentat, Jurgen Prochnow as Atreides mentat, Rutger Haur as a general Ordos Advisor and lastly a female should take the reigns as a mentat for House Corrino. [Film Critic]
Fremen with Krys knives riding worms, lasgun sietches. Involve politics the guild berne gessite. The emperor was allied with the harkoneen. IN THE BOOK THE WERE NO REFINERIES HAVESTERS WERE SO HUGE THE DID THEM SELVES!! Mentats from the book pieterde hayt and thuifir hawat in the later ordos mission HARKONNEN FIGHTING ALONG SIDE THE ATREIDIES Ahem.. I DONT THINK SO... [skeeter]
The programmers should create a tougher trooper, like the emporer's guards except heavier machine gunS (plural) [Lenin S. ucks]
You should be able to control the sandworms like in the book. [Dark Venom]
Each house own structures & units.More houses!! [Indodani]
you all are crazy after dune 2000 you want more think about software they dont want to make it so only the best computers can play it you all nedd to think from now on ok [alan]
Use the Emperor as a seperate house for gameplay [Stilgar]
W H E R E I S D U N E ? ? ? I want Dune and not Command and Conquer. [Brainwave]
APCs and Air units that can be controled. Battles on the House's homeworlds and not just Dune, desert gets boring after a while. [Destroyer of Worlds]
Make it more like the books... [FILIPE]
orni control. umm, the mentat help. and the worms should be a bit smarter. i mean, when i just got the game, there was the worm sighting thing when i played. the worm didn't even get near my harvester. and like the AI, you should be able to bring troops to the enemy on carryall. and wat aboout 3d grapichs? i got wargames just now, and the grapics are so awesome compared to dune2000. it is prety good. too much similar to dune2 though. [Shuma007]
make to all houses some kind of wormsands who can ut soldiers [amir]
Lazguns (heavy infantry), shields (w/ maddening effect on worms), family atomics (condemed by all houses), Ixian No-rooms, Freeman (as house) with Fedaykin (death commandos). More emphasis on water. Troop level missions w/in city/building. Reverend Mothers have blue/blue eyes (unlike game movie)! Improve AI! [Bashar Teg]
Make the it like dune 2000 not C&C with new graphics. The game could use skirmish, like red alert. In the movie dune the worm is big and terrible, and then in the game its a litle sand dune. Make it bigger, quik. Nice job anyway. [DUNE2! FAN]
Make the units a lot bigger and make the buildings a little smaller. There's no room for structures that big. Also, you should be able to make more than one unit a t a time. (the more barracks you have the more units you should be able to make instead of just one at a time! [Tailoft]
Different units for each house, it boring when you always see the f..... same units. AN I WANT BIG WORMBLASTERS.... [Orthodoxxx]
I wish it had an map editor and more maps it just gets boring just with one exralarge map and some med and small dosent anyone have the same frustrations!! [Rolly]
Make more houses and more units. Make the fremen able to tame the worms and ride them like the movie. [Muad'dib]
Ermm... Instead of being... Like an over head view, there should be a 3d first person view like Dungeon Keeper or Quake 2, not saying they're any good like, and have it 3DFX compatiable so that you can see their expressions in the mens faces .... GREAT! There also should be more units [Timboy Wilson]
I love heavy machine guns!No other game has them so why doesnt anybody make a troop-style with a machine gun?Sure these `machine guns` that shoot 3 bullets per 2 secs, i haveseen them, but i mean 100bullets per second!!! What would be more rocking than these? [Andrew]
a custom system to make your own units, what it looks like and trade with other peoples on the internet. more controlable air units. And make it like starcraft where u have 3 different houses that build different things and units. and a cheat system where u just press enter and type in a cheat [Chris]
9x9 tiles [tpe]
The Orinthopter needs to offer more control, currently you build it and it goes and attacks. I want to be able to build an armyt of them and send them after the Enemies. [Craig]
add Flying units [AL CAPONE]
Game could be based more fro the practical strategist. I would like to see varied weapons besides tank capabilities and special weapons fro each house. A Map editor. More Units! and Control over air vehicles. [BOBBO]
Faster carryall (like Dune 2) [Gogo]
A few changes here: Have extra Houses... For instance, make the Fremen, Sardakaur, Mercnearies, and so forth, all as differet player choices... Make the AI a LOT better, and throw in some of the best points of other RTS games, like War Wind, and Dark Reign... Bring back the Mentat Help system, and throw in an in-game Commander that must not be killed (like in Total Anihilation!) [Taybian]
Make the units BIGGER in dune 2 they wher nice now in dunke2k they are petit [Kote]
