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Comment: you know what really makes ME mad about all these people complaining about there being nothing new about the game, i have news for you: IT'S A FREAKIN REMAKE!!!! as in, they took an old game, made better graphics, better sound, some tweaks in the plo and gameplay, and then put it on the market. and another thing, it REALLY makes me mad when people say that there are no new units. HELLO!!! granted there aren't many, but there are some. the first one everyone who's played the game to at least level 3 in the game shpould know is the engineer, who wasn't in dune 2. they added more in version 1.06: the grenadier and the stealth raider, which also weren't in dune 2. everything else was updated, like the combat tanks and siege tanks and raider, etc. now as to what I think, i think it's great. as a remake, you see very littlediscrepancies between this dune 2000 and dune 2. but as an new game to the new gamer (WHICH IT IS NOT), it seems new and exciting. when i first got it, i was amazed at the way they had updated the graphics and music (which is really cool now since you can choose what music you want to play). when i first got the game, i came right to fed2k to get shiroko's FAQ (which is awesome. read it sometime). it still has it's faults though, like sometimes when it plays the opening movie it locks up, and the multiplayer isn't up to snuff. but other than that, i can't really think of any other bad points. i would give it a 9.5/10. but, then again, that's just me. [touareg]

Comment: I have yet to play the game past the early training stages so my comment will NOT be directed against the story or gameplay. But I will say that every, I mean EVERY westwood game I have played is the victim of the same weakness in my eyes. Truly horrible unit animations. They look a tad better than stick figures. Years ago at the beginning of the RTS phenomena I could understand how graphics this simplistic and bad were accepted. But not anymore, especially after the advent of Warcraft, Starcraft and others... I don't find the buildings to be bad, nor the terrain. But the units just plain suck hard and will probably prevent me from even playing the game much more... considering I couldnt stomach the C&C units to the point of just shelving the games. Too bad for Westwood. They could have been poised to take over the RTS world but Blizzard does it much better, then and now. [bleys]

Comment: I have ALL the Dunes. 1, 2, Super Dune 2, AND Dune. I've seen a litle bit of the movie. Dune is my favorite thing in the world. EVEN MORE THAN CARS! But when I see these stupid people complaining about Dune 2000. THAT JUST PISSES ME OFF! WESTWOOD MADE RED ALERT OND DUNE! The diffirences are:
1)Dune 2000 is harder. Red Alert is WAY to easy. EVEN ON HARD!
2)Dune is bigger. (Movies, show episodes, books, games). Red Alert is just a game.
3)Dune 2000 has more action. In Red Alert, you just go in there and kill everyone.
In fact I belive that Red Alert bit Dune. Dune 2000 is just a better Dune. Dune 2 is war. (not the walking around thing like in Dune 1). That was Westwoods first (probably cause Dune 2 is an old game) war game. Red Alert is like that. Dune 2000 came AFTER Red Alert. Plus... Red Alert is shit now. [Steven]

Comment: Oh dear. Both Dune II and Dune 2000 shouldn't have been called "Dune" at all. They're nothing at all like the books! I want to see proper Dune troops, with swords and shields and lasguns, not pissy little machine guns and tanks that have come straight out of C&C: Red Alert!
That said, this is a better game than Red Alert. The two games use the same engine, which shows quite blatantly, and Dune 2000 just about edges Red Alert due to better graphics, music, units and the Dune setting. However, I'm still waiting for an authentic Dune RTS game. Come on, anyone who's familiar with Dune knows that there are no tanks or 9mm assault rifles in the Dune universe. Westwood have no excuse for using such piss-poor units, as it's clear from the cinematics that they know the book well. [Adam the Adam]

Comment: I think westwood is just too LAZY to do anything much. we pay them to work, and look at C&C, RedAlert, Dune2k, C&C2... the interface is all the same! and the units look BLOODY the same too. I was hoping dune2k would have "new" units... I know its a remake, but what I meant by "new" (and i'm sure what others mean by "new" too) is that they have a NEW LOOK. I dont want infantry that look like the minigunners from C&C. they're 2 diff games dammit. no new units is fine... its a remake. but at least give them proper looks! westwod RTS games from C&C all the way to the newest, C&C2 all look the same. put some work in, pls westwood. it gets REALLY boring having the same interface all the time. look at warcraft, war2 and starcraft. just by looking at them u cant tell they're all from blizz. but if u look at c&c RA dune2k and c&c2 even your grandfather can tell they're from the same co. And no... I dont think graphics play a big part in the playability of the game. look at starcontrol2. it was and still is and probably will always be the best game ever made (for those who like adventure) it was made in 1992, but it sure still beats the pants off new games we have now. [ANON]

