Map Editor Petition

I set this up after many people started requesting a petition for an official map editor from Westwood. Although Westwood never released an official editor the response was large and now there are map editors created by fans.

After sending Westwood the list of signatures below, that support a map editor, we got this response:

"Sorry, but a map editor for Dune 2000 probably won't be happening."


Dan Dawdy:
With out a map editor this game will die for me! If you can't get more multiplayer maps what's the use. It's dull, lame, and boring a week later. It also needs to allow more starting positions and larger maps. Multiplayer games is where PC gaming has been moving for years, this should be a surprise. In order for a product to survive, WE NEED MORE MAPS NOW!!!! Quake, Doom, Warcraft, Starcraft, Duke3d, etc all allow(note, I didn't say allowed, this is what your game will be, past tense if you don't allow new maps to be generated) map editors and these are all great successes. Do you want Dune 2000 here or at the bottom of the list of Games That Were... I love the game and I hope it doesn't die for me next week, when I'm bored of the same old maps!

Ronald Lindgren:
Alright! I think Everyone wants a Map Editor! WESTWOOD!!! Make it happen cuase if ya dont the game will die out really quick and alot of people will be less moved to buy the next RTS game you come out with. OH YA!!! I think you Shoud Not Charge For It Becuase you guys made the mistake of not making one. Just make it a download with instructiuons on how to add it to the game!

Marc-André Desjardins:
I would be the greatest thing!

Andy G:
Please make a map editor. It will help D2k to compete with other RTS games.

Chris Beyer:
I wish there was a map editor in order to make the game more versitile and challanging. Once you play the game and beat it with every house and every level of play, it just isn't really all that fun anymore. But, if you have a map editor, then you can challange your friends and they can do that same. The life of the game is endless.

hi everyone! a map maker for dune2k would be really great! just do it! peace. holger :)

tom beaumont:
My name is tom beaumont i relly enjoy making maps for Red I relly think I will go well with Dune2000.

I would like to sign your map petition. Also, Westwood, please get a new add-on pack? Fix some of the problems please! It is what the people want, you guys have been too busy with Tiberian Sun! Spend some time on Dune 2000! Its what the people want!

Steven Russell:
It's a great idea to have a map editor in dune2k, coz it would most certainly stretch the longevity of the games lifespan by a great distance. The thought of bing able to make my own base without worrying about being bombarded with tanks and so forth sounds wonderfull.

pierre-luc chabot:
vous avez pas penser aux fric que sa vous raporterais.

Long live the fighters! & the map makers!

Michael Wettstein:
Just make the damn map editor for Dune 2000,You had the guts to make the game at least make the map editor! What more do I have to say!

adriaan window:
an editor that would allow you to include buildings fully functional for the host player while other players try to start for scratch. sort of a handicap feature

hiya, please westwood: Programming a editor (or only a map-editor) for DUNE2000. You are on of the bests in strategy-games, but others firms, e.g. b......d has a fully cool editor in her game (i will dont say the name!) and MANY custom levels and mission are comming out, AND many a cool AND: A Editor (or only map editor) make the game better and it lives in the next months/jears more than without a editor !!!! So Westwood: think about the customer, you live from that !!!!!!!!!!!!

Boudewijn de Jong:'}}
I love D2K, and I agree there should be a map-editor.

A map editor would rock. Please do it!

If they can make an Editor for RA then what`s their problem with one for D2K...... The game is great and having an editor could only make it better...

Abe Waranowitz:

Brandon Fulcher:
Hey, just wanted to support dune 2k. this is the petition, right?

Domenic Datti:
Westwood did a tremendous job on Dune 2000. I, too, would love to create my own scenarios as I did in Dune 2, wether it be a map editor released by Westwood, or by an experienced programmer. Please, send this petition to Westwood in it's entirety. If you don't send it, how will they know we want a map editor? WE WANT A MAP EDITOR!!!! Thanks :)

FJ Hufty:
I am in total agreement with the map editor.. I own almost all the westwood titles out there and still enjoy creating maps for C&C Red Alert. I am looking forward to TS ...

Georg Bye-Pedersen:
Can you give me a map editor to dune2000. I am greatful if you can help on that.

Anita Belzile:
We want the Map Editor for FREE! Why should we be paying for it since we already bought the game! Red Alert had it for free! We should not have to pay for it! PS Make it for campaigns too.

Marc-André Rochette:
I want to create my own map

Ray Rose:
Map Editor would rule!!! Having an map editor would definetly make DUNE2000 even better than it is now. There would be much variety to play against and with.

