All House Creations


Sent by: Ben
Abilities: When Deployed in the Sand, it will attract worms to that area in the sand. no Weapons
Appearance: A infantry with a fremen fedaykin thumper
Other Info: Was in Dune 2000

Face Dancer

Sent by: Zander
Abilities: Appears to enemies to be one of their own units; in multiplayer modes, players selecting a Face Dancer hear an appropriate confirmation transmission and menu and can give it commands, which will be acknowledged but not obeyed. Carries strong poison injectors and HE bombs, allowing it to deal great damage to both infantry and vehicles alike, but has little effect on structures. Fairly well armored, about on the order of a normal Trooper.
Appearance: To its own team, it appears as a silver infantryman; to others, it looks like one of their own infantry.
Other Info: Face Dancers are elite Tleilaxu warrior-spies, and their services do not come cheap. Face Dancers are purchased via the Guild's Spaceports, and arrive on Frigates. Purchasing a Face Dancer is very, very expensive, on the order of 700 or 800 solaris. However, there are no limits on how many Face Dancers may be deployed at any given time.


Sent by: DeadMeat
Abilities: The PRG or portable rail gun, has the range of 2000m, is able to take any unit out, because of its power.
It costs 4000 credits and you have to have a starport to build it. Its max speed is 40kph.
Appearance: Floating orb which opens, into four pieces and, the gun you see as a grey barrel. It has lights along it, but it depends as what house you play as. Once you have manualy locked on to a target, it takes 3 seconds to charge, and fires a grey shell, with spirals (see quake 2 for effect.)
It thens closes and stays there till you lock onto another target.
It has no air defences, medium armour.
Other Info: It can be joined with other PRG, and then they grow twice as big as they are, and fires 2 shots, or 3 depending on how many you merge. Same rate of fire as before.
Can kill sandworms in one shot, can't be eaten.

lasgun troop

Sent by: Maometh
Abilities: has a las gun.
las guns are very very effective to use on big tanks.
with the range of about 18meters this troop is deadly.
Appearance: looks like a sabotuer same voice but more lookinglike a fremen can go invisable longer than sabotour . every house
Other Info: need s an upgraded barracs and construction yard.

Mobile Wall

Sent by: MR. B
House: All
Name: Mobile Wall
Abilities: This is a tank that doesn't have a weapon but it has the option instantly and the walls are really cheap. It has a lot of armour.
Appearance: It looks like a Tank that has a tiny constructon yard on its' back.
Other Info: I decided this beacuse I am tired of waiting for walls to be built when I also need other stuff.

Special Characters

Sent by: Renesis
House: All
Name: Special Characters
Abilities: No special abilities or powers. Maybe one or two characters can have special abilities for the fun, but no super human. Like Characters from the movie i.e. the Baron of Harkonnen, The Duke of Atreides or new developted characters. Each characters can appear in one or several mission as a mission-objective to be protected or escorted.
Appearance: If it's a noble person let him sound noble and dressed in fancy clothing (colours like red, blue and white). The also have to speak like a noble. For military charaters let them speak though (with a attitude, like Tanya in C&C RA and the Commando in C&C). They must be dressed in camouflage-outfits.
Other Info: The characters can not be trained by a building but will appear at the start or during a mission. This will give the game more story. It will almost look like you're playing with another purpose than just only seek and destroy your oppossing enemy.

The Black Hole

Sent by: Michael
House: All
Name: The Black Hole
Abilities: The Black Hole, is a floating hole that moves around the map. If you see it then all the units you have iconed on can go in it and end up at a different location on the map, only if they click on the hole. Also they would not know where they would end up, but it sure would put a twist in the game.
Appearance: The Black Hole would just be a hole the size of a quarter, it would do the same as the box does now. The flyers can be the same but you can only build one at a time, it bombs randomly until it is killed.
Other Info: A new structure you could build, could be somthing that is like the palace but only you dont know what is coming out of it or how many (eg. 4trikes 2 quads i devistator 5 missle men) and so on. I could go on for ever with my ideas, but one day, maybe I'll have enough hardware I can make my own. Flyers or bombers you can keep, until there shot down like on dune for the sega.

Medium Ornithopter

Sent by: ?
House: All
Name: Medium Ornithopter
Abilities: Armed with a machinegun and the ability to carry 5 passengers. The chaingun has unlimited ammo.
Appearance: Bigger than the Regular Ornithopter and with a chaingun beneath the cockpit.
Other Info: Can land anywhere on the screen. Requires a high tech factory.


Sent by: Cruelest
House: All
Name: Groundcar
Abilities: Groundcar, as in the Dune books, would be a car of futuristic appearance, with extremely high speed capabilities, and some transportation abilities as well. It could possibly transport several units over the terrain at high speeds, and since groundcars in the books have suspenors underneath, it could bypass dunes, worms, and spiceblows. No weapons on it though, as in the books, and light armor.
Appearance: Futuristic, with no wheels (suspensors underneath). House insignia on the sides, and if it is a smuggler groundcar, then no insignia at all. Should be buildable by the light factory if used in Dune 2k.
Other Info: Many of the units and creations that are on this website have already been built, have no useful application in a game, or are just plain stupid. I think that people submittin their ideas here should hope for them to be created in some game (Arrakis maybe, or that TS Dune conversion). Also, how many different types of Fremen Death Commandoes can there be? I saw at least six or seven when I was looking at other people's ideas. Make up something original, that could be useful in a game, but not so useful that it weakens other units in the game. It's called strategy, and not many people seem to be thinking about it.