Comment: That game is quite good but dune 2 on PC and on Genesis made more fun... And the Sardaukar got rockets and explosive charges if thei'r overrun by tanks? hmmm... I like the Infantery and Troopers from Dune ][ a lota more than Dune2K's... Dune2K is a... good remake and the patch bring 3 NEW units but the game is too much expensive... its like a big update... I hope Dune3 will be better... [HellBringer]

Comment: This game *could* be a great game. My negative oppinions toward it now is not because it is a remake (never played old vers). Imagine being able to be the fremen and train sandworms for battle and much more with more advanced graphics and gameplay. [Michael]

Comment: Many of you said this game isn't worth a peny. Well, here's what I say. This is one helluva game, as well as everything else that comes through Westwood Studio's gate. They keep quality, details and everything in right place. Sure, I adore Dune II: The Battle for Arrakis (European title, US version carried Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty, so it's the same game I'm talking about), but games are based only on improving graphic, animation, music, sound and interface elements, and this game gives us all that. When I started it, the animation they made as intro is of a much better quality then from C&C and Red Alert, and although I expected animations after every mission, movies were more then great, acting, performance, everything. You can see that they improved movie quality by removing those lines every second line and with better compression. The units and buildings are just great, and since this is their first 16bit color RTS, you must give a game some chance of getting into you. They even inputed C&C: TS animation and 'makeing of' preview. Their only lack lies hidden in music tunes, guess they couldn't compress them in high-quality, and only on one cd, which is probably why they used 80 mins cd. Maybe they should build up a game more, and release it on 3 cds, each side one, but, I salute to their remake. It's one of a kind. [MAT]

Comment: I thought this was an okay game but I was kind of dissapointed by it. I think they should have changed the plot so it was based around the movie, and I think they should have created some new units. I was dissapointed with how much the sonic tanks suck in this game as well. Overall I'd have to say I liked the origional better. [chris]

Comment: DUNE 2000 Is great, Better than the old Dune 2, Graphics and all. Dune2 was good but Dune2000 is better, Better Terrain. Its the Same dune 2 i played once before except with improvements. I don't really care if these other people say it looks looks like C&C, cause i got news for them DUNE 2 Came out before C&C. So basically C&C looks like a improved DUNE 2. Thank You WestWood For Bringing Dune back to life. This Game is: "A PLACE BEYOND YOUR DREAMS. A GAME BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATION." Quoted from The Movie Dune [NIGHTWOLF@CPIS.NET]

Comment: I really wish you would all stop dumping Dune 2000. Why isn't it such a good game? Because it's a REMAKE. That's what I expected when I bought the game and I'm perfectly happy with it. You shouldn't have thought this game was going to be a huge leap for Westwood because it's a REMAKE.
Dune 2000 is, not much, compared to Dune 2. Still, it looks better, has interesting FMV sequences and was worth my money becuase I don't really even have Dune 2. I got Dune 2000 for the PSX and I admit, I could have done better with PSX games. Still, Westwood has done a good job of REMAKING the series to become a better game for people who don't own {or can't own} the orginal Dune 2. I think that if you look at Dune 2000 as a game by itself, it suffers. But if you think of it as a remake and pretend you've never played Dune 2 before and this is all new to you, it's a great game. You have to realize that Westwood isn't targeting people who have played Dune 2 before.
It's targeting people like myself, who never played the original Dune 2 before. I have played Dune 2 at a friend's house, but I never owned it. The better graphics appeal to me more than the original Dune 2 does now. I admit they could have/should have done more FMV sequences and tried to polish their graphics, but for real-time strategy lovers, Dune 2 doesn't disappoint. It isn't exactly a huge boost to the genre, but it doesn't disappoint. [Kiron Drayga]

Comment: I'm glad I waited for the product to drop in price before buying it. Dune2000 is good and bad. The original Dune2 was like 8 megs of hardrive space. This bad boy is over 100 megs(now that's tight programming) and not much better than the original. The game is fun and the graphics are ok. The music score is good. But like many others I am disappointed with the finished product.
Maybe, some of us just expected more and got less then we expected. [Robert]

Comment: I thought it was a good game overall butt i think westwood rushed it. I think c&c gold had a better graphics engine other than that i think it is a great game [Mark]

Comment: Great game! Even if many say that StarCraft rules just because the multiplayer is nice, I always like a good ambiance. Long live the fighters! [hunter]