Anders Jensen-Urstad:
Westwood.. I was really disappointed when I bought the game and then found out that there were no map editor included.. C'mon.. I mean.. How hard can it be making/releasing a map editor? The Westwood people must have had a map editor to create all the maps in Dune2000, so why not refine it and release it for the public? Now I have played each and every map in Dune2000, and I'm getting bored... A map editor means so much.. So PLEASE WESTWOOD, release one!!

Peter Bennett:
A map editor will be great!

John Edsell:
I think it was a bad idea not to put a map editor with the game because it would extend game time if you had a map editor

I would really like to see ww release a map editor for dune 2k.

Fire Dragon:
Most of the popular games today include map / world editors. Some even include SDK's for you to add you own plug in modules (think about bots, or other game modifications to Quake, Quake II, and the derivitive games of those). If you cannot release the map editor, atleast release the specification on how the files are formated so we can write one ourselves!

Brett Crawford

Darcy Anderson:
Dune 2000 is the best game ever, and a map editor would be an awesome addition

je suis francais je representes la france !!!Westwood doit faire un editeur de carte poour relancer le jeu!!! i m french and i represent france!!!westwood must do a map editor to make the game more fun

Hi Where can i find a map editor for Dune 2000 ? And how can i play online *dune 2000* ? Greetinx from the netherlands

Jean Le-Duc:
Please, release a map editor for Dune 2000

I want a map editor

Dune2 is a king of the RTS games, and my favourite one, game of my young ages. Dune 2000 is a total recall. I want to have Dune 2001, but without editor it is unavailable.

Philippe Guay:
Cool game, nice graphic, BUT!!!!! Red Alert HAS a map editor. WHY Dune 2000 doesn't have one?!

Heckler & Koch:
it would be fun to create our own maps for this amazing game! I hope that an expansion pack will be released soon featuring a map editor

Terry Cochran:
I would love to have a map editor for Dune 2000. Surely one hase already been developed. Would it help if we ALL said please

Bjorn Clasén:
The game is awesome, regardless of what most reviewers say. The music is superb and the atmosphere is wonderful. I would LOVE to have a campain editor

I want it !!! I want it !!!

Alexander Korbi
MAKE A MAP EDITOR TO DUNE 2000 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erik Gronvall:
Making a map editor too Dune 2000 is a VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY good idea

Westwood are just plain lazy

Adam Sinden:
I have Dune the original game but while I do not own Dune-2000 yet I intend on getting it real soon. Anything that will extend the life of such an obviously excellent game can only be good

Patrick magee:
Please make a map editor for this oldie

Sibren Fetter:
I just cannot wait to make my own maps for the best game ever

Red Overlord:
I think a map editor will be make the game more intresting

Matt Farrell:
I think a map editor is a great idea. I agree a map editor would greatly extend the life of the game

map editor

Justin Norman:
I want to vote for the map editor for Dune 2000

I think the the map editor for Red Alert was brilliant. It is fundamental that one is made for Dune 2K. Thanx

i want a map editor so i can make levils and play over westwood chat with these maps

John LaMont:
Why didn't they release a map editor with it in the first place? I hope they see the error of their ways and come out with a map editor.


A Dune 2000 Map Editor would be a cool addition to the game

A map editor would add life to a game that in its present state is no more than another mission pack for ra. Its a wasted oppertunity

I don't know WW would care your petition. but anyway I want a freaking editor. there u have it

Jean-Philippe Lajoie Dorval:
It's a shame that a game of this calibers has not a map editor, even if it was possible in R&A. This considerabely shorten the gameplay. A game has fun as this should have one!!! Imagine yourself creating our own Arakeen protected by a wall of rock, the liet kyne botanic station, and even more... Why not do it?

Steve Case:
A map editor would be great especially for the missions. I had one for another game and it was so fun

Richard Chan:
I want a map editor for dune 2000 now! I want a map editor for dune 2000 now! I want a map editor for dune 2000 now! I want a map editor for dune 2000 now! etc


Michael Weiss:
I come from switzerland and I think that is a good idea

Editor, I need it...

Philippe Eugster:
I want a map editor !