Skirmish mode, and have different buildings for each house and more air units, not just 100% ground just about (like starcraft) [Vincent]
A map terrain editor [Chocky]
allows use of carryall like the chinook in red alert, better units, better drawings of the units, more houses, the buildings of each house should also be completely different so as to make each house different [Eradicator]
Sonic tanks are invulnerable for their own weapon... [Timen]
Have a better ending movie. I played for a few hours to finish the game, and was sorely disappointed. [Damien]
Get in the game,control the lead command vehicle from its 2D veiwpoint. [BRIAN]
I would like to see more people in one game like 10-20 and mroe diplomacy.... So like 4 players united and then place sanctions to restore peace or bomb the people. (This isn't Dune related but) I would like a game based on today, accurate weapons and countries and stuff would make it so so so so interesting (ie. a map of the world with 4 players and with different countries, the maps could be huge then make big armies and peacekeeping missions and stuff. Also like "The early-bird gets the bonus" So the host picks a country and then that country isn't available to the others. [UBC_Wiskatos]
The worms used to scare me in Dune2, now they're just... there. Also what happened to the carryalls taking the repaired units back to the attack site?! [Rockdogg]
Cutscenes between missions (not pointless ones). Tracks in the Sand. People who look different from C&C. Selecting to build more than one at a time. Single concrete blocks. Many more units. Mentat should return. Stick closer to either the film or books. [Mimus]
Better AI and fremen riding worms and bene gesserit more like the book [Leto II]
More units and controllable air and sea units. That you're missing. Larger images, since their so small. More buildings and bring back the Mentat. Also add more houses, like the Super Dune 2 (revised version of Dune 2), where you can play the Emperor, Mercenaries and Fremen. Even the Worm. Anyway keep up the good work. [Axis_Hypher]
1) right click feature: sorry to say this, but same as starcraft 2) carryalls transporting units to battle 3) armored transport vehicles 4) accuracy for the death hand + its supposed to be atomics, it shoud be more destructive 5) sandworms can be controlled [Archangel]
Reduce power usage on buildings, I feel boring to build zoundz of wind traps, repared units must bu returned to that point where they was taken from. big need of some transport units to cary soldiers, enginiers, etc. [Martynukas]
Loyalty ratings for all units. too many suicide missions for your troops will wear hard on you popularity, causing: desertions, bad combat, mutiny and tratorious tendencies. More uses for the carryalls and give them at least a gun, damnit. MORE UNITS, special units for each house and obvious differences between the all houses (do they all make the same tank?) ellimination of all cheat codes and anything to be used as a cheat. map and unit editor, more buildings and types. characters within houses; missions within missions(melding of strategy and rpg) [DeShirvo]
2 words TERMONUCLEAR WARFARE......like the tec level is pretty high but where r the massive and balistic weapons of mass destruction! nuclear suicide squads.... [turbanator]
tanks that can dig themselfs into the soft ground (not the build ground) and apear again and shoot the hell out of some other units. [NcM_4t8]
Defintely a larger variety of units! The game can be made so that certain houses focus more on firepower... some on speed... There should be a house which create only light vehicles! And another house which only create heavy vehicles! Then perhaps another with uncrushable infantry because the infantry can hide under the sand when a heavy unit attempts to squish them? [Mr_TSP]
I think the fremen should have a house that you could use. I think the fremen should have the ability to control sandworms. The fremen house should also have fremen heaps of cool buildings, units, palaces. I also think the fremen house should be able to build sandworms. I think there should be a patch that allows you to do this! [Jonathan Liu]
I agree with a lot of things on this list, especially ornithopter control, the air-strike style is horrible. I think that some kind of terrain variety would be nice. I prefer Palace Fremen when they come at a random place in the map too. [Alex]
A turret that has a a powerful machinegun to get rid of those men that aren't really affective to gun turrets and others and you should have double barreled tanks and tanks with machine guns to have more affect on every unit. Also there should be different types of tanks e.g light tank, medium tank, heavy tank, devestator or devastator tank! Come on! make the game a bit realistic [Dune2000 maniac]
a EDITOR that makes your own maps for multiplayer and so u can make campaigns! they had most of that in RedAlert! why not in Dune? Did they forget? I was looking forward to making maps! [FireGlow]
