Video Downloads

Louis Castle Walkthrough:

The Louis Castle Walkthrough is one of the best videos released so far. The video shows Castle sitting by a computer playing the game. He starts with the three main Houses and shows a number of the units attacks and their special attributes. He then provides some info on the five subhouses, the Fremen specifically. The Sandworm is huge, they show it swallowing a large group of infantry and the Wormrider looks impressive too. There is also a brief part providing background on the House homeplanets and parts of various cutscenes.

Official Trailer:

Emperor's trailer video in .mpg format. Contains a lot of great ingame footage.

Harkonnen Cast:

The Harkonnen Cast Cutscene that shows the four main Harkonnen actors. The larger actor in the center is the Baron Rakkan and the two that surround him are Copec and Gunseng. At the end you see the Harkonnen Mentat. If you want a general idea of the acting in the game check this out.

Heartplug Scene:

This "heartplug" cutscene was cut from the final version of the game due to its content. It shows the Baron ripping out a heartplug and the blood spatters on his face. Keep this in mind before downloading.

Harkonnen Intro:

The Harkonnen intro movie that gives a brief overview of the characters and background of the House. Shows a number of different brief clips of the characters as well as a voice over explaining things, overall worth the download.

Atreides Intro:

This is the Atreides intro movie. It gives an idea on what exactly House Atreides stands for and their motives. There is also some computer generated cutscenes shown and it explains some about the Fremen.

Ordos Intro:

This is the Ordos intro movie. Well narrated but not much content visually, but still a good download for Ordos fans.

Streaming Video:

For those of you with slower connections check GameSpot's streaming video section of all the Emperor videos. They offer them in both Windows Media Player and RealPlayer versions and a number of different connection types.

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