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Generations Newsletter #2:

- The DUNE Generations forum is now ready. You can now at your own leisure express your comments or opinions about the game.

- View the new DUNE Generations screenshots that are available on the site under the "games" heading.

- As a result of all the questions that were asked about the game-design, we have enhanced the contents of the FAQ.

Production newswire:
Honored at the E3 by many video game professionals, the quality of the DUNE Generations designs are the result of a contribution by an internationally renown artistic consultant. It is none other than the famous artist Jean Giraud also known as Moebius.
Olivier Masson, artistic director for the project, worked in close collaboration with the "star" and accepted to answer some of our questions.

How long have you been working in the field of video games?
For the past three years.

How many graphic artists are working on the project?
Ten full time graphic artists. The uniqueness of each contributes to the group's complimentary nature. Their strength however remains in their versatility. This allows for greater flexibility in graphic production.
We also created a team of 4 designers for this project: Florent Dechartres, Jerome Reneaume, Henry Bismuth and myself. We were given the unique opportunity of witnessing Moebius' wisdom and experience.

What was the nature of Moebius' involvement?
Moebius' contribution consisted essentially of defining the project's graphical outline with us. Being very familiar with Frank Herbert's universe, he had developed precise visions of each of the three families. Whether merchants, combatants or mercenaries, an original graphic style was selected for each family based on their individual attributes.
The family of combatants stylizes strength and solidarity. They are stocky, imposing, brutish and exempt of flourishes.
The merchants have gathered their riches from the soil. This is the secret of their success. The graphic model depicting this family stands out by its organic nature inspired by the vigorous and abundant vegetation.
As for the mercenaries, they have been inspired from insect and animal shapes. They are gloomy, inconspicuous and in great number.

Working with Moebius was a exhilarating experience! The maturity of the graphic environment he created is very interesting, especially when applied to a video game. His contribution is exactly what was needed to depict the world of Dune.

What was the most interesting aspect of working on this project?
I'm a big fan of science fiction. Frank Herbert's universe is very rich and full of mystery which allows for tremendous creativity. It is this richness that enabled us to be creative in order to set DUNE Generations apart from existing on-line science fiction games.

Thank you Olivier.

That's all for now. You'll soon be receiving the third edition full of new information on DUNE Generations.

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