Comment: Three cheers for Westwood. True to the books? Perhaps not. How freaking true can you get with a strategic combat sim? Hrm, let's make it true. "You're Harkonnen, fighting Atreides? Doh. Sorry, you can't win." "Oo, you're playing Atreides? Here, have an army of Fremen under Muad'dib's command."
As for whining about units and every other bloody thing in the game, it's a *REMAKE*. Reeeeee-make. Ie, they update the graphics a bit, drop in some new music, and rerelease it for all the fans. Look, would you rather be playing Dune 2 or Dune 2k? I'd say Dune 2k is just a bit better.
I do have one complaint. More worms. Gotta have more worms. It's just hillarious to see them eating attacking forces. *snicker* [Zio Savoria]

Comment: The game should be more true to the original novel. Politics, themes, houses, and weapons should be more carefully considered. Off planet wars should be considered. Also, the entire theme behind the game (a contest set by the emperor) is kind of lame. Find a more interesting thing for the houses to fight over (bitter past rivalries, political power, etc.) [Matt]

Comment: All I know is the game is a bit off of what I remember from the other versions of the game. It attaches with a viciousness if you make a mistake. I don't remember it being so fast to do this. It might be my system-12 megs of 3d video can send in alot of tanks. The 4th level of the Atredies mission is killing me. If any of you folks can help me that would be great. And unlike the rest of you, I knew this was a remake of the original-I never played the game. I'm impressed with the speed of the game, the challenge, it makes you think in 3d. Help me if you can thanks. [Richard Solis]

Comment: i am SO DISSAPOINTED! westwood! how could you! dune 2 deserves more respect than this. dune 2 revolutionized the RTS genre. For a re-make you might've put more work into it. you make it look like C&C which is not a bad game, but most of us already played it. The unit graphics suck too, except some of them. i miss a lot of dune 2 options. i wont even bother to get tiberian sun, it'll probably look also like C&C. bleh. bleh. bleh. very dissapointed [itjustsux]

Comment: I think they just should have updated the grafix and interface instead of changing the units so much (I think the troopers should be as in the original, though maybe a little more effective, weapon wise) though I like the sabotour change, hes finally usefull and why cant I build 7 palaces and fire 7 death hands, wheres the fun, it gets so boring when attacking because you need a giga army to kill a medium defended base and the sonic tanks SUCKS!!! though the music is soooooo KEWL!!! and I think the sandworms should be tougher and eat more, theres no respect for them in DUNE2K and they should be bigger to, and eat the men, heh ;) though I love the cutscenes [Huntor]

Comment: It is very interesting. I really enjoyed playing it. Thanks alot Westwood [Kitty]


Comment: The game by itself is great and fun to play, but as many have said it had left out a lot of great features from dune2. Generally it was an ok remake of the original but did not fulfill my expections. I do like the increased affectiveness of the troopers, but I wish we could train them in sets of fives instead of one by one. The need for variety of vehicles to defend and attack is also a plus, since I remember in Dune2 you could get 10+ rocket launchers and just about take out anything. One complaint is the movement of the game. The change of direction with the tanks is slow and frustrating while I was trying to crush some moving infantry. My rating of Dune2000 would be fairly decent. [Monky]

Comment: My friend hated Dune 2000, but I like it. No matter how much people insist that Dune 2000 is a crappy games, I will never change my mind. I'm not saying that Dune 2000 is perfect, its got its few minor faults, but overall it's a great game. I give it a 8.5/10 [Jason]

Comment: Everyone here is pissing and moning about how there are no new units, no REAL new gameplay etc etc. Read the releases from Westwood you morons! Dune2000 is_not_a_sequel. It is a remake of the original. What you have here is an updated make of the original - which was great and still is. There are some issues that need to be addressed - auto repair, multi factories so one can build more than one unit at a time, new units, worms that will be your new favourite pet. Lets put these comments into suggestions to Westwood for an actual SEQUEL to Dune2/2000... [Quuixon]

Comment: Overall I thought Dune2000 was awesome, especially the cinematics(the stories were great), and the music. Even the graphics were an improvement on Dune2, although they are not among the best I've seen. :)
The game wasn't without its faults though. I hated not having the auto-repair on the carryalls, and not having a feature to see what units/buildings were available in the current mission while you were in the mission. :)
The multiplayer lag sucks, thought to be fair i have never played a multiplayer game that is 100% lag free. :) [Dr.X]

Comment: the troopers,engineers are damned slow!! and two concrete slabs just to build a windtrap!!! shesh!!!! annoying, stop [theeye]

Comment: I love the game, but too much about it is like R&R. Even alot of the units look the same, they probably just took R&R and made modifications to the graphics. It is definately lacking something that Dune 2 had. I don't think the Worms are as good in this, you don't have to be as careful as you did in Dune 2. It would of been better with a different interface rather that the R&R one. [Brad]