Victor Béjar:
i want it now please

Glynne Whitford:
Dune 2000 is a great game. It would be good if we could make our own maps

Chris Turk:
I think that a map/campaign editor for Dune 2000 is a really good idea, because long after I got tired of playing Warcraft II i kept playing my own missions. This wasn't as complex as a regular mission because you couldn't edit everything and if the Dune 200 editor can if and when it comes out that would keep me playing far after I beat all the missions

I want the map editor for DUNE 2000, NOW!!!!! I need it a lot

Chris Voegele:
i love the game Dune 2000, and i think it would be cool to put out a level editor. it did wonders for C&C Red Alert

Thufir Hawat:
Come on Westwood. Are you blind. Every strategy game who is release now come with a map deitor. That would be a great option to have one. Oh, and please, if you make one, add a fonction for creating mission objectives

Nathan Arts:
it would be good to add some of my own touches to maps

Yanick Yelle:
Red Alert was shipped with a map editor... I greatly enjoyed it and the game stays on my hard disk because of it. When first I installed the game I expected to see the map editor somewhere, I was quite taken aback! WHY?? Well anyway, my 2 cent worth... You really should make a map editor for dune (or release the one you used...)


Greg Swaim:
I agree to the creation of a good solid map editor. I have seen with Starcraft the ability to make a game turn into a very long and profitable investment. If the map editor is a very good one you will put Dune 2000 into the lights and create more revenue from increased sales. Thank you for your time.

Muad Beeb:
The worms have no more place to go! We need new sand to play in... Provide this and the saga will continue.

Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, pritty please.... come on with the map editor... I want to play something new...*grin* My Compliments on Dune 2000, Great super upgrade of Dune II. Signed, Marc also known as "The Gompmeister"

pls make a map editor

Dario Testa:
It was and IS a splendid game!!! Why don't you want that is a EPIC CLASSIC GAME ??? with a Map-Editor ?!? Come on Westwood, please, making it EVERYBODY, TOGETHER !!!

Darrell Hon:
We the players want a map editor. We'd like some other things, but a map editor is very important

can i get the editor to morrow please,i have bin waiting for a long time. oris there one al reddy?

Dan olsson:
You gotta make a mapeditor

Mark Day:
A Must !!!

Jonas Ekelund:
We need it - we want it!

Kyle Russell:
Hurry, please!!! I've finished all the missions and am getting bored with the same old maps!!!!

Ronnie Vilonen:

Empereur Padisham 4:

Thomas Cyre:
Get A map editor

Chuck Hawkins:
A map editor is not just something for multiplayer but something that will allow you to make campaigns, etc. This will greatly extend the life, and enjoyment of the game

Chuck Hawkins:
A map editor not only adds to the fun of the game it allows the game to stay around longer. Half of the fun of playing a multi player strategy game is being able to create your own maps

The map editor is the most usefull thing you cna get for it. If it wasn't for the map editor for Red Alert I would have stoped playing it a week after I got it. PLEASE GET THE MAP EDITOR

Boris Rapto:
We need it

N. H:
I find it very useful to have a map editor, because the game can get very boring without a map editor to spice things up a little and allow a little expirimentation. Thanks, N. H

I think i want map editor very much If westwood can create good editor like starcraft editor. It will be great for create mission

Andrew Jones:
I have recenty brought Dune 2000, and I think that it is really brilliant, and it would be even better if there was a really cool map editor to go with it

Francois Charlebois:
I want the map editor

A map editor would greatly increase the life of Dune 2000. The possibilities are endless

I wanna a map editor for Dune2000

Jason T:
This would be an excellent addition to a great game!!

Malcolm McGrath:
A Map Editor for Dune2000 would add HEAPS. It would be great if NURPLE maps were possible to make as so you could create personal missions and all ;) Malcolm

Adam Day:
Hope to see map editor soon

I think than it's funny to have a map editor cya

John Templeton:
cool game!

I agree, having a map editor with campaign options would RULE! Its cool that Westwood released a classic in a shinier package, and I think that the main attraction of Dune2k is that it IS a classic and an editor would allow for greater appreciation of the game. For example, I'm sure that people (including myself) would try to make campaigns with Gurney Haleck leading the remainder of the Artreides and some mercenary/smugglers after the fall of Leto, or maybe a campaign based on the Fremen or any other scenarios set on Arakis from Frank Herbert's awesom series of books.

Alex Hsu:
I think you're right. There should be a map editor. When one comes out, I'll be the first to get it

Go for it! Just make sure that it is easy to download or if sold on a market, CHEAP!

Robert Scheibeck:
This is a really good idea.


Leo Mikkonen:
Yes, please, send me that!!!

Jeffrey Sisk:
I would have thought that WS was smarter than they really are, to put out a re-release of Dune II and not include a map editor. What's wrong WS trying to figure out another way to get money??

Chris Mallalue:
You can't expect to keep selling an RTS game without a map editior. I completly denies the game expansion. It leaves it boring when you have finished everything.

