The Emperor Frederick IV


The Emperor is the man in charge of Dune and offers a challenge to the three houses to produce the most spice and then they could control Dune. He uses trickery to acheive his goals and became emperor after taking over from his own brother. Doing this cost a lot and the Emperor ended up in debt which he hopes to pay off by gaining money from the lucrative spice. Since Dune is the only planet that has the spice melange he is anxious to harvest the spice quickly and pay off his debts.

The challenge the emperor has enlisted the Houses to complete for will give the House complete control over the planet of Arrakis. He has granted House Atreides, House Ordos, and House Harkonnen special concession to mine the spice.

The Emperor also has a great army and controls the Sardaukar. The are his elite troopers and have superior firepower and armor. The Emperor is not afraid to use his troops against you in battle and is a formible opponent as well.

The Emperor

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