All Infantry

Sent by: Steve
House: All
Name: All Infantry
Abilities: Like everyone else when I 'bought' this game I thought it it look sweet in the pictures on the back of the box, it is a good game but it seems to much like Command and Conquer except with better graphics. If you could ever make new units how about fixing up the old ones, especially the infantry. In the book, I didn't read about anybody carrying a 9mm assualt rifle and they all seemed to be throwing knives at each other. Don't take away the guns, without them it would be kinda gay, but I figured it would be fucking cool if when two soldiers got within a foot of eachother that the one with the stonger life bar just stabbed the fucker instead of shooting at a guy thats a foot in front of him. I don't know if you could do that but I'm sure you can. If its design is like Command and Conquer where 1 unit could fire 2 diffrent weapons, you could probaly tinker with it till you got some kinda results. Im not a pipe dreamer, just thought if anyone could do that it would make it funner.
Appearance: Make all the infantry look less like C&C rip offs, and more 'Duneish' or something.
Other Info: Make those seige tanks high explosive shells look a lot more explosive. They look like a watermellon getting dropped at a beach party, except I've never seen a watermellon kill 10 guys. And I think they mixed up the infantry death animations. When they get 'blown up' by the siege tank they flop on the ground, but when a guy shoots a machine gun at them they explode... At least C&C got that right.

Mortar Team

Sent by: Ammon
House: All
Name: Mortar Team
Abilities: The mortar is verry good at destroying buldings frm meduim distances.
Appearance: The mortar team consists of three infatery soldiers.
Other Info: Should any mortar member be killed the mortar will become useless. Also the mortar must deploy at a posison before firing, during the deployment the mortar is verry wonrubale to close attacks.

E.D.S. (Environmental Defence System)

Sent by: -Faxe-
House: All
Name: Environmental Defence System
Abilities: Holds off an El-Sayal (See El-Sayal) over a certain area.
Appearance: Something like the gap-generator in Red Alert.
Other Info: It should be placed in the middle of your base where it sends out a magnetic beam. This beam prevents buildings close to the E.D.S. from being damaged by the El-Sayal. The area should be like a gap-generator in Red Alert.

Improved Wall

Sent by: Duke Leto
House: All
Name: Improved Wall
Abilities: The improved wall will be similar to a regular wall, with the exception that it is slightly stronger than regular walls, as well as that any infantry unit can move along the top of the wall, allowing them to fire downwards, recieving little damage themselves. Those units on top can only be destroyed by destroying the wall, or having other infantry units go on the wall kill them.
Appearance: Will be about twice the width of regular walls, same length.Every 4 sections of the wall, stairs will lead up for infantry to move up on.
Other Info: Requires no energy but windtraps are needed to build them.Will be around twice the price of a regular wall.

Infantry Observer

Sent by: Duke Leto
House: All
Name: Infantry Observer
Abilities: weapon: both 9mm Assault rifles and wire guided missle launchers. This unit will be able to climb rock walls unlike all other ground units which must find passageways. This way, you can use them to slow down enemy advances if they are positioned on tall rock mountains near the enemy's base, giving you time to prepare your'e forces.
Appearance: Same size as regular light infantry but wearing brown camoflauge and having a colored back pack to indicate their house.
Other Info: Can be built an upgraded barracks for about three times the price of a trooper.

Deflector Shield Generator

Sent by: MazaNaza
House: All
Name: Deflector Shield Generator
Abilities: Once build, this structure projects a shield three squares in all direction (up, down, left, diagonals, right). The shield completely stops tanks fire, missles, and air attacks. Infantry can walk right through the shield; vehicles cannot. The shield is one way: units inside can fire out and exit, but they cannot come back or fire in (friend or foe).
Appearance: Looks like the Hoth generator in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Small sequenced lights flash when active, but are dark when in-active (i.e. badly damaged or low power).
Other Info: Extremely power intensive. Because a shield may unbalance game play, there needs to be a high cost as well, to make it uneconomical to build a sentry line of these. They are meant to defend specific important structures (i.e. Con. Yard, Palace).

Noh Ships

Sent by: Gryffinder
House: All
Name: Noh Ships
Abilities: Carry's units on map while undetected by RADAR. Would work by clicking on Noh Ship then on units til unit limit is reached then click on drop off point. UNDETECTABLE BY RADAR.
Appearance: Little flying saucer only viewable by the side which owns one of them.
Other Info: Invisisble to radar.


Sent by: Shawn Ahmad
House: All
Name: LexiCon
Abilities: Certain stages will have a network of tubes underground. These tubes will be used for the LexiCon. The LexiCon is a long, thin weapon that snakes through the tubes to a predetermined spot. Once there, it blasts through a hatch, and launches a nuclear bomb into the building, destroying it.
Appearance: A long, thin cable with an attached launcher fitted with a strong nuklear bomb.
Other Info: This will destroy and building in two or less shots. If shot into a Windtrap, it will cause an immense shockwave, probably destroy all of their base and damaging yours.

Mobile Science Pod (MSP)

Sent by: Dunno?
House: All
Name: Mobile Science Pod (MSP)
Abilities: Any unit may enter the MSP, then you may deploy the MSP. Once you deploy it the game will pause and a selection of five weapons that will be quite costly. Firstly you select between the electric bolt, the plasma blade, the time bomb, the explosive stake or evapouration. Once you select the weapon the money will be deducted and the unit that was in the MSP will come out armed with the weapon you selected. The electric bolt fires a bolt which isn't that effective. The plasma blade is like a mixture between a boomerang and a frisbee, once thrown at the enemy it will return and hit the attacker again, then it will return to the thrower who will throw it again until the enemy is dead. The time bomb does great damage to infantry but inflicts machines a little bit less; once planted the bomb will start countdown. The explosive stake inflicts great damage but not enough to kill in one shot; it is a stake that will be shot at the foot of the enemy then explode. Evapouration! Is the most powerful weapon available, it will automaticly evapourate the person in one shot but is slow to recharge for heat is used for evapouration, however it will probably cost $5000 odd.
Appearance: It is a rectangle on catipillar wheels with a door at the back basically (it has to be big to fit devastators in).
Other Info: Speed: 30 kph.

