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Dune games are not just made by Westwood and not all of them are video games either. There has been boardgames, card games, and even RPG's based on the Dune Universe. This page is a collection of various games, some from companies others made by Dune fans, and if I am missing any let me know.

DUNE™: Chronicles of the Imperium:

Chronicles of the Imperium is a Role Playing Game based on the Dune novels. Last Unicorn Games were recently bought by Wizards of the Coast and because of that the RPG has been canceled. There was a special release version that used LUG's system, available only at Gen Con 2000, it had a very limited print but may be found at online auction sites like eBay. For more information on the cancelation check out WotC's page.


DuneMUD lets you play with other Dune fans by connecting to a telnet server. Below is a description taken from their website located at http://dune.servint.com/:

Dune Mud is a classic LP Mud based on killing 'monsters' (in our case, mostly just human enemies) to gain experience and raise your levels and stats. Why play Dune? First off, its different from most other Muds. You won't be forced to decide critical character traits right when you start the game, before you know anything about it. You won't have to decide much at all, besides your name, gender, and handedness. The rest of the character specialization occurs later, when you can make informed decisions. Another difference is you won't find any mages, clerics, dragons, hobbits, or any other sort of generic fantasy role playing icon on Dune Mud. You'll find Frank Herbert's world of Dune, and all that it has to offer. So if you are tired of deciding whether to be an elven fighter/mage/thief or a half elven fighter/cleric/bard/whatchamacallit, come on over and see what we have to offer.

You can connect to the game through telnet://dune.servint.com:6789.

Dune 3 MUSH:

This is a fan run MUSH game which you can connect to via telnet or similar programs. There is a website for the game at, http://www.dune3.net/ or you can connect to their server at, telnet://dune3.mushpark.com:3333/. A brief overview is below:

Kaitain -- Imperial seat and home of the Padishah Emperor -- it all starts here. The whole Universe, the billions of planets that speckle the night sky and fill the void between the stars, focus their attentions here. From afar, the city looks peaceful, draped in the dark shrouds of another day drawing to a close. All is but a deception, a simple layer of paint that covers the canvas of reality.

And the canvas? It is a matting of intricately woven fibers. Each strand is another dream, another hope, another vision of some human that exists down on that planet. Their lives, just like the paths of the fiber, weave into one another, redirecting and complicating matters, changing the very nature of the thread until... until it all becomes one. A canvas for an artist to paint upon. And who knows but the painter what lies behind the next stroke? What mysteries the world has yet in store for us?

Dune III is set in the universe described in Frank Herbert's Dune Chronicles, roughly 100 years prior to the story opening of Dune. The game is built upon consent-based role-play, where intrigue is common, politics are paramount, and the Faufrelurches define order.

Definately something to look into if you are interested in this area of gaming.

Dune Board Game:

There are two Dune board games. One made by Avalon Hill in 1979 and the other by Parker Brothers in 1984. Since the games are out of print it will be tough to find them, try looking on the eBay auction site. The Avalon Hill game is available in French at the Funagain Games website, the English rules are provided. THE Doctor has provided a screenshot of the back of the Parker-Brothers box, it gives some additional information. Judoka wrote up a great overview of both board games and his thoughts on each, be sure to give it a read.

Dune CCG (Eye of the Storm):

A card game similar to Magic the Gathering that is no longer in print but still has a following. A great website on the game can be found by visiting The Chapterhouse Times. They have lots of information including play-by-email games and listings of the cards. Also check out the Dune CCG Club for more information. The Landsraad has scans of pretty much every card if you are interested in seeing what they look like.

A Fistful of Sardaukar:

This is a fast-playing set of rules for a miniature wargame made by Ty Beard. There is a PDF file on his site if you are interested in miniature games.

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