Map Editor Petition

The mapeditor petition has come to a close with over 600 signatures. I would like to thank everyone who showed their support and thanks to Westwood for recognizing the demand and releasing a map editor for all the fans.


if theres no map editor for dune 3000 ill buy warcraft3 instead.
- chicken

Yeh give the pple a map editor.
- ?

PPLLZZZZZZZZ GIVE US A MAP EDITOR WW ur games rock and i need a map editor to build a big cool super base and make kick ass maps for multi player SO FFS GIMME A DAMN MAP EDITOR please!
- Shock

Plz! A map editor needed.
- robertordermato

I think emporer really really needs a map editorbecause you can play all of the standerd maps in a few days!
- tiger249

I think a Map Editor for "Emperor: BFD" is a great idea, but it needs to be free, like the Map Editor of RA2 (ok, it's a beta version, but is free, no?). A Map Editor, for people that likes to create their owner maps (like me), is a very good tatic to take more customers to Westwood. Bye!
- Felipe Caldeira Veloso Sussuarana

A map editor will greatly increase the lenght of this game and therefore realising it makes money for westwood, some people might even buy it because it has a map editor.
- Jabba The Hunt

Ive told westwood about this petition and hopefully (hint hint!)Theyll realize how many people want a map editor
- Gaza10

hey. why don't you make a map editor because the levels in the game suck.
- Evan

We NEED a really good map Editor WW Please release one.
- Anonymous

Well, I WANT THIS MAP EDITOR to see the lights of day. It's time westwood finally starts understanding they'll add to the popularity and lifespan of a game by giving us the ability to edit it!!!
and yes, i liked the mapeditor for red alert 2 very much, good move WW, but if it wasn't for mister wagner it wouldn't be there anyways...
- Roderik Steenbergen

please can we have an editor because it won't just get u money but those who for example say they hate some of the levels can make what they think is a wicked level and can pass it on to willing recievers.
- michael hale

Why not make the game even more popular. Why not give us a editor. More maps = More players.
- Conthox

- GAZA10

Lazy Engineers of Westwood! ; we WANT a map editor. OK?
- Papaz

One of the factor that made starcraft great is its included campaign creator/editor. A level maker for E:BFD will make it great enough. Bi la khaifa (literally: nothing further need to be explained).
- Syock

Make an editor with which the fans can:
* create their own maps;
* create their own missions;
* create their own campaigns;
* customize and/or build their own units;
And,... an editor which is easy to use and user friendly for everyone.
Greetings to all Dune fans !!!
PS. Read the new books everyone... they're GREAT !!!
- Lizardking

Hal Yawm! Now hear ye
I would be really pleased to see a map editor for Emperor:BFD available for download. I've travelled everywhere seeking this magnificient thing but it is nowhere to be found.
Now I wonder if there will be an exp pack for the game?
- Syock

I would REALLY love a map editor! its a disappointment to not find one =(
- LiQUiD_X

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz get it
- IdontFEAR

Make the fucking map-editor for these map nerds!!!
- Boulertje

A map editor would be the best. so few 3d strategy games have one and having one would boost sales
- alpha

Arrrrr, has anyone even mailed WestWood about this site so they can see how many people want an editor!?!?!?!
- Deth

I don't need a Map Editor, but I want Edited maps...
So please relase a good fully fonctionnal Map Editor so we can enjoy somme new battlefields !
- Romain

i cant stand this game without an editor! i need trenchs and bridges!!!! i need a map editor
- abu

Please give us the mapeditor, this will be very helpful for the Dunecommunity because if there are more maps, it won't be so boring
- bmb1986

Please I Need A Map Editor!!!!!!!
Please I Need A Map Editor!!!!!!!
Please I Need A Map Editor!!!!!!!
Please I Need A Map Editor!!!!!!!
When is it coming?????
- GeeHead

I need a Map Editor..........NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!
- Dune man

I recon it will be awesome to have a map editor for Emperor. I hope they do it. Westwood RULE :)
- Dude

Must ... Have ... Map ... editor ... !
- Glen Schmidt

Surely, a map editor would make the game a lot better and increase the fun of skirmishes on your own creations.
- Develin6

Truly a Map editor would increase this weapons Kick ass capability 10 fold, all of blizard games have extremely powerful map editors, while westwood has a very few and none on any of the new games
- Iudo Fox

Good God Man Give Us A Map Editor!!!!
- Death

again.and again ...give us an editor..
may be some free new maps each month.. ???
- whazaa

Hey, Emperor seriously needs to make a map editor, becuase not only has their industry profited from the game they could advance their profit almost 2x's almost 2X's the amount they have made so far! and more then likely there kicking there self and trying their best to create one, or mabey they want to wait a certain time limit such as two or three months so that the true Dune fans will have already conquered the game and are ready for more...
- Dustin M.

just make our day and release a map editor!
- nemesis

I need a map editor. Just like the editor form Blizzard's game STARCRAFT!!!
- Erwin

i need a map editer

- jbong614

Theres gotta be 40000 people who have emporer and they all want an editor. If you don't give one Blizzard is gonna kick ur ass cuz all they're games have one
- Darkbringer

We need a Map Editor or all the houses will die!!!
- Psychoteddy

A map editor for Emperor would allow for endless possibilities for Emperor games.
- Dan

If you keep disregarding Map editors for your games your gonna get owned my Companys like Blizzard, Volition, and Bioware. Because they all make map editors for their games which amplefies the replay value of the game and also helps word of mouth Sales.
- Andrew Carter

A map editor would increase the fun of this game by a factor of 10! Keep up the good work WW.
- Razorox

Look here westwood, we obviously want a map editor, I wouldnt be surprised if people would buy an expansion on the strengh of a map editor.Hint hint. ;)
- teddy bear man

Dear Westwood Please Release a copy of a map editor if not the one that you guys used during development. Right now i think that Starcraft is better, only becuase it has a map editor that gives you so much more variety on gmaeplay types starcraft is at least 5 years old and yet sadly there are more people online on starcraft then Emperor on some nights. If a map editor like the starcraft editor was release then mostl liekly i would throw away my starcraft disks.
- Jack McHenry

we need a map editor, I expect that from a company like westwood to keep the game interesting
- diho


Make a map editor for more fun please
- Skrilax

Please make a map editor so that we can make a more scripted campaign and add a little more diversity to multiplayer mayhem!
- Thyfate

Further down this page a westwood staff member said they would make a map editor. I dunno when that was but it's been a while
- Shez

Yo Westwood PEOPLE!, got a mission for ya boys, me and my pals want you to give all Dune fans the map editor for Emperor Battle for Dune. Better make it fast and good coz' MISTAH COOLIO ain't got much time. Remember, FAILURE MEANS DEATH!!! PEACE OUT DUDES!
- M!$t@h C()()L!()

i am an avid fan of all things Dune, i especially went crazy when i found out that westwood is making a game about Dune!
i bought the game and found that westwood lived up to my expectations as agood gaming company, but i found it a little "incomplete" without a map editor, when i finished playing all the maps, the game slowly becomes bland and old. I have always admired westwood for their games and i hope this petition would encourage you to make a map editor
- Feliciano Rodriguez

Map editor for E:BFD!!
It would make the game even more better than it is!!!
- ZyNTaX

Westwood Includes Map Editors In Most c&c Games,However No Offical Map Editors Are Found For Dune Series Games. Please Create One, I Have A Feeling It Would Bring More Buyers Of This Game.
- Map Editor Please

The Pre-order games are all over Britain. Try to win their vote by adding a map editor so the Pro-Orders are off the streets!
- The Cheat Lord

Map editor! -thanks!
- Mgz

we DEFINITLY ALL NEED a map editor! it's time to put one on the market!!!! welcome to the new millenium!!!!
- Oliver Welling

Please make a map editor!!:):)
- Aaron-Dune Exp

i want a map maker.
- Itzli

Bring it! I want to make maps for Dune, possibly a map of the ending of the first book!
- Wingman

If Westwood aren't going to release an editor for us then they should at least do it for themselves. A thriving community is one of the best things a game can have and the editor would help this. not to mention added replayability value, and increased sales etc.
- Target Tinboy

Emperor: battle for dune could use some new maps, the editor would be VERY welcome :)
- sloeber

I want a map editor!!!
- .

It seems bizarre that there isn't already a map editor. One thing that made my 2 faveourite RTS games (Starcraft and Earth 2150) so good is that they were both released with a map editor. Don't EA see that this increases the longevity of a game? I doubt Starcraft would still be as popular as it is if everyone had only official release maps to play with... EA/Westwood are probably working on one right now having kicked themselves for forgetting it in the initial release :)
- zugzog

the game is great already, but u need a map editors to make bigger, better and more challenging maps
- tim king

although dune has alot of maps with it, people who play all the time on the net are going to memorize the maps that came with it and thus have an unfair advantage over the rest of us, also a map editor would encourage more tournements between clans.
- Jason

If I had realized there was not going to be new maps, I may not have purchased the game. In today's game world, all games that intend to stickaround come with editors. Heck, many of the crappy games come with editors. shame on you westwood.
- John Maggio

A map editor is a neccessity, since in the game there are only two maps for eight players. E-B4D simply has too much to offer to cheat the players out of more maps.
- Brad

HEY! ive made an editor! arent i smart!!?? email me at for it!!! cool man!
- Albert

make one plz.
- ryantrnrtghshrt

giv us a map editor i need one and im sure peeps have em!!
- michael rothery

Please, give us a map editor!!!
- Luigi Aurelio "Jashin" Nasto

A map editor would realy be great.
- Ionut Oltean

im bored of all the maps that r already in game.
- Jason

Let Emperor: battle for dune live longer relese an Map-Editor please im beging you guys at Westwood.
- Daniel Carlsson

There should be a map editor for Emperor because there are not enough maps like the caladan maps.
- A.E

strategy games with editors are the best because u can share with co-fans and followers. Taking a game to larger heights and increases longevity of excitement for the game. Westwood don't fail me now after all these years...
- brian moffatt

Where is the map editor?!?!?!?
- Cry BABY

hey bred and level editors to the pepole
- eivind

A Map editor would be cool. More maps on Caladan and such.
- Stephen Scott

I realize inluding a map editor is a decent amount of extra work, but it is kind of a normal feature with RTS games now. If Sacrifice can ship with a fully 3d map editor I'm sure Westwood can come up with one for Emperor.
- Cort Stowe

We need an editor! RTS's depend on a map editor for replay value and making a map is part of the fun in these games. In ALL of the games i currently play a map editor is included, that is why i play them. There never has to be that same old map that we all played a couple of hundred times! If other 3-D games can do, then Westwood should be able too! If you don't release an editor soon, you should at least supply us with new maps! The current ones have been outplayed!
- Grant Beckmann

i need a map an unit editor please give me please
- OdinSA

Every good game requires a map editor. It allows for expansion and extra creativity when user has finished the game. It allows situations that right now can only be dreamed of (like half a map of land-locked spice for yourself!)
Please include a map editor.
- Kiev

Must....Have....MapEditor.Life on "the Desert Planet" is too boring.So we must have a MapEditor to "Spice" things up.
- Brandon Buzek

We need a map editor for Emporer. The game has already become stagnant due to the fact that we have no more maps. We have played the existing maps to death and are bored. HELP!
- Sean Appel

we need new maps!!!!
- Tao

I think that Westwood should really release a PROPPER map editor for all their new games. The Final Alert 2 was crap but i think that they can make it a LOT better! If u want to know what the best map editor is???? Try the Starcraft map editor. IF ONLY WESTWOOD WOULD MAKE AN EDITOR LIKE THIS !!! THEY MIGHT ACTUALLY HAVE A GAME THAT KEEPS GETTING BETTER 3 YEARS AFTER IT'S RELEASE !!!
- Chaos972

Has anyone told WW about this page, if they know about it maybe theyll think about making a map editor!
- Hrmmmmm

We need a map editor.And if you guys can't managa that ( wich i doubt) then at least release some maps we can download...
I mean c'mon, there are only two 8 player maps!!!
- Harq Al Ada

- .....

It seems that for most games now that a map editor is pretty standard. Yes Emperor is totally 3D and therfore it would be a bit harder but I know you guys can do it. Also a unit editor would be awesome too just a thought tho.
- Lee Nelson

This game should have a map editor. I believe that it would inhance the game not take away from it.
- Scott Hamilton

Dear Westwood, I've been given the authority to speak for all Norwegian Emperorfans; please give us a map editor! We're freezing up here man! We need som real stuff in our computers to get warm in our fingers. Can't ....wait..any..longer.....
- Andreas

You can't ignore us all. Do yourselfs a favor, to keep customers make them happy. Give us a map editor. Remember the first rule CUSTOMERS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT!!!!!! Is there not someone who went to business school there?
- Ben S.