Comment: I bought Dune 2 when it first came out, and was amazed. Itw as the best game of its time along with civilization. I thoguht that Dune2000 would be just as good, but well i lacked something that Dune 2 had. While i love th egmae it just doesn't ahve that certain quality that is so hard to pin down. Maybe i have just played RTS too much? but the game is still good, but i was dissapointed with the same things as many others here are, namely the lack of building queues and a the inability to change screen resolutions. it just isn't Dune 2 with better graphics and interface which they promised. It is missing something... [Oli]

Comment: I was not a RTS fan untill I played Dune2000! I don't know what everyone was moning about, the game is awesome and I can't wait until the actual sequal too! Though a few additions would make it a legend! [Anthony May]

Comment: The gameplay & graphics are GREAT. The missions and the story lines for all 3 Houses were good BUT my anticipatiion and excitement of this game was quickly deteriated as soon as I played on multiplayer. It started when I was trying to created a ladder game on Wchat servers...continuos disconnections and lags were horrible. Futhermore, it seem to me the disconnection during gameplay to get a win while u are losing and other cheats(out of sync) and etc., have been passed on over from RA. I thought Wweswood experiences with RA cheats would be fix in this game since it was delayed till September but it wasn't! I'm sure that other people have the same problems as I do. I hope Westwood will comes up with a patch or patches for this game to smooth out the gameplay of multiplayer. But, until Westwood fix these kinds of problems, I will hold back my emotion and excitement=( on the upcoming release of C&C TiberiunSun and I'm sure others will too. I give this game a 8/10 for missions and 4/10 for multiplayer. Thank you. [SoLjA]

Comment: Well, after I read these reviews, I still wanted the game. And i'm happy I got it. Just like the guys at PCFan said, this is a remake, and a remake is what you got. Now, i've played Dune 2 and even though this one is missing some stuff I would expect, but I still like it. Actually, I kinda think of this as an improved Red Alert. Now, Red Alert is still a kick-ass game, but it had problems. Dune 2000 addresses most of them, with mediocre graphics. But like always, Westwood delivered on the music. It kicks soooo much ass! I wish I could listen to it while doin' my homework, but its not in wav format. Maybe someone will make a prog or something. The movies are great, but it's lacking a map editor. Anyways, all in all, I think Dune 2000's a pretty good game, as long as you don't think of it as a Dune 3000 or a Dune Annihilation. See ya. [Rocker567]

Comment: Just picked it up today. It's incredible, the graphics are improved. I love Westwood games. I have to be careful about what I buy since our nearest store is 25 miles away. I don't care what the others say I think it's a great game. However how can you repair your trikes, etc. I loved Dune 2 it was a great game too, this has better graphics, but you lacked the option of grouping your troups together, more weapons etc. Take a look at Ages of Empires from (yuck) Microsoft. [N. Beller]

Comment: Well Dune fans ...you,ve played tha game and made your comments... Lets see what Westwood iz gonna say...They should make an update or something....or they will loose their faith in their fans... [fOoFiGhTer]

Comment: DISAPPOINTING! I thought Westwood would at least and more units....I prefer Dune 2 overall (besides Interface + Cinematics). The Auto-repair function will be missed. Units seem to die much faster in battle now, by the time you click on a unit it's gone. I hope Tiberian Sun is as good as expected to be..... [Tides]

Comment: ONCE AGAIN I HAVE BEEN TAKEN TO THE CLEANERS BY WESTWOOD!!!! I wouldn't have minded spending the money on Dune 2000, but I already have two other copies of the game. By that I mean Red Alert and Command & Conquer. I understand that Westwood is busy making their next installment of Command & Conquer, but REALLY!! All they did was change the graphics (not very well either) and the sound (some are same as C&C) and give it a new name. As a dedicated gamer, I have to agree with all the other points made on this page and that would be that Westwood isn't thinking anymore with their gamer instincts. I think they have fallen for the bottom line and that is money. Westwood...if you are going to rob me next time...please be nice enough to wear a mask. [LordKrenn]

Comment: I think dune 2000 should have way better graohics, and if you could say better control. Otherwise, its amazing! [sn][per]

Comment: I have just played Dune2000 for the first time as it's not released in this country yet. The graphics are better than 1 & 2 also the gameplay has been slightly improved. I would have thought that they could have put more attention to more units. As for those people who say they "All I could think of was Dune 2000 for 5 months" yet a life, what are you gay. All in all I was pleased with the outcome and give it a 7/10 mark. [Gatekeeper]

