Patch Downloads

This is a listing of all patches released for the game so far. You only need to get the latest version, 1.09, to ensure you game is up-to-date.

Install Fix:

This install fix will help those who had troubles installing the game on their computer. Read the readme attached to the zip file for more information on how it works.

1.09 Patch:

Version 1.09 is the last patch for Emperor. It includes all other patches so you only need this file. It changes/updates:

The latest patch for Emperor: Battle for Dune is primarily to add support for the BETA release of our Map Editor. The BETA Map Editor is a developmental tool, and will be downloadable as an "AS-IS" utility. It does NOT have the polish of a retail-release, and can be difficult to learn. However, this patch will allow you to use the maps created by the fans with this tool.
If you join a game that has selected a map, which you do not have on your local harddrive (i.e. you will need to download user-created maps separately), a warning message is displayed upon entering that game?s setup screen.
NOTE: User-created maps are created completely independent from Westwood Studios and Electronic Arts Inc. We have no controls over the content that a user puts into their maps. Please be cautious and review any download from any site to verify its content and that you deem it acceptable. Westwood Studios & Electronic Arts are not responsible for objectionable content.
Additionally, a few minor enhancements were made available in this release as well.
Thanks for your continued support and enjoy the new changes!
--Westwood & the Emperor: Battle for Dune Team.

1) Support for user-made maps. They will appear in your map-selection dialogue box for Skirmish Games & Multiplayer Games. Upon joining a lobby or after map selection changes, users that are missing that map, or have a different version will be given a warning, and will not receive the ?Accept? button.
2) Westwood Online games that are full of players, but have not yet clicked "Accept" and/or "Play", will now appear in the Custom lobby in a gray color.

1.08 Patch:

Version 1.08 of Emperor makes the following changes/updates:

1) We have added an 'invite' button to the custom lobby and chat rooms. Click on the playername you wish to invite, and press the new button. This will bring up the 'host custom game' setup window. Choose number of players, game type, and/or a password. When you enter the host lobby, 'playername' will get an invitation to join you.
2) New multiplayer maps can now be downloaded separately and placed in the Emperor\Data\Maps\ subdirectory. We plan on releasing several maps each month. Please visit for details.
3) Game load times are now a bit faster. (approx. 15% improvement).
4) In the chat rooms, you can now use the following slash '/' commands.
 a) Type /page nickname message to page the player 'nickname' with the 'message'.
 b) Type /r message to reply to the last page with 'message'
 c) Type /on nickname to see if player 'nickname' is online or not.
5) You can now hide the side-bar interface during gameplay by pressing the '/' key.
6) You can now select multiple teams by pressing the first team #, then holding SHIFT and the next team number. E.g. press '1' then SHIFT-'2' and you'll have units from both teams 1 and 2 selected. Note: There is still a 64 unit limit to group selections, so with large groups, you may not get all of the 2nd group.
7) When a building is ready, pressing the 'E' key will automatically put the building footprint in your cursor for fast & easy placement. It will also turn the sidebar to the building tab.
8) Construction Yards can now set a rally point for all reinforcements to go to. Additionally, the 'R' key will return units to the primary construction yard's rally point. Select the Conyard and then hold down the CTRL key, changing your cursor to a flag. You can now click anywhere on the map to set the rally point.
9) You can now set refinery rally points by selecting the refinery and clicking on a spice field anywhere on the map. (no need to use CTRL). Harvesters will then choose that spice field first until it is depleted of spice. Once depleted they will go find another spice field.
10) Deviators & Leeches will no longer continue shooting at units which are already effected by their bullet. Once a unit is deviated or leeched, the Deviator and Leech will choose new targets. Note: If there are no other targets within range, they will continue to fire at the leeches, as their bullets do some damage.
11) Skirmish, LAN & Internet game host screens now support 'random house' selection for AI and players. If you wish either of your sub-houses, or even your main house, to be randomly selected upon start of gameplay, right click on the house icon. A question mark will appear, and you will not know your assigned house or sub-house until you begin the battle.
12) Units in Guard mode (e.g. with little shield over their heads) will respond to ranged attacks by attacking the unit that shot them (provided they don't already have another target). This will prevent long-range artillery from picking off units which are 'guarding' an area, but the enemy is not within their guard range.
13) Fixed a bug where the AI would sometimes get 3 sub-houses. (LAN & Skirmish only)
14) Fixed a corrupted Korean movie problem in the Atreides "Just like contraband" movie. In order to keep the patch download small, we have truncated the Korean movie. The loss of the last few seconds does not change the storyline. NOTE: If you play co-op Atreides campaign with a Korean friend, that movie will stop early for both players.

