Frank Herbert's Dune

FH's Dune was developed by Wide Screen Games and published by both Cryo (International) and DreamCatcher Games (North America). The game can be considered a remake of sorts as Cryo was the company behind the first Dune game. It is available for both the PC and Playstation 2 and is an action/adventure type of game.

If you are playing the PC version you will notice it lacks a save system, except between missions, and other small things that you come to expect from PC games. The game was also designed by a French company and I have noticed some translation problems while playing.

Most reviews have been fairly low for this game, around 50% on average, check out a list of them below. I would suggest you try out the demo before buying this title or check out the reviews as so far opinions have varied greatly between people who have played the game.


  • Paul - Paul Atreides, the character you will control.
  • Fremen - These are the people you will have to prove yourself too.
  • Title/Logo - The games logo.



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