Map Downloads

This page contains maps released by Westwood or maps included with the original game, like campaign maps, that have been unlocked.

Official Map Packs:

These are the official map packs released by Westwood. You will need to have the first pack in order for the second to work and so on due to the numbering of the files. If you want images of each map check the news archives or do a search for map packs.

Campaign Maps Unlocked:

This small program will unlock the campaign map "Hole in the Rock" and allow you to play it in multiplayer and skirmish games. You will need to have the mappacks installed, found above, and be running at least v1.08 for this to work. We also recommend using the English version of the game and having a fairly clean install to ensure this works properly.

  • Download [262 KB | Unlocks Hole in the Rock]
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