stronger & smarter harvester [pie]
People who want more untis and downloadable units have to realized this game is based on somehing. TA and the rest are not. Imagine playing a game that is based on todays technology and you download some wacko units like Light-Speed-Ultra-Fast-Tank!!! Also people you need to think a little. The challange people! The challange, what is the point of fighting as Emperor if the emperor controls Dune, and the challange is pointless then. Also there is no need for new units, this game is based on the conquest of Dune and all the units are there. People who want other parts of Dune it should be called Space Attack or something! [UBC_Wiskatos]
C&C Tiberium Sun graphics, with night missions and "smart" harvesters and infantry. I would like Caryalls to bring untis to a specific area but therefore a little reduce in armor and speed. 3 Houses is enoguh, but I would like to see more of the animals that live on Dune. Death Hands should be more powerful. The Heavy Tank should be like in Dune 2 not a Battlefield Support Vehicle! Bigger maps, random map, better ai, elevation advantages and line-of-sight. Fog-of-War! I don't want to see everything. Special walls you select it and then you drag how long you want it and gates too. Changing terrain like new dunes over time and then holes. Better graphics, more smoother vehicles. Also how can the MSN Gaming Zone support 6 players at once and you can't 4 on Westwood Online! I want that solved! [UBC_Wiskatos]
Make the harkonnen devastor tank able to turn their turrets to shoot in another direction instead of turning entirely [Junior_Q]
turrets shoots the strongest unit of the in coming enemy forces not the troops [kiloperone]
An example from netplay is that you should be able to collaborate with other houses. Have that be your objective and you fight together. There should also be like nine or ten different houses. [natedogg]
You can control orniphopters instead of them just flying around!! [Viper119]
Should totally have the DARK REIGN engine! Like... having unit queueing, waypoint setting and all the stuff! Dune 2K unfortunately lacks on these things! [xLAG-]
please make the patch for dune 2000, so i can play house of emperor. [Ceasy]
Like In Red Alert, A Kind of Skirmish Thing, where ya can set the tech level and chosse maps and stuff. For people who don't have the internet or a shitty connection. And of Course a mission maker and map editor [FoUrThHoRsEMaN]
Westwood must pay more attention to the soundeffects. Red ALert was terrible!!! Dune2000 is a somewhat better...but i can be so much more (C&C was great)!!! [Mike S. Wolf]
Better music!! Like Dune2 had it. When an attack comes, the music is becoming faster and louder... in Duke2K the music keeps the same within a attack. [Gurney]
In Dune 2000 the base and detail colors of the buildings change. I feel that the base color of the units should do the same. [Timothy Woodward]
i reakon that it should have more graphics and men [david stewart]
New units! new FAST units!! diferent unitz for the houses! diferent buildings for the houses! more houses! [netors]
make it more realistic, people blow up if they get hit with tanks shots, tanks get blown up with a missle hit etc.... [Bad Boy]
Make more vehicles and much larger bases to destroy and build. The bases are too small and easy to defeat. [Kaufman-Dickson]
A commander in the battlefield! Add-on units! Neutron missiles! Grenadiers! APC's! Seabattle! New worlds! Flamers! Mines! Helicopters! More defensive buildings! Paratroopers! Hovercrafts! Multiweapon vehicles! Advanced wind trap! Unit upgrades! Shields(you know, those that wear off after a few shots)! More warnings! Aircrafts! A nuke with a better explosion! An acurate nuke! Martyrs! Cloakable tanks! Thats all folks! [RedEye]
desert creatures! Like giant spiders, snakes, beasts and other. Bad weathers, like hurricanes, earthquakes and lots more! [RedEye]
key code for dune 3!and new unit! [romdo]
Make more units and more special effects. Also maybe more houses.Or make an option to create your own house with whatever units u want.And an option to create your own units. [NIK]
SOMEBODY build a patch like for Dune 2 so that you can play as fremen, sardaukar, and mercs. Really would open up playability and give more options. Also like more ideas from the books... lasguns, shields, and fremen riding the shai-hulud. [Miles Teg]
More resistant and more powerful Devastators, Sonic Tank do not damage another Sonic Tank (Like in Dune II)! [Zuthd]
Saving multiplayer games!! [Zuthd]
Ornithopters like in Dune II! Weaker infantry&troopers(except Sardaukars)! If a missile hits me, I would explode and I don't think that I would survive tank attack! [Zuthd]
What about grenadelaunchers? [Barend]
Greater variety in upgradable units ex. level 1/2 sonic tanks and rocket launchers [Barend]