Henrik Keselman:
The editor should be better then the one in RA, with the ability to place units and structures and define mission objectives.

poinsard alexandre:
on veut un map-éditor pour dune 2000

Willy Hunt:
Yes a map editor. Its a must have.

Travis Huntly:
I feel that there should be a map editor so you can give yourself all the spice and screw the computer. Just kidden i think a map editor is a must have for dune.

i vote

Dean Ferguson:
I agree. A map editor would be a great addition to Dune 2000

I'm agree of a a map editor, and not for multi-player only games. Also it would be a good idea to make news upgrades kits (to create news units or missions)

Alexander Clays:
It the best

Burning Chrome:
I think it is lazy of Westwood not to release a mission/map editor with Dune 2000. All rescent RTS games have had one, Total Annihilation, Dark Reign, Starcraft, etc. I think if Westwood is trying to revamp Dune 2000 for the new millenium, as they have claimed to have done, they must also give us some basic features that most games already have.

russell shumway:
a map editor is a must in any game.. i cant beleive you left it out

James Leston:
A map editor that would allow campaign editing for dune2K would make it a great deal more fun.

I want the mapeditor or i don't buy any westwood games anynmore

David d'Ors Vilardebo:
I wish to get the editor of the classic game "dune 2".

Phil Bevan:
You want a game to last long, then the end-users need a way to make it better, a map editor is the best and by far the easist way to do it.

René Wildforster:
i need a map editor !!!!!!!

Michael Seidel:
Hey, what can i say? Were is the mapeditor??? mic

im probably the deliver or people will move on to a game that does

map editor please

all good stategy games have map editors these days!!!

Martin Velicky:
I want a map editor!!!!

Emiel Kremers:
We want a map editor

It would live longer and be more attractive to buy, simply...

Christopher Murchison:
Fluffy, everthing is just fluffy

Vandenbrande Ivo:
i'm getting bored playing these maps the whole time !!

Michael Botha:
I would love to have a dune 2000 map editor. Please!! It Would Rule

Mapeditor! Yooooooperz! I wann have one: maybe there will be a mission disc?

It sounds great. I played dune2 many hours because of the dune2-editor. So a dune2k-editor would be awesome.

I want a map editor now!!

da shit:
if u find a map editor can u plz send me one?

Go on, release a map editor for Dune 2000 it would be cool.

Martin Bianculli:
I want a map editor to make campaigns. It must be easy to use

Brent Case:
Westwood has produced some the best games ever! What made them great was the ability to create your own playing environment. This has seperated games from others and allowed them to become great games providing countless hours of entertainment. The best part about playing a game is the sense of not knowing to expect next. Allowing us to create singleplayer/multiplayer maps give us the chance to play a game over and over and never the same way twice. Why do you think games like CNC & Red Alert where so successful? Was it challenge of playing the same maps over and over? NO! Because let's face it, after a while, some games get just plain boring. And at $40-$50 a pop, I for one would like to enjoy my investment for more than a week or two.

Jason Bullock:
A map editor would be good!!!!!


Jamie Summers:

I want to play Dune2000 as long as I played Red Alert (wich I'm playing all the time)

We need that map editor.Something to make our own campaings. A map editor where we can add units, structures etc.

Wesley Simpson:
lending my support

Nick Smith:

tim miller:
I played through Dune2 again this summer and now once again I am addicted to the gameplay. I would love to have a map editor to play around with. The ability to make campaigns would be so incredible. I d/l'd the modifications people made and played those too this summer. I can't get enough. Quake is the other game I'm addicted to, b/c I can d/l mod's, not to mention I like to make a level from time to time. Well, laters. Good Job WestWood. Don't let the negative reviews get ya down. They obviously don't realize what Dune 2000 is all about. It's not meant to compete w/ StarCraft, even though I prefer it to the Blizzard games (I'm pretty bad at them). In my opinion, you did Dune2 proud. Laters.

Chris Ross:
cool a map editor

Matt May:
A map editor would allow me to play this game longer then without.

Roderik Steenbergen:
I need a mapeditor, it's my life. It should be something like the editors we had for RA!!!

Jason Wiens:
We need both a map and a unit editor.

patrick legault:
why he dosent have a map editor in dune 2000

Jason Bullock:
A map editor would be great for the game!!!

Egil Rausner:
Q: What is a game with such a gameplay and no editor?
A: A burger without beef...