Over Striker

Sent by: Rob
House: All
Name: Over Striker
Abilities: Can fly over any terrian can not be attacked by sandworms but can jrop bombs carrie 6 tanks and 20 men at a time. It can land on rock and sand to unload-reload (when on sand it can be eaten by a sand worm). It has 2 turrets on the bottom ane 2 on the top, it has a 2000hp engin and can go 300mph It also has 2 guns on the front.
Appearance: It has a arrow dinamic front(like a Lambourgini Diablo)it has a back like a plane. You can almost say "it looks like a b17 bomber.
Other Info: It requires the starport and it can Harvest if you add another 100 credits and you have a refinery.

Temple of Arrakis

Sent by: Jonathan Liu
House: All
Name: Temple of Arrakis
Abilities: This structure can give your house the ability to create and control sandworms. The things you can make the sandworms do is eat units and move!
Appearance: The structure looks like a a temple and instead of the southern croos on top of it, it has a stature of a sandworm!
Other Info: The Temple of Arrakis should be able to be free to download as an upgrade to dune 2000.

Missionaria Protectiva

Sent by: Goku
House: All
Name: Missionaria Protectiva
Abilities: Makes the Fremen think of you as a Messiah, and lets them follow your orders. Very vulnerable, but it's very hard that enemy units will attack her. Can also be used to make Fremen sietch go against your enemy by their own.
Appearance: Same dimensions as a Soldier but wears a long black suit and brings something like a staff.
Other Info: Expensive, and also needs a Starport and something like Palace. Obtaining a Missionaria it's a very long thing, and you also can have only one of them per mission. Missionaria can also fail, and in this case Fremen will think of you as an enemy.

Landsraad Satellitar Assault

Sent by: Goku
House: All
Name: Landsraad Satellitar Assault
Abilities: Just the answer to nuke missiles... their use is forbidden by the Major Houses ;) Destroys half and more of nuke dropper's units and cannot be avoided in any way. Also makes the ground unsuitable for buildings around the area of impact.
Appearance: Some missile and bomb drops around the selected area and big booms.
Other Info: REALLY expensive. You must pay lots of money to the High Council in order to attain their favor, and that must be done after a nuclear attack. Before been launched, this attack alerts the victim, who can save himself by paying lots of money... to make the council close an eye.


Sent by: Miles Teg
House: All
Name: Village
Abilities: As in the book, a group of structures and a starport where the ordinary people of Arrakis live. If you send an engineer into the town council in the centre you own the village but you need to keep a permament garrison there to defend against the other houses as with villages you get infantry from it for free and can purchase units from the people there.
Appearance: A group of desert-colour buildings with a starport and a barracks surrounded by a wall.
Other Info: If you attack or kill the people of the village they will send out solders against you and support any other house that tries to take the village off you.


Sent by: Eagle
House: All
Name: 1)Heavy assault tank/2)Asault aircraft
Abilities: 1) because the siege tank sucks(no offence but it does), you people should make like a tank which does rule the desert and which is better than the others
2) common guys only one type of aircraft,Dune happens like 11000 years from now and all they have is that little orni... and only the atreides... common + you guys should've put some star-ships inthere too.. like frigates or battleships.
Appearance: 1) it should look like the seige tank only bigger and look more heavily armed
2)the aircraft should look like a noerdayz aircraft(maybe more modern) and the star ships just make them big and look like u know warships.


Sent by: Black Diamond
House: All
Name: Las-Turret
Abilities: An anti-personnel turret (eg lasers or flamers or machine guns).
Appearance: Just like other turrets, except with a twin machine gun looking thing on top of them.
Other Info: In the original Dune 2, the Missile turrets were devestating against troops... but in Dune2000 they are useless.

Transport Carryalls

Sent by: JesTa
House: All
Name: Transport Carryalls
Abilities: Ability to transport units. Up to 8 infantry can be transported at once, 2 infantry = 1 trike/quad, 4 infantry = 1 combat tank/siege tank/missle tank and 8 infantry = 1 special tank (deviator, devistator, sonic tank).
Appearance: A regular Carryall but a bit smaller.
Other Info: Transport Carryalls don't do the jobs of regular Carryalls. They don't automaticlly fly around and transport Harvesters to the refineries or damaged units to the repair centers. You have to make it do this itself. It's basiclly a Carryall that you have CONTROL over and it doesn't fly around unless units are being transported. They remain on the ground when not in use (like helicopters in C&C).

Spice Bloom

Sent by: Spice blom
House: All
Name: Spice Bloom
Abilities: Spice bloom, as in dune 2 create spice field when it go boom, but this bloom is different. Only harvester can create blooms, once harvester mine +50% spice he can create spice bloom. He do it by making the spice atoms closer and closer until it got 1 piece, then he put it on the ground and go away.
Appearance: to the enemy spice bloom that were put by other house will not be seen, only the house that build it can see the bloom, the bloom looks like spice but more dark.
Other Info: when any enemy unit get on a bloom put by other house its dead in 1 second and put spice all around the place. if enemy harvester get on a bloom full with spice, the amount of spice that will cover the place will be 2X as without it.