Can upgrade units ex.for stronger armour [Barend]
You set your units in a formation and they should move in formation. [Barend]
This might not be Dune 3 but mabey have a game like doom, and you are a fremen warrior or something and you have to fight off the Harkonnen?! [Martin Lambert]
Mentat Help System [Zolar, egon]
A sequel DUNE: The Messiah's Jihad should be made based on the second and third books. You'd have to master the galaxy to believe in the messiah as Muad'dib, and have the bene Gessaret's, the Guild, the previous emporer, and the other two house fighting against you. As the first two games were so different this one could work as a stategy game more like Star Wars Rebelion. [Gorgan]
I think you should add a bene gesaret school of learning. Once built it could allow you to see the entire map, even the unexplored regions. Also it could create Bene Geserets who would work as powerful deviators only availible to the atreides and ordos. [Gorgan]
Cheaper selling price [Bud]
As everybody says, the ability to ride the worms with the fremens. More and different units from each house (as C&C). A good map editor, the ability to control the Ornithopters (as the longbows in Red Alert) [Paul Atreides]
Being able to build one unit of a given class for each building you have to build that class. I'd like to see the Fremen ride the worms -- and use them in combat. [Aibeira]
More orders for carryalls. (e.g. let carryalls bring undamaged units to places, for sneek attacks) Slabs have to be 6X6 or 12X12 squares. Much handier. Units leaving tracks in the sand, foot prints of infantry. The Nuke of Harkonnen must be much more effective! [The Emperor]
The rules.ini idea, so u can make some new kewl weapons! [Psycho Phreek]
The Multiple factories, so u can build multiple things at once! [Psycho Phreek]
Make the Harkonnen Devastator faster. Also bring in an option so that you can have your units guarding your harvester for instance. Also when a Harvester gets attacked by infantry let him drive over them. On another note, let carryalls pick up my units faster so that they don`t get detroyed while the d*mn carryall is just hovering over. [InvokE]
Bring back the Harkonnen troopers from Dune2, I see them in the cut scene, but I don't see them in the game, Whats is up with that?! [Mr.X]
There should be a code or three to play as the Emperor, the Fremen, or the Smugglers in the single-player game. And what happened to the Mentat info screen??? also, these units are so stupid! instead of going in a straight line, they go everywhere!!! [mr. fool]
the ability to steal turret with engineer like in the game dune for genesis, make the units BIGGER and be logical about the distance of firing power..ex:a rocket luncher fire further than a tank..etc [obelix948]
More Units and real air power instead of just airstrikes(like C&C) [Iron Viper]
Larger maps, HUGE MAPS! [Bebert]
I want to create formations of troops and vehicles that stay in formation when I move them! [BLUE-EYES]
Use the arrow keys to move over the screen instead of scrolling the building tab. [Cochrane]
More air units, like in red alert migs and choppers instead of just airstrike [Pimp_Daddy]
It's hard to believe that Dune 2000 is made on a new engine. It's very similar to RA, and that kinda suxx. Also, you should be able to build several troops at once. And where did the Mentat go? [Big Pete]
Let the game have Multiple selection of units while you build eg build 10 units at a time [Maudib]
Palace of fremen like it was in the first Game! Fremen attacing on there own, and multiple palaces. [Gkar]
How about the ability to request reinforcements when you are in big troble! and another thing, faster, and smarter carryalls [NShade]
Let Carryalls deploy troops whereever I want. [Tracer]
Map editor is missing [robert]
More worms PERIOD! [Matt Mayse]
Improve unit pathing abilities... [Black_Diamond]
Stop your units from running around like idiots and not shooting at anything [Black_Diamond]
Slow units to shoot while moving (ie like Starcraft and TA) [Black_Diamond]
Show unit strengths of enemies without deselecting your own troops to see them 1 at a time [Black_Diamond]
Add a machine gun turret, ie for anti-personnel duties [Black_Diamond]
Please make the tank drive straight not like some sundaydriver who drive all over the place, the old leader command is a good way to make them drive in packs [Mad Driver]
Make the Emperor as strong as Dune 2 where he can build all the different Special units of each house like in the past!! [PowerMad]
It's a good game and all, but how bout you guys start letting us have a way to capture and ride the sandworms? Ya know, like in the movie. that would be great, it would make allying with the freman much more valuable. [Lady Jessica]
I miss the animation between mission. Not just the mentat and order movie. [VirtualKar]
Troops with swords/knifes. [Samael]
