The Insidious Ordos

Planet Information:

The home planet of the Ordos is a frigid ice-covered world. It is believed that the Ordos import their agricultural and technological goods from nearby star systems. Acting as traders and brokers, the Ordos produce no physical products but instead rely upon their merchandising skills to make their profits.

House Profile:

The Ordos are represented by a group of wealthy families who banded together for greater security. The Ordos have little conscience and seem to gain strength through their sabotage and terrorism. They are protected by their great wealth and their status as a great House is unaffected by their long history of deception.

House Ordos

The Mentat Ammon is in charge of the Ordos operations on Dune. This is the first we have seen of the Ordos as they are not mentioned much in the Dune books by Frank Herbert.

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