Little Maker

Sent by: NArc BArd
House: All
Name: Little Maker
Abilities: If you grow a little maker in an area (i.e. under an enemy base) you can get an orni to drop water on that area at the appropriate time causing a massive spice blom in their base, killing all around...this would also allow you to have an insurance spice patch by burying them in nice enclosed areas.
Appearance: The little maker would appear to you as a sand ripple but not appear to the enemy.
Other Info: I guess this is sorta like a MAD tank if used offensively...i.e. Really expensive but really bad.


Sent by: Jim Slacker
House: All
Name: No-Tank
Abilities: Using advanced No Ship tech. (circa Miles Teg) Tank is invisible to all tech and worms until fires, then is visible and makes vibrations for a moment b4 cloaking again.
Appearance: Oval shaped tank.
Other Info: Expensive and only available through starport.

Escape Pod

Sent by: Le Baron
House: All
Name: Escape Pod
Abilities: The escape pod act like an transport. You can put as many as six units in the pod. The pod will take off as soon as she be hit by an ENEMY shot. The pod will go in outer space and will land in an random part of the map.
Appearance: An little rocket on a square of concrete.
Other Info: If the pod is hit by an Death Hand, she can't take off and will be destroyed.

Storm Burner

Sent by: Danny Schulz
House: All
Name: Storm Burner
Abilities: It is a bomb when it lands it blinds everyone within a 1km radius. only hurts infantry units. when blinded they are left to die like the freman way.
Appearance: It is a bomb. when coming down u can hear a whistling louder and louder until it drops. [like what blinds usul in book].
Other Info: some of the people can survive about 10% of the people could survive. the blinded people will be left in the desert.

Observation Sattelite

Sent by: Le Baron
House: All
Name: Observation Sattelite
Abilities: The Observation satellite, once in space, will show all the map on the Radar Screen.
Appearance: The Launcher look like an an door of metal in the ground who open when the sattelite launched.
Other Info: The Sattelite take a little time to get in a correct position and run his program. After the launch, the launcher will be destroyed and a 5-minutes countdown will start. When the countdown finish, the map will be reavealeted.

Sand Mine

Sent by: Barry S
House: All
Name: Sand Mine
Abilities: Walks over to a location and buries itself in the sand. Sends out vibrations to attract sand worms, then detonates and severely damages the worm.
Appearance: Large mine disc with legs.
Other Info: For killing pesky sand worms not troops.

Worm Port

Sent by: brad
House: All
Name: Worm Port
Abilities: Creates sand worms.
Appearance: Half on sand half on rock with a big sand worm curled up
Other Info: Power needed 40, cost 700, hit points 500, need palce.

War Droid

Sent by: Le Baron
House: All
Name: War Droid
Abilities: The War Droid his a powerful trooper with enhanced speed, armor and guns. The War Droid has the firepower of a siege tank, the armor of an devastator and the speed of an trike.
Appearance: A black, robotic looking man with an helmet of the house color.
Other Info: You need an upgraded barrack and an IX to create the war droid. Very Expensive. If you play has the Harkonnen, you don't need an IX.

Tleixaxu Face Dancer

Sent by: LETO-II
House: All
Name: Tleixaxu Face Dancer
Abilities: 1. They have the ability to take on the appearance of enemies.
2. Can damage enemy buildings by infiltrating them.
3. Weapons and hitpoits as per a normal soldier.
Appearance: Normal infantry, but can morph to the side of your choice.
Other Info: To kill it, you have to do the same process as if killing your own unit. Which is clicking on attack and then on the Face Dancer. It will not automatically be attacked by enemy units as it appears to be on their side. It must be manually attacked, as I previously said.

Ultimateus Battleship

Sent by: Shadow
House: All
Name: Ultimateus Battleship
Abilities: This unit is the ultimate unit of terror and it costs about $12,000 to make. Its a hovering battleship that can carry 10-15 tank units, and/or 40-50 infantry. It has laser turrets and multiple machine guns for protection and a big radar. It is fairly slow, but very armorable and it is used for deadly attacks against your enemies, and it makes a good unit transport and attacking tool. For offence it has three main big guns in the front and and 2 smaller guns on each side. The 3 main guns have a range like the cruiser in Red Alert and the side guns have half the range of the side guns. It can pass over any kind of terrain and it has its own power generators. It is only available in the multiplayer. The weaknes of this unit is that its slow and that it can run out of power if used too much, so you want to be carefull not to overheat the unit, cause then it shuts down and falls on to the ground( then its vulnerable to all kinds of attacks).
Appearance: It looks like a aircraft carrier/battleship cruiser, and it hovers of the ground. It has 3 big guns in the front and 2 smaller ones on each side. It has a big radar on top so it detects units easily. If you ever played Heavy Gear, it looks similar to the enemy cruiser battleship that you have to destroy in one of the end missions.
Other Info: It would be cool if this unit is included in a sequel to Dune2000. I'd like Dune3? or somthing to have like a 3d acceleration support and to have an engine better than TS( although that engine does kick butt it will be outdated when supposable Dune2000 sequel is in making.) I know if they make a sequel to Dune2K that it will be awsome and fun.

Field Generator

Sent by: Flite
House: All
Name: Field Generator
Abilities: The structures abilities would be to decrease the amount of damage on another structures armour. In effect it would give more time for deffence to arrive. The field generators range would be dependent on the size of the building (Excepting walls, cement pads, and units).
Appearance: The structure would occupy only one cement pad and would look similar to a spice silo but with more lights and tubes on it.
Other Info: The field generator could be activated or deactivated or moved by means of flying to another pad. The armour level would be medium and costs 500 Credits.