Dune 2K Warrior:
Yes, I wanna have a map editor. I'm a friend Of Ling Kai, so we use the same email address. Hope that structures and locations of units can be placed on the map and can choose the type of crate that will appear in Practice sessions. Campaigns are a big part of my playing of Dune 2K, as well as Ling Kai's. Therefore, if the exchange of campaigns is made possible by this map editor, we will certainly benefit from it.

Loh Ling Kai:
I sincerely hope that a map editor for Dune 2K can be released. This will enable my friends and I to exchange campaigns and talk more about Dune 2K. If the map editor can be used to create campaigns, it will certainly suit us better as we can develop new strategies in completing one another's campaign. I represent a group of eight people, including myself.

Jenifer Sting:
Yes Map editor. When I first played such games as C&C and Red Alert all series I allways want to create something own maps, compaigings, units, splashscreens and Teritory. Here some minds how these things can looks like. Map Editor: It shood look like such as in red alert but it should can place units lokations and trigers just like editor in blizzard's starcraft but more automatical and you shuld choose what it will be multiplayer map or single map or campagin. If it will be multiplayer map it will apear and you can play it in skirmish or multiplayer. If it will campaign or single mission it will place in New missions folder in main menu. Unit editor: These program should just contain march animations of differnts units and ability to import there new animations and pictures and change units porpetys and sounds. And of course ability to import it into game. Splash screens inserter: Just a program which import video in your missions. Teriotory editor: Becouse the teeritory is not contain march animation. You shuld be able just import gif images. And gif animations. to map editor. Thanks for listnig.

Colin Chew:
This game is not cheap make it worth it's value! Make it worth it's value by giving me a map editor!

Alvaro Vindas:

A map editor would be great while we wait for Dune 3000 or dune 3 which westwood better make.

Not enough is being done today to extend the life of games. Software Companies are slowly seeing the value of the human mind being incorporated to make computer programs more flexible and enjoyable. Why is it that Quake is the largest played game in the world today?? It isn't the game... its the level of human interaction and human manipulation thatis allowed. Start thinking, start planning and develop more games that "enhance" a person's options... not limit them

Matias Sica:
I would like to have a map editor

I want a map editor for my favorite game!

Shaun Maclean:
Please give us a dune2000 editor. thanks.

George Fenton:
I am getting bored of playing the same maps.

Duc Paul Atreides:

Henri Mulder:
This is really a MUST.

Paul Stewart:
yes there should be a level editor they made one for c+c so why not dune 2000??

Thomas Bosley:
Hell ya this game needs a map editor!!!

Bernie Wen:
God!I've been crazy these days to look for maps so bad! I have no interest in playing themes, I like to play with friends, and new maps :) buzz

Abba Elfman:
Please come out with a map editor that allows you to make campaigns. Also, please, please come out with the patch.

Neil Owen:

Damjan Uzelac:
can you imagine?...dune 2000 with a map could last...... FANTASTIC!!! I just can't wait to make my own stuff in it -- I know it will be done. It has to be, who would be so stupid to miss such a great chance?!

Thomas Orgis:
I ever missed (official) map editors for Westwood-games. The map editor is the main reason for me to still play Warcraft II!

Sverre Schmidt:
Have played Dune II, Dune for many years. Great games both. This fall I preordered Dune2000 knowing it's going to be another great game. One of the first thing I was looking for was, a map editor. Couldn't believe it, no map editor. And I had hoped to build my own maps a.s.o. Sverre

Soheb Siddiqi:
Yep! A map editor for Dune 2000 will allow Westwood to compete with the likes of StarCraft

Laurent Goletz:

Phil Burda:
Yes, a level or map editor would make this game absolutely fabulous.

Peh Tee Howe:
I need the map editor. Be quick. I'm making my page too!!!

Chris Bonzol:
Dune 2000 was to easy I finished it in 2 days on the hardest setting so I think it would be good to have a map maker.

Tom Higgins:
Map Editors are a crucial add on!! If for anything else, than to keep in line with the rest of the games. Even doom etc. bring out map editors, so why can't we have a cheap, basic one. Work with it and then develop something that puts the rest of the games to shame. Something new for an old game is needed.

Map Editors are what keeps games from getting boring.

Adam Charlton:
A map editor would be really great for dune 2000 because i am sick and tired of using the computer generated maps

Editor is esential in any great game!

Darren Breed:

Daniel Hornenes:

Robbie Mitchell:
They need a map editor really bad cause they can't make good maps by themselves and I hate thier maps and they need to make one for C&C Gold and an AI so you don't have to have a million triggers.

