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Gameplay Screenshots:

Bridge Battle
This is from Giedi Prime the homeplanet of the Harkonnen. In the upper left is the Sarduakar barracks, one of the SubHouse structures. On the bridge are the Harkonnen Devastator, their Flamer Infantry as well as the Buzzsaw.
Atreides on Caladan
Caladan is shown in this screenshot, homeworld to House Atreides. You can see the Minotaurus often along with some infantry and the smaller Mongoose unit as well. Two Atreides Barracks and a Palace are the structures seen here.
Harkonnen Battle Atreides on Caladan
Another screenshot of Caladan this time with a large batlle between the Atreides and Harkonnen. The Harkonnen are attacking with Devastators, Flame Tanks, and Missile Launchers while the Atreides counter with Sonic Tanks, Minotaurus', and a SubHouse unit the Guild Maker.
Dawn Attack
This is a dawn attack on an Atreides base. There is a Construction Yard, Refinery, and Output shown along with a few Harvesters.
Giedi Prime Assault
A large bridge battle on Giedi Prime. The Inkvine Catapult can be seen in the lower right. A lot of infantry in this shot, including Flame Infantry and some Tleilaxu Contaminators.
Ordos Electrical Attack
A group of Harkonnen units under attack by the Ordos special weapon, an electrical attack.
Sandworm Attacks
The much improved Sandworm swallowing a group of infantry, this looks to be the largest of the three different sized Sandworms.
Bridge Attack
Harkonnen Devastators take on two Ordos Laser Tanks on Giedi Prime.
Ornithopter Attack
Ornithopters about to make a bombing run on Sigma Draconis, the Ordos homeplanet. There are some Dust Scouts at the bottom of the screen and Gas Turrets on the left. A Pop-Up Turret is in the middle of the shot and an Kobra Cannon above it.
Devastator Takes on the Ordos
The Ordos and Harkonnen battle on Dune somewhere near the polar ice caps. Some various units and infantry are shown.
Atreides Base at Night
An Atreides base at night with a variety of units and infantry. There are 4 Ix Projector units shown as well.
Ordos Base Under Attack
The Ordos under with some large explosions. There are some Dust Scouts and Kobra Cannons shown and the Ordos Barracks.
Atreides Blow Up a Building
A large explosion at an Atreides base. You can see how the buildings have scaffolding like setup while exploding which you can when they are built as well.
Harkonnen Ambush Some Units
The Harkonnen attack what looks to be a small group of Ordos units. You can see the some units with shields near the bottom of the screen.
Icy Ordos Base
The Harkonnen are attacking the Ordos on what looks to be the Ordos homeplanet. The Guild NIAB Tank unit can be seen in the middle of the screen and you can just make out the Starport in the upper right.
Battle on Sand with Carryall
Some Harkonnen units are being attacked on the sand while one is picked up by an Advanced Carryall. There also looks to be a Engineer under heavy fire at the bottom of the screen.
Large Infantry Battle
A Harkonnen base under attack with a large number of infantry involved. The Flame Turret is rather obvious and you can see the Atreides Sand Bikes avoiding the main battle.
Atreides Base with Carryall and Ornithopter
Two Atreides Ornithopters fly over their own base with a Carryall nearby. You can also make out the Atreides Palace as well as the Fremen SubHouse structure and the Atreides Sonic Tank in between the two.
Ordos On Giedi Prime
An Ordos base under attack by the Atreides. You can see the sheilded Atreides APC beside two Ordos Lasgun tanks who also have shields. You can see some Ordos Dust Scouts at the bottom and some Sand Bikes entering from the top.
Harkonnen and Atreides Battle on Sand
Can't make much out because of the size of this shot but it looks to be the Atreides and Harkonnen battling each other on the sand.
Harkonnen Battle on Draconis
The Harkonnen Devastators are fairly large in this shot and seem to be attacking another Harkonnen force of Missile Tanks and an Inkvine Catapult at the top. There are also some SubHouse units, most likely the Tleilaxu Contaminators.
Ordos Attack the Atreides
The Ordos attack an Atreides base with their Kobra Cannons and their special Electrical Attack. There is also an Ordos Laser Tank on the right with a few Atreides Minotaurus' trying to defend it all.
Harkonnen Tanks Attack the Atreides
A large battle between the Harkonnen and Atreides containing manly tanks. You can see Harkonnen Flame Tanks, Buzzsaws, Inkvine Catapults, and Missile Tanks which should have no problem handling the small Atreides force.
Atreides and Ordos Battle on Caladan
Here the Atreides are being attacked by the Ordos on their homeplanet Caladan. The Ordos are using their special weapon, the Electrical Attack, at the right and left of the screen. You can also see some Leech units, including some on the Minotaurus in the middle, and Sand Bikes elsewhere on the screen.
Harkonnen Under Attack by Ordos
This looks to be a Harkonnen base under attack by a few Ordos units on Draconis. The units in the middle area on fire are the Guild's NIAB Tank transport units.
Atreides Infantry Under Attack
This shot clearly shows the Starport at the bottom of the screen with some Atreides infantry surrounding it. There are some Harkonnen tanks above involved somewhere of screen.
Explosion in an Atreides Base
A number of Ordos units are making quick work of the small Atreides defense. The large explosion looks to be from a Atreides Minotaurus.
Green Fields of Caladan
A nice green shot of Caladan which shows two small forces of Harkonnen and Atreides about to meet. Off in the background you can see a river, although there are no "naval" units in Emperor.
Harkonnen Attacking an Ordos Base
A small Harkonnen force attacks an Ordos base. You can see small dots in the bottom right which are where extra Refinery Pads go and the Carryall looks to be bringing a Harvester back to the Refinery.