The choice of maps is suffocatingly restrictive!! We need the map editor, but imho what we need even more is for the multiplayer gameplay to be improved about a million times!!! Are you listening WW?
- Haurvatat

give us a map editor guys, we need it, good game, but me can all make it better.
- Tao

It's a bad thing that we need to sign a petition for a map editor anyway. They obviously have one already.
Bring it on!
- Anonymous

I WANT A MAP EDITOR! PLEEAAASE put it in final sun and final alert format YOU WANT HAPPY CUSTOMERS DONT YOU! it couldnt be as hard as creating a game PLEASE!westwood! ive been a loyal costumer ive bought all of your games!besides red alert rettaliation and dune 2000 BUT KEEP US LOYAL CUSTOMERS TO YOU!!! I WANT A EDITOR!
- Andrew

Hi there, WESTWOOD, *PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE* make a map editor for this AWESOME game, it would certainly add more to the overall depth and scope of the game.
- Kennedy Thomas

Again what should I add to say ?? There is a need for many more maps :-)
- Kai Reichert

I want a map editor damn it!!! I already got Final Sun for Tiberian Sun and Final Alert 2 for Red Alert 2 but i want one for Emperor!!!!! And Westwood said that they will release a free download of a map editor after the game is released!!!! You should also name it FINAL DUNE and let Mathias Wagner publish it!!!! GO LOOK AT FINAL SUN AND FINAL ALERT 2 NOW!
- ~^*|Crysknife of Dune|*^~

I found Emperor to be a very good game, but as it has been said before, many of the maps are pretty much the same... I for one would like to create some vareity of my own
- Phato

there are three things that we need:
1. water, 2. food, 3. map editor
and whit out it we wil die
- daffenstein

Give me map editor or give me death!
- Ollo

Please, create a map editor so I can lock myself in my room till Im 21, please rob me of my childhood. Thats 1 map editor in production please, hold the sauce=)
- tricky-ricky

A map editor would be fresh as hell!!!!!Also a unit stat editor would be phat also.PEACE!!!!!!!!!
- WicKeDJuGGalo

LET ME PLAY GOD AND CREATE THE LAND SAYITH I!!!!!!!!!! *ahem* Take some time and make a map editor. It will give you guys more reviews.
- Stickle_9**)Back!

A map editor will make the gameplay and funfactor infinate!
- JellyNuts

I What a map editor the game is 1000 time better with one
- Razer

Ye Knavemaster Hereby Declareth That Thou Shalt Createth A Map Editor For The Game Of Games!!
- Sir Devin Of The Knaves

Spice extends conciousness.Mapeditor extends Westwood games!
- Erik Mamen

There MUST be a map editor. This will make the game much longer playable!! Please Westwood!!

A map editor makes a RTS game last a zillion times longer, and that's the truth
- Eternal

me wanna kill!!!!!!!!!!!! kill u!!!!!!! kill u all!!!!! die ARRRRGGGG! P.S make a map editor
- the evil geniuse mr smith says

i am undecided at present as to which rts game i will buy, dune or warcraft 3. i'm sure alot of others out there are feeling the same way. a map editor though would be a big plus.
- up'n'down

the game looks like it will rock. but a map editor will make it rock that much more.
- greg 7

i.............. would like a map editor! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...........ha, hmmmm, woo! thankyou.
- me make good sweat lovin!

The map editor makes it more fun since creating your own maps extends the gameplay a lot further, allows you to have more fun, and makes for some randomness in the game. A good random map generator would be an awesome idea, too.
- David Ryan

Make the damn editor and make more money. Is this not a simple idea?
- Rick

Map Editing was promised with TSun if I remember, but the "generator" was far from what I had expected. Dune provides so many more possibilities for editing than c&c (worms, spice, etc..) and I think it would be a lot of fun.
- Chrismaster

I would like a map editor PLEASE
- 163_Komet

Please spend a little more time including a map editor, by doing this your company would create a game with EXTENDED continuous game play, just like Starcraft, that game never gets old becuase it has a map editor.
- Steve Roberts

I believe that Emperor Batle for Dune should have a map editor, because it is a very important tool for multiplyer games.
- Joao Vasco

Westwood, you have some pretty tough competition in the RTS world. And a very good way of crushing your opponents is to include features in your games that they don't. Or at least match their features. So PLEASE give us a map editor!
- Edric O

Please give us a map editor
- Ivan

What Steve Childs said =).
- HeliDude

I think there should definetly be a map editor for dune because it makes the game much better and much more interesting. There should also be objectives you can make so it would be like a use map settings game in starcraft. Many more people would like it
- anonymouse

Please give us a map editor. I like more controll over picking the Units and structersI can build In stead of just choosing a tech lvl.

A customizable game is infinitely replayable. Total Annihilation is still played 4 years after it was released because of the ability to modify everything about the game. If Westwood has any sense they'll release an official map editor.
- WhipCrawler

Yeah, we need one of those thingies...You know... for LAN fun ;)
- Confuser

map editors extend the life of rts games and are something i look for when purchasing rts games
- Marcos

Real gamers need every tools to get the full power of the game :o)
- Nicolas

blah blah blah, just make the damn map editor.
- offensive defensive man myth machine

If they don't release a map editor, the game WILL die. (I still use the map editor for Starcraft because it's so simple yet complex. If Warcraft III comes out with one, then Emperor: Battle for Dune will get raped by WW3)
- brimstone

Map editor...goood....
- Ron Odle

wasup i like maps i make alot of them an very good at it
- soviet110

Well! We have to start making our maps...
- Milkos Kostas

I like to see a map editor in Emperor like those in the Age of Empires series. You know with units,structures,diplomacy and triggers. And ofcourse a ability to create a nice map without problems. That is my vision of a map editor for Emperor, Battle for Dune.
- Najil

Well look here westwoods, the reason starcraft was so hot {and is continuing to be in some places like korea}is its wonderful map editor, so thats a way to attract them to your games instead of making them strong{as in Ra2}
- Frank

Map Editing is often my favorite part of some games like WarCraft or Heroes of Might and Magic and I'm sure that a map editor, if it were a good one, would greatly enhance Dune.
- Sara Smith

I bet that if Westwood released a map editor with Dune: Emperor it would maybe sell a bit more and it would be played more longer than if they wouldn't.
- Tobbe 2-4601

I would consider a map editor a must in such ann antisipated game as this. Inn order to make this game a clasick (and a best seller) your effords to creat a map editor will not be spent inn vain.
- Hakon Lunde Saxi suis d'accord sur le fait qu'il faille creer un editeur de niveaux pour Dune Emperor. C'est indeniable car il faut que la saga de Frank Herbert continue a travers l'imagination des autres...Et un petit coucou a tous les fans de DUNE!! Quick hello for DUNE'S fans!! See ya...
- Philooo

A map editor would most deffenitally benefit Emporer. (also making emporer a bit more flexible, ie ability to add units/weapons/structures et al., would be cool)
- Jason

MAP EDITOR!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!
- Mark Walker

dune emperor does need a map editor map making is very fun !!!also emperor needs :d-wolvesand in the screen shots lets see some fremen in the arakeen you need the fremen eyes of maud dib structure in a rockey mountan land form las gun troops would be nice as well
- maometh

Ho giocato con Starcraft/Warcraft II, Age of Empire, Tiberian Sun e Dune 2000. I migliori sono Dune 2000 e Tiberian Sun! Ma sono gli unici a non avere un editor. Questo li rende meno longevi degli altri. Nella rete non ci sono campagne di gioco per questi due role-strategy games della Westwood.I'm playing with Starcraft/Warcraft II, Age of Empire, Tiberian Sun e Dune 2000. The best are Dune 2000 e Tiberian Sun!But they don't have an editor! This thing give them a no long live! In the net there are no campaigns for the westwood's games! ( )
- davide favero (

Dune would be alot better if it had an editor on it. other games such as Star Craft and Brood Wars have been played sence 1996 on what has been keeping them on the internet is the new maps made. I know for a fact the game wouldent be played as much as it is if it did not have an editor.
- Joshua Rockstad

Im sure ya' know how boring it gets after beating Dune2k on all difficulties with all the houses and all you do is Multiplayer with the same 'ol maps. I THINK IT'S TIME WE GET AN EDITOR THAT WORKS WELL! NONE WORK ON MY COMPUTER!- DNA (prosthetic eye)( s i c )

Why not make map editor?
- Torment

It is my sincere belief that should an official map editor ship with the product it will breathe new life into the game after you've done all the missions (by houses too). I mean, just look what it did for Blizzards' StarCraft/BroodWar. Just look at all those maps - those are keeping StarCraft alive and fighting. I don't know if I'll bother buying Dune if there is no editor, and I love strategy games.
- Albert Gill

I wouldn't buy the game unless it had a map editor. I only bought RA2 because I wanted a realistic game to hold me over until WarCraft 3 comes out. I might go back to StarCraft soon because it is full of MODs, MAPs, and it isn't full of LAG.
- Argo889

Well, IMHO we need a editior with Dune Emperor... we have really been committed to doing editors and i think that your editor might just help us bridge the gap in editing maps... Why not a unit and such editor while your at it? i may be aksing too much though...
- Rasolas

YES Map Editor. Map Editor good. Map Editor right. Map Editor make game good friend.
- the Y

I've made a lot of Dune2K maps using third-party map editors, and it's really necessary that ***** YOU ***** do one this time. Why? Because the ability of your fans to make and use new maps means they will make your Emperor game a major, continuing force well after the time it would otherwise become too well known. This will mean a continuing source of revenue for you, through more Dune games, add-on's, and marketing paraphernalia.
- Opsig

You guy's must make a map editor for Dune 3, don't make the same mistake as you did in TS and please make this map editor for your fans, it would help in the long run when the single player missions are beat, and when multiplayer needs more maps. So make this map fore the fans.
- acid rains

We support this project and would like to be in touch with results, also we can provide any help if we can ;)
- [LV] House Of Ordos

I was most vhemenant in my request for a map editor on the dune 3 message board, and I still am. Now look WW, its been said over and out why we need a map editor, in fact you guys already know, or should. You're big name in this business, a name that is fairly respected when it comes to "good gaming", but you're going to make a big mistake on this one. Reasons: The public demand is overwhelming, or will be, you have the corporate money (!!!) and the time, so why not create one? I would love a map editor and so would everyone else, so please let us have one.
- wolf

The bottom line: Emperor NEEDS a map editor. A map editor would keep a game going long after it's release. I love making maps like so many other gamers out there. Westwood, why won't you hair are cry? Why?!? Everybody wants a map editor!!!!
- Linden

Please don't leave us hanging, waiting for expansion packs. Let us keep our own gaming spirit alive and provide an editor.
- [A]Mr.Wrath

Please include a really cool map editor with Dune Emperor, I'm begging you!
- David

COME ON...just be a good emporer and throw us lowly peasants a few crumbs. ie map editor please!
- jeremy

Please include a map editor for Dune Emperor. Map making tools included in games vastly increases the value of the game to gamers (i.e. Unreal Tournament) and thus increases sales. This can only create more demand for the product and help to create a greater community to support the product.
- hypervigilance

See if RA2 had a editor it would be 20 times better, so for the love of God make a map editor.
- Tapionus

There's no question about it there should be a map editor. It allows people to add there own thoughts and imagination into a game. This of course add's a great deal to the replay value of the game. Not including one would be a mistake. Besides if company's like blizzard can make a editor then the best RTS company out there westwood should be able to make one. Don't deny the fans and customers again and release a map editor.
- Kevin Lachance

I only ever buy games with Map Editors, because it's fun for me to play in my own worlds.
- Paul J. Smith

come on, Give us a break westwood, please.....
- Jasper Siepkes

Having read all the other petitions, I think that failing to include a map editor will lose several sales, as well as several long-time fans of Dune. Map editors add an extra dimension to the gameplay, and allow the players to create heavenly easy maps or finedishly taunting ones. Campaign editing would be an even better addition. However, this is even more difficult, as 'trigger editors' have to be added. Just put in a map editor, for your own sake.
- Maud'dib