Brian Farrell:
I think if there was a map editor it would make the game more interesting in the sence that you could fight on a map you made or a campaign that you tailored to yourself

Thijs Putman:
I agree with the statement above. I want a MAP EDITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donald McGowan:
This Game needs a Map Editor. It is a lot of fun creating your own maps and playing them against friends or Co-workers. thanks DFM

Nathan Truhan:
Dune is on of the best games I have played in a long time. I have played dune 2 for the longest time, I think a map editor will greatly inprove the game as well as attract a few more starcraft fans that I know who dont like the game that much

Wim De Ceuster:
Without a good Map Editor D2K will die a sudden en silent death. Please keep this great game alive!!!

Long Live the Fighters!

Mr. Johnsson:
It is always great to have a good game with a map editor. Not only allows it to create terrains you're good at, it also allows friends to let you try their creations. So then you have a double contest: who is the best player and who is the best mapcreator. I definately want a map editor.

Stephen Godrich:
Not just a map editor!!! How about a Map editor AND a Weapon/House Editor as well??? Maybe an add-on pack (a-la Quake II) with other houses and missions?

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Make ONE so we can enjoy D2K much longer !!!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE

Marc Simons:
Dune 2000 is a great game and should be played a long time from now. DuneII I play still BUT it's the same all the time... We need a map-editor to ensure playability in the next millenium!!!

daniel plante:
please... we need a mapeditor..... i love that game...but...i will like to create...myself some maps, otherwise....that game...will die... thank you dan

Joseph Kwit:
Yes, A map editior is cool! how about also to place down units on the map! Do you think maybe downloading new units westwood could create for the game would be to much?

Philip J. Dijkstra:
In multiplayer-mode there is nothing better than challenging you friends to fight on your own map. The pre-maps become all-known within a short period of time. Stimulance of creativity is encouraged by all!

MP Level editor!


feoix kohle

Yes!!!!! A map editor is definetely needed!!!

guillaume lussier:
a map editor would improve the multiplayer action and participation from player! and encourage people to buy your game!


WORF (Kalith on WWC):
All the great games that have come out recently have map editors, Starcraft, Unreal, Decent Freespace, Dark Reign, Battlezone, etc... I made RA maps for about a year after it was released, and buy the time someone else releases a mapeditor, c&c2 will be out, and if that doesnt come with a map editor either, it will fail.

Bill Cameron:
One of the biggest reasons my sons friends keep coming back for more RA was the new scenarios that my wife and I were able to build with a RA scenario editor/map editor. The same thing is now true for Starcraft. I believe a map editor is the LEAST you can do to extend the playability of Dune 2000. A scenario editor + map editor released soon, with scenario packs that perhaps encompass optional units/abilities in the future would be in order.

I love dune 2000, and a map editor would be great

Pigeon Kicker:

J. Gonzalez:
Map editors indeed make War/Strategy games last longer. The best oem editing package I have used is without a doubt the editing suite included with Starcraft. A package for Dune 2000 that had the versatility and ease of use of Starcraft's editor would be useful and appreciated.

Just make a damn Map editor and make us all happy :)

Cold Cyber:
Dune 2000 needs a map editor. It's really nice because you can make your own levels and such. All the best games like C&C RA and Total Annihilation have Map Editors so why not have one for Dune 2000 too!

Map editing is half the fun!

Dennis Cangemi:
Red Alert had one, why not let this one too?? Add it and the game will be labeled "Funnus Maximus

The reason i bought this game was that Dune2 was such a GREAT game , but dune2k has CRAPPY sounds, ABSOLUTELY no tracks in the sand and alot of other things that makes this game suck bigtime compared to Dune2. So a map editor for this game would extend the lifetime for this game longer.


Hello. Please include a Map Editor. I know you already released the game but can't you let us download it from your site or have an add-on with it? The Random Map Generator in Tiberian Sun looks really good. Why don't use that? A Map Editor would greatly inprove replayability.

David Lavender:
Dune 2000!

Chris Nixon:
The game will last much longer if it has a good editor like starcraft has.

Steve Pruett:
I want a map editor also.

Map editor Gimme Gimme Gimme! :)

Linus Wiklund:
Why the hell didn't they at least include a multiplayer map editor???

Arne Seifert:
SC have one, CnC-RA have one. The game needs a map-editor.

Ben Lauwers:
We need a map editor !!!

Map Editor! Map Editor! MAP! MAP! MAP! Map Editor! We want editor

Joseph F. Schwupp:
The map editor made C&C RA great, and I hope that one for D2K will soon arive!