Soldier of Death

Sent by: Tj Smith
House: All
Name: Soldier of Death
Abilities: - Deploys a Death Hand when hevaily damaged or when remote detonated by player
- No other unit/structure destroying abilitys
- Able to scale obstacles such as plateaus and walls
Appearance: - Resembles C&C comando in stature but larger with a metalic appearance
- Movement less life like than regular soldiers but slighly faster then a basic one
- Repeats one message/recording "yes sir"
Other Info: - Requirements: Max advanced barracks, Outpost, Palace, Starport
- Inpervious to all weapons except Rockets
- Delivered as of the first starport purchases over $500
- You only get ONE! So use it wisely
- For all houses except The Emperor


Sent by: Michael
House: All
Name: Sand-Destroyer
Abilities: Ability to attack and destroy sand worms. Vulnerbility to all weapons and bombs. Crew 2- One driver and one misile launcher. 30 mph.
Appearance: Oval shape with cab in back. Medium missle launcher in front with a man using it. Cab has 2 windows on side, one in front and back. Camo. of sand.
Other Info: Hovers 20 feet above ground.

Worm Rider

Sent by: Andrew
House: All
Name: Worm Rider
Abilities: Can control a sand worm and use it to eat infantry and vehicles
Appearance: A sand worm with a guy on it with the strings going into the mouth of the sand worm (like in the movie)
Other Info: When off a worm is very week but when on a worm they have the Hit Points of the worm.

Advanced Combat Tank

Sent by: James
House: All
Name: Advanced Combat Tank
Abilities: The Adv Combat Tank has a lot of armor but goes really slow.
Appearance: The ACT looks kinda like the mammoth tank from C&C but is bigger and slower. It Has 2 heavy cannons and 2 automatic grenade launchers.
Other Info: This unit has stealth so it can sneak up on enemy bases and cause a lot of damage before they destroy it. This unit should be really expensive.

Worm Tamer

Sent by: Brett Sterling
House: All
Name: Worm Tamer
Abilities: Able to tame Sand Worms to be used as military weapons
Appearance: Small troopoer, in a black cloak
Other Info: Once he tames the worms, the worms can be sent to devour enemy troops and buildings

Ixian Clones

Sent by: joseph arthur
House: All
Name: Ixian Clones
Abilities: The unit will be to clone other infantry units over a period of time, special ability is to clone and heal individual units as the ixian tubes provide clones of Duncan
Appearance: For a special period of time clones can be made from a ixian tube and duplicate troops in quantity
Other Info: Minor amounts of melange are needed to fund clones

Mobile Bunker Deployment Vehicle (MBDV)

Sent by: MrX
House: All
Name: Mobile Bunker Deployment Vehicle (MBDV)
Abilities: Type: Bunker Deployment vehicle
Requirements: Updated Heavy Factory and Repair Pad
Weapon: M-60 machine gun
Weapon Range: Short
Speed: 30 km/hr
Armour: Medium (both vehicle and bunker). MBDVs (and the bunker) are resistant to bullets and some high explosives. They are vulnerable to missiles and high caliber guns.
Purpose: A MBDV can deploy one collapsible bunker. The bunker is made from fanmetal, which is metal formed by the growing of jasmium crystals in duraluminium; which is noted for extreme tensile strength in relationship to weight. The MBDV digs a small hole, and then by "fanning" the collapsible bunker out, to form a serviceable bunker. The bunker can be built on sand, but is still vulnerable to any sandworms in the region. As with a normal bunker, it holds 4 infantry type units, the infantry type units are able to fire out of it, and are safe from enemy fire, unless it destroys the bunker. The MBDV can reload at a repair pad. Also, the MBDV has a machine gun for defence.
Appearance: Sort of like a smaller MCV.
Other Info: # The mobile bunker is slightly weaker than a regular bunker.
# The MBDV is tracked, therefore it can crush infantry type units.

Solido Projected Structures

Sent by: MrX
House: All
Name: Solido Projected Structures
Abilities: Type: Three-dimensional image projector.
Requires: The original building has to be built (eg. for a project Outpost to be built, a real Outpost must be built).
Cost: Very low.
Power Requirements: Very low, but depends on how large is the projection (eg. a projected silo has less power requirements than a projected heavy factory).
Armour: Very light (weakest "structure"). Projected structures are very vulnerable to all weapons.
Purpose: The Ixian Solido projector, projects a three-dimensional image, using 360-degree references signals imprinted on a shigawire reel. The resulting 3D projection is indistinguishable from the real structure, from a distance and from radar. However, infantry units are able to tell the difference if they are close enough to the projected structure. The Solido projector can project an image of any structure except the Palace, Starports, and Repair Pads, due to their size.
Appearance: Like the original structure. For example, a project barracks looks like a real barracks).
Other Info: # If an infantry type unit (infantry, troopers etc) is close enough to the projected structure, the projected structure goes "blurry", thus distinguishing it from the real structure. Vehicles can not distinguish the projected structure from the real one, not matter how close it is (although once the vehicle fires on the structure, you will know that it is a fake!).
# Solido Projected Structures are only available on multi-player games.


Sent by: MrX
House: All
Name: Sniper
Abilities: Type: Ground Based Military Units.
Requires: Upgraded Barracks.
Weapon: One Bene Theliaxu, armour-piercing, Maula Rifle.
Weapon range: Medium, but longer than a Trooper's round.
Speed: 10 km/hr.
Armour: Light. Snipers are resistant to missiles (trooper; quad, missile tank) and large caliber guns (combat tank, gun turret) but very vulnerable to high explosives (siege tank), fire (Ornithopter) and bullet weapons (trike and light infantry).
Purpose: The Ordos Sniper is anti-infantry unit. The Sniper's Maula Rifle bullet is able to penetrate any infantry type armour. The bullet contains in a very fast acting, Bene Theliaxu made poison (derived from a rare plant on the planet Ecaz). Therefore, the Sniper is able to kill almost all infantry type units in one hit. However, the Sniper has a slow fire rate, and is not effective against vehicles.
Appearance: Like an Ordos Infantry, but with a longer gun.
Other Info: # Sarduakar are able to take more than one hit, due to their elite training and toughness.
# Fremen are also able to take more than one hit, due to that the Fremen are addicted to Melange, giving them stronger poison resistance.
# The Sniper unit is no way connected to Sniper, the webmaster of 'The Command Centre' :)

