Editor Downloads

These are programs that you can use to edit Emperor and are not supported by Westwood.

Official Map Editor:

The Official Map Editor is a beta release by Westwood. It will work for most people but if you do experience problems Westwood does not officially support it. You can visit the forums for help but don't expect any new updates.

Map Packer:

Map Packer is used to easily handle your Emperor maps. It can pack your maps for easy submission to websites and install maps quickly as well. This is a must download if you plan on getting maps from this site as all maps are stored in this format.


TibEd allows easy editing for mod makers or just simple editing of the game. For more details and the latest versions check the website.


DuneEx is an editor for Emperor that will let you view/extract/edit the files contained in the rfd/rfh/bag archives. To make sure you have the latest version be sure to visit the official site.


BagTool can be used to make custom bag files for changing the music/dialog in the game. You can also combine the bag files from your hard drive and CDROM to avoid the constant access of the CDROM during gameplay.


Dune Visual Mod Creator lets you edit many of the settings for both units and structures. If you have previously installed versions of the program you can remove them as this version is a full install. This version also includes most of the source code of the program.

  • Download [1147 KB | Full Install v1.12]

Ini Editor:

The Emperor Ini Editor is a program that lets you easily edit the Rules.txt file. Currently it only allows you to change the info for almost all units cost/buildtime.

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