Emperor: Battle for Dune

Emperor is the second Dune game developed by both Westwood Studios and Intelligent Games. Westwood broke new ground with Emperor and went 3D, it was their first true 3D RTS. Other advancements included a new type of campaign mode which let you play online in groups of up to 3 players. Emperor is a sequel to Dune2 & Dune 2000 including an entirely new storyline created by Westwood.

The basics behind the story is that the Emperor has been assassinated in the year 10190 and his throne has been left vacant. Because of this the Atreides, Ordos, and Harkonnen have once again returned to "Battle for Dune" except this time the battle will also be taken to the homeplanets of each of the three Houses. There will also be the Ix, Fremen, Sardaukar, Guild, Tleilaxu factions available to ally with during the campaign and during multiplayer games.

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