Comment: Gee I wish I had an opinion of the game itself. Unfortunately, I can't get the piece of crap to even work. I have at least double the basic system requirements and the game won't play. The most I've been able to squeeze out of it is the opening video before it locks up. I also gave it to a friend who has a much newer and more powerful machine and is an IT administrator. He couldn't get it to work either. He got as far as the "choose your house" menu, and the game locked up on him. Now, are we just completely incompetent, or did Westwood release a crappy product? I've never had this much trouble gettin any game or program to work before. [Brian]

Comment: The game is decent, but I was expecting something more. They took out the Mentat Help system which kind of irks me becuase I thought they were just going to change the graphic, sound, and interface and add multi. The games has exited on me when I try and start a new multi ladder game and locks up sometimes too. I've looked on their support site on this game and none of the problems I have is what they are describing. The lag in the multi is disgusting too and I hate how people with fast connection can use this to their advantage by turning up the speed all the way. [Matt]

Comment: I have to say that I am a little dissapointed in the game. In its defense, I have not played any missions yet, only practice. It seems to be exactly like C&C with no ships or decent air units. My carryalls were upsetting my with their stupidity. One time, they placed my harvestor down just in time for it to get eaten by a worm. Other times, they placed it right next to the enemy's turrets. Finally, perhaps the worst ommission from Dune 2: The carryalls use to pick up wounded units, take them to be healed, and then return them to the battle. They would not do this in my game. Oh well, I will be playing some more and I look forward to the cinematics. I do like the Fremen thought, they are extremely effective. Enjoy the game, everyone! [Penguin]

Comment: I think the idiots over at game over deserve the beating of their lifetime!! [MoNoXiDe]

Comment: This game is fun but disapointing, i have a feeling westwood rushed it and was to busy working on Tiberian Sun. I've lost my faith in Westwood. [NyX]

Comment: As far as the game goes as a Dune 2 reincarnation, ITS AWESOME. Functionally though, its not all that much better than Red Alert. As a Dune fan, it's kind of strange seeing names like "Noree Moneo" (Both names taken our of the 4th book, "Hwi Noree" and "Moneo Atreides", God Emperor Leto's faithful servant). Espesially "Hayt". I'm kind of saddened to find that Hayt is a bad guy now :c) Overall, it would be very good if it were released in May or June, like it should have been, but Westwood has had more than enough time to make it better. I would get it just for the sake of being a Dune fan, but the game itself is not too much more than ok. [VorLynx]

Comment: I think this game needs way more units and building the stupid concrete floors is annoying as hell! [Dave]

Comment: I thought it was a great game, Total Annahalation was stupid, (not graphic wise) it just bored me to quickly, I only like rts games with stories that are good, and the story for this is good (and I beat it with the first house so I should know) its also using the red alert engine which is alot better than than the original and is pretty good. [MoOgLe]

Comment: This game is very disappointing. Music is great but the sound affects are bad. Graphics OK & Game play not so good. I have Dune2 on my Amiga and the game play and overall feel is much better. [Garry]

Comment: THIS GAME SUCKS! its a half-ass job, all of the three speciesare almost the same. The units shoot ugly bullets and they all suckThere are many things left out that would make this game fun.I hope Westwood release a update to make this game more worth it.So far I am very disappointed and would wish that game companies stop release Half ass done games like dune 2000. [LA Player]

Comment:About 99% of people here are dissapointed in the game... Well they are SOOO right... the game SUX.... it's just Red Alert with better lightning........ total SHIT... Westwood is about a decade behind.... holy shit... after playing this I got back to Total Annihilation right away. [Boyan]

Comment:I am a TOTAL Dune fan and I have both the 1st and 2nd games...but I have to admit that Dune 2000 is not as good as expected. They took away the auto-repair function of carryalls, the ability to target a worm, and the graphics are not even that impressive. I do like the newly designed buildings that are different for each house and the ability to sell. However...it REALLY sucks that they have no new units! They should have made the ability to ride a worm or something! The only thing I like about this game is the cinematics....The rest of the game is just half-ass. [Dr Lo]

Comment:My antisipation in this game was..... misplaced. I though of nothing but Dune for the last 5 months, and when I got it, I was horribly disapointed. All the delays and for what.... NOTHING! it was a total waste. If it was this bad now, I would hate to see it before all the delays. [MADGUY]

Comment:No build queues, no way points, no shift-drag select...Couple that with piss-poor graphics (the trike looks likea bicycle seat) and no fog of war option (even for multi) and you end up with one pissed Dune fan. Was this some half-assed effort to keep the interns busy and Westwood? [Virgil]

Comment:Another disappointing product from Westwood. I had the same feeling for Land of Lore II, Westwood should analyse the current gaming scene. They just dun get what we want.... [Winston]

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