Shane Aust:
A map editor would be nice so that in Multiplayer mode people don't play the same maps over and over again until there sick of it.

Ben McIntosh:
I'd like to have a map editor. I think it would greatly improve the game replayability.

Paul Martin:
C'mon guys every RTS game should come with a map editor...playing a mates map is great as is watching him get annihilated on your own creation.

give us a bigger selection of colours for our units.

Paul J. Smith:
My favorite part of strategy games like dune is making my own levels. I am sure more people would buy the game if a map editor was included.

Justin Chung:
I am really annoyed at the fact that there is no map editor in Dune 2000. I think if there is a skirmish, there should be a map editor. The game probably would be a bit mor enjoyable if there was one.

calvin smith:
dune 2000 needs a map editor it would enhance the multiplayer experience, plus it would kick azz.

eric lescaudron:
I want a map editor

Jeff Mino:
Give us the damn map editor and fiz the Sonic Tank!

Lee Junqiao:
I thought all games after C&C will all start to provide Map Editor? I Guess not. But I feel that Map Editor is really a must...expecially to games like DUNE2000 and such as it adds value to the game. I bought the game expecting it to include one!!! Its such a great disappointment...I think WestWood is rushing to release this game before C&C2 Tiberian Sun is released. Or is it because they've planned to put all their effords on C&C2, and decided to not add a map editor for DUNE2k??? I don't wanner speculate too much here...but I really hope that hey'll do something about it.... Oh yah!...I think after sole survivor, they should have got the idea of a UNIT EDITOR already... It would be great if we could create our own imagined unit...and present it in WestWood onlines... (Maybe the Unit Editor could create limitations for units to be used on WestWood online...)... How about that???

Arthur van Bunningen:
Plz. add a map-editor, the game would be even kewler than!!

A map editior is a bloody good idea and I for one would make many maps for myself and others to enjoy... other wise I will go back to playing redalert

Anthony May:
All the other good games have map editors, I think its a bit slack that Dune2000 doesn't!

MAP EDITOR NOW!!!! Maybe even a unit editor!!

A DUNE 2000 map editor would reely help the game theres no exuse for not having won why did c&c red alert have one?

Come on don't do things by half

Malcolm Lim:
Dune 2 was great, red alert came with a map editor, why not dune2000??

The game is great, but it could and would be MAGNIFICENT with a map/ scenario editor! So here's the no. 1 priority for Westwood to look into!

Kermit Klein:
We want map editor!

Stuart Detsky:
I think that a map editor along with a campaign editor (for single-player scenarios) is an easy and great way to increase the lifespan of this game.

Kevin H.:
d2k needs a map editor (note to westwood, your map editors usually suck, take some notes from blizzard)

Kevin Y:
It would be kewl if we can have a map editor...

Serge Frechette:
A map editor it's very important !


I was really disapointed when there was no map editor included with the game. So I hope WW fixes their mistake and releases one.

A map editor for Dune 2000 sounds great !!! I hope it is gonna get better than the editor of C&C. The idea is good, it sure extends the life of the game. DO IT ! Make one .. and make it good ! thank u !!

U just can see that a lot of ppl want a map editor that was a great mistake to make the game without the editor.... MAP EDITOR GIVES THE GAME A LONGER LIFE !!!!!!!!%%^^^!!!!!! so i will be very happy and the rest people will be happy too,if westwood or enyone will make a map editor for dune2000.....

Please do something for this game a map editor more speed please I'm a Big Fan but i think this game really sucks Please do something

Kobo Tjzhun:
I need DUNE2000 Map editor !!!!!!

seamus butler:
Why oh why didn't they do more? ps. loved the site but(and there's always a but) thin the screen a little it'll make the site a lot mnore readable

I just can't understand why Westwood didn't give us a map editor with this game. Red Alert had one, why didn't they do the same with Dune2000? Furthermore it would extend its life (just like spice does...). Maybe it isn't too late to give us one...

Map Editor Please

I WANT THAT MAP EDITOR!!!!! not only to make maps but to fill up the map section on my site too :)

Alexander Khol:
I think that good map editor is just a thing that Dune 2000 really needs to be a great game. So, please GIVE US A MAP EDITOR!!!

Warrior of the Spice:
I agree with the comments that a dune2000 editor would keep the game alive longer if you could make campaigns and single player missions not just multiplayer

Dune 2000 needs a map editor to stay alive!

Andrew McKay:
I beleive there should be a map editor because playing the same map it gets boring.