Holtzman Turret

Sent by: MrX
House: All
Name: Holtzman Turret
Abilities: Type: Ground Base Turret
Requires: Updated Construction Yard & IX Research Center
Weapon: One IX Tech's "Shaitan" suspensor-nullification cannon
Weapon Range: Medium, but longer than a gun turret.
Cost: Higher than a rocket turret.
Power Requirements: Higher than a rocket turret.
Armour: Medium. The Holtzman Turret is resistant to bullet and explosive weapons, but vulnerable to missiles and high-caliber guns.
Purpose: Base defense. As the Holtzman field has an adverse effect on sandworms, defensive shields and suspensors have a very limited use on Dune. However, the technicians of IX have developed a use of the suspensor-nullification effect in the form of a turret. The suspensors in the Holtzman Turret accelerate a depleted uranium shell to a velocity far greater than what can be achieved by a chemical explosion. This resulting shell round is deadly to most vehicles. The Holtzman Turret would still cause sandworms to go mad, and destroy the source of the Holtzman field, which is why this technology would be impractical on a tank, and is why it is limited on turrets only, as bases are safe from sandworms (bases are built on rock).
Appearance: Looks a bigger gun turret, with a larger barrel.
Other Info: The Holtzman Turret can destroy all vehicles in one hit, except siege tanks (if they have the same amount of armour as it Dune 2), devastators and harvesters. However, the Holtzman Turret is not effective against infantry units.

Amoured Silo

Sent by: MrX
House: All
Name: Amoured Silo
Abilities: Type: Armoured spice storehouse
Requires: Refinery & updated construction yard
Amour: Medium. Armoured silos are vulnerable to most types of weapons, but are twice as strong as normal silos.
Power requirements: Same as a normal silo.
Capacity: 50% more a normal silo, but is requires more concrete slabs.
Cost: 25% more than a normal silo.
Purpose: The Spacing Guild, concerned about House attacks on other House's Silos, hence lost of valuable Spice, made the Armoured Silo available for each House, to help protect against further lost in Spice. The Spacing Guild is subsidising the Armoured Silo (to encourage use), hence the lower cost per amount of Spice stored. The Armoured Silo performs like a normal silo, in that, when the refinery completes processing, Spice is automatically distributed evenly among the silos. When harvested Spice exceeds Silo capacity, the excess will be lost. When Armoured Silos are attacked and destroyed or captured, the amount stored will be deleted from your account.
Appearance: Like a normal silo, but larger and with a more 'stronger' apperance (ie. internal walls etc)
Other Info: Only available about 2/3 through a single player game, and in multiplayer games, at a high tech level.

Richese Industries Minelayer Mark III

Sent by: MrX
House: All
Name: Richese Industries Minelayer Mark III
Abilities: Type: Minelayer
Requires: Heavy factory and repair pad
Weapon: Mines. Each House has a different type of mine (see units other information below)
Weapon Range: N/A
Speed: 44 km/hr
Armour: Medium. Minelayers are resistant to bullets, but vulnerable to missiles and high caliber guns.
Purpose: The minelayer carries five mines and can be reloaded at the repair pad.
Appearance: As in Red Alert, but with a 'Dune feel'
Other Info: Types of mines:
Atreides: Anti-tank mine (as in Red Alert) destroys all vehicles except the siege tank, devastator, and harvester outright, but does not effect infantry units.
Harkonnen: Claymore type mine. The mine triggers off when an enemy unit goes near the mine. The mine explodes a large number of metal balls, in an arc towards the unit, killing all types of infantry instantly, trikes and quads would be significantly damage (in the yellow), and other units slightly damage.
Ordos: The mine explodes a combination of enzymes and acids onto the unit. The acids and enzyme eats through metals and skin, slowly damaging the unit. It is enough to destroy all infantry units, trikes and quads. Combat tanks, missile tanks, sonic tanks, would be badly (half hit points left) damage, while the other ground units would suffer significant damage (about 2/3 left). Would suffer significant damage

Anti-Missile Defense System

Sent by: Ashmaal
House: All
Name: Anti-Missile Defense System
Abilities: This is just a 3X3 structure which when built can build Anti-Nuke missles. It would take about 10 min to build one anti-nuke missile, but once built it would automatically intercept the next nuke that comes toward your base.
Appearance: The initial structure cost would be 1000 credits. Each anti nuke missle would cost an additional 500 credits. Prerequisite building is a House of IX.
Other Info: None

Solar Energy Generator

Sent by: Ashmaal
House: All
Name: Solar Energy Generator
Abilities: This is a small Energy generator that only takes up one square. It has an output of 75 so as to triple the power output to space ratio. But you can only build one at a time
Appearance: A small golden metallic tile held in the air by many beams.
Other Info: Each one would cost 200 credits, and it's armor would be very light. It can also be built on the sand and catch energy reflecting off the sand. It ust be adjacent to the rest of you base still. If built on the sand each one would provide 100 power. This makes it very vulnerable, but can be a bridge to nother rock base without using a Mobile Construction thingy.

Manned Harvester

Sent by: Ashmaal
House: All
Name: Manned Harvester
Abilities: This is your basic Harvester with a mounted Gun Tower on the top. The gun Tower holds an Infantry Unit with a Sonic Cannon so that when he fires n the enemy he doesn't damage the spice.
Appearance: A sleek Harvester with a round tower on top.
Other Info: The Cost is 500 credits, and you must have a Heavy Vehicle Factory and either a WOR facility or Infantry Barraks.

