Game Features:

  • Three distinct Houses to choose from
  • LAN and Internet multiplayer modes
  • New game interface
  • Completely revised graphics (16 bit high color and 8 bit for faster game play)
  • New game graphics
  • All missions have been updated and refined with new script and story to enhance the game
  • All of the original units and structures plus two new units: the engineer and thumper
  • New cinematics, special effects and music
  • Mercenaries, smugglers and Fremen can effect strategies through oppositions and alliances

Special Effects:

  • Translucent shroud effects
  • Dynamic, real-time lighting effects
  • Translucent smoke, missile trails and explosion effects
  • Particle effect system for explosions

C&C Style Additions:

  • Create teams to carry out specific orders
  • Radar map detects aircraft
  • Return to hot spots instantly using map bookmarks
  • Repair or sell structures as needed
  • Stealth & saboteur units
  • Full-motion video mission briefings
  • Distinct & varied mission objectives
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