Please add it, all the other new games I choose have it.
- Keith Newell

- NaRc

Where as no map editor for TS and RA2 was down to the same reason (i.e. your in-house editor was not releasable), the same should not be said for Dune Emperor. You know what the demand for a map editor for Red Alert 2 is like, we the community could probably make one, but it has taken us 18 months to get to a good stage for making TS/RA2 maps, we don't want the same problem with Emperor.Please, I urge you to do your best to include an editor from day one with Emperor. Yes, random map generators may work ok, but personally I like making maps by hand, it allows you to express your creative side!! Ok, if you haven't got one, just stick a random map function in there!!And maps need to be able to be transfered between players when playing on WOL, so whatever do you, please don't make the map data huge like TS/RA2 ;)C'mon, we know you can pull this off - it would be a pitty to release the first Westwood 3D RTS without a map editor to accompany it.Steve Childs,Childs Play Software.
- Steve Childs (Childs Play Software)

Just add it Westwood.. for your own sake.. =)
- -=Exodus=-

- Alex Pozin

- Need-Map-O

Come on WW! We want a mapeditor! Not a random map generator! (The one in Red Alert 2 can make only 20 really different maps! Play 5, know'm all!).Just make it!
- Koen van de Sande

A RTS without a map-editor is like a harvester without spice,so Westwodd PLEASE <----(in stressed voice) make a map editor for b4d, unless you WANT to lose sales
- Tabaqui of Gidur-Log

random maps are useless , compaired with a well mad map made by hrs of hard work by loyalfans ! Please make a map editor ( and campain editor would be better , but that'sjust pushimng it) !
- Chad

Please add a map editor it makes the game more enjoyable.If you do decide to add a map editor could you maybe make it easier for co-op maps to be made, eg allowing u to place units on the map and players actually start where you mark there starting position.***Just add the map editor***
- smile

I play both Red Alert and Dune2000, and miss having a map editor in Dune2k..I am looking forward to the new Dune Emperor RTS game, and would very much like either an editor or random map generator to be included in the game.
- Robert Morten

If I didn't sign it gob said he would track me down and kill me...No, really.Ah, I just think it would be cool.
- MahdiDLA

I say put a map editor in. When Starcraft came out it had a revolutionary map editor in it, and if you're (Westwood) going to try and make a revolutionary game at least you could try and put a map editor in to back it. The resources deal is not that all a big deal, even a simple map editor that doesn't have all the bells and whistles but is just a base for us fans to build on would be great!
- Bryce Prewitt

I think that a map editor is a good Idea. I mean I beat Dune 2000 in 3 days. With the map editor I could go online and play many more battles on many more maps than what where inclueded. Also I think a single player map editor would be good because then you could have even more fun while playing.
- Luke Johnson

The map editor opens a whole new world of game-play, especially across the internet gaming community. Files could be shared and exchanged across the net. Much like the impact RA2 made on the mod community. I'm up for a little editing myself...
- Cbomb

Its not super important to have a map editor but it will just add to the greatness that I really think will come out of Emporor battle for Dune.
- Titus

I'm a big fan of real time strategy games, mainly those created by Westwood. Please include a map editor for Dune Emperor. This will greatly increase the replay value of what I think will be the greatest RTS game ever created.
- Joseph Ho

I'll tell you something; i had Dune 2000, but the CD get damaged, so, no Dune 2000 to me. But a day, i bought Dune 2000 again. Why? Because i was a to great fan to stay away of Dune, and mainly because i've made download of map editors that keeping me playing the game until now.So, don't make the same mistake twice, please, include a complete mission editor in Dune Emperor.
- m player

Map editors are icing on the cake - for the serious WW gamer, added maps have become the norm, not the abberation. I think that if Dune 200 would have shipped a good editor, it would have sold many more copies. Also, I think iot shows a willingness to share something with the customer, thus making them even more loyal to WW products.
- F. Montego

Map editors are not just a waste of time that no one uses. They increase the replayabity of the game and allow fair play in LAN multiplay games( Does not give an unfair advantage to a player who is more familar with the map.) Majority of all other strategy games have map editors, so if Westwood does not produce one it could damage the sales of Emperor Dune. So, for Westwoods sake and the fans sake I ask Westwood to include a map editor in Emperor Dune.
- Dave James

It would be much better if there was a map editor for single player and multiplayer.Then that would increase the interest to the game.
- Bobby Dork

I have been a vivid Dune-fan since the first time I read Dune, and subsequently the other five books.I loved Dune 1, 2 and 2000, but I always had two wishes for a future Dune-game.One was the ability to ride worms (I'm still looking for that petition) and two was the ability to add and change maps. Looking at dune 2000 I was quite happy with the maps that were included, but after seeing the screenshots from 3, I sincerely hope there will be some serious map-editing possiblities.
- Per Bonomi

If WW wants to get more fans than they already do they should include a map editor.From my experience with Redart and Tiberian sun it makes the game durability much bigger.
- Stilgar

A map editor will greatly increase the replay value of any game. With all the new items in the forthcoming game, it would be a shame to not include one. And to be unbeatable, include a campaign creator as well to allow us to script our own campaigns!
- Perry Foster

i think they should include a map editor because they havent done so in any of the westwwod games that i have bought. plus it will add more to the level of play. also, it will probably boost sales. and last but not the least reason, BECAUSE THE FANS WANT ONE!
- Toren Pattison

No map editor for TS and RA 2.... Now westwood should realize it's mistake and make a map editor for Emperor! It doesn't have to be shipped with the game. Maybe as a downloadable program or shipped in the expansion pack (if there will be any).Just look at warcraft 3. The gameplay is interesting and one of it's big thing is it will be shipped with a fully working MAP EDITOR!If Blizzard can do it, why can't Westwood???
- gameman1a

I think there should be some sort of map editor included with emperor because the game is 3-d and it would be difficult to make a map editor for it, and if they include it when it ships release one on the internet so we can download it.
- Brad Hall

There has to be an editor, like Red Alert, you could make your own maps for multiplayer missions and that kept me happy for almost triple the lifespan of the game!A really good example of a map editor put to good use is Unreal Tournament, the users of UT have put the map editor to such good use that it's made the game simply too good and I've never stopped playing it since realease because of it.If you add a story editor to it then the game will be just like UT, simply unbeatable in Lifespan.The Map Editor is a must and please ship it with the game.
- [NM]Varsh(uk)

A map editor is needed to let the player personalize the game to his/her needs.
- Robin Gainer

If you put a map editor in, the game's replay value is increased ten fold or more. And i am sure that all of us are willing to pay a bit more and wait a bit longer for a good editor.Patrick Bidwell, AKA Thrawn
- Patrick Bidwell

I fully agree with the prospect of a map editor, and duly petition for such. They greatly increase the longevity of any game, in and outside the RTS genre (I think I need only point to Warcraft II for one in-genre example). And if Westwood wants to get a little audacious, I'd even suggest the addition of a full scenario editor as well. People can become very creative with map making when they have a few logic statements at their disposal.
- Tyson Guttwein

Map Editor= Infinite Replay Value. Period.
- David Bergman

I think that the only real way to make a game feel like it is being played for the first time, over and over again, is to give the user the capability to create a part of the game themselves. The map editor does simply that. Period.
- Drew Douglas

The map editor provides users with a chance to create their own scenarios and places of interest, without it, games would become repetetive.
- Andrew Doutrich

I am all for a map editor. If we can't get that at least provide us with a good random map generator and an easy method of exchanging maps if the person we are playing against doesn't have a copy of the map we want to use.
- Gobalopper

A map editor will greatly enhance playing and lengthen the life-cycle of the game. Once All the normal maps are memorized the only thing left is to create a board, or evn better, a whole campaign.-storm"sometimes you have to just go for it"
- DLAstorm

I, after reading the previous entries on this petition, would have to agree with the production and inclusion of a map editor into Dune Emperor. This will increase the life of the game, making it more appealing to the consumers of this product and will boost sales.
- Lord Dorf Deco Ishmeal Gracken 'Pothis

Could you (please) include a map editor. There's nothing better then destroying your friends in a map created by yourself. If you could also include some AI scripts, that would be even better. Thanks anyway.
- Night Condor

Many people like making maps, and after a game gets boring, they start creating campaigns or multiplayer maps. You MUST include a map editor. If you don't, how would you feel if other people started making Emperor map editors and showing their skill and making such a company like Westwood look like two or three people can do it, and Westwood can't? They already have powerful Map/Campaign Editors for Red Alert 2, popular map editors such as FinalAlert, so they will make them for Emperor. Their editors aren't good as I believe Westwood can make, so please make one!
- Anonymous

Man the 1 thing that made starcraft my favorite game was the ability to make my own scenarios man you must put one on this game
- Eagle

Instead of being negative like all the ppl below me.....LETS BE POSITIVELife Sucks without a MAP EDITORNow, Negative(Shudder)(DOnt even wanna tink bout it)
- Unknown

If blizzard can do it, I think that you can, and besides, it is a MUST!!!!!
- Jake

i need one
- EXELite

A map editor is necessary.Simply that.
- StrikerPro

A editor for this game would be the best thing. Imagine, creating any type of world you can imagine (within limit) and then being able to battle it out with friends on it. It would just be great.
- Andrew

i need one, please...
- Vlad

It works for Blizzard.
- Clinton

Please put a map editor. It'd more fun and interesting that way. Put a tad (more like a lot) more resources, set the terrain to your strategic advantage and disadvantage. More room to build structures. ME = Map Editor DE = Dune Emperor HC = Happy Customers ME + DE = HCGet my point?
- dD

A map editor will increase Emperor's playing life a lot. Think about the people who enjoy creating a new map or scenario. Please include a map editor in Emperor.
- Vlad Candea

A map editor ensures a web community following the game. As it is, I'm sure there'll be one anyway, but a map editor would expand playing possibilities, bringing a bit of variety (I can't stand games with only a handful of maps you can play on, and this could be a real failing for what would otherwise be a great game).
- T Norris

A map editor makes a game time-less and unforgettable
- Fabio-Muad'Dib

A map editor is a good thing to keep the game alive.
- RageInc

A map editor would be awsome. You have to have a map editor.
- Guyver

You need to have the map editer man all the strategy games i have have them and that the reason i bought them so make one or lose a good customer.
- Moon Beast

editor good no editor bad
- gimmeditor

if westwood makes their editor available (no matter how messy it is) it will definatly help the sales. please remember to include rules.ini type of stuff too.
- Nysos C. Dedes

I think all DUNE fans of known universe wish to have map editor in new "BATTLE FOR DUNE" game. It'll be hard to make it anywhere except Westwood, becouse of new planets.
- Eugene Orlov

A map editor adds a lot more replay value! Plus, it will entice potential customers because you can put it as another feature on your list!
- Ryan McElhoes

Hi There. I have 46 years old and after discovering Dune game I became a fun to it. I also am waiting for the Emperor ... but if we could all get a map editor from Westwood ... I'm sure that I will continue to play Dune ... at least when my wife allow it! Long Live Viriatus! xau
- Viriatus

I agree with this utterance, why not to make Westwood release map-editor. It makes the game 50% better.
- Ordos [HoL]

WW i get ur games all the way from america i live half way across the world and they never are released in my country till at least a year after in the usa but with a lot of difficulty i got ra2 within7 days of its release ..with emperor make it worthwhile damn it and make a map editor!
- badger

It just makes gamez 50% better if they do have one !!!
- Robin Snel

map editor please! its a must, adds more to the game=more fun=more maps= more money*
- Danny Castellanos

The only reason I buy Multiplayer games like c&c is because of the fun you get blowing up someone on your own map you have just created, if Westwood would make a powerful but easy to understand and use map editor then Dune Emperor would be an enormous success, Also if they made an official easy to use one for red alert 2 would be very cool aswell. What Im sayin is that random map generators although very cool - dont allow you to fully create your own maps and can often take ages of re-generating to get a totally different looking map. I think if they brought out a map editor that lets you place things wherever you like aswell as generating random terrain that would be awesome like for example Submarine Titans map editor.
- Sultan Of Dolphins

NEEDZ MAP EDITOR!!! I lked ts's random generator, but RA@'s random map editor sucked a whole lotta dick. You cant put hwo much water n crap. What wuld be cule, is if u had a random generator like ts, AND a map editor(especialy map editor) and have together to form one!!!!! make a random and edit the crap out of it! like in heroes of might and magic 3!!!!!!!! (p.s., is the game having rules.ini type thing? i hope so, the game will last longer with easy to make mods)
- TastyJoe

westwood should start including map editors in all of its games. i hate that in RA2 that i have to keep hitting the generate map button to get a good map. the random map generator option is cool but it takes forever to get a good map. thats why i like the map editor included in the origonal RA. so pleeeeeeeeeeeez include a map editor in emperor. the dune series is a cool series so make this the best (aside from the graphics. duh)
- brian whitfield