Well first of why didn't you guys put one in the first place. well anyway yah gotta have one and make it so yah can edit just about everthin, so yah can make a map the can do what yah want it to not to be limited. it would be cool if it was a cross between Starcrafts editor end red alerts, yah have to make an editor the people have spoken, if yah don't it could reck westwoods rep. i would cosider not buing any more games from westwood and if i am willing think of how many people would to the same.. all because yah did not make an editor??!!!?? Thanks

we the warriors of arrakis demand a map editor


Beau Fuquay:
First off I really like the landscape in Dune 2000 It Looks AWSOME! It would really rock if we were able to create our own Campains and multiplayer maps. People really like to create their own worlds and campain editors are a way of doing that! not that DUne 2000 isn't a good game but it just allows people to ue their amagineations!

Psycho Phreek:
The RA mep editors are the only reason that i keept playing all the RA series after i had beaten it, Dune is awsome, and i was a lover of Dune2, now D2k is out, and u need to extend it's life longer then it's predicessor. Long Live the Fighters!

Albert Tsai:
The game will be much fun to have a mission editor.

Make a great game even better. create a map editor.

Hope WW makes an editer that would make Dune2000 worthwhile

Shawn Sanders:
Please add the map editor & a way to play the Imperial House Or a special crate in multiplay to build the Imperial Palace

Eric Doucet:
I approve it..

Chris Barthel:
youve already changed everything else about the game, why not include an editor??(laziness methinks. i bet c&c2 will have a map editor)

Nathan Wenger:
I live for map editors, and one for dune 2000 would kick ass

A map editor would be icing on the cake of the Dune re-release. I'm thinking the cost of marketing such a thing would be returned quickly, and should generate a healthy profit, as well as appease the faithful :)

Ehhhh...No map fun... :(

Helloi need a map editor for multiplayer maps!!

please we`ll need it!

Scheer Jerry:
I also want a map editor to be released by westwood to make ne Multimaps

Please put in a map editor

WHAT !!! no map editor

It would be a great idea for a map editor!!

The game will have more lastaility

Without a mapeditor, Dune woundnt be one of the best games. The story must go on.

C'mon. it can't be that hard to give a map editor. So please, do us a favor and add a lot more to the game with only a little work.

Garry pearce:
We need a map editor.

It's possible to make a MAP EDITOR !!!!I suggest to make a add-on of compains for Dune 2000.

Dark Knight:
I think the map editor would complete the game.Sure the Singel missions are good and of course multiOnly the map editor would complete it and besides making maps and playing them over the net is kick ass.

Brian M.:
Would love to see a map editor fot this game... Have some good ideas for map editing.

Jason Barker:

I want a map editor!

i want a map editor that alow to build single player mission(and avcourse the option to put units and buildings on...) hope they will do it!

It'll be hard this way...


Richard Smuts:
I'm from South Africa and I VERY recently got Dune2000, and I'm a bit disappointed that there is no map editor, I run Network games at my school and frequently create maps for other RTS games, but Dune2000 is limited without a map editor... COMEON Westwood, release one (A Good one, not like the Redalert one).


I'm all for it. Dune2000 is a good game, could be even better with an editor. You got my support.

Ugo L.-Fortin:
I wish that for a map editor so we can recreate other parts of the dune universe also.

kenny eberhardt:
Map Editor Petitionto Downloads

Please make an editor

I'm all for it, but westwood needs to make a good one, not like the Red Alert one.

Daniel Kim:
The map editor would greatly extend the repeat playability factor, and would be greatly appreciated for the network games.

Tomi Kestila:
I want dune2k map editor and I want it fast

Jonny the Butcher:
I love DUNE 2000 and I hope that they (WESTWOOD) will makea good and comfortable map-editor!!! Thankx !!!(ps: I'm from germany! Sorry for my bad english!!)

Emperor StarTrader:
i love to have a map editor, then i can have the the Emperor's troops for my force and the Emperor's Palace as well.


jason norman:
some thing that we have not seen yet some thing that can make a map 4 you

Neat. But *not* multi-only! We wanna place Units! (Hey How about a Sand Worm stepping-stone map, with worms *everywhere*


The multiplayer option you'd added was GREAT!! THE MAP EDITOR YOU WILL BE MAKING WILL BE GREATER!!!!

Lee G. Bethel:
Keep Dune Alive....make the editor available!!!

Tell them to make a unit editor so that we can create a campaign based on the movie.

A map editor would be a great addition to the game. Thank you.

I think its a great Idea. I was hoping that they would and figured they would.

What is a RTS without a map editor? Nothing :P

I'm all for it!

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