The Angel

Sent by: Ashmaal
House: All
Name: The Angel
Abilities: Fire Rockets successfully at a close range and smash Combat Tanks and smaller units with fists or feet. Basically the same as tanks run over infantry. It can shoot ariel units. Also it is immune to the Sonic Tank's Sound Wave attack due to high durability and new Echo Technology.
Appearance: 20' Tall robot that is all white with a small symbol of the house which purchased it on the back (somewhere that a player can see). Rocket Turretts are mounted on the shoulders, two on each.
Other Info: It would move at normal infantry Movement Rate, and have armor equal to a palace. Of course it would cost around 1500 credits and would not be able to be repaired in a repair facility, but mechanics could repair at an extreamly slow rate. It's sight range would be double the Siege Tanks Sight Range too.


Sent by: Andrew Hyde
House: All
Name: Village
Abilities: At every village there is a smmugler which will give you free units like the crates on Red Alert.
Appearance: A couple of greyish-brown buildings with a man standing outside one of them as you go near one it will leave a unit.
Other Info: If it leaves an ornithopter it will have to be collected by another unit.

Mine Layer

Sent by: Nathan Pearce
House: All
Name: Mine Layer
Abilities: Can lay single mines or can lay them between two set points.
Appearance: Looks like a trooper.
Other Info: Explosions from mines attract sandworms.

Mine Layer

Sent by: Fremen-Warrior
House: All
Name: Mine Layer
Abilities: Capable of laying 10 mines. Damage to the unit running over the mine will vary, depending on the unit's armor. If a worm swallows a mine, then the worm will be destroyed. Damage to vehicles and troopers/infantry/saboteurs/engineers will vary, ranging from complete destruction to half damage.
Appearance: Looks like black and red infantryman with small cart.
Other Info: To reload, the Mine Layer must report back to the WOR. He carries only a small rifle as defense. His speed is 12kph.

Harvester Trikes

Sent by: Thomas Keirl
House: All
Name: Harvester Trikes
Abilities: Its just a normal trike but they can be deployed from the harvester to scout for worms or to draw them away from overflowing harvesters
Appearance: Looks like a Trike.
Other Info: Its just a trike which pops out of a harvey and then goes back in.


Sent by: Muad' Tim
House: All Houses
Name: Bunker
Abilities: Up to four units can hide in a bunker. These units are safe from enemy fire, but may still use their weapons, while in a bunker. Once the bunker is destroyed the units automatically leave the bunker unharmed.
Appearance: Unknown.

House Guardsman

Sent by: Tyson
House: All Houses
Name: House Guardsman
Abilities: The House Guardsmans' duty is the protection of his Lord. Like the Sardaukar or the Fremen, they can not be bought or trained (except, perhaps, in multiplayer missions). Although their firepower is nothing spectacular, perhaps equal to that of a Heavy Trooper, but they have above average hit points, speed, range, and rate of fire. Thus they have good survivability and should be used primarily as defensive units.
Appearance: My inspiration for these troops came from the book when Baron Harkonnen refused to believe that the Fremen were defeating his troops and the Sardaukar and claimed that they must have been Atreides specially trained by Hawat.
They also somewhat counter the effects of the Sardaukar and the Fremen, allowing for well balanced play. Of course, the Fremen and Sardaukar will be more numerous or have some other specific advantage so not to distract from their purpose in the game.
Other Info: None.


Sent by: Dark Night
House: All Houses
Name: Defender
Abilities: Can fire two missiles at once with devistating damage. Can destroy tanks with two shots. Has instant reloading. With every missile fired at it, it takes 10% damage.
Appearance: It looks like a harvester but has two long metal pipes sticking out of it's sides.
Other Info: It is as fast as a jeep and if it runs over men it kills them

Siege Tank - v2

Sent by: Sir Maple
House: All Houses
Name: Siege Tank - v2
Abilities: Same as the regular siege tank, but with the capability of siege mode from StarCraft (Immobile, but does more damage)
Appearance: A regular siege tank in normal mode, stabilizer feet in siege mode
Other Info: Probably more expensive, more vulnerable in siege mode?


Sent by: Le Baron
House: All
Name: Cloaker
Abilities: The Cloaker is a unit invisible to enemy. You can use it to explore enemy bases. But, he can't attack while he cloaked.
Appearance: A simple tropper surrounded by light clouds.
Other Info: You need a IX to devellop the cloaker.

Atomic Weapons

Sent by: Neil Rudd
House: All
Name: Atomic Weapons
Abilities: Able to destroy small structures in a single explosion. Larger structures may require several explosions. Main use to destroy windfarms.
Appearance: A single person, with one atomic weapon, who can sneak into a base and place the atomic weapon. After he has placed it, its on a 5 second fuse so he can run away. Once the unit has placed his weapon, he has to return to base to get another. Once he has used this ability, the enemy base becomes aware of him and he finds its harder to get in the base again.
Other Info: Only one atomic weapon may be used per level. If the person dies, they can not build another until the next level. The weapon would cost the same amount as a large tank.


Sent by: Lisandro Podest
House: All
Name: Embassy
Abilities: With this structure you can negociate a temporaly peace or alliance paying a lot of money.
Appearance: Like a metal edifice. Hard to destroy.
Other Info: To negociate a peace about 5 minutes it cost 1500 credits and your enemy don't atacks you, if he atacks you, you get 3000 credits.

