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Generations Newsletter #3:

- Registration has begun for the Dune Generations Beta test. While the test will not begin until the end of the year, you can register as of now, at: www.dunegenerations.com

- The Dune Generations forum awaits you! Visit the forum to ask your questions or post remarks.
News from our production team:
The Dune Generations game designers have been eagerly working on their project, in order to offer you a game design in the Dune universe that is both elaborate and exciting. The three people who participated in the project are: Nicolas Bonvalet, Philippe Baude and Nicolas Cluzeau. In order to provide you with more information, Philippe Baude answered a few of our questions.

How long have you been working for Cryo?
I began working for Cryo in April 2000. At first, I worked on Versailles II, and then I got involved in the Dune project, which was at the time led by Nicolas Bonvalet, who was in charge of writing the original game design.

We began working on the project in July 2000. We worked in close partnership until December 2000, when Nicolas was named Products Manager. Since that time, I've been in charge of all game design for Dune Generations, supported by Nicolas Cluzeau, senior script writer, who has created a great epic frame and a multitude of missions for the game.

What are your favorite games?
Right now, my favorite games are Max Payne, Devil May Cry, Baldur's Gate 2, and Gran Turismo 3. I'm also keeping an eye on Ages of Mythology and Empire Earth. My tastes, when it comes to games and support, are somewhat eclectic!

Are you well acquainted with the original Dune universe?
Yes. I saw the Dune movie when I was very young, and I literally devoured the novels as a teenager. It was a real joy to find myself once again immersed in the universe and having the opportunity to discover the TV series and the new novels about the Dune universe.

What do you most like about the universe?
I particularly like the relationships that develop between the various factions, and the way these latter groups make use of political, economic or military power. Also, the idea of being able to play the game over several millennia gives it an interesting twist.

Why choose an RTS for adapting Dune to an online game?
RTS is actually what is most popular in a number of countries, and it is very simple for representing the movements and sheer size of the armed forces. Its integration in 3D provides the game with a strategy aspect that is highly realistic.

But Dune Generations is more than this. It is also a game that includes a significant economic and political aspect, as well as involving role-playing and the administration of one's family and comrades.

What pleased you the most about the project itself?
The game's theme and the manner in which we handled it. The opportunity to collaborate with Moebius, who is truly exceptional, for the design of the world and the units. Working with a motivated team and making new friends.

What did you find the most difficult?
The most difficult thing was being hindered by technology when reviewing certain critical aspects of the game.

But, the hardest step is yet to come: the Alpha and Beta tests will undoubtedly be the most trying moments in the game's development.

Thank you Philippe.

That's all for now. You'll soon be receiving the next edition full of new information on DUNE Generations.

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