A map editor is a must have! Without it Emperor will probably be fun for a while, with it Emperor will have a LONG lifespan (and people will buy the next Westwood game, and the next, and the next...)
- Lennart Friden

A Map Editor included with the game makes strong financial sense, Westwood gentlemen. Think of the customer, and next time they're buying ... they'll think of you!
- Gromit

A map editor is very cool.
- Dave

You MUST have a map editor in this game! what's the purpose of buying the game for the very very high cost of almost 50 dollars? (Norwegian prize) If I'm gonna buy this game there better be a map editor, or I'm going to get tired of this game pritty fast... one map is fun to play perhaps 2,3,4 times.. but after that I simply get boared. I can ensure that MANY more will buy this game if there's a map editor involved. I eaven know people who don't eaven play the game that much, but LOVE to sit for hours creating maps like in red allert.. So make a map editor, and you'll have at least one more costumer! and the game look very fantastic, so please, for my own sake, include a map editor or I will be forced to get a pirate version of the game.. bet you wouldn't like that eh? :) the one and only Sniper.
- Sniper

There MUST be a map editor! Nothing is more fun than creating your own map, and then play it multiplayer... it was the best part of red allert! and there HAS to be one in emperor too! Why create a game that is so perfect, but lack the ONE thing that would make it fully compleate? Come on! trow in a MAP editor and make the game 100%. Personaly I can't stand things that's just 90% or so, when there's so litle less it takes to make it a 100%... there should... no there MUST be a map editor implemented in this game!!!!
- Eirik

I think we should at least have a map editior and if possible a scenario editor like starcraft. That would make the game have so many possiblities.
- Game_Ender

Map Editors make the game last sooo much longer and make it way more interesting.
- sikdog

A map editor does nothing short of making a game last much longer than it otherwise would have, as is the case in general with modifications.
- Silence

I think there should be a map editor included with Dune Emperor. It would really make the game infinitely more playable, as there will be an infinite number of maps available on the net. I notice that games with map editors become much more popular because of this.
- Vanguard3000

Must have map editor!!
- Trotskyite

Give me a map editor or give me death!
- Muad'Dib

it will fackin suck if ther's no map editer and it was the best part of red alert 1 man. those map generators suck fackin balls!! mack one or mack no money!!! BITCH!!!!!!
- Spencer

I think a Map editor would definetly add to the game. It will alow people the chance to fidle with the maps, create new ones, create maps for online play, etc. It is the personnal opinion of this author that the game with a map editor will not only help gain and retain the real gamming community ... but also help the game sell more. The kicker is that the map editor will make the game more attracktive. Heck, Blizzard does it and with much success! Matter of fact, with the map editor Warcraft and Starcraft became one of their best-sellers that is still popular!! Final hint, get a map editor!
- Seth Litzenberger

Blizzard rules! Why? Because they make the best map editors..
- Boby

i want a map editor!
- rob friedman


This game needs a map editor to suceed. Look at all of those other succesful games with editors. This game looks fun, so dont waste time making a game without an editor.
- Stolt

Yo Westwood. HOW can YOU NOT have a map editor. All these great comes have MAP EDITORS in them. AoE AoK Aok: TC and Starcraft Brood War. They have sold well due to such editors. I'll install those games again if Battle of Dune doesn't have a map editor. When will you people learn that you can't have generated map all the time it SUCKS. MAKE A MAP EDITOR
- Skywalker

I think all the westwood fans want to see a map editer insed of that generater map crap or nothing at all! I think people are geting a little p-o'ed about this issue. ever cence red alert's map editer everybody loved the idea and sence t.sen every bodys bean pised. mack one with the game or mack some more money on macking an expantion pack...or what-ever. - thanks, Gord.
- Gord

Come on westwood. Make a map editor! RA2 was a good game, but it could have been SO much better if you had an official map editor for it. Just look at Starcraft's success. Blizzard made an awesome editor for itand it become a smash hit game. You dont want to make the same mistake with Emperor that you did with RA2. So just spend spend the extra time and make a map/scenario editor for emperor already!!
- wAhOoKa

Dear westwood, put a map editor, because it's something very useful when you have finish the game and you want play more. and if i may ask, look the one in starcraft, he is the best of all, because you can put"trigger" for a mission.
- Sebastien Remillard

I belive the key to a long living (RTS) game is a map editer. It alows players to create new maps as well as download new maps from other players. It also gives all players a chance to test thare skills against each other on a custom map thats in its creaters faver example: A map with the creaters side on a natturally fortafide mountain with onley one heavly armed entrens.
- Marshall DeWitt

OOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYY!! NOOOO!! we want a flippin' map editor and we want it now! WHAT? oooooow! you 'aint got the BALLS TO MAKE ONE? you think someone will copy and do their own better one and make you look crap!? IF YOU DONT PUT ONE IN YOULL LOOK LIKE A BUNCH OF GIRLIES!! HA! YOU HEARD ME MATE! so do yourself a favour and tell the DUNE fans of the world (your fans) what they want to hear! c'mon! go on! if you do we will think you are GODS if you dont, .......go on mate(s) please at least release on as an add-on pack!HIT ME BACK.

In your last "westwood chat" you said the cries for a map editor where not unheard. Well, it bloody hell seem so.Remeber c&c1 and the CCAmap edit? That turned out to be a virus.. Haha, very fun.. That would not have happened if you had given us a map editor. The map editors made by the community suck away. Give us the real thing!
- KeenFox

You know the Starcraft map editor, that has to be the most kick butt editor ever. Could you please include a good editor with Emporer? The game will last longer with an influx of new maps all the time too.
- RudiRoo

Come on, if there isnt a map editor, the maps get all repititve and stuff, and then u memorize the layot of all the maps. U should also have a capture the flag mode and other modes like starcraft cuz if u dont have em it gets boring and repititve and less ppl will play on westwood online which means less money for u
- Aeroshark24

MAP Editor important. . customization important. This increases replay value.How about an online world of DONE. . Like UO2 or the work in progress Starwars Galaxies??
- GChang

Dear Westwood,As you know, some games of today are offering map editors or mission editors with the game itself. These editors not only allow players to create custom battlefields or stories, but also extend the life span of the game itself. A good example of games which have editors are Starcraft and FreeSpace 2. These games are still going strong.So, please, Westwood, please include a map editor in Emperor.
- NeoHunter

All ov the above makes cents and all of the fans know u are not stupid so do your self a favor call your self smart and include one
- Justin Loban

No map guys don't get my money (kidding, im still gonna buy the game)BUT I WANT A MAP EDITOR!!!
- Frank

I'm notmuch of a map creator but im positive that ive played on a large number of maps that were created by the other gamers that have signed this pettition. -There maps are extremely good :) - And also, when playing a two or three player game, over lan, the maps that come with the game get boring very quickly... When you can download huge amounts of good 'player' made maps it spices things up a lot (Pun intended-'spices'- :) )... Also, I own every WESTWOOD RTS... only missing add on for tiberium sun, ill get it next month... SO COME ON WESTWOOD... MAP EDITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Danny

I want a map editor. The perfect type of editor would be one with nothing held back. Don't dummy it down, make it very complex and allowing us to do what ever we want!
- dragonis

Look,it's all very simple... the main reason why Westwood should include a map editor in emperor is b'cos the fans, the gamer and any and every person who will play dune wants or will want a map editor.... sure Westwood might say thay can continuely put of new maps for us... but in the end no one's gonna wait every 2-3 weeks for new maps when they can easily generate one or millions of their own. It all about replayability and the fans.
- Enigm@

Map Editors make life worth living.
- Atlantys

- PRLYago

Take a look at Dark Reign 2's studio. It is one of the most powerful ever created and pandemic was on the right track when they made this. Except it was not that user-friendly. And eventually DR2 died........ Now look at Dark Reign 1, old game, which no one thinks about anymore. It has more players than Dark Reign 2. Why? Because it has a user-friendly map-editor which allowed thousands and thousands of new maps to be introduced to the game which means DR1 is still alive and kicking more than DR2........ Look at Total Annihilation, crappy editor, crappy game.... (Sorry to all you TA players out there.......) Dune definatly needs a map-editor. I for one am an professional map maker=) and love making them. Cineactives are an important part in 3D gaming and should have an easy-to-use interface but if not oh well at least we still have an editor..... EDITOR!!!!!! EDITOR!!!!!! EDITOR!!!!!! EDITOR!!!!!! EDITOR!!!!!! EDITOR!!!!!!
- ci3

Come on Westwood, Sure I havnt brought any of your games yet, cause I personally dont like CC. But this looks kickass!!!I have been creating maps for all types of games and if it doesnt have an editor well I aint gonna buy it. Simple as that... if a game doesnt have an editor then I dont buy it no matter how good it is.Come on westwood... plzzz.....
- Satz

If westwood doesn't include editing they must not care about sales and a good following. Yeah man, DUNE 1 4EVA!!
- proto

Dune is the best RTS game ever made!HAVE to have map editing in, especially for the XBox version. Online play will last years with map editing available.ALSO INCLUDE DUNE 1 FOR US RETRO GAMERS!!!!
- Kyle K

vital to the game

If westwood put a map editor they will benifit everyone (themselves and us) because they will have more sells and we get a better gameplay
- RA5555

I love to generate maps, to see how good a player truly is if he doesnt know how to use the map. Also, it gives you a change of maps to play.
- DLAvenger

It would really rock because with Shai-Hulud 2k, it dosen't even work!
- ad_ves

please, put in a mission editer for dune emperorso that can you make much richer
- Bartek

Hey, it would make the world a lot richer if you put in an editor!
- Chaz

Dune rules but it would be even tighter if I could edit a map. Making a map editor for it would make it a hell of a lot more fun(not that it isn't already).O! It would also be cool on two player(with an extra controller not a port).
- Jordan

Comon' westwood peeps, everyone else is making a map editor built into their games, and we been an active map making community that needs your support!
- Sean Galland

Check out all the crys of fans. Ditto, map editor!!
- Zebrahead

all your RTS games need a map editor
- gazza

This game is gonna kick ASS, thats all i can say. But you really should add a map editor because it's so much better to have the capability of making your own dream level. Plus, you guys need to make a MAP EDITOR for Red Alert 2 DAMMIT.
- Cl-l!Kko

EB4D really needs and deserves a good map editor. Red Alert had a map editor and it gave the game ultimate replayability. If Westwood decides to put in a map editor, do NOT make it one like Tiberian Sun!!! That editor blows like a toothless whore!
- John Simmons

Recently I plopped Dune2000 back in and played it. What I noticed is the maps kind of suck. There's a few good ones, but overall I got bored with them very quick. Personally I think the fundamental notion of a RTS is to build, modify, amass troops, and start war. Why it would beincredibly stupid to leave out the option of a map editor which would add more of the "build, modify" ideas to the game. RTS players love creating things, so why not maps? It seems like a no-brainer to me. Besides I don't want to be stuck with the same scenario as Dune 2000. And if a map editor is included, just think of the online community potential!! That's where it's at these days. Think about it!
- Matt Skeels

Westwood needs to be given their fans some lovin man. u aint lovin like u should. we love u. but u dare spit in our faces and not love us back! treat us like dogs and not give us a map editor! rub our faces in the shit that is our lives!! it's so very sad. very very sad. make pore Eagore wan't to cry. cry like little wussy girl. :(
- Eagore

Map editors are the bomb. Consider to Include one. Wicked.
- Vampiro

you did one for red alert why not emperor battle for dune
- kieran locke

Its simple, you CANT relistically expect this game to prosper online without a map editor. This game **MIGHT** be the next starcraft, still the currect king of online RTS, but only if you allow players to change the game to their liking, and oh yeah change around your online gaming service, it stinks.
- Ganav

A map editor is necessary for an "online" game to be successful. It provides the community a renewable resource of game material, making the product more attractive.
- Peter Jensen

I think Westwood should make a map editor. It would be fun to make a map that you really love to play on forever. Emperor would be great to have a map editor with. I don't even think I will be able to buy the game because the requirements are to high. Maybe pull them down to a 233MHz. Well back to the map editor, if westwood doesn't make on than I put EARTH 2150 The Moon Project which is coming out on March 14, 2001 in #1 place. You even get to create your own story line in it... Westwood also know that Warcraft 3 is going to have a map editor so JUST MAKE ONE FOR EMPEROR... All will be lost if you don't. Come on WESTWOOD.
- Emperor_BFD

Give me map editor. Otherwise I won't buy the game
- Legendary-Hero

Dune emperor needs a map editor like starcraft or at least one that can place units as well as terrain. I was let down when TS came out. It wasn't the game I expected. And I don't want westwood to put one of their random map creators in the game because I think are usless. Thanks. YA HYA CHOUHADA!
- Sirus Shadow

map editor.....need one
- zablar

red alert editer rocked and it 2d think how cool 3d one will be
- exatreides

The map editor would be a great idea, bunkers for the infantry units wood be cool also.
- Jeremy Holt

i enjoy making maps lets see one for the new dune game
- pipejack of the forest

MaKE a FreAKin MAp EdiTOR because I HAVE to Do someTHING CreatIVE WIth my Hands If I doNT I wILL Break someones NECK! MUAHAHHAHAAH-HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!
- Malicous Bastard!

