The Evil Harkonnen

Planet Information:

House Harkonnen comes from the dark planet of Giedi Prime. They have spread across the universe with the evil tactics. The Harkonnen are a cruel people and can be ruthless towards both friend and foe in their pursuit of control of Dune.

House Profiles:

House Harkonnen is the most savage House in the universe. The Harkonnens have a history of using violence and fear to achieve their objectives. Status for the Harkonnens is taken not given. If a soldier kills his commander, he assumes that position and is respected by all.

House Harkonnen

The Harkonnen campaign is being dictated by the Mentat Radnor. Radnor is a true Harkonnen, killing the previous Mentat Marko, his former teacher and guide. The Harkonnens have spent most of their time assembling a large military force and are by far the strongest force on Dune. The Harkonnens are very dangerous as they mainly want to just conquer the other Houses.

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