A Sandworm is shown here protecting the Spice field. Off in the background you can make out some Harkonnen and Atreides units.
Taken from the mission aboard the Guild Heighliner, here you can see a number of Elite Infantry.
Atreides Refinery Construction Yard
Closeup on an Atreides base with a Construction Yard in the centre. In the background it looks as though as Scout is approaching.
Harkonnen Entrance
A group of Harkonnen Flamer Infantry and Troopers guard the entrace to the base along side a Assault Tank and Flame Turrets.
Some Sardaukar and Harkonnen Troops take out a building with a large explosion.
Edge Of Ordos Base
A group of Harkonnen troops amass outside an Ordos base.
Destroy Frigates
One of the enemy frigates that has to be destroyed in the Heighliner mission.
Dark Atreides Base
Harkonnen Assault Tanks attack an Atreides base.
Buzzsaw And Infantry
Harkonnen Buzzsaw and infantry make their way through some cliff walls.
Base Under Attack
An Atreides Construction Yard about to be destroyed.
Harkonnen Infantry Attack
Harkonnen Troops and Sardaukar take out what is left of the Ordos base.
Harkonnen Harvesters
Some Harkonnen units outside their base on the sand, some infantry rock is beside them.
Harkonnen Grouping
Harkonnen units await orders out on the sand with reinforcements arriving soon.
Harkonnen Factory And Units
The Harkonnen Factory is seen near the bottom with troops above waiting for an attack.
Ordos Base Atreides Attack
The Ordos taking on a small Atreides attack force.
Move Waypoint
Harkonnen troops are given the move command and waypoint lines are shown.
Kobra Explosion
The Tleilaxu Subhouse helps the Atreides attack the Ordos.
Top Down Harkonnen Base
Fully zoomed out screenshot showing the Harkonnen base.
Small Atreides Base
A few enemy troops approach the Atreides base.
Sarduakar Join
A Harkonnen base that is just getting a new Refinery built.
A Sandstorm approaches, causing damage wherever it heads.
Ordos Base Destruction
Harkonnen's lay waste to an Ordos base.
Atreides Carryall Closeup
Very closeup shot of the Carryall used to pickup and transport Harvesters.
Ordos Base Explosion
The Ordos Refinery explodes after being hit by the Harkonnen.
Harkonnen Statues
Harkonnen troops surround the statues of past Barons on their homeworld Giedi Prime.
Harkonnen On The Sand
Harkonnen units remove whatever opposition there was in a small desert community.
Grassy Battle
The Ordos and Atreides battle it out near a river on Caladan the Atreides homeworld.
Devastator Vs Ordos And Guild
The Ordos defend against the Harkonnen Devastators with help from the Guild and Ix.
Caladan Infantry Trench
The Leech units attack the Atreides on their homeworld, you can see some infantry trenches here as well.
Atreides On Caladan Under Attack
The Ordos swarm an Atreides base with little opposition.
Mongoose And Minotaurus Defend
Atreides try to defend against Laser Tanks and Kobras with some Minotaurus' and Mongooses.
Ordos Base Building
The beginnings of a small Ordos base, looks to be a Factory being built.
Mongoose Night Attack
A group of Atreides Mongoose and Sand Bikes defend against a lone Buzzsaw.
Large Base Explosion
Part of an Atreides base goes up in an Harkonnen attack.
Infantry On Heighliner Mission
Infantry being selected during the Guild Heighliner mission.
Battle Results
Results of a mission for the Ordos, seen after every mission.
Sandworm Info
The largest Sandworm type comes out of the sand to take out some units.
Sandstorm Destruction
A small group of Atreides units are about to be damaged heavily by the Sandstorm.
Reserve Forces Move
Here you are given the option to move your reserve forces about the map.
Ordos Reinforcements
A large group of Ordos Dust Scouts and Laser Tanks arrive in the form of reinforcements.
Ordos Destroying Atreides Base
The Ordos along with some Tleilaxu units attack a poorly defended Atreides base.
Ordos Base Layout
Overhead view of the Ordos base in the first campaign mission.
Night Base Defense
The Atreides defend against a small force of Harkonnen.
Mongoose Explosion
A group of Mongoose help take out a building resulting in a large explosion.
Leech Attack
A whole lot of Leeches attempt to storm an Atreides base.
Buzzsaw Vs Mongoose
Some Buzzsaws and Mongooses attack each other on the sand.
Atreides Carryall Flyby
A Carryall flys over the Atreides Gun Tower.
Atreides Attack Skirmish
Two opposing groups of Atreides units attack eachother.
Atreides Reinforcements
Some Ordos infantry find a few Atreides units near some wrecked units.
Atreides Harvesters
Two Harvesters about to head out for spice are by a group of infantry celebrating a kill.
Sandworm Attack
The largest Sandworm types takes out a number of Atreides units which are crossing the sand.
Atreides Ordos Clash
Large groups of Atreides and Ordos forces meet up to attack on Caladan.
Atreides Under Electrical Attack
An Atreides base with the Ordos superweapon the Electrical Attack being used in the distance.
Electrical Attack In Ordos Base
The Ordos Electrical attack hits a number of units at an Ordos base.
Electrical Attack On Contaminators
A large group of Tleilaxu Contaminators is hit with the Ordos Electrical Attack.
NIAB Attack
Some Guild NIAB Tanks are under heavy fire in an Harkonnen base.
Ordos Defend Against Atreides
A group of Ordos units make an attempt to stop an attack by the Atreides.
Ordos Defending Base Against Atreides
Atreides attack the Ordos base with a small attack force.
Twilight Harkonnen Base
The Starport is seen here with some Harkonnen Flamer Infantry and Advanced Carryall nearby.
Maker Attack
A Guild Maker unit attacks some Harkonnen units including a Devastator.
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