Give us a map your adoring fans!@_@
- Sargent AWOL

- MisterMello

Just like starcraft, a map editor will make the game have an unbeliveable extended gameplay and funfactor.
- D-PhunkT

It would be a shame to disappoint legions of fans who are drooling for an editor. C'mon Westwood!
- Monty Atreus

Why I can't find the emperor map editor~?
Oh please~ I don't want always play with the same map, it is nice if I can play with my own created map, I guess.
- Akyo

A game without an editor is no game at all, by todays standards.
- Thos

RA had one, why not Dune?
- colm

As my feloow aficianados of Dune have said before me, I too would apreciate the inclusion of a map editor for Emperor: Battle for Dune. It would certainly increase the longevity and enjoyment of the game in my opinion. Personaly, of all the games I've had the oportunity to play, those with a map editor have been the ones I've enjoyed the most due to the fact that I can play it via fan-created missions.
- Grayshadow

A map editor is a must.
- Arinbjorn Bjornsson

I think a map editor would be a boon to each and every player. The capability to create maps and play other users' maps is a large part of game longevity. I for one am firmly behind the idea. Blizzard promises us an extremely powerful editor for Warcraft III that can even be used to create campaigns... with game-engine cutscenes. That ability to build your own campaigns is something I would DEARLY love to see in Emperor. The world of Dune has a million stories waiting to be told in it. I'd like a chance to play in that sandbox. I beg you, Westwood, give your loyal fans a map editor and we'll repay you a thousandfold in making the game a lasting phenomenon. NOTHING makes me go back to a game like user-made campaigns -- just look at Starcraft! When I played the user campaigns in that, I was like, "damn this is cool." And then I would go back *and play the original single-player campaigns again.* It was that revitalizing. It made the whole game new all over again. I really want that map editor. The more power and features, the better.
Blizzard says they're going to grant us an editor par excellence. What about you?
- Aleksey Arakcheyev

Hey! You guys form Westwood; you can't just keep making new maps for Emperor!!! You have to start working on Emperor II!!! Let us, the Dune fans, take care of new maps, all right?
- Sleepraver

A map editor would be most appreciated
- Paul

Common Westwood! Be nice! All your fans deserve utilities like this. Tools like this add alot of replay value and having one for E:BFD would be the best. Common Westwood, we all could use somthing like this! Please make a map editor.
- Neo777

A map editor would greatly prolong the life of a game and add variety of maps made by the players themselves.
- Wiseman ( Havocide )

plz make a map editor to us.....i want to make maps...plz plz plz.. :)
- ZoolMan

Westwood, you have always been good to us, the fans. If you included a map editor it would add almost infinite replayability to the game. I'm sure your maps are great-they always are but it would be nice to make our own maps. Put a price on it if you want we would still get it.
- burner289

For this game to survive online past a few months it must have a level editor and AI scripts for SP. Come on westwood i bought all the c&c series ur RTS's rock we just need a editor!!!!!
- Chris "Sw1tch|3lade" Neville

I think westwood should give us a map editor
- Robert Georgiou

I would just like to say this:
Westwood, please give us the fanswhat we want, Volition did it, and the Descent: Freespace community has thrived even though there Is a high probability that a sequel will not be made, Sierra did it, and Homeworld made game, of the year, Blizzard did it, and made one of the longest lasting strategy games ever, Now it's westwood studios turn, will you (A) Make a map editor and create a game which will be forever immortalised?
or will you (B)Decide not to make a map editor and create a game which will disappear into obscurity?
I have about 10 dune fans at school all of whom will buy Emperor if it has a map editor, Will you let them and yourselves down?
- James Carthew

Westwood, please put a map editor in! It would prolong the gaming span of Emperor, and give more sales!
- Chris Lane

We need a map editor because we will never find in the game a perfect map and a map editor in the game will great for create maps, but not the editor of tiberian or Ra2, something like Starcraft campaing editor or RA map editor.
- Dune

A Map Editor is a must.. Come on WESTWOOD give us the Dune Fans more play time.. Just think you all could come out wit expansion pak of new worlds new levels...
- Glenn Thomas

must have map editor
- Zerg

- john

I know it may take some time but...
- I.Duran

Emperor no map editor..???
I won't buy it.
Emperor no map editor..??
Emperor 50%
Emperor no map editor..??
It sucks

The sleeper must awaken guys. Open your eyes, no one can survive on Dune without a stilsuit, but no gamer will even come to emperors without a good map editor...
- Leto

AS you know many popular RTS's have map editors, Ago of Empires, Age of Empires 2, Dark Reign, Star Craft, Total Annihilation, the currently being made Star Wars Galactic Battlefild and some more. But i think you should not only have a map editor you should do more for this game which will surely be great, something like a Emporer:BFD SDK Kit, a lot of first person shooters feature this after the games is included, it can lengthen the playability and popularity of the game and many more possibilities, this is one of the main reasons Hlaf Life is so popular, consider it.
- 666SEPTAMUS666

I beat RA2 in a couple of weeks. I don't play it now. Why? Because there is no map editor. Westwood, don't make the same mistake again.
- Bobonians

Dune 2000 was great, but it died because westwood refused to make a map editor. Don't make that same mistake again, make us happy with a map editor!
- Riper

I would love to have a map editor, that would be fantastic. I don't believe anybody would be able to take me off that game, even my parents. It would make the game ten times more addictive.
- Steven Miller

No Map Editor = only 1/2 of Emperor
- Johny Grey

A map editor would kickass!! I(and others)was disapointed when I couldn't create my own maps on RA2 or TS.If they included a map editor in Emperor I'd be playing it for ages, just thinking about fighting huge battles over a terrain made entirely by yourself....MAP EDITOR PLLZZZZZZZ!!!!!
- CT

A map editor would be a great thing to have with it, but not for longer playablity since they give you the ablity to attack any area next to your own land that give it alot of playablity in its self, but a map editor would be great for people that like to make missons
- Brandon

A map editor will extend the gameplay-time much!
- Andicop

- Fremen warrior

It will extend the time I will play this game.
- Martijn van der Kooij

i highly doubt westwood will release any editor... though it shouldn't be that hard as "real 3d" isn't really used in emperor...
But maybe i am wrong, that would be cool, especially since Earth 2150 already showed what is possible...
- Mr.Bester

The best part about player generation of maps is the fact that it draws us further into the game. Starcrafts Map editor was by far the best I've come across, with triggers and landscape mods. The challenges I liked, I created, and most of the time lost, but then it wouldn't be a challenge if I won everytime. We step out of the player and become a creater. And its one of the things that makes me buy a game. I'm kinda disappointed about R2 and TSun for that fact, their good games, but their missing that.
- Steve Pearson

I doubt there will be an editor for this game or that one will be released at any point but what they hey. I feel map editors are essential for a game to have a longer play time.
- Gabriel Montoya

- IPZorj

Map editor!
- Stukov

no comment
- CapTarace

I no longer play RA2 b/c there is no map editor. A good map editor adds months of replay to a game. Look at Starcraft, its been around for quite a few years and its still one of the most played online games. I think it would be (another) big mistake for WW.
- James Kennedy

Please don't muck up like you did with Ra2, give us an official Map Editor with the game!!!
- Andra

it would be great to explote the dune universe through our own idea so please westwood!!!!!!
give us the hope to have a map editor?????!!!!!
- muadi'dib

Ok Westwood don't make the same mistake as you did with Red Alert 2. You know we want a map-editor and we will use it. So dont make us wait for the editor include it in the game.
- Z_Outlaw

Westwood why do you thing people like red alert so much? duuuu map editor make a map editor for emperor:battle for dune plz.
- seth wallace

It really would be nice to have a map editor, gives more lifetime to a game and value. Thumbs up for a ME
- Greed

A Map Editor would be the best addition to multiplayer games. Fan creativity can oftentimes make the game play all the more enjoyable. Please include a map editor in the initial release or in a future upgrade.
- Jason Nelson

A strategy game isn't complete without a map editor. What happens when the regular missions get boring? People will just stop playing. With a map editor, u can have fun for as long as you want.
- Gabe

A game isn't complete without a map editor. Although it can still be extremely good, it just has a unique edge if it has a map editor too.
- Dan

To Westwood,
I would like you to explain why you have not put in a map editor in Dune2000, Please Put one in Emperor, Please!
Just Learn From Starcraft and the Age of Empires series, Their popularity is as strong as it ever was since it has a Map Editor.
- Daniel RTS Master

Map editors add losts of depth to a game.
- John Doe

Please give us a map editor. It adds so much to the game.
- Randy Mills

Please give us an Editor!
- ArchAngel

- mike

westwood make your product complite with a map editor
- Neomuad

Whats makes and RTS game a better RTS game??
Answer----Map Editor
No RTS game should be left Without it
- Clint Tart

No RTS game is complete without a map/unit editor. IT IS ESSENTIAL
- Muzzah

all RTS games must have a UNIT + MAP editor , but put them on an updated version of the game or as an expansion pack!!!!
- Sam Da Man

The need for a map editor is critical, the impact of a map editor is strong, and the possibilities of a map editor are endless. Look at Starcraft, one of the best games ever. Why? Because they have one of the best map editors (if not the best) ever. The reason for map editors is to make your OWN levels and compete with your OWN maps, making the game basically have over a million more campaigns or skirmishes. The need for a map editor is critical. Nothing more to say, but please, take this information to consideration. Please, The need for a map editor is critical =).
- xX-NeCrO-Xx

First map editor, than SDK.
This will be sufficent... for now... MWHAHAHA!!!!
- Shiroko

Want the Emperor Community to endure? start by planting a seed, a map editor
- SkemoJoe

Make a unit and map editor, it will increase the popularity of the games
- Sand man

Make the map editor have placeable units to make missions and stuff
- Justin K.

map editors make games last longer and help create a permanent fan base
- Mike Cohen

All RTS games should have a map editor period.
- Mark Peter

There are so many games out there! It's the small things that make it stand out the rest. Please do a map editor!
- Tienie Oosthuizen

All RTS games that continue to make their producers money, sometimes YEARS after their release have one thing in common: CAMPAIGN AND UNIT EDITORS. I'm sure no one at WW would mind seeing Emperor on store shelves in 2004 or 2005.
- 9th Nganga

A map editor would provide for a unique play environment, and allow individual players to challenge themselves outside of teh preset limitations of the "random" map genorator
- CmsnTd1

A map editor would be nice not only because it makes the game "live" longer, but also because it enables players to compete on their own terms. The option to put neutral units on the new map should also be included, because it adds to the thrill of uncertainty.
- FeydRauttah

A map editor would allow for the evolution of maps in ways that the professionals perhaps did not think want to make my own desert!
- Thorgard

Definitely include an editor. It was the ommision of this that caused Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 to not be blockbusters like the originals.
- Robert Anderson

Why a map editor? Because!!! No, jk, you should include a map editor to give the game a more realistic feel, when playing 'gainst each other ie... How come? Well as I am quite interested in diff. kinds of (historic) battles, you start to know the keypoints to winning a battle. One of those -not to be underestimated- points is the advantage of homeground! Say: I'm playing the Atreides, and a friend of mine -say Harkonnen- attacks me on Caladan. I created the map thx to the map-editor, thus, I know the map, and my pal doesn't! This gives the 'defender' an advantage, and opens up more possibilities to start campaigning 'gainst each other! oc if my pal decides to strike again at the same place, my advantage will be lost, as you play the same map...
- Semper

Why can't you jusy include a Campaign Editor? A skilled company such as Westwood should have no problem creating one.
- xXChRoMeXx

- FoXperson

Every time I play Dune2000, I ask my self "where the hell is the map editor?" I've searched every where on the Internet for a map editor but it seems that Westwood just don't want to listen to the fans cry. "WHERE IS THE DUNE2000 MAP EDITOR?????????"!!!!!!
Come on, it won't do any harm. Make one, don't let us suffer!
- Frans Crusante

In every strategy game I've played, I get the most fun out of user-made maps and making my own. Please, include an editor.
- Valirus