Better AI. [Myron]
you should make i better and not do all this ******* around so that you can have a better game and not have all of us winging about it mean really if dune 2000 is such a good game then why are we all winging about the ****** thing if you want them to shut up then make the god damn thing better or don't make the damn thing either way you started something and you either fix it or finish it i mean you you make it better or people will stop playing and do something better "gavin signing off" [gavin]
Support multi play on WinNT [Mike]
Surround sound [Mauritz]
Ability to turn on fog of war in a multiplayer game (instead of being able to always see an area once you send a unit around which means you can't see the area unless your unit is alive). [JesTa]
Option to turn Transporting with Carryalls on and off for multiplayer game the way the AI gets to (the players can decide before the game starts on whether or not they want to have the ability to transport units with Carryalls because this ability might ruin the fun of a small 2 player map) [JesTa]
Saving in multiplayer games or at least for LAN/Modem games! Don't any of you have friends to play MODEM/Lan games with? [JesTa]
Random Start Locations in multiplayer!!!! [JesTa]
Ability to play as the emperor in multiplayer or skimish mode and more units like in TA or Dark Reign downloadable via the net. Maybe a unit that can ride the worms as the fremen can in the book [D5]
Better turrets it's nearly impossible to build a defence. you have to use plenty of men and tanks. [Crazy]
Bigger units, farther shooting units and finally da LAS GUN [Braden Douglass]
Players that realize it wasn't made to break new grounds, but as the box says "Real-Time Strategy... Created For The Faithful..." if you never liked Dune 2... then just wait for T-Sun... (this is not meant toward all) [Lord Leviathan]
The ability to actually build Ornithopters, like in the original Dune 2 and maybe an airfield to keep them at. [Sevith]
To arm vehicles with any available weapons (including lasguns from the book) [Gol Stoan]
Constant game speed... One speed for all... [Alatar]
MAKE EVERYTHING BIGGER. I can barely see the vehicles and soldiers, etc. [Goat Crapp]
More units ... And much larger maps .. Weapons should shoot far like in ta .. we dont need another warcraft 2 or dark reign [Jeff]
Better AI that has ability to plan multiple flank sneak attack in force [John Smith]
Some better multiplay options. The ability to make teams perhaps? [Lithium]
A random World Generator [Pet]
Ability to select all units of one type simultaneously (ie. double clicking on one unit selects all of that type). [ReddyRNot]
After building extra barracks, factory, etc... Having the ability to have each building a unit instead of just one at a time. [ReddyRNot]
The lady that sounds like she's on drugs from dune 2 that says the into. [MADGUY]
Option of controling single units with arrow keys. [DUZZ]
Fix the multi map cheat it'll be perfect! [CNC_GOD]
Units automatically run to nearset rock when worm aproaches [David Kraics]
Night and day missions like in CnC2 [Del' Rahem]
The ability to catch the worms and carry troops to battle [Archdruid]
Smarter Harvesters [Abnil]
Climate/weather changing, like sandstorms, or dust trails behind vehicles [Del' Rahem]
Full 3D Terrain and units ! (like in total ann.) [Del' Rahem]
Faster overall gameplay! It's too slow! [Grungy]
Advanced Power Building. [Race]
Able to build Sardaukar [dak]
Kill count for each unit [Lexicus]
Random map generation for multiplayer and skirmish/practice modes! [Ant]
Louder explosion sounds! [Del' Rahem]
A map editor [Salacious-Crumb]
'Resolution' option in menus [floyd]
TCP/IP for Internet play! :P Kali and Westwood Chat doesn't count! [Ant]
Needs to be up to date with the standards other RTS (StarCraft, Total Ann) have been setting with regards to AI [Codair]
A patrol command [Drakker]
Units that don't just stand their like idiots when friendlies are being attacked right beside them [Legionary]
Pause button for multiplayer [Lusingando]
More multy maps for Internet [Aviad]
Units leaving tracks in the sand [Greedo]
I notice that in my games, the ingame guiding voice does not tell me when an enemy is approaching, and i hardly ever get contact sound. [Sn][per]
Ability to tell the turrets who to shoot [Praetorian]
Build queues [Moloch]
More dangerous worms [Moloch]
Longer firing range on the Harkonnen Devastator tanks! They're slow, and have to be within 2-3 squares (or so it seems) to fire! [Zutroy]
Ability to queue up multiple units & structures for building [Toby]
Attack & Move hotkey command [Toby]
Better multi without as much lag [mrcleanmr]
Less crashing and lockups [mrcleanmr]
Set speed of multi game before the game starts so there won't be a 'change the speed war' [mrcleanmr]
The mentat help system! [mrcleanmr]
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