Fan Screenshots

To capture a shot during the game you have to hit "Print Screen" and then paste it into a graphics editing program and send it to us.


Go throw away your grenades! Harvester with inbuilt rapid-fire missile launcher Harvester raids! I love this Aftermath MOD! It's called a unit editor!


Attacking Engineer Grenadier Grenadier Strike Insurrection Many Carryalls Many Devastators Many Sonic Tanks Ornithopter Strike Stealth Raiders Harkonnen Failure


Sarduakar Troops The March March Continues The Arrival Combat Palace Attack 2nd Wave The End


Thumper Infantry Thumper and Worm Merc Base Merc Base Ice on Dune Dead Worm Final Screen Fremen and Sarduakar Sarduakar Saboteur End of Level Carryalls


Spice Bloom Spice Bloom Explosion Attack Ordos


Implant Palace Explosion End Screen Mercenary Base Ordos Mentat Victory Main Screen
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