This game would last so long and would be extremely more fun with a map editor (even though it will be extremely fun anyways!) It needs this also because of no random map!!!!!!
- azzkicker

No Westwood game would be complete without a map editor!
- Tiletron

A map editor makes a game last if not twice as long, then longer. Make that editor!
- Nexis

yes...put in a map will extend the game's life by a lot..
- Angelos

Please put a map in Emporer!! Everyone else is doing it.
- Jaren

- TNT 75

Learn from the Best! Starcraft did so well due to their brillaint storylines and their Campaign editor! The ability to create levels and maps of our own has released the artistic quality in all of us. Not only does it make us better people, it also helps us get to grips with the game itself. We can learn to appreciate all your hard effort in the making of the levels, as well as using biased maps against the AI for getting used to a particular Tech Tree. I for one have been cheered up immensly when I get to grips with a new tech tree, I can build in the safe knowledge that I won't be attacked very easily. I mastered the three species in Starcraft that way. I learnt how to use different tactics and formations in Red Alert 1 that way. Give us a chance! Please? If not for us, then for the sake of the children?
- Manji Maniac

i have dune2 and dune 2000 dune 2 now has an editor
dune 2000 does not the only dune 2000 editor does new multiplayer maps..
red alert and c&c have editors but those are MP also id like to see more single player missions
- pete tyjewski

Look At Great RTS Games Like The Age of Empires Series and Starcraft, What makes them so great? Because... They Have an Editor, So Westwood Put in an Editor, Please.
- Daniel RTS Master

You wanna save time? The logical thing to do is not make an editor, right? Wrong! I see a million RTS's come and go a year, and the ones that stay all have editors. I know that and you know that. If you want to make a game last and last, GIVE IT AN EDITOR! If you're looking for a quick buck, go ahead and make your cheap little editorless RTS.
- Bill Gates(jk, Alex)

Users such as myself and many others need the freedom to create their own maps. Having a map editor will let mappers give life to the game once all the original WW maps get boring, and they will. It's a fact, games with map editors have a longer life span.
- Igor Balotsky

I have to agree with everyone that has stated that a map editor would help the game strive and live a long life. ther are only a few ways to ensure that the games do not become obolete or boaring and those are (1) a Map editor. (2) a unit editor so ypu could create your own units. sorta like Cave-Dog did with Total Anihilation. although they did not make th user able to creat ther units the fcompany did have weekly updates with new units for there game. this idea would really help out any RTS style game assuming that the units that wer created would fit in the gamplay and not be overly powerfule. (3) A Campein editor. Either as part of the map editor or a sand alone module in the game this would be a great asset amd allow a great amount of replayability, Do to the ability to create new campeins and maps
I sury hoppe that they release a map editor with the game when it ships or after the game ships an addon or update. it would show that westwood really does care about its consumer base. ((EG: the people that buy and play ther games)) I bet if th game proves to be successful people would even pay to get a map editor say as an update wit a few new levels or a new campein.
- Tsunami Jurai

One of the many things that allows a game to expand is not only expansion packs and free downloads which people get sick of real fast, but is when you can make your own maps and mods.
Obviously, the best example of a game that with the right tools became the most played game on the net, is Half-Life. They wouldn't have sold a quater of what they did without the mods, the maps and (obviously) Counter-Strike.
- SnIpeR

Though this game will be amazing with or without an editor I think it will make it just that much more remarkable. I really am not worried about it but it would be a very nice addition:-)
- Titus Mandahl

A mao editor would greatly extend the life of emperor, actually a campaign editor would. Look at Starcraft the only reason why its still alive is because of a great editor that lets you creat a campaign make your own maps, edit units etc. If Westwood wants to stay in the RTS business they had better keep up.
- Slade Philips

- Ted

Any good RTS should have a map editor. nuf said...
- Patrick Bidwell

come on... please...
- attack tank

Westwood, people really really need a Map editor. If you can't put one in on Emperor: Battle for Dune why not make one on the up coming expansion (if there will be one)OR Just make on this one ok?
- Ancient_Sniper

Dude, Westwood, please include or release at a later time a map editor for Dune: Emperor it would allow us dedicated players to create our own maps after playing all of the included ones.
- Ian J

All RTS games should have a map editor, it is the only thing that keeps you playing them after the normal levels become boring.
- Dan

Emperor: Battle For Dune needs to have a map editor just like all the other strategy games. Why did Command & Conquer: Red Alert had a map editor and Dune 2000 didn't? It needs a map editor cause map editors for Dune 2000 that are at least easy to use aren't in all Dune websites.
- Liviu Voicu

Any 3D RTS should have a map editor. We need it to amke our own maps, to give life to our own ideas.
- Davidu

It would be a crime not to include a map editor in a game as great as Dune Emperor, especialy now that you can fight on other places besides Arrakis. You could could make so many cool maps, which would be a lot better than playing the ones that are already there over and over again.
- MrZleeto

We need a map editor.
- Shane Jackson

Map editor, please.
- Robert Parker

Please make a map editor. Starcraft included one, and so will warcraft 3. Please westwood make one for us fans.

i want a map editor please. Westwood

Map Editor, all RTS should have them, that is if they don't already.

Westwood should create a map editor to keep Dune Emperor fans pleased and allow for mod making while Westwood works ona sequel!!!!
Ya Hya Chouhada!!!! - Long Live The Fighters (Dune 1)
- Ramin Nasibresh

A map editor should be creator because it would be a way to expand the users interests and there creativity at the very beginning. If everyone learns one set of map, then everyone will play it- where as if people are constantly making new maps, granted there will still be favorites, but we will all be able to add a little something of our own to the game we will be playing so much. So make a nice map editor please :)
- DLAknight

hey man u guyz...
..i mean it !!
- DLAwAj

i want a map editor
- CxVx

Westwood and Dune have had a long history of cooperation. Emperor is a pioneer in the RTS genre. A map editor would be fantastic, extending the lifetime of the game as spice does to humans. A campaign editor? Even better. Now all we need is event triggers.
- Bace

Make it, Make it now...
- Matt

You have seen what level editors have done for Quake, Half-Life, and Unreal. A map editor (and maybe even campaign editor) would make this game perfect, and definitely increase sales for aspiring game engineers.
- Dan Brady

An Editor would extend the life of the game.
- Jerry MacDonald

Pretty please with sugar...
- Daniel Knust

I'm sure Westwood will get it all mapped out... he he
- Scott

A map editor would b sweet since most other westwood games have 1 [like TS red alert red alert 2 etc...] and would make the games fame last alot longer
- Code Parsons

Listen, you didn't give us an official map editor for Red Alert 2, which I hope you will include in the expansion, Yuri's Revenge. Anyway, a map editor will give us something to do when we beat the game. We could build new maps and new scenarios. It would be a great idea. Another download you should create is an add-on so that you can play as one of the sub-groups, the both of those would make Emperor and even greater game.
- Matthew

Fan modification helps make an enduring classic.
- Simon

A map editor would really be great. It wasn't included in the game, but if you DO come out with one, be sure to put it on your site, so the fans can download it. As it has been said in the last 200 votes, a map editor would expand this games life. I doubt you will let the fans down, and I will hopefully be creating my own maps in time... Thanks for yet another great RTS game!
- Sammael Lilith

Dear Sir,
Please provide us with a map editor so that we can enjoyu the game even more.
- Gerard

I have played so many RTS games before and i thin i played Red Alert the original one the longest and got the most fun out of it becaust of the map editor. I think i speak for most of the people who have played Red Alert when I say that. I payed 45.99$$$$ for the game and so did alot of other people. They may have paid maby more. Anyway I am saying that a map editor would be a gread edition to this game. I saw one for Tiberian and for Red Alert2. I own all your game ever made and te ones with the mapeditors where my favorites. I know how hard it is to make a map editor but i also know it is even harder to make maps so lut us do that part for you. You don't have fun makeing maps but I do and so do other people. If you make an editor more good maps will be made than just 1 a weak like Nox or is it 1 a month no matter. I have spoken to lots of people about emperor battle for dune and a map editor allways comes up in the disscussion. By saying this I think i speak for the millipons of people that have or will pay 45.99$$$ for the game when I say a mapeditor will make the game worth 100.00$$$. You should also make one for Nox too and any other game comming out that is new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Master Gamer

Westwood you should make the editor for all the millions of people that bought the hgame and want to spice up the game a little. What is the harm in it anyway all people would do is make their own coustom maps.
- hornet345

ur point is to make each game worth more, and map making makes a map so much more. every game that allows customization today becomes instantly better, simply because people make it better. give us a map maker, and the public shall reward you.
- matan gilat

Definately make a map editor. Warcraft 2 had one and I loved that game, partially cus of that! Please WestWood?
- Web250

I would like to see a map-editor for Emperor, it would be very cool to make new maps with that gorgeous engine. =)
- Avishay Segal

These games (but especially Dune2/2000) are the best ever made. I've been a loyal fan of westwood since the original Dune 2. I've purchased, Dune2, c&c, c&c expansion map, Red Alert, Red Alert 2, Tiberian Sun, Dune 2000 and Emperor. Support your fans! Please let us keep on enjoying them! Provide the map editor!
- Joseph Anthony Debono

um the comment about easily selecting the same unit type, well last time i checked 'T' worked quite well, infact it is exactly the same as the ra2. tap once to select the same unit type on the screen and twice to select same unit type on the map. if u want anything easier than that, maybe u should stick to football games. this game is good but would be improved greatly if a map editor was made, also a unit editor would add to the game. i still play on c&c ts sometimes because that seems 2 be the last game a good unit editor was made for.
- blindcow

Being a fan of almost every Westwood strategy game released, I've enjoyed having the added ability to edit and create my own maps. It adds to the gameplay experience and gives us the fans a chance to have fun making our own maps to compete on in online games or skirmishes.
- Mark Whent

I love your game!
- Olivier Bertini

I think a Map editor would be great for Emporer Dune, support for triggered events and placing of structures and units would be good too.
Another thing that would be very good is a unit editor. I'm not just talking about editing the stats of units, I mean actually creating new unit models easily.
These two things would make the game infinitly more playable and that is why Westwood won't do it... after all, they want to sell there next game and don't want people to not buy it because they are still playing this one.
But here's hope'n... Come on WW... make it so!
- Lee (Hades) Conlin

Definitly, a map editor for Emperor should be great!

Yeah, c'mon. A map editor would be sweet for a game like this. An RA2 one eventually came out so why not an Emperor one too?
- Nebular

I need to make maps that let you go into the guild ship and us a squad. I love those.
- Nick

- Blah

Map... editor... Now!
- Orlac

Westwood please create a map editor for Emperor..also a way to select all of the same type of troop easily.
- Chris Atkin

Please please please please please please please GIVE US AN EDITOR!!!!!!!!!!!
- Oliver Donner

A map editor would be good. OH PLEASE PUT IN ONE!
- Bob

Gimme, gimme, gimme !!!!!!
- Opie Wan

A map editor would generate more interest in the game and would make for more interesting and unique online matches.
- Dave Brown

Just be nice to make my own maps. While waiting for Westwood to create one, I'll start making my own... and if it is finished I'll share it with all Emperor fans.
- The Lord of the Rings

Come off it i play lan games all the time and there are so few 8 player maps it takes the piss make us a map editor so we can get our moneys worth out of this great game :)
- Reapers Revenge

yup a map editor would be nice
- Evil Monkey

What are you waiting for? If you want people to keep playing your game release a map editor... or at least announce one with an expansion pack.
- Michael Blake

As stated by another signer, Westwood cannot depend on fans to do their dirty work this time. Since the game is now fully 3D, it will be more difficult for fans to come up with map and mission editors. Westwood *must* come out with an editor for Emperor. They have a large and loyal fan base for their Dune games (as well as their other RA and c&c games)... I urge them to make an editor for us as we have been on their side all along.
- Tony

I too want a map editor for Dune Emporer.
- hypervigilance

I have been playing the heck out of emperor since the day it came out. While there are quite a few maps in it, the addition of SKIRMISH mode makes the creation of new maps a necessity! So let's get that map editor out, k? :)
- Greg Smith

Why did they stop building Map Editors into their games directly after Red Alert. It just doesn't make any sence. Look how popular RA was in comparison to the other c&c games. There is a reason why they made RA2. But some of the guys at Westwood can't draw a link between the editor and the succes.
So Westwoord, I am going to give you a very subtle hint:
Map Editor = Succes
Smooth isn't it? Well, hope to have made your brains work.
Long Live The Fighters!
- Missionaria Provetica

