Editor Downloads

These are programs that you can use to edit Dune 2000 and are not supported by Westwood.


Shai-Hulud is the map editor of choice for most. It can edit all of the tilesets found in the game and can activate multiple maps at once.


Domination is also a good editor but doesn't support as many tilesets as Shai-Hulud, some like the interface more though.


MED2k was the first map editor released, it doesn't support all the tilesets but some find it works well for map activation.


TibEd was originally a C&C editor but it now supports Dune 2000. It is by far the best editor for the game, and lets you change the stats of nearly every unit/structures. It gives a trial period and after that ends there is a short wait before the program starts.

DuneEdit '98:

DuneEdit'98 is another stats editor and is pretty good but released in beta and no longer being updated. Since it was beta it may cause some problems so download with caution.


VQA to AVI is a ripper/player for the movie files(.vqa) found in Westwood games including Dune 2000. Use this to play the end-level movies or export them as .avi files.

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