Modification Downloads

Modifications will change the way Dune 2000 plays. For more details on modding and editing Dune 2000 visit our forum section on Dune Editing.

Siege Multiplayer Mod:

Makes Dune 2000 multiplayer more challenging. It puts less emphasis on vehicles, but only minimal changes. In total 25 changes to units, weapons, and buildings.

Dune 2000 Aftermath:

Dune 2000 Aftermath is a great MOD that changes the story and other additions, check the readme for more.

Epic Dune:

Epic Dune was the first MOD for Dune 2000. It changes many of the settings of units in the game and gives the game a new feel.

Dune 2000 Advanced:

Dune 2000 Advanced puts more emphasis on the infantry and has a few other interesting changes.

Clash of the Landsraad:

Clash of the Landsraad also has infantry playing a larger role and creates more diversity between the Houses.

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