There is just no excuse for Westwood not to include a map editor and it ads so much replayability. Just look at the editor Blizzard has cooked up for Warcraft III.
- Paulus

a mission editor is required.
- nolios

I love the game, and would enjoy a good Map Editor. I think it would be nice to have an editor for units as well. Being able to make Mods for the game will only extend the playabiliy and life of the game.
- Christopher S. Records

I want a map editor. If you provide one i will actually buy the game in the store. And i will destroy my rip. Now thats cool aint it ?
- Dune Lover

We want Map-Editor.........
- Storm

I want a 3d map editor.
Maybe something for gmax, eh?
- Will

A game like Emperor without a map editor has no long life-span. What if we know all the map after a half of a year? So many good games today (not only stategy games) ship with a Map editor. Sure, Dune is in 3D but look at such games as Neverwinter-Nights! It is in 3D too und has a lot of expanded features such as a very powerful scripting language. I think Westwood should do it for the Community!
- Frank Reiss

- PRLYago

I wanna map editor... i do... I`ll take my bat and ball home if i dont get one... i wanna map editor.. i`ll spit my dummy out... Boo Whoo ill chage my own nappies (dipers for you yanks :-) ) if i get one ... cheers
- Yorkie

We want a map editor! It makes the game much more fun. If you could make the 3D game, then it is possible for you to make a map editor. MAP EDITOR PLEASE!!!
- NK

No map editor----NO BUY GAME.
- TaGirl_Keri

We want a map editor for the bettle of Dune to keep the game alive for a very very long time.
Dune rules !!
- L0C0

MapEd! MapEd! MapEd!
- Atlantys

We want a map editor. And much better than Final Alert 2 !
- Yarrick

We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!! We want Map Editor!!
- Wong

what? no editor? what kind of game would this be without a map editor?
- LordBlazer

a map editor would be awsome!!!!! maybe they would even make it as good as the Age of Empires editor(even better than starcraft!). We could do cool things like make the majority of the map infantry rock, so the only attacking units are infantry!!! Make an editor.
(Sardukar and Fremen rock!!)
- ArcTemplar

Hiya, i also agrre that there should be a map editor in Emperor. As with RA2, if westwood can make one for that then why shouldn't they make one for this!
anyway, whatever they decide visit my site!
- Indy

The only reason StarCraft lasted this long is because of the map editor and the versatile possibilities it has... People get tired of building a base, building an army, blasting the oponent after a while... A map editor is only respecting the custumers.
- Francois Maillet

A map editor is a financial must. By allowing users to extend the life of the game you will ensure a robust group of gamers for subsequent or expansion releases. Your elimination of IP to IP gameplay will also go a long way in stopping rampant copying for on-line play. If you have a large on-line community, people will buy the game to take part in it. If you want to sell more copies, make an editor available ASAP.
- LipperX

We need one :)
- Harkov

Yes, I would like a mapeditor for Dune Emperor, it is deffinetly a need in Dune 4!
I have looked serverel places, but could not find anyone, an I am hooping to get a mapeditor out of this!
- HyperKemo

I think that I'd like a chance to know the map layout *before* my sweet enemies. Yes... this is what I'd like :)
- Tyab

A map editor is a must for any rts fan as it allows you to visualize and project what you want to put on the screen. It is the only way for gamers to fullfill there imagination and to be part of the game setup.
- Anthony Davis

Huh? you mean there is no map enditor NOW? Dang! That's a shame
- doctor_no

A Editor would rule, of course.
- Guyver

A map editor or an random map generator would be perfect.
As you can use your fantasy, create a map and than play it.. and use it with others..
- Patrick

A map editor would be great!!! It lets you create your own campaigns and missions. Hope that Westwood makes one that is just as cool as Starcraft's.
- Jonathon

Yes you should have a map editor westwood because even though it hasn't happened yet and I know it will your game matching server will be down and i will not be able to play with my friends since you did not include a direct ip game setup because i think you are either lazy or just want to say hey you wanna play our games you have to come to us and only us because we are a big corporation and your a little piddly consumer
- Anthony Nelson

I have been a fan of Dune since Dune II first came out.I have almost 50 strategy games and all of the ones i like have a map editor.The game would have a much longer life and sell more if there were a map editor.This is about the 40th petition ive singned for a map editor for Emperor.So would you guys just make a map editor already?
- Sardukaur

I think a map editor would be good for the game. But i think we need a trainer first.
- aaron moning

I would greatly enjoy a map editor for this fine game. Please uphold your statis as one of the best game developers and release a map editor!
- Seth Sale

I wana map editor, no i need i map editor. Or the games charm may disapear after a few weeks like Black & White. come on don't be a lionhead!
- Dilligent_Cobra

Come on guys - havent we learnt by now that map editors are becomeing standard items for the RTS genre? Look at RA2 - you didnt make one so the community did, out of despiration and want for the thing. Plz save these ppl some time and release the one you guys used to make the bloody game w/!
- DarkMecha

- Chris Smithson

Please release a map editor, it would help increase the lifespan of this game tremendously. Just look at Starcraft for example, which is still a popular game even though it is pretty old. Part of this is because Blizzard included a user-friendly "Campaign editor" which let anyone construct their own maps and campaigns. A Map or Campaign Editor would prolong Emperor's lifespan as well. PLEASE release a Map Editor.
- Cid

Now that the game is out it is awesome, but a map editor would make it so much better, and make the game's life last longer. Please WW PUT IN A MAP EDITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- cybersteer

I think a map editor for Emperor:Battle for Dune would be very useful !! I am ready to pay for one !!! (an official !!!)
- shub

I am definitely for a map editor! No reason they shouldn't include one.
- Peter Pappas

why not release the editor afterall, have confidence in your fan base. esp after the long wait for this game
- Lenski

I have always liked the Dune series and been an avid support giver. A map editor would be greaty appreciated. Even armada had one and it helped replay immensly. AOE has one on the main menu of the game and my wife and I have spent many hours on maps we created.
- aRiOcH

Come on Westwood we really need a mapeditor for this great game. Even the most mediocre RTS comes with a mapeditor these days, so a great RTS should at least come with one. ScapeX from Sacrifice is a GREAT example.
- Ronald van Dijk

I think a map editor for Emperor:Battle for Dune would be very useful since the game is now 3d styled Strategy Game now.
- Metal_Masher

Please add a map editor, it adds to the playability and demonstrates peoples love for the game, by allowing them to express themselves in a map
- Bryan Dunlop

Will buy it when an editor is availiable...
- Mike Myers

not including a map editor just proves that starcraft etc. are all better than u. dont be ass holes. surely its not that difficult
- khayadarin

Plz make an easy to use map editor kinda like the starcraft editor, because it was the eaiest to use and the best map editor, or just something easy to use. if you made one westwood you would be more respected by alot of ppl and you wouldnt be begged about all the time, and dont make one like final alert2 cause it sucks and is hard to use
- Ron Burnette(Cabbal2001)

i love dune series but what makes me hesitant to buy it as i discovered before was that a lack of map editor tends to limit your enjoyment if there is an indication that there will be editor i will rushout and buy it
- khurram wadiwalla

i like to have a map edition in Emperor. but, i hate these flag, special flag, Trigger, house, events, blah blah blah... i'm sick of these thing buggy me around! when i trying to make single player map, i am tired making these thing! when i try to make a mutiplayer map, i still have worry about these unknown things POP up in my screen... anyway, i hate these mysterious Flags! HEY wait, we are talking about Emperor battle for dune's Map edition right? **Sigh** now is too late, the release date is June, 12. but, now is June, 11!!! i think now is too late. :(
I just said is too late not pointless ok? (don't flame me...) if we keep doing this and maybe Westwood may give us a map edition like fa2 (Emperor's map edition)! just don't forget to Delete the gay flags! yup, these flags crashed my map all the time!
i love to have a emperor map edition like ra1's map edition! BECAUSE these map edition are easy to use and fast to make and also fast to load (take too much time to load for someone has slow computer). and i also don't want any bugs like Trees in the Dune, Worms in other planets, and ice in wasteland these you make it and crash the game. is there map edition for dune2000? i saw it, it called like <<Shai-Hulud 2000>>... or something else. that map edition is pretty good! i want map edition like that in Emperor Battle for dune! it's cool if WW give us officer map edition and not other fan sites make it!
ohhhhh... this is all i want to say at last:
that's all... (did i waste all these space in the top?) if you want be my enemy about this topic you can! just sent me a e-mail and i will be your long live enemy! J/JK hehehe.....
- flame thrower

Map editing brings a lot to the game. Customization will add a lot of interest. We need it! We crave it! We have to have one!
- RTS Freak

I want one in my game!!!!!!!!!!!
- The Emperor

mmm... yeah, go map editor!
- Interlagos

i want a map editor!
- Themask

Emporer badly needs a map editor because of the lack of variety in the maps that came with the game.
- Adam

Emporer is a great game, but I have played dozens of times and am getting bored with the same maps. Please make a map editor or put out weekly maps like you do for RA2.
- Justin Germino

Emporer is one hot Game but it is getting boring. Please can we have a map editor
- Wesley Robb

"Emperor" is one sweet game, and I think Westwood really outdid themselves. But since there is a great limitation on customizing games (maximum tech levels and the like)an editor would help tremendously. Please, Westwood! I'm a loyal fan and I love you. But I'll love you more if I get a free map editor. ;]
- Ben Barnett

Dear Developers of Westwood
I really like your game Dune Emperor and i play it almost every day. But that means that i know EVERY map you created for the game . Give me a chance to keep my interest and let my Atreides Armies keep on marching in new maps where no other House was before :) You did such a good work, now complete it with a MAP EDITOR . I'm sure many of your customer would be very pleased.
- Khan Malthus

Please release a MAP-EDITOR for EMPEROR.....cause playing on the given maps gets damned boring by now.....I think the whole EMPEROR-FAN-COMMUNITIES would be happy!!!
- Shai-Necron

We need a map editor badly =(
- aThLoN

I want map editor!
- airit555

we need a god damn map editor!!!!!!!!
- anon

i want an editor!!!
- Alan Lee

Please release a map editor. My wife and I are already feeling the limiting feeling with the current set of maps.
- Scott Stancil

And put in auto download, so when you make a map other people can play it
- Idea

add a map editor and add more replay to the game so more people will buy it and play it online.
- Brian Tanke

If their not going to make more maps for the game, the least they can do is give us a something to make are own maps. I think there is a real need for maps made by players for players. Also, I'd like to see more maps for the other planets, and I don't think we'll get that unless we get an editer
- lactosemonster

dude emperor is a friggin sweet game but i want a map editor not these bull maps that they came with
- evan d

Emperor is a great game, and i think it deserves a good map editor so we can do new single player missions and mod the game a bit
- Ariel

I've played westwood games for years, and was sorely upset that Emperor had no map editor, and very few multimap options, please put one in as a critical update for cutting edge game.
- w schiller

damn it we need a freeking editer because the maps the game came with r bull shit i need new maps damnit
- aaron

The should be a map editor, yesh.c
- Rodney Spencer

hey people we need a map editor for this brilliant game it shouldnt be that hard should it. give the people what they want
- Alex Horan

Need map editor, OR I WILL RAPE YOU!!! hahaha, just kidding... but seriously tho.. make a map editor
- KoreanPsycho

Hey, I don't know about the other people and their whole "beat it in one week, yawn". Attitude. But I've really enjoyed Emporer and I'll continue to play it regardless of a map editor. But I personal like more "life" in my maps.. more ruined citys, etc; And I like close up battles like on Caladan and stuff where you have to zoom in and get personal. A map editor would be fantastic and I'd pay for one. Just my imput.
- Cass Towns

i just want one
- Boc

Image Cartman get miffed off....
now in his voice...
"Map editor damn it or I kick kenny in the nads!"
- Harkole

- Tyler

These guys must have fucking mental problams they dont even listen to the fans/customers, well thats the last time i waste my fucking money on Westwood AND EA!
You know what i could have bought with the money a halflife pack with CS and shit, DAMNIT!!!!
- Pissed off

Make some editors! The game is getting real boring now.... so please.... Give us the power of editing maps.... creating buildings for different players in maps and evening evrything out...
- Bazil Johnson

Please, show some love for the community. We need more maps!!!!!
- Muad'Dib

Dam you westwood bastards GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS'S AND MAKE A GOD DAM MAP EDITOR, the people have spoken.....
- Rob

DAMN RIGHT! A mission, unit, weapon, and terrain editors should be provided. Editors are essential these days. Why do you think Fallout Tactics is going strong? Editors. Some people wonder about the lack of mods for RTS games as opposed to FPS games... Editors prolong the popularity of games. few examples need be provided: Quake series, Half-Life...
- A Serb

