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Generations Newsletter #4:


We are pleased to inform you that the brand new Dune Generations website will be online as of Wednesday February 06, 2002. Completely redesigned, it will include new sections:

- a detailed description of the game
- new screenshots
- new artwork
- links to community sites and the Dune Universe

The forum is of course still available so you can express yourself and talk with the other visitors.


Dune Generations was initially announced for the end of 2001. Since then, the interest aroused by our game has allowed us to establish new alliances with important partners who will be in charge of the publication and operation of Dune Generations.

Given these new opportunities, we decided to postpone the launching of Dune Generations: our goal is to achieve a game of such high quality that it will become the standard in its field.
Dune Generations is currently undergoing what we call "closed alpha" testing, that is, very limited access. We will not proceed from alpha to beta testing before meeting a certain number of specific criteria (both in terms of game functionality and server stability and load).

Similarly, the game's commercial launch date will depend on the results of the beta test phase. For the moment, this date is not exactly fixed, and probably won't occur before the second quarter of 2002.

Beta test:

Access to the beta test will be progressively enlarged to external testers starting in February 2002. The first beta testers chosen among those who apply will be notified and will receive their access key by email.
The different elements of the game will be tested step by step. Once the tested part is operational, new functions will be implemented and the number of testers will increase. The beta test will thus develop progressively so nothing is left to chance.

See you soon on the new Dune Generations site.

The Cryonetworks team.

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