1) Firewall support has been added. This will allow users behind most common firewalls to connect with other users, and vice versa. If you have previously had lock-ups on your 'connect with players' screen, and never seem to be able to join online games, please try again under version 1.08.
2) Your buddy list will now identify whether your buddy is online or not.
3) Improved LAN & Internet gameplay performance. You should notice smoother & faster frame-rates in both LAN & Internet games. (NOTE: The slowest computer/connection in your multiplayer game is still the final determining factor to your overall game speed.)
4) Password protected games now have a key icon next to the game's name in the custom lobby. You will need to know the password to join that game.
5) Help bots & moderators are now color coded green in the chat rooms.
6) When you ally with another player during multiplayer games, you can now build off their conyard (e.g. place buildings near their conyard). You can also gift units (by selecting the unit and pressing 'O') to your ally, and they will gain exclusive control over them. Additionally, the Atreides Repair vehicle can repair your ally's units.
7) You can now type longer chat messages in the Chat Rooms. When you type to the right end of the text box, the text will left-scroll within the box allowing you several lines of final text.
8) When starting a new Co-operative Campaign game, a warning will now show if the action will overwrite your existing co-op savegame.

1) Atreides Air Drones will no longer be able to out-run missiles. Their speed & armor have been decreased.
2) Harkonnen Devestators now fire a modified plasma bullet which has some nice splash damage. This makes them much better against groups of infantry, like the Atreides Kindjal. Thus, they live longer, and can be more effective against vehicles & buildings.

1.07 Patch:

The 1.07 patch for Emperor makes the following changes/updates:

1. Upon leaving a single-player campaign, a prompt now appears to confirm you wish to leave the campaign.
2. Fixed a bug where LAN game setup screen could be changed without other players agreeing to it.
3. Pressing a group key # twice will center the screen on that group (same as Alt+Group#).
4. You can 'Attack Move' by using Ctrl+Shift when selecting a movement destination. This will cause units to move to that location, and stop to engage units along the way. If there are any of your units at the end of the encounter, they will continue on to their final destination.
5. You can now right-click your cursor on the radar map in upper right-hand corner, and the camera will move to that part of the game map. This will not deselect currently selected units.
6. Subtitles will appear again on the movies (a bug in v1.06 had disabled them).

1. You may now whisper to another player in the chat lobby by clicking on their name to highlight it and type a message in the normal text box. That message and all messages made while the player is selected will only appear in their chat window. Use right-click on their name to deselect them and do normal broadcast chatting.
2. You may now choose your House & Sub-House preference for Quickmatch (Ladder Ranked) games. Go to Options->Multiplayer Info and choose 'More'. You will need to re-select your preferences (if you had already done this before v1.07 patch) in order for them to be passed to the Quickmatch system.
3. The Westwood OnLine (WOL) Custom lobby will now refresh open games when you return from the chat area.
4. WOL lobbies now update pings more frequently, and defaults to a '?' instead of 1000.

1.06 Patch:

This is the 1.06 patch for Emperor which fixes the following:

1. We fixed a CD checking problem with Quick Match games.
2. We fixed an issue where buddies would disappear off the Buddy List while editing the list.
3. Improved menu item selection on the menu screens.
4. Multiplayer maps are now sorted by the number of players.
5. We fixed a problem where your Multiplayer House and Sub-House preferences were not being remembered by the game.

1. We fixed an issue with a player having the ability to retreat after they were defeated in a Multiplayer game.
2. We fixed a problem where Quick Match would send incorrect client information to the matching bot when asking for a match.
3. We fixed an issue with players not returning to the lobby at the same time after completing a Multiplayer game.
4. We added Clan and Rank info to the tooltips in the Westwood Online screens.

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