Super Computer Room

Sent by: Le Baron
House: All
Name: Super Computer Room
Abilities: The S.C.R reduces, by half, the production time of all the structures.
Appearance: A sphere floating over a dark hole surronded by a green circle with circuits.
Other Info: Very Expensive and long to build.

Guild Navigator

Sent by: Le Baron
House: All
Name: Guild Navigator
Abilities: Can be used to transport units anywhere in a 20 squares range.
Appearance: A black tank without guns.
Other Info: You need a palace to create one. Very expansive. The Guild Navigator has a Transport matter. It means you must wait for the matter to be at maximum before using the command. You can use it even if the matter is not full but there is 50% odds that the unit be destroyed by lack of power.

Telsa Tank

Sent by: Rick
House: All
Name: Telsa Tank
Abilities: Uses strong voltage to zap any enemy item, movable to electricute enemy bases, and can kill sand worms with ease. It can move at 70km/h.
Appearance: A tank with a coil that has a super conducter at the top in the shape of a sphere.

Transport Thopter

Sent by: Joe
House: All Houses
Name: Transport Ornithopter
Abilities: The transport ornithopter could transport infantry units, kind of like the transport helicopter in Red Alert. It could carry a reasonable number of troops, enough to make an opponent worried, but not enough to make it impossible to defend.
Appearance: Just like the regular ornithopter, except it would be bigger and have a larger wingspan.
Other Info: My inspiration for this unit was from a scene in the book where one of these ornithopters makes an appearance. Although it might not be glamourous it would be useful for diversions and sneak attacks.

"You'll Never Know"

Sent by: D2k(David2k)
House: All Houses
Name: You'll Never Know
Abilities: When a unit is sent into it, it will randomly change the unit into any unit, even a sandworm and put it under your comand. The "you'll never know" can also just take away units without return of a different unit. The processer takes 150 credits and it takes 600 credits to build it.
Appearance: Appearance can change but it will always have a spiral in the middle.
Other Info: Its like a Light Vehicle Factory.

Spice Finder

Sent by: Martin Lambert
House: All Houses
Name: Spice Finder
Abilities: Can find spice blooms anywhere on the map, even in blacked out areas.
Appearance: Looks like Ornithopter without weapons.
Other Info: Unarmed but has strong armour and very fast.


Sent by: Josh Boileau
House: All Houses
Name: Deathmen
Abilities: Deathmen shoots death hand missles, goes 200 kmh. Has very heavy armor, crew of 3. Fires cluster bombs from 10 km/h
Appearance: Shaped like a B16 stealth bomber but has no stealth abilities. Holds the death hand missles in the inside. The deathhand missles are minarturised to fit in the weapons bay. The fighter is the same colour as the sand
Other Info: Speed of 200km/h, 10km range, airborne unit, crew of 3

Bene Gesserit Witch

Sent by: Feyd Rautha
House: All Houses
Name: Bene Gesserit Witch
Abilities: These units can have special phychic abilities. Maybe can be used to convert Enemy soldiers. Or maybe used in a special mission only.
Appearance: Female unit.


Sent by: Boyan R
House: All Houses
Name: Infiltrator
Abilities: Fast, light, unarmed, hard to spot, easy to kill..they only thing that sees it are other infantry but once seen every can shoot 'em.. they can steal technology but you have to return them into your barracks to be able to use what he stole... if you put him into the enemy light/ heavy factory he can any unit he wants, if put in the IX he can steal the special unit etc.... it takes a while to steal something, 5-15 secs and he can only stay in there for 20 secs after that he leaves the base and you have to return him to your base.
Appearance: Same as the enemy's troops or if the enemy is Harkonnen, then it looks same as their troops. Same color as the enemy.
Other Info: Hard to spot, easy to kill, moves fast and has no armor.


Sent by: Nephlyte
House: All Houses
Name: Shielding Tower

Like the Shield of DUNE (Movie).
- Protect area liked by towers (as many has you want)
- No Weapons or ennemy units may pass
- Even deflect Harkonnen Death Missile (explode on the shield or beside it)
- on/off switch :)

- High Price (if like dune 2, about 500-1000 Spice Units per tower)
- Limited Energy (let's Say the equivalent of 2 Death Missile (or a lot of small fire)
- Whe shield destroyed, tower overload, drop to 25% of Hit Point, and dammage surrounding units or structures)
- No defense against saboteurs, Turrets can't fire when shield on!
- Slow Regeneration rate (30 minutes to recharge one death missile hit.
- If a tower is destroyed, shield lowered for 20 sec, and a re-link is done
For the remaining towers. (back on line, but a new tower will have to be built to re-gain same shield pattern.

Appearance: Kinda fluctuating wall of Brown Color! Tower like a Large Pike with energy (lightning Ball) on the top!
Other Info: Need a House of IX AND a Palace. Even after shield gone, if towers are ALL repaired, shield on-line.


Sent by: IX Master
House: All Houses
Name: Tracker: Targeting Infantry Unit
Abilities: The Tracker is a "human targeting system". An infantry unit with a special IXian suit enabling him to target units and vehicles, and linking him with an artillery or missile launching unit, drastically improving accuracy. The Tracker is unarmed, but if you assign it to "guard" any long-range unit, he will target vehicles, units or structures for it. This is especially useful for Missile Launchers.
Appearance: Looks like a basic infantry unit, but has a face-covering helmet with wires leaving the helmet and leading into a large backpack.


Sent by: Boyan R
House: All
Name: Shredder
Abilities: Tracked unit that has two rotating saws on the left and right front side of it... they constantly run and when any human unit passes... EVEN YOUR OWN (should watch where you're sending them) it cuts them into pieces.
Appearance: Looks like the medium tank with two saws on the side.
Other Info: Medium armor... no ranged offense or defense.
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