We do need a map editor, to keep us playing !!!!!
- Bart

WestWood every time you make a new game you go 2 steps farward and 20 steps back at the same time. Whats with you, you should no by now that if theres no map editor in a stragegy game then the game is crap.
Users like to express there telant etc. So make a map editor and in future ship your RTS games with the a editor in the first place
- Michael Brine

Editor needed for all the players out ther
- carlos

Give me my goddamn map editor.
- Jeff

A Dune 3 map editor would sound a daunting task considering the fact it is in 3D but considering Dune 3 is here they must have made the levels with a map editor. If they don't want to make a new easier based one for fans then just release the version they used for the game. On a seperate note has anyone released that it is much easier to win with house Atreides than any other house mainly because of the Sonic Tanks ability to destroy almost any unit in one hit and don't forget the cloaked Fremen Fedaykin. Intresting don't you think. Bring out a map editor please. LONG LIVE THE FIGHTERS!!!!!
- A Loyal Follower Of House Harkonnen

Just give us a map editor please.
- Cap'n

All the games that I ever bought always had Map editers, and I think that Emperor would be far more interesting for a longer period and there by make it a better game.
- Peter Friedrich

Damnit if i knew it didnt have a map editor b4 i wouldnt have bouth it!!!!
- Dethmaster

Make the map editor like starcraft one, with the traps and when you walk somewhere a worm will wipe out your troop's ETC,
Pretty much make it with trigers and events!!
(email me if you need to see what the starcraft editors like, or if you want it)
- liam

i bought emperor instead of DIABLO XPACK i deserve at least a map editor

Well this is the second time I've said something. Ya sure, just give us what we want! I think this game is old now! Now the only ting to say is that "The Emperor of Dune" better be what everone say's it is, or a waste of our money.
Once again another ticked off Dune fan will go buy other types of Westwood games!
- Joe

Emperor NEEDS a map editor!!
- Dyer

Multiplayer can get too tedious without some sort of random map generator. The random generator in RA2 was spot on. Why not do one for Emperor? It just takes away some of the long term playability of the game.
- Usel

emperor needs a map editor !
- Dr.SuchAndSuch

HEY! give us all a map editor!!! why has red alert got one?????? we all know emperor is better than red alert so why not add one!!!
- the yellow cat

I became a pc gamer after I started to use build for Duke nukem 3d. I played that game 3 years longer than I should have becuse of that. I would like to say the same for a dune game
- Robert Wayne Pittsley

I think is a good idea
- Brian Lawrence

In my opinion, a huge percentage of the fun in games comes from the ability to customise and design maps. I'm an owner of Starcraft, and there are few things more enjoyable (where games are concerned) than finishing a map that has taken hours to make, and playing it. Another point worth mentioning, is that games with third party support often have a much longer life, and are played for years and years after release e.g. Half-life, Myth, Starcraft etc.
- Richard Sherhod

I need a map editor or more maps!!!!
- Gatto

I must say I hate Westwood's recently formed habit of not including a map editor with games. I think Emperor should have a map editor for it, the only wish I have for it is that it's more simple than the recently-released map editor for Red Alert 2, I'm still trying to be able to make a good map with FA2.
- Jarrett Wright

Why are you guys still so stingy when it comes to releasing your game dev tools? No other dev team is and just look at their continued success (ie Blizzard, ID etc). It isn't as if your technology is superior or revolutionary or anything...
- Gareth Lagesse

We would be truly grateful and appreciative if you release a map editor or even release tools to make one. Keep up the game-making and release map editors please! Thanks guys.
- Joe

Please make a map editor and unit creation. like Total Annihilation. that would ultra badass!!
thank you.
- Chris

A map editor would be a nice touch for games like this. If you make your own map it increases the chance of people practicing for contests like the one you had a while ago. More techniques so you may have more of a challenge. Yesterday .tv annouced that E:BFD was second best. Operation Flashback beat it. Show them E:BFD could be better if you add a map editor! You can become #1!
- The Cheat Lord

Have bought all of the previous Dune PC games. Hmpf, quite expected there to be a map editor shipped WITH this one. Don't tell me Westwood is gettin cheap too. Post one on your website, with a FULL selection of terrain objects and txt instructions. Or your spice production WILL be terminated.
- Gristle

Please give us a map editor, it will show that you support your fans! It will also give us a reason to support you in return, alot of my friends wouldnt even buy a RTS if they knew it had no map editor!
- Gilles Paris

Hey, Either give us a map editor or make the maps yourselves and post 'em on your site. Either works for me, and i'd be set with just new levels.
- Paladin Nemesis

C'mon Westwood, THINK!!! Starcraft got its initial success from the great gameplay (which Emperor has), but it has kept its fan base by having a map editor. Think how long it would extend the life of your community! People will do things with your game that are truly amazing if you give them a chance. And don't tell me it will be hard to make an accessible editor for 3D levles; if Half-Life and Tomb Raider Chronicles can have it, so can Emperor!

I love EBFD! I have both the old and new Dune movies and I love workin on my Mod for Dune. I WANT A MAP EDITOR FOR EBFD! If Westwood released their map editor for dune, EBFD would be twice as popular!
- Igor Pinchuk

I would love to see a map editor for Emperor. I love the game, and would enjoy spending hours making maps for it!
- Shaun Braxton

We need Map Editor!!!
- brent

Yup, a map editor. Thats what we need and as quickly as possible!!!!!!
- Stilgar

I agree, we are in need of a map editor for Emperor. It would greatly extend the life of the game.
- Alex P/

Dat zou niet gek zijn, dan blijft het spel langer leuk....
Ik heb de rest van jullie spellen al helemaal uit gespeelt.
Met een editor kun je weer een nieuw spel maken?????
- Alex Boxma

I would really, really like to see a map editor. I would be VERY interested in playing more missions in the Guild Heighliner. That could also make for some interesting units-only, no-bases missions. Emperor is a great game, but without "fundamentals" for forming a community like map and editing tools, it's very difficult for a long-standing fan base to grow.
- Travis M. Spomer

i got Empror 1 week ago and i am alredy borred. there is no big map to play vs more then 2 or 3 computer so you get borred of playing the campagne.StarCraft is virtualy impossible to getr borred of caus whit the blizzard editor you can make any kind of map i saw peaple playing pokemon, warcraft, dragonball,million of rpg like final fantasy and even a map of dunne 2000 witch played in starcraft was way more intresting than the normal one !!!! also plz get en expension whith another house is not enoung when dune 2 get out and i saw the ordos whitch u complatly invented i and mutch trust in you but you started the same game 2 other time whitout virtualy changing anyting
- The Emperor God Leto The Second

Westwood, we need a map editor!
- RaGe

There is no game anyone can think of that has failed with a map editor. Great games such as RA series, Warzone 2100, Age of Empires series, and the list can go on forever, have map editors. The players create maps out of their will and free time and expand the game to new ideas and strategies. The map editor is very valuable to everyone. Emperor can be bigger than it is now just by having one. Think of the possibilities. Can u name at least one dissadvantage??? I surely can't.
- Pie006

map editor now. Please
- Emperor God

I loved RA:2's map editor so it would be nice to have one for Emperor.
- Jonathan Richter

I have been playing westwood games since 1994 and i think the games have all been great. Although, one thing that has mad them better is the abilty to build your own map. Like on Red Alert 1. Instead of the computer generating a map that was not cool, and me having to change the settings of the map to finally make the way i want, there was the editor that allowed me to make it the exact way i wanted it. I think that it would be a great boost the fun of the game.
- Maxwell Palau

i really like this game and you should release a map editor to make it even better
- Iceheader

Please I really want a map editor all good strategy games have one and Emperor is a good one so make us a MAP EDITOR!
I would do one myself but I ain't that intelligent!!!
- Sammer

yea giv us a map editor we aint got any random map maker......that was good why did they tak it away!!!!!!
- vivi20000

I really need a map editor. Only two 8 player? We usually play 2-3 on mega maps. The map editor was one of the things that made us play RA until now. Finally WW made a game that was worthy of replacing RA. Don't blow it by denying us the ability to make our own maps. I'll be willing to pay.

A map editor would be great not only to add to the longevity of the game, but eventually the guys at Westwood will not be able to keep mapping map packs forever as they will go on to other projects. I know there might me some concern about the 3D element, but hopefully they will be able to overcome those and develope a Map Editor for all to use.
- David Sprague

Creating your own maps, gives you a new dimension of gameplay, becouse cou can make the maps as easy/difficult as you wish.
- Hilko Kolbeek

A map editor would improve gameplay and longevity of the game.
- Innocent (ProvoCado)

I think the map editor that is released for RedAlert 2 is very capable of doing everything you need in a level, and I think the same thing is needed in Dune (i.e. Multiplayer campaigns etc)
I would definately stand by any such Emperor: Dune Map editor!
- Darkness2k

Please provide a nice stable map editor, Activision did with Dark Reign 2, and it works quite nicely, its 3D as well, so why not Westwood with Emperor. I am a very big fan of Westwood AND EA, so come on guys, do all your fans a favour, it could help sales with the next c&c (3D Version) game coming up!!!!!
- Thetoid

- olufsen

Give us the D**N map editor or else!!!!!! I know you say 3d terrain is hard to render etc. but I'm one of theose people who love to tweak their game to its fullest. Ive already beaten the single player missions so unless somthing new comes out for the game Im gonna start playing Half-Life again! Wont the competition love that!
- nslMg95

I need the map editor, please.
- KzIN

I(and many other ppl) WANT THAT MAP EDITOR !!!!
p. s. access to all triggers would be cool
- whoever

I love all the westwood games but a map editor is needed for the all the rts games.
- Dan M

Dune emperor is such a great game...
WHY dont you give us a map editor... Westwood is a pretty good company and its very user-friendly but sometimes there should be a map editor.. or at least an option to create random maps.
- ordos_emperor

we want a map editor/creator~!~!~!~!~!
so we could enjoy the game more!
- zhiping

i Don't have dune,yet because it still hasn't been released in Portugal but when it is released i would like to have a game editor because it will make the game alot better.please westwood we are all counting on you
PS:until dune is released i can only dream how it will be
- Mua'dib

Every strategy game needs a map editor. Emperor is no different. Thats all there is to it.
- nSoMNia

The WNSclan need another game to support on the internet. If westwood made a map editor i could advertise the game futher like many people did Redalert2. So just make the map editor so i could put something on the Clan network
- WNSclan

I think that Westwood releasing a Map Editor for CnC Red Alert 2 after heavy preasure and many editors like the maker of the First (and co-creator of the second with Westwoods help) Final Alert map editor and Final Sun map editor........ I believe that Emperor: Battle for Dune, Dune 2000, and future Dune games should have Map Editor downloads.......... or at least new maps released by Westwood at first and then an Editor.........
- Operation Doomsday aka DDay22 aka Op DDay2001

- exatredies

Please, we must have an editor for this great game!!!
- Tango

I want to go to Mount Splashmore.... er, I mean,
I want to get a map editor! make one, make one, make one riiight now! NOW NOW NOW NOW!!! Make me a map editor, please, right now.
Part of the fun of RTS games is in the creation of the maps and getting to play on maps made by other fans. This greatly increasing the endurance and lifespan of gameplay. I recently downloaded the now officially endorsed and incorperated Final Alert2 map editor for the RA2 game from the Westwood site. I rejoice. Good move Westwood! Now make the same right choice here, please!
- Rhog Nag'Eth Clanswalker

- tiger5060

I want to have a map editor. Please !
- Arne Tscheliesnigg

Well, Emperor is all but dead for me now, I've completed the campaigns and now it's dead after only week and I still play the original Age of Empires by Ensemble studios which is four years old and has a map editor.
All upcoming RTS's have an editor, Empire Earth By Stainless steel studios is going to have a Very powerful editor, so warcraft III by Blizzard, so is Age of Mythology by ensemble studios and all those games are in 3D and there is others I can't mention the list goes on, all your competiters are beating you (Westwood) cause of a map editor and I'm getting all three (Unless I run out of memory or my hard disk explodes).
So In a few words
Map Editor - Good for Bussiness and fans
No Map Editor - Good for nothing.
- Daniel RTS Master

We(=all duners) need a map editor! We need to make our own maps! We need to have LOTS of maps! We need a MAP EDITOR!!!
- Sunny Sachdev (nuk3rguy)

Everyone gets the point. Release this editor to the fans of this brilliant game, and replay value will skyrocket. Hey, it did for Starcraft,(thousands of people still play it today) why shouldn't it for dune?
- Dune editor

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