Special Units

Sand Worm Type: Creature of Dune
Armament: Appetite
Armor: Heavy
Speed: 56 km/h
The Sand Worms are indigenous to Dune. Attracted by vibrations, they frequent battlefields and often devour numerous combatants. Sand Worms are almost impossible to destroy, have a voracious appetite, and will consume military hardware.
Fremen Type: Ground Based Military Units
Armament: 10mm Assault rifles/Rockets
Speed: 17km/h (foot)
Armor: Light
Units: Unknown
The Fremen are native to Dune. Elite fighters, the Fremens' familiarity with the hostile terrain makes them a difficult adversary. Informed sources say they may soon forge an alliance with the Atreides.
Sonic Tank Type: Advanced Battle Tank
Armament: Sonic Amplifier
Speed: 44 km/h (tracked)
Armor: Medium
Crew: 2
House: Atreides
Developed by the Atreides, this enhanced tank utilizes sound waves technology to fire a powerful blast of sonic energy at its target. The high energy frequencies break down the molecular structure of affected victims.
Deviator Type: Battlefield Support Vehicle
Armament: Missile Launcher
Speed: 48 km/h (tracked)
Armor: Medium
Crew: 3
House: Ordos
The Deviator is available only to House Ordos and islike a standard Missile Tank but instead has a nerve gas warhead. The gas will not damage anything but instead may temporarily cause units to change sides, enabling you to control them.
Ordos Raider Type: Quick Strike Vehicle
Armament: Dual 20mm cannons
Speed: 90 km/h (wheel)
Armor: Light
Crew: 2
House: Ordos
The Ordos Raider is similar to the standard Trike, however, it sacrifices armor to gain speed and maneuverability.
Saboteur Type: Espionage Unit
Armament: Unknown
Speed: 95 km/h (trike)
Armor: Light
Crew: 1
House: Ordos
The Saboteur is a special military unit belonging to Ordos. Trained in the art of espionage and terrorism at the Palace, a single Saboteur can destroy almost any structure or vehicle.
Death Hand Type: Battlefield Support Missile
Dimensions: 8.12m (length)
Warhead: h255 HS Cluster bomb
Guidance: Inertial
Range: 1120km
House: Harkonnen
The Death Hand is a special weapon based at all Harkonnen Palaces. This ballistic missile is unable to be guided or targeted accurately, yet its multiple warheads can inflict great damage across a wide area.
Devastator Type: Advanced Battle Tank
Armament: Dual 190mm guns
Speed: 20 km/h (tracked)
Armor: Heavy
Crew: 3
House: Harkonnen
Developed by the Harkonnens, this tank fires dual plasma charges. It is the most powerful tank on Dune, yet it is very slow. The Devastator is nuclear powered, and may become unstable in combat.
Frigate The Frigate is used in partnership with the Starport. It delivers vehicles from the Merchant's Guild and takes about 10 seconds to arrive at your Starport.
Sardaukar Type: Ground Based Military Units
Armament: Classified
Units: 3
Armor: Light
Speed: 15 km/h
House: Emperor
The Sardaukar are the Emperor's elite troopers. They have superior firepower and armor. Spies report the Sardaukar's armament includes a rotary cannon which fires armor piercing rounds in addition to a mobile